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Richland County, WI Cemeteries
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    Richland County, WI    Cemetery Names and their Aliases
                                                                                           Last updated: April 13, 2010

Anher Plot                                           See: Neher Plot
Ash Creek Cemetery   
Ash Ridge Cemetery   
Bailey-Lowry Plot    
Basswood Cemetery   
Bear Valley Cemetery   
Bender Cemetery                            
Bethel Cemetery   
Big Willow Cemetery   
Bloom City Cemetery   
Boaz Cemetery   
Booher Cemetery   
Bovee Cemetery   
Bowen Cemetery   
Breneman Burial Plot     
Brown Cemetery   
Brown Church Cemetery               See: Bear Valley Cemetery
Burdick Cemetery                            See: Big Willow Cemetery
Button Cemetery   
Buzzard Cemetery                           See: Mill Creek Cemetery
Camp Creek Cemetery   
Cazenovia Cemetery   
Cedar Mound Cemetery   
Champion Valley Cemetery           See: Czech National Cemetery
Chitwood Cemetery   
Coates Cemetery                             See: West Fork Cemetery
Concord Cemetery   
Conkle Cemetery   
Copenhefer                                       See: Patch Acres
Core Family Plot   
Coumbe Cemetery   
County Farm Cemetery                 See: Richland County Home Cemetery
Cox Plot    See: Wright Plot
Czech National Cemetery   
Dawson Cemetery   
Dayton Corners Cemetery   
Derrickson Plot   
Dosch Cemetery                              See: Tavera Cemetery
Eagle Corners Cemetery               See: Newburn Cemetery
East Pine River Cemetery   
English Ridge Cemetery   
Ewing Burial Plot   
Fancy Creek Cemetery   
Felton Cemetery   
Fishel Cemetery                               See: Spring Hill Cemetery
Five Points Cemetery   
Frawley Cemetery   
Garfield Cemetery                            See: Soules Creek Cemetery
Germantown Cemetery                  See: St. Anthony's Cemetery
Gillingham Cemetery                      See: Fancy Creek Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery   
Hancock Cemetery   
Haskins Cemetery   
Hedka Cemetery                               