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A Study of
the Paine Families
(Pain, Paine, Pane, Payne)
of Eastern Long Island, New York, to 1790
(Southold, Southampton, East Hampton)

Census Records

1683 Tax List
1686 Southold Census
1698 Southold Census
1778 - Oath To King Charles by Males over 14
1778 - Census of Household Heads and Count
1790 Federal Census

1683 Tax List

Property valuations for LI towns for 1683 survived until 1911, and were transcribed and published.

- Cornilious[sic] Paine was listed toward the end of the document, between Calob Curtis and Richard Howell. Cornelius's property was valued at 81 pounds.
- John Paine Jr. 40 pounds [listed 3rd, afterJarimiah Vaell senr and beforeJasper Griffing]
- Petter Paine 56 pounds [listed after Samuell Youngs and before Christopher Youngs]
-John Paine Senr. 94 pounds [listed after Gideon Youngs and before Edward Peatty]

Also of interest was Willm Hopkins 46 pounds, listed after John Conkling and before John Rackett.

Contributed by Mr. Ned Smith, of SCHS.

1686 Southold Census

There were four Paine families in the 1686 Southold census:

John senr, 5m - 3f;
Cornelius, 4m - 3f;
John Pain junjr, 3m - 2f, 1 fslave;
Petter, 2m - 3f

          (See LI Source Records, p 153).
        Total: in 1686 = 25; Total in 1698 = 16. Looks like some families are elsewhere.

The John Senr in the 1686 census is likely the father of the John, Junr in the 1686 and 1698 census. What happened to he and his family is a mystery to me. They do not reappear in the 1698 census.

The John Pain, Junjr, in the 1686 census is likely the John Paine, Junjr, in the 1698 census with: Sarah, Nathaniel, John. (Note the numbers line up with a daughter who either married or died.) The Sarah should be his wife. A John Paine sold land to his brother, Nathaniel Paine, in 1709 (Southold Town Records).

The John Paine (without a Junr, wife Jemima Alsop), in the 1698 census is not here, unless he was counted in the housholds of one of the others. Perhaps he is in New Haven (that is where Jemima is from.)

The Peter is Peter-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1. He died before 1698 and his widow, with children Abigail, Mary, and Sarah are in the 1698 census. This would seem to indicate that Sarah was born after the 1698 census. If Abigail and Mary are the two other females in the 1686 census, they would be born before then.

Cornelius may have died by now. He had at least one son that stayed in the Southold area, Cornelius who married Constant Havens, as well as a grandson Elisha Paine. I don't know where they are in 1698. Mather (Refugees from LI to NY) says this Cornelius "probably" from the Eastham Paines, and not from the Salem Paines. I don't know the evidence that supports that assertion.

1698 Southold Census

Paine - Pain

Thomas  (61)
Follows the Emmons family and precedes the John Tuthill family, likely part of the Emmons household.

Salmon records: "Jan 14, 1724/5, Tom Pain at Shelter Island died." might be this fellow. Placement in the Paine Genealogy is unknown to me. He could be a son or grandson of John-2 or Peter-2. Could he even be Thomas-3, son of Thomas-2 of Dedham, Mass??

The fact that the Paines of Wading River were neighbors to Emmons, they witnessed each other wills, a Benjamin Emmons, Jr was selected executor of John Paine of Wading River's will, a Crook called an Emmons a brother (in-law) and a Paine a cousin, and that Emmons were tied in with kinship network of the Southampton Paines is intriguing, but no firm kinships have been established from all these coincidental connections to the Emmons family.

John junjr, Sarah, Nathaniel, John  (412-415)
He is possibly a son of John-2, Thomas-1. The "junr" is confusing, as this John is likely older than the John below. Perhaps he was called Junr because his dad was named John and the other John is from Peter. This was not the ordinary way that Junr was assigned in those days, but since he was possibly called Junr when his dad was living, perhaps the label stuck.

The Nathaniel in this household is likely this one: "Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744.

Page 228.--Rip Van Dam, Esq., President, etc. Whereas, NATHANIEL PAINE, of Southold, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted to his sons-in-law, Richard Terry, Charles Glover, and Henry Brown, December 17, 1731.

If so, it would appear that Torrey has his marriage to Ann (___) too early (shows first born 1693), as Ann, wife of Nathaniel died, in 1725, age 39 = born 1686 (Salmon Records); plus this Nathaniel is still at home with mom and dad.

The John listed as a child in this household may be the patriarch of the Wading River Paines, whose will was dated 1762. That John may have been a son of the John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1, listed below, however - or from the Southampton Paines - or from the Thomas above; as the John Paine of Wading River, or his wife, had ties, and were neighbors with, the Emmons family.

