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                                                             Roadside Burial Plot
                                                                                       (AKA Breneman Burial Plot)
Orion Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                                  HERE THEY SLEEP Narrative


Catalogued November 20, 1974 by H. A. Dieter. Located about one half mile east of Wisconsin 80 near the former Fred Stibbe farm now owned by Mrs. Betty James, Section 6, Orion Township. Three legible stones were found standing near the road's edge. One had been toppled from it's base but was later set into the ground nearby. The area between roadside and property fence line has not been cared for in many years. It has been spared vandalism in spite of the apparent neglect. The scene is but another example of child burials after which the respective families moved on causing abandoned and forgotten private plots to appear in the most desolated parts of the county.

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