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A Study of
the Paine Families
(Pain, Paine, Pane, Payne)
of Eastern Long Island, New York to 1790
(Southold, Southampton, East Hampton)


Crook, Samuel - 1748/1751
Emmons, Thomas - 1775/1775
Halsey, Elisha - 1768/1770
King, Benjamin - 1838/1850

Paine, Elisha - 1761/1761
Paine, Isaac - of Wading River - 1732/1733
Paine, John (of Wading River) - 1762/1762
Paine, John (of Southold)
Payne, John (of Southampton) - 1813/1814
Paine, John (of Southold) - 1827/33
Paine, Peter (of Southampton)
Paine, Phineas - (of Southold) 1748/1750
Paine, Thomas (of Eastham Paines)
Paine, William (of Southampton)

Vail, Benjamin
Wines, Barnabas

Crook, Samuel - 1748/1751
Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753
Pg 342

Page 392.--In the name of God, Amen, I, SAMUEL CROOK, of the town of Southold, yeoman, being in perfect mind. I leave all my estate, real and personal, and stocks of all kinds, and household movables, to my only son, Benjamin Crook. I make my loving brother, Benjamin Emmons, and my cousin, Benjamin Paine, both of Southold, executors.

         Dated August 5, 1748. Witnesses, Jeremiah Young, Samuel King, James Beebee. Proved, June 17, 1751. The executors having resigned, the widow, Elizabeth Crook, was appointed executrix, July 13, 1751."

Jeremiah Youngs likely the one married Mehitable Brown.
There is a James Beebe, b 1725, who I don't have a wife for.
I have a couple of Samuel Kings in this era. One married an Osman, the other a Havens.
Note that a Benjamin Emmons, Jr. was named executor of the will of John Paine of Wading River.

There is only one Benjamin Paine that I am aware of that fits the above Benjamin Paine. That is the Benjamin Paine whose death is reported in the Salmon Records in 1754 "in Wading River". When one reads the John Paine of Wading River 1762 will, a son Benjamin is not mentioned. That would be fitting if his son had died in 1754. Then, he refers to a grandson Benjamin Paine in such a manner as to suggest that he was not from his son that is mentioned, John Paine. This leaves open the possibility that this Benjamin Paine was a son of John Paine of Wading River, had a son named Benjamin and died in 1754, which would be the reason he was not mentioned in John Paines 1762 will. It is also possible that the Benjamin Paine died 1754, Isaac Paine of Wading River, died 1733, and John Paine, died 1762, are all brothers.

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Halsey, Elisha - 1768/1770
Abstracts of Wills Vol VII 1766-1771
Pg 393

Page 498.--In the name of God, Amen. I, ELISHA HALSEY, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, yeoman, being sick and weak. I leave to my wife 50 in cash, and my lot of land lying across the highway, which I bought of William Raynor, for my wife and my two daughters, Naomi and Jerusha, to improve or to sell. I leave to my wife the use of my house and home lot, to sell such a part as she sees proper. Also 1/3 of all household goods. I leave to my said two daughters 60 each, and the remainder of my household goods. To my daughter, Anna Paine, I leave 5 shillings and a 50 Right in a lot of Accabog meadow which my father bought of Zebulan Howell. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth 5 shillings and a cow. I leave to my son Elisha 5 shillings. My executors are to sell the rest of my meadow at Haukerbok (Accabog) and so much of my home lot and movables as will pay all debts and legacies. I make my wife and Eleazor White, executors. Dated October 18, 1768.

         Witnesses, Thomas Sandford, David Cook, blacksmith, Maltby Gilston. Proved, June 9, 1770."

Refers to daughter Anna Paine.
A witness is a Thomas Sandford. A Sarah Paine md a Thomas Sandford
A Mary Paine md a Thomas Halsey, Nov 24, 1771, in Southampton, per Halsey, Thomas and His Descendants in America.

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King, Benjamin - 1838-1850
Abstracts of wills, recorded at Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, Van Buren, Elizabeth R, Liber 5, pg 8 FHL Film 860327.

