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                                                Saint Mary's Keyesville Cemetery

                                                                    Ithaca Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
            HERE THEY SLEEP Narrative


Catalogued June 28, 1975 by H. A. Dieter. Located along County N three miles east of Ithaca, section 14, Town of Ithaca. The cemetery is a church cemetery of the Keysville Catholic Church, It is situated on high ground where County N approaches from Wis. 130 and Ithaca Valley off Wis. 58.  The grounds are in good condition. There are several unique monuments, iron crosses and miscellaneous types of markers depicting the old German influence brought here from the Fatherland before the Civil War. Irish representation remains in the minority today, largely due to the merging of both nationalities from the locality's pioneer days. The first known burial was in 1857, thirty years before construction of the present church building.

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