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A Study of
the Paine Families
(Pain, Paine, Pane, Payne)
of Eastern Long Island, New York to 1790
(Southold, Southampton, East Hampton)


The following lists of descendants are shown in five main family groups:

Introduction and Summary

Lists of Descendants

Thomas-1 of Salem
Thomas-1 of Eastham
John Paine of Wading River
William Paine of Hog Neck, Southampton
Cornelius Paine, in Southold 1686 Census

I believe most of the unlocated Paines will fit into one of these five groups. The bottom three lines of Paines are likely related to one of the first two groups, but how, or which, is not known to me.

Thomas-1 of Salem died 1640-44 in Salem, after which his widow joined at least three children, Peter, John, and Mary (Paine) Dickerson, in moving to Southold. She died in Southold in 1657. One brother, moved on to Dedham, Mass and is the springboard for that branch of Paines. One branch of the Dedham Paines, that of the Rev Nathaniel-4 (Elizabeth-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) Huntting, moved to East Hampton, Long Island in the early 1700's.

Thomas Paine of Eastham married Mary Snow (a Mayflower descendant). I have read speculation that the Cornelius Paine in the Southold 1686 census is from Thomas Paine of Eastham, but I haven't seen the evidence to evaluate that, or who his parents are. At least two branches, both involving preachers, come from this line of Paines to Long Island. One is the Rev Thomas Paine of Cutchogue, the other is the Rev Elisha Paine of Bridge Hampton.

John Paine of Wading River first appears there in the 1720's. An Isaac Paine, will dated 1733, was from Wading River, but I have not been able to establish a relationship between these two men at this point. (See wills for both in the Wills section.)

Either John Paine of Wading River, or his wife, seem to have had quite a few connections to the Emmons family, which, in turn, appears connected to some of the same families that the Paine branch of Southampton knew and were related to. Another interesting observation is that an "obscure" Thomas Paine, who I know nothing about, seems to be in an Emmons household in the 1698 census.

There were also two John Paines as children in the 1698 Southold census who are candidates to be this John. These Johns appear to have the following lines: John-4, John-3, John-2, Thomas-1 (of Salem) and the other is John-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1 (of Salem).

William Paine of Southampton had a son named Cornelius, but there was a prior man named Cornelius Parr, who died in Southold - who may have been related to the wife of William Pain, a daughter of Hannah (__) Parr Knowling. This means the name Cornelius may be coming from the mother's side. On the other hand, the mother's side may have a Cornelius Paine connection.

There was a William Paine who died in 1654 in Southampton. He may be the progenitor of the Southampton Paines, or an extraneous loner. I don't know who he was or if he is related to any of  the other Paine families in New England. An interesting observation is that the inventory of the estate of this William Paine was taken in 1654 by Thomas Ogden, who had permission to settle six families in an area of Southampton that partly had a description of Hog Neck Springs. The William Paine, whose will was proved in Southampton in 1742, described such land in his legacies.

See will of William Paine in Wills.

Cornelius Paine is in the 1686 census with 4 males and 3 females. If all of these are his family and he married at a normal age, assuming the youngest born 2 years before the census, he could have been born as late as 1650. A Cornelius Paine, probably his son, married Content Havens. A son of this Cornelius has been asserted to be Elisha Paine, who married Deliverance Tuthill Oct 03, 1748, and died 1761. I don't the evidence supporting that connection, or who the identity is of the others in Cornelius' household in the 1686 census. Elisha Paine had quite a few descendants in Long Island through the Civil War and beyond.

Cornelius Paine is ignored in Torrey.

I am presenting this information so that anyone with additional info can make contributions or corrections to this genealogy - please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail with any comments.

Norris Taylor - E-Mail

Copyright, Norris Taylor, 2000

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