"Benjamin King, of Riverhead. 3 Aug 1838. Died 12 Apr inst. Legacies to: wife's nephew Benjamin K. Paine, Benjamin K. Mulford, of Oysterpond, Benjamin K. Woodhull, of Wading River; to "my" nephew John K. Paine $1,000; and to three nieces of Newburn, N. C., children of brother, deceased, vis Sally Ann Bryan, Betsey S(?)lover, Harriet King; to two half-sisters Fanny Mulford and Betsey Warner. Balance to last named. Exts: Nathaniel Warner, Elisha Mulford. Wits: Isaiah Terry, Isaiah Terry, Jr. Proof adds: one deceased half-sister whose children are Nathaniel, Franklin, Edward K. and Lester Fanning; half-sisters Polly, wife of Henry Conklin; Fanny, wife of Elisha Mulford; and Betsey, wife of Nathaniel Warner; and other heirs, viz: Sarepta Squires, Abigail Fanning, Emily Terry. Pro: 20 Jun 1850. File 3992, pp 114-116."

The Benjamin King, testator of this will,  married Elizabeth-4 "Betsey" (John-3, John-2, John-1 of Wading River) Paine. The nephew Benjamin King Paine was: Benjamin-5, Hallock-4 (John-3, John-2, John-1 of Wading River). The John K. Paine was probably brother of the nephew Benjamin King Paine. The Benjamin King Woodhull was the son of Nathaniel and Margaret (Hallock) Woodhull. She is (half?) sister of Elizabeth Hallock, wife of John-3, mother of Hallock Paine who was the source of the first name of Hallock Paine.

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Paine, Elisha - (from Cornelius?) 1761/1761

Page 65.--"February 17, 1761. In the Presence of us the witnesses underwrit. ELISHA PAINE saith, that this is his last will and Testament, viz. That all my tools and my movable things, out of the house, or doors, shall be sold at Publick vendue, (except the cow) and the mill and all the implements thereunto belonging, and the money employed to pay my just debts. My loving wife is to enjoy my house and land during her life, or till remarriage. My cow is to be taken for family use. My household furniture I give to my daughters. All my house and buildings, and all my land to be sold after my wife's decease, and the money paid to my sons. And my wife is to enjoy the estate till death or marriage," and I make her executor.

         Witnesses, Daniel Brown, Micah Moore, Phineas Fanning. Proved, March 20, 1761. The widow, Deliverance Paine, was confirmed as executor.


From Ned Smith, SCHS:

"Tuttle/Tuthill Lines in America" (Alva Tuttle, 1968) says Elisha was s/o
Cornelius and Content (Havens) Paine. "Havens Family in Suffolk County"
(Barrington Havens) says Cornelius was s/o Thomas Paine, but adds he died in
1716. However, this may not be a real problem, since Mallman's "History of
Shelter Island and Its Presbyterian Church" says Elisha Paine was selected
to be constable in 1740, thus the 1725 estimate for this birth seems to be
too late. There was a Cornelius Paine on Shelter Island about a generation
before Elisha, so the identification is at least plausible.

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Paine, Isaac - of Wading River - 1732-1733
Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744
Pp 108-9

Page 16.--In the name of God, Amen. I, ISAAC PAINE, of Southold, in Suffolk County, being very sick. I leave to my wife Elizabeth 1/2 of my movable estate, and the use of all houses and lands during her life or widowhood, "and no longer." The other 1/3 of my movables I leave to my 3 daughters, except 5, which I reserve for the repairing of my house at the Wading River; I leave to my eldest son, Isaac Paine, my house and orchard, and the four Home Lots, lying between the land of Samuel Culs and James Fanning, at the Wading River. Also 1/2 of my 50 acre lot, lying in the North Division, and 1/2 of my meadow, and he is to allow to my wife the use of the same during her widowhood. I leave to my son, Elnathan Paine, two Home Lots, lying on the south side of a lot of Guion Fanning, and one of them on the east side of the same; Also 1/2 of my 50 acre Lot in the North Division, and 1/2 of my meadow. I make my friends, Captain Israel Parshall, and Daniel Wells of Southold, executors.

