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                                          Saint Mathews Catholic Cemetery
                                                               AKA Saint Martins Catholic Cemetery
                                                              Dayton Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

Tales The Tombstones Tell  -  Republican Observer  -  July 12, 1956
Rightly speaking there are three cemeteries at Boaz. The village has a population of less than 200 and the three cemeteries total a population of close to that mark. The village cemetery is situated on the slop of a hill just at the east side of town and below it is the Catholic cemetery {Saint Mathews} and up on a hillside above the Boaz school house is the Core cemetery, private burying ground.

                                                  The Catholic Cemetery

    Down the hillside close by the {Boaz} village cemetery, is the Catholic burying ground. It is in the church yard and contains but a few graves. No burials have been made there in a number of years.

    Upon a stone for Frances Kleiser appears the date of death, June 26, 1889, which seems to be about the earliest burial there. F. X. Kleiser, born Nov. 27, 1834 and died August 14, 1912, sleeps in the cemetery as does his wife, Sefarena, who passed on August 4, 1925. A stone for Henry Brill, also stands in the cemetery.

    Perhaps the oldest person there is Gottleif Neugart, born July 4, 1841, and died November 7, 1907. His wife Mary, is buried by his side. She was born in 1842. Two Civil War veterans are buried in this cemetery, but time and the elements have just about blotted out the inscription on the stones.


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