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I started to research my genealogy in June/1995 after moving from Ohio to Florida. A lot of the genealogy you see here is the work of other people as you can tell from my sources. I have done the research in putting the Rife tree together as well as research to place my ancestors into other trees.

All People in my database (text file)
My Father's Family Lines
Rife Family Line

Pictures of the town from where my Rife/Reif ancestry came Lachen-Speyerdorf, Germany

Rife with Rifes, Book? (PDF Format)
Rife with Rifes, Rife ancestory (PDF Format)
Roden Family Line
Piero Family Line

My Mother's Family Lines
Ebin Family Line
Motter Family Line

Melissa's Father's Family Lines
Touse Family Line
Bliss Family Line

Melissa's Mother's Family Lines
Lawler Family Line
Wright Family Line

Our Family Trees (graphical)

My Genealogy Research Sources

Fred A. Rife, Sr.'s Diary

Rife Etymology
Peter Rife
Rife Genealogy Mysteries

Stark County, Ohio Genealogy Homepage

Butler County, Ohio Genealogy Homepage

Ohio Historical Society

R100 (Riffe,Rife,Reif,...) Homepage

US Map Program

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