         Dated March 21, 1732. Witnesses, Samuel Wells, Nathan Benjamin, Joseph Hallock. Proved, April 18, 1733.


Notes re will:

I don't find a Joseph Hallock that early in the Hallock Genealogy
A Nathan Benjamin md Deborah Clark and is the father of the Nathan Benjamin md Jemima Aldrich.
The best candidate for Samuel Wells here is the one md Martha Vail.

The Israel Parshall is likely the one md Johanna Swezey.
The Daniel Wells is likely the one md Mary Goldsmith.

There was a Caleb Huls in Wading River 1778 census.

This Isaac may very well have a kinship with John Paine of Wading River - uncle or older brother?? His sons appear to be gone by the Revolution - gone west?

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Paine, John - (of Wading River)- 1762/1762
Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766
Pg 164

Page 394.--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN PAINE, of Southold, in Suffolk County, Gent., being weak and sick.

I leave to my daughter-in-law, Mary Paine, one room in my house, and one-third of the live stock, and the use of the land and meadows which I leave to my two grandsons, John and Moses Paine, so long as she remains my son's widow.

I leave to my grandson, John Paine, all my homestead and buildings, except one acre of land in the north side of my orchard, on the south side of the highway, adjoining to the land of Benjamin Emmans, which said acre I leave to my grandson Moses. I also leave to my grandson, John Paine, 2/3 of all my meadow on the north side of the main creek.

I leave to my grandson, Moses Paine, 1/3 of said meadow, and 3 lots of land joining on the east side of the land of William Dickenson, Bounded west by James Leynter; also 1/2 of a lot joining the land of Samuel Mapes on the west and James Lupton on the east.

I leave to my grandson, Benjamin Paine, 2 lots at a place called Half Way Hollow, adjoining the land of Samuel Mapes on the east and Samuel Emmans on the west, and all my meadow south of the main creek.

I leave to my daughter, Elizabeth Robinson, a bed and furniture.

To my grandson, John Paine, a warming pan and his father's gun.

To each of my grandsons, John and Moses, a bed and bedding, and my old gun and my loom and tackling, but it is to remain where it is until they come of age. I leave to my three grandsons, John, Moses, and Benjamin, all my farming utensils and carpenter tools.

I leave all my cattle and all my pewter to my daughters Elizabeth and Mary and my grandsons. "I order my half bushel to be kept where it is." To my grandsons, all my wearing apparell. "My wood land is to stay just as it is, without being cut, except just enough for firewood." When my grandson Moses is of age all things are to be divided as soon as possible.

I make Benjamin Emmans, Jr., and Abraham Dickenson, executors. Dated January 14, 1762.

Witnesses, Ezra Reeve, Mehetabel Tuthill. Proved, April 29, 1762.



Maker: John Paine
Dates: Written, Jan 14, 1762, Proved April 29, 1762
Wife: None mentioned
Sons: one implicit by naming grandsons named Paine, but that son not named
Daughter-in-law: Mary Paine
Daughters: Elisabeth Robinson, Mary (not clear if Mary is a daughter distinct from the daughter-in-law, or if he was referring to the daughter-in-law.)
Grandsons: Benjamin, John, Moses (Moses underage... others may or may not be). A very slight suggestion that Benjamin may be from a previous wife - as she is given priviliges to inheritance of John & Moses, but not Benjamin. This would seem to be born out by age in 1778 census, born 1755, whereas John Paine & Mary Tuthill - if they, indeed are the parents - didn't marry till Dec 1756.
Witnesses: Ezra Reeve, Mehetabel Tuthill
Executors: Benjamin Emmans, Jr., and Abraham Dickenson

I see no relationship with the executors at the present time, but I don't know who his wife was?? A Benjamin Emmons md a Hannah Youngs. There is a Benjamin Emans/Emmans and a Benjamin, Jr in the 1778 census by family in Wading River. One of the deeds in the Benjamin K. Payne papers [Ackerly collection] shows John Paine's land abutting Samuel Emmon's in 1745. A Samuel Crook referred to a Benjamin Emmons as "brother" (in-law?) and a Benjamin Paine as "cousin."

