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                                 Saint Paul's Lutheran  Cemetery
                               Willow Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                                       (Last Updated October 23, 2011)

                                                              Maiden Name  Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                    Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
BARRETT                   Maude Armetta                  Herzing
BRENDEL                   Elizabeth                      Hanolt
BROWN                     Odessa V.                      Marshall

COFFRIN                   Sarah B. "Sadie"               McNurlin
COLLINS                   Evelyn M.                      Kolman
DRAHEIM                   Wilhelmine "Minnie"            Siemandel
ELLINGSON                 Inga O.                        Grassman
ETSCHEID                  Patricia Johnson               Jacob
FORD                      Beulah Virginia                Herzing

GRASSMAN                  Elsie A.                       McNurlin
GRASSMAN                  Evelyn B.                      Willis
GUDENSCHWAGER             Carol J.                       Herzing
HANOLD                    Rosa Anna                      Lasse
Hemshrot-WITTE            Alma E.                        Riedel
HERZING                   Beulah Mabel                   Thompson
HONER                     Anna Louise                    Duhr
JONES                     Madalyn M.                     Collins
KEOPPS                    Wilhelmine                     Siemandel
KISSLING                  Catherine Wilhemina            Lasse
KISSLING                  Margrate                       Lasse
KLOCKOW                   Norma C.                       Stieglitz
LASSE                     Susanna "Anna"                 Grassman
LENSCHNER                 Anna Susan                     Lasse
LINDT                     Matilda                        Miller
Mallett-ROSENHAHN         Ella                           Lasse
McNAMAR                   Marvelene L.                   Grassman
MEYER                     Shirley                        Collins

MILLER                    Christina Mary "Tena"          Marshall
PAHL                      Bessie E.                      Rentz
PATZEL                    Caroline                       Schadewald
PYFFEROEN                 Kathryn                        Schulte
REINHARD                  Caroline                       Hesse
RHNER                     Sophia                         Wolters
RICHERT                   Bonita E.                      Thompson
RIEDEL                    Anna R.                        Jacob
RIEDEL                    Helen Carolyn                  Honer
ROSENHAHN-Mallett         Ella                           Lasse
SALISBURY                 Mabel R.                       Hissey
SCHADEWALD                Augusta                        Riedel
SCHMIDT                   Johanna F.                     Hanold
SHELTER                   Cathryne                       Klockow
SIEMANDEL                 Charlotte M.                   Frye
WAGGONER                  Wilhelmina                     Foege
WITTE-Hemshrot            Alma E.                        Riedel

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