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                                          West Lima Cemetery
                        Bloom Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                             (Last Updated December 8, 2016)

                                               Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
ALEXANDER                 Corinne                        Jordan
AUBERY                    Matilda P.                     Bean
BABB                      Mary Anna                      Jordan
BARTON                    Sarah Ann                      Chapman
BATY                      Nancy                          Morrison
BEAN                      Matilda                        Lepley
BOBO                      Daisy M.                       Tillou
CURTIS                    Mariah Louisa                  Cook
CURTIS                    Sarah C.                       Lepley
DAVIDSON                  Estella Maud                   Hurless
DICKSON                   Ruth Ann                       Callaway
FISHER                    Victorene                      Fruit
FRUIT                     Mary C.                        Ammerman
FRUIT-Scoles              Nancy B.                       Spry
FRUIT-Spry                Nancy B.                       Scoles
GORDON                    Mary Jane                      Fruit
HADLEY                    Clarissa Elizabeth             Seeley
HURLESS                   Elizabeth Jane                 Fruit
HURLESS                   Sarah Catharine                Harness
JORDAN                    Annie Eliza                    Griffith
JORDAN                    Lydia A.                       Davidson
Large-SHAMBAUGH           Sarah Ann                      Muller
LEPLEY                    Elizabeth                      DeHart
LEPLEY                    Maria J.                       Jordan

MCFARLAND                 Jennie Matilda                 Houts
MILLIGAN                  Angeline Scott                 Kerr
MOORE                     Margaret "Jennie"              Ammerman
MORRISON                  Nancy                          Lepley
MULLER                    Christine E.                   Donaldson

NELSON                    Helen Flossie                  Callaway
NEUWMEYER                 Jane                           Morrison
NICELY                    Irene Arminta                  Yakley
PALMER                    Letitia "Electa" M.            Tillou
POTTER                    Hannah M.                      Dickson
Scoles-FRUIT              Nancy B.                       Spry
SCOTT                     Mary                           Milligan
SCOTT                     Pauline                        Muller
SEELEY                    Claircy Senably                Cook
SEELEY                    Florence Esther                Oler
SHAMBAUGH                 Sarah Annie                    Houts
SHAMBAUGH-Large           Sarah Ann                      Muller
Spry-FRUIT                Nancy B.                       Scoles
TILLOU                    Mattie F.                      Thomas
TROBAUGH                  Cynthia Delilah                Hurless
YAKLEY                    Sarah Alice                    Clark
YOUNG                     Mary "Sarah"                   Cook
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