Note the neighbor William Dickenson.. there is a William Dickensen in the Wading River 1778 census.

Note: His death took place during the period of time the Salmon Death Records have a 10 year missing gap.

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Paine, John - 1707/1707
Abstracts of Wills Vol II 1708-1728
Pg 410

Will of JOHN PAINE, of the town of Southold, in Suffolk County, mariner, being sick. "My executors are to sell the east part of my home lot where I now live, with the new house on it, with a line to run from the north end of my lot to the street;" Also my Second lot of land lying near the inlet, being 50 acres, and 15 acres lying at ye Greate Swamp, and 36 acres lying on the north side of the town Purchase of Lieutenant Griffing, Captain Herbert, and Thomas Gilbert; Also my sloop and my negro slaves, and two cows and 30 sheep.

I leave to my wife Jemima all household stuff, and all my houses and lands not above disposed of (except my land in Hog Neck, and my two lots of Commonage) during her widowhood.

I leave to my son, Alsupp Paine, all my land in New Haven, Connecticutt. I leave to my son, John Paine, all my houses and lands in Southold except as above, after my wife's decease. I leave to my son, Peter Paine, one lot of Commonage in Southold, and another lot of Commonage to my daughter, Mary Corey. I leave to my daughter, Martha Case, all my land and meadow on Hog Neck. I appoint my wife Jemima and my two sons in law, Abraham Corey and Henry Case, Jr., executors.

         Dated February 3, 1706/7. Witnesses, Nathan Landon, Jeremiah Vail.

         Proved at Court of Common Pleas, October 3, 1707.


Maker: John Paine
Dates: Written: 02/03/1706/7, Proved 10/03/1707
Wife: Jemima
Sons: Alsupp, John, Peter
Daughters: Mary Corey, Martha Case
Sons-in-law: Abraham Corey, Henry Case, Jr.
Witnesses, Nathan Landon, Jeremiah Vail
Executors:  "my wife Jemima and my two sons in law, Abraham Corey and Henry Case, Jr"

Note re Hog Neck: I am told that the area of North Haven, north of Southampton on the north shore of the Peconic Bay on the "South Side" of the East End of Long Island was once called Hog Neck. I am also told that an area of Cutchogue, on the "North Side" of the island, but the south side of the Peconic Bay shore, was also called Hog Neck. It is therefore possible that John Paine above is referring to Hog Neck in Cutchogue, Southold, and William Paine, in his 1742 will, is referring to Hog Neck in North Haven, Southampton. This would not indicate any relationship between the two. If we come to learn, however, that the two men are referring to the same "Hog Neck", we may want to relook at the possibility of a relationship between the two men.

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Paine, John - 1813/1814 - Southampton
Abstracts of wills, recorded at Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, Van Buren, Elizabeth R, Liber C, pg 21 -  FHL Film 860327.

"John Payne, of Southampton, 18 Oct 1813. Bequests to wife Phebe and son Selah. Legacy to son John. Balance to grandchildren: Wilson Payne; Nancy, daughter of Frank Havens; Nancy, daughter of Benjamin Havens; John and Phebe Tillotson; daughter Temperance Skay (?). Extrs: wife, Isaac Skay. Wits: Amos Prentice, John Loper of Southampton; Selah Payne. Pro: 11 Jan 1814. pp 372-374."


I do not know who this John Paine is.

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Paine, John - 1814/1815 - Southold
Abstracts of wills, recorded at Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, Van Buren, Elizabeth R, Liber C, pg 30 -  FHL Film 860327.

"John Paine, of Southold. 29 May 1814. Residence and bequests to wife Sarah, per agreement. Bequests and legacies to sons David and Stephen; grandsons Charles-Henry Paine, Luther, John Alsop Paine, son of Ezra Paine. Life estates to sons John and Phineas in lands which on their deaths goes to their sons, Luther, son of John, and Silas, son of Phineas. Debt of 40 pounds against son Ezra cancelled. Tombstone to be bought. Exts: son Phineas, Thomas Terry, Jr. Wits: Seth H. Tuthill, Jacob Youngs, Thomas S. Lester. Pro: 3 Oct 1815, pp 535-538."