Abigail widdow, Abigail junjr, Mary, Sarah  (682-685)
This matches Abigail (___), widow of Peter-3 (Peter-2, Thomas-1). Abigail is reported by Torrey to have died 1716, age 68; so these girls likely in their high teens or even twenties. Abigail junjr married John Dains (see Dains above), right after the census. I have no further record for Mary & Sarah. This Sarah is likely too old to be the Sarah Paine who married John Griffin, Feb 13, 1733, as they are reported to have had Thankful Griffin, born 1752, who married Peter Vail.

John, Jemima, Mary, Martha, Jemima, Eliza, John junjr,  (706-712)

This matches John and Jemima (Alsop) Paine and their family. (For Jemima, see Anderson, Sanford, & Sanford; The Great Migration (...continues) 1999, 1634-1635, Joseph Alsop sketch, pp 47-52).

Ackerly comments in the VR record published in LI Source records that Mary and Martha (apparently the Mary and Martha above) were from a previous marriage of this John. Torrey reports that marriage to be to Mary (___) (1661-1690). John married Jemima Alsop 03/24/1691/2.

Lucy Ackerly in her commentary after VR entries, c 1730, for Alsop Paine in the Southold Vital Records, says Alsop was son of John, Jr, who was son of: Peter-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1. (See LI Source Records, p 156). I am quite sure she is referring to Thomas-1 as the known English parent of the American immigrant and Thomas-2 in her numbering system is the American immigrant. Thus, we would have Alsop-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1 in the normal numbering system of using "1" for the immigrant. She says this is "proven" by John Junr's "unpublished" will.

Where Cornelius and his family moved to I do not know, perhaps to other parts of Long Island, or to the mainland. A Cornelius Paine is reported by Mather (Refugees from LI to Conn) to be the father of Elisha Paine, who married Deliverance Tuthill, 10/03/1748. That Cornelius Paine married Content Havens. He is likely a son of the Cornelius Paine in the 1686 census.

As noted above, either the John shown as a child in this family, or the John shown as a child in the family of "John, junr" above; could be the John Paine, patriarch of the Wading River Paines, whose will of 1762 lists daughters Mary, Elizabeth Robinson and grandsons Benjamin, John, and Moses.

1778 - Oath To King Charles by Males over 14

Name - Age - Year Born (Calc'd) - Page & Entry No. - My Comment

Paine Benjamin 34  1744 Shoemaker 10.06  Prob son Alsop
Paine Benjamin 27  1751 Husbandman 15.54  Son of Rev Thomas
Paine Benjamin 23  1755 Farmer 17.31  Prob gson 1762 Jn of Wading River will
Paine John 38  1740 Cooper 10.29  Prob son Alsop
Paine John 20  1758 Farmer 12.08  Prob gson 1762 Jn of Wading River will
Paine John 17  1761 Farmer 14.06  ???
Paine John, Jr. 15  1763 Joiner 16.29  Son Jn, gson Alsop
Paine Moses 18  1760 Farmer 12.25  Grandson in 1762 Jn of Wading River will
Paine Rufus 22  1756 Shoemaker 10.12  Son of Elisha
Paine Thomas 17  1761 Farmer 11.26  Son of Rev Thomas

Source: A list provided by Mr. Ned Smith from Suffolk Co Historical Society

1778 - Census of Household Heads and Count


Paine, widow Abigail - 6
Southold First Parish
Pain, Alsop - 1
Pain, Benjamin - 6
Pain, John - 8
Wading River
Pain/Pane, Benjamin - 2
Pain/Pane, John - 5

Source: Suffolk Co, LI, NY 1778 Census, compiled by Kenneth Scott, F.A.S.G., on NGS Quarterly CD-Rom from FTM.

1790 Federal Census


Benjamin Pain - 1 M over 16, 2 F, 1 Slave
John Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 F
Alsop Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 F
John Pain, Jr. - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 3 F
John Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 3 F, 2 Slaves

Southampton - not complete

Silas Pane  - 4 M over 16, 2 M under 16, 4 F
Danl Pane - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 3 F
John Pain, Senr - 2 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 4 F, 1 "Other free"
John Pain, Jr - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 3 F, 1 "Other free"
Paul Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 3 F
Wm Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 4 F
Silvenus Pain - 1 M over 16, 1 M under 16, 1 F

Source: Printed 1790 Census

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I am presenting this information so that anyone with additional info can make contributions or corrections to this genealogy - please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail with any comments.

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