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                                                                     Sheafor Plot
                                             AKA Parcell Plot

                                                              Akan Township,  Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

Tales The Tombstone Tell - Republican Observer November 17, 1956

                                               Neglected Graves of Pioneers

    Along the highways, out in the woods over in a field back from the road, are a number of cemeteries wherein are buried some of the pioneers of Richland county. Some of these burying places you never heard about and do not know.

    Perhaps the one over on highway 14, a bit over a mile west of the Boaz corner is one which most Richland county people pass and do not know it there. No tombstones are to be seen yet one is there and a little iron fence to enclose a grave is now hidden among the bushes and weeds. A cedar tree can be noticed but you must drive slow if you want to see the iron fence or the cedar tree. Leaning against a butternut tree is the tombstone of a lad, who died away back when. His name was Sheafor and his illness, so his obituary says, was "water on the brain." The cemetery has as a name as all cemeteries do, it is the Parcell cemetery, named after John Parcell, an early settler of the town of Dayton. This cemetery, if you wish to know, is located a mile and 3/10 northwest of the Boaz corner on highway 14. It is on a bank on the left side of the road as you go northwest.


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