This is John-5 (Alsop-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1 of Salem). Note the grandson named Alsop. His wife is believed to Mary Booth (Salmon Record for the John Paine/Mary Booth marriage cites "Dain" for his name, but says it could be Pain).

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Payne, John - 1827/1833 - Wading River
Riverhead Wills, Liber F, pg 15

"John Payne, yeoman, of Riverhead. 25 Jun 1827. Residence and support to wife Elizabeth; daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Benjamin King; son Halliock and daughter-in-law Abigail Payne. Homestead in Wading River to grandson John Payne. Balane (sic) to heirs of son Halliock, vis: Sephus G. Payne. Exts: Benj King, daughter-in-law Abigail Payne. Wits: Moses Benjamin, Daniel (also called Paul) Hulse, and Isaac Hulse. Codicil 29 Sep 1831 changes estate to executors in trust for use of family named above, while living; then to heirs of son Halliock. Wits: Polly Hudson of Wading River; Margaret King and Elisha W. King, of Pelham, Westchester County. Pro: 23 May 1833. pp 326-330"


This is John-3 (John-2, John-1 of Wading River). His wife is later identified as probably Elizabeth Hallock (daughter of Noah and probably first wife: Nancy (Hendrickson) Hallock) by a lawsuit brought about over this will. She is not listed in the Hallock genealogy.

It is possible that the second wife of Noah Hallock is tied into this kinship network somewhere. A (half?) sister of Elizabeth Hallock, Margaret Hallock - possibly from second wife of Noah, named a son Benjamin King Woodhull and a daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" Paine Woodhull, per the Hallock Genealogy.

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Paine, Peter - 1783/1784
Abstracts of Wills, Vol XIII, 1784-1786
Pg 39

"Page 265.--In the name of God, Amen. This 24th day of March, 1783. I, PETER PAIN, of Southampton, Suffolk County, yeoman, being weak in body. I leave my beloved wife Phebe, the use of my lands, meadows and buildings and moveables till my sons come of age, then the third part of said lands so long as she remains my widow; Also the best room in my house and 50. To my daughter Betsey, 30 when eighteen, to my daughter Elizabeth, a good milch cow when she receives her legacy. To my four sons, Daniel, Zaccheus, Rufus and Nichols all my lands and buildings, the lands to be divided according to quantity and quality, but he that has the buildings must pay each of the others one fourth of what they shall be prized at to help them towards procuring buildings for themselves. The land I bought of Walter Havens to be sold and the money used to pay my just debts. I likewise give my daughter Betsey a right in my house so long as unmarried. I make my wife Phebe, and my friend, Abraham Rose, executors. Witnesses, Jonathan Pain, Paul Pain and Sam. H. Rose. Proved, September 4, 1784, Suffolk County. Confirmed, New York, October 19, 1784."

I have not placed this Peter Paine.

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Paine, Phineas - 1848/1850
Riverhead Wills, Liber 5, pg 9

"Phineas Paine, of Southold. 6 Dec 1848. Died 18 May 1849. Life estate to wife Hannah. Residence to daughters Hannah and Elmira. Apparel to son Charles-Henry. Legacy to son Silas-Woodruff. Land to daughters. Legacies to sons Elias W. and Joshua. Balance to son Hubbard C. Exts: sons Charles H. and Joshua. Wits: Albert H. Sandford, now in California, and James H. Magee. Proved: 20 Jun 1850. File 3994. pp 119-121."

This is Phineas-6 (John-5, Alsop-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1 of Salem) Paine. He married Hannah Woodruff (Mather, Refugees).

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Paine, Thomas - (no date written)/1766
Abstracts of Wills Vol VII 1766-1771
Pg 40-1

Page 383.--In the name of God, Amen. I, THOMAS PAINE, of Southold, in Suffolk County, being weak in body. I leave to my wife Abigail the house where I now dwell and the land adjoining, bounded south by a road, east by land of Samuel Cox, north and west by land of widow Abigail Benjamin, reserving my house and shop on the southwest corner, and 1/2 acre of land from Benjamin's corner, being 8 rods on the east side and 10 rods on the north side. After my son, Benjamin Paine, is of age, he is to have half of my house and land. My executors are to sell all the rest of my estate immediately after my decease, and, after debts are paid, the rest to my 5 children, Daniel, Samuel, Mary, Thomas, and Olive. I make John Wickham and Daniel Osborn, Jr., executors.

         Witnesses, Thomas Goldsmith, Joseph Reeve, Parker Wickham. Proved, November 4, 1766.

Thomas Paine
Dates: Written: ????; Proved: 11/04/1766
Wife: Abigail, living
Children: (possibly birth order): Benjamin, (underage), Daniel, Samuel, Mary, Thomas, Olive
Executors: John Wickham and Daniel Osborn, Jr.,
Witnesses:  Thomas Goldsmith, Joseph Reeve, Parker Wickham

This Benjamin Paine, born 07/03/1751, married Deliverance Wells Oct 21, 1790, (Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Wickham - Paine Bible Record,  (LI Source Records, pp 569-572)


Executor John Wickham is his brother-in-law, brother of his wife, Abigail Wickham.

Daniel Osborn, Jr is probably his step-grandson, Daniel Osborn, husband of his wife's daughter, Abigail Hull, from her first husband, Daniel Hull.


The leading authority on the family of this Thomas Paine is: Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Wickham - Paine Bible Record,  (LI Source Records, pp 569-572).

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Paine, William 1742/1742
Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744
Pg 382

Page 356.--In the name of God, Amen, April 10, 1742. I, WILLIAM PAINE, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, husbandman, being sick. My executors are to sell so much of my lands on Great Hog Neck, as will pay debts. I leave to my son, Cornelius Paine, 5 shillings and all the rest of my land on Hog Neck. I leave to my sons William and Isaac, all my land at Hog Neck Spring, and 30. The land is bounded south by Elisha Howell, west and north by water, and east by highway. I leave to my daughter Sarah, 15, and a bed. To my daughter Elizabeth, 18, and a bed and looking-glass. I make Thomas Sandford, Jr., executor.

         Witnesses, John Terbell, Jonathan Paine, John Lester. Proved, October 12, 1742.

         [NOTE.--William Paine was one of the first residents on Hog Neck, in Southampton. Cornelius Paine and Jonathan Paine, in November, 1742, sold lands to John Havens, of Shelter Island. These lands, and lands adjoining, were the "Havens-Gleason farm," so-called.--W. S. P.]

Note: I do not know who this Jonathan Paine is... brother / nephew of William??

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Vail, Benjamin - 1784-1784
Abstracts of Wills, Vol XIII, 1784-1786
Pg 58

Page 308.--In the name of God, Amen. I, BENJAMIN VAIL, of the Precinct of Goshen, Orange County, being sick and weak, do this 13th day of July, 1782, make this my last will. I leave to my son, William Vail, 50 and two cows; and likewise my "close" to be divided betwixt William Vail, John Vail and Alsop Vail, son of my son Benjamin. To my daughter, Marcy Pain, 10 within two years after my decease. To my son Benjamin ten shillings. To my daughter, Lydia Vail, two fether beds, and bedsteds and cords and beding thereto, and at her decease one of the beds and equal part of the beding to go to Lydia Vail, daughter of my son John; also to my said daughter Lydia one side saddle, one looking glass with all the household furniture belonging thereto. To my daughter, Marcy Pain, one third of her mothers waring apparel and the remainder to my daughter Lydia and at her decease the same to be equally divided betwixt my son Benjamin Vail's two eldest daughters and my son John Vail's three eldest daughters; and at my daughter Lydia's decease the household furniture to be divided betwixt William Vail, Benjamin Vail, John Vail and Marcy Pain. Likewise to my daughter, Lydia Vail, 10 to be paid my son John if she should call for it. To my son John my farm or Plantation, dwelling house and barn for him to enter into the full possession thereof at my decease, the said farm being in the County of Orange and Precinct of Goshen. I order that John shall pay to my son William 50 in two years after my decease, and to my son Benjamin ten shillings and to my daughter, Marcy Pain, 10. Before signing it is my will that all the stock or said farm, farming utensils and all things belonging to me not mentioned, are to go to my son John.

         Witnesses, William Wickham, of Goshen, yeoman; John Garey, William Jackson. Proved, Orange County, November 8, 1784. Confirmed, New York, December 6, 1784.

The Descendants of Jeremiah Vail, 1902, Henry H. Vail, pp 40-41, says: "After his marriage Benjamin Vail removed from Southold to Goshen, Orange Co, N. Y. A church record at Southold reads, "Sent to the wife of Benjamin Vail at Goshen, sister of the late widow Salmon as a legacie L6." This is evidence of the action of the executors of the will of Mrs. Lydia Salmon, who was Lydia Paine. It establishes the identity of the Benjamin Vail of Goshen with the one born at Southold who married Mary Paine."

Note that the above conclusion is further born out by the name of the grandson, Alsop Vail, above; as well as another grandchild, not mentioned above: Jemima Vail. (Wife of John Alsop, died 1705 in Southold, was Jemima Alsop.)

Now, the second Paine in this family, the daughter referred to in this will as Marcy Pain (Vail Genealogy calls her Mary). The Vail Genealogy says "Mary; m. Capt John Paine of Long Island. Their dau. m Capt Joseph Conklin. Mary d. 23 Jan 1783."

It should be noted the above date in the Salmon Records contains an entry for: "Benj Vail Daugt mary". It would hardly be expected that the wife of John Paine would be referred to in such a manner. I suspect this is another Mary, daughter of another Benjamin Vail - or this Benjamin's Mary did not marry before her death.

John Paine of Wading River was referred to as "Capt. John", but he would likely be too old to be a wife for this Mary, and mentioned no wife in his 1762 will, when she would have been about 30. The son of John-1 of Wading River, however, was married to a woman named Mary (named as widow of his son in 1762 will of John Paine of Wading River). That woman has been thought to be the Mary Pain referred to in the 1783 will of Daniel Tuthill.

Whoever she was, she is buried in the Private Burying Ground of Benjamin King, in Wading River, Long Island: "Mary, relict of John Pane  d. 19 Dec 1815, ae 86" This would be born 1729. Benjamin Vail was not married till 12/16/1731 (Salmon Records) - another strike against his daughter being this Mary. Daniel and Prudence (Goldsmith) Tuthill were married Nov 23, 1727 (Salmon Records) providing the better time frame for her date of birth calc'd from her headstone. Ages from headstones are so inconclusive, however, that a firm determination cannot be made.

I see no other John Paine's to match her to at this point, if she did, indeed marry a John Paine. There was a John Paine, shot "for a deer" by Richard Howell in 1753 in Southold - but she would barely have had time to marry him.

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Wines, Barnabas - 1762/1762
Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766
Pg 165

Page 397.--In the name of God, Amen. I, BARNABAS WINES, of Southold, in Suffolk County, being weak in body.

"I leave to my granddaughter, Mary Mapes, two 50-acre Lots of land at the Wading river, Bounded west by John Paine, north by the Sound, south upon the Manor, and east by John Paine, during her life, and then to her heirs."

This Mary Mapes, is Mary (Brown) Mapes, wife of Samuel (called Lemuel in Mapes genealogy) Mapes. She was daughter of Sarah Wines and Ebenezer Brown, and granddaughter of above Barnabas Wines.

(Partial extract)

This will establishes another neighbor of John Paine. The granddaughter referred to in this will is Mary Brown, wife of Samuel (Lemuel) Mapes. She was the daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Wines) Brown. John Paine refers to Samuel Mapes as a neighbor in his 1762 will.

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I am presenting this information so that anyone with additional info can make contributions or corrections to this genealogy - please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail with any comments.

Norris Taylor - E-Mail

Copyright, Norris Taylor, 2000

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