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                                  Sand Prairie Cemetery
                       Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
                                                                                     (Updated to August 4, 2002)

                                                                                  Cemetery Layout

 No cemetery lot map available, so I layed out naming the South East Part
 Section 1 and to the West as Section 2 and then Section 3.

 I named the rows as Row 1 (01) starting in the eastern most row of
 the section.

 I also photographed the markers starting on the northern most
 part of the row and then moving to the south (Hwy 60).
 (But for section 3, which due to low number to markers,
  photographed from the South to the north.)

 Therefore a photograph named 1-02-003 is in Section 1 Row 2 and was
 the 3rd photograph that I took. Also if multiple photos were taken
 of the same marker, I normally keep the same number and use a,b,c etc.

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