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Texas Nancy Gatlin -Delayed Birth Certificate
Submitted by  Jeff Stevenson

Texas Nancy Gatlin born November 16, 1888
Father: James Smith Gatlin
Mother: Bettie Celete Kidd
Father's age: 39
Mother's age: 33
Residence at time of Birth: Richland Springs, Texas
Father's occupation: Texas Ranger or Cattleman
Mother's occupation: Housewife

Note from Jeff:
The certificate is from the state of Texas but Texas is crossed out in some places and Oklahoma is listed..It was signed in 1958 in Oklahoma. Texas Nancy Gatlin was married to William Robert Stevenson on April 7th 1907.J.S. Gatlin's signature is on the certificate.They were married at the Gatlin Ranch in Santa Cruz County,AZ Territory.He was 27 years old and she was 18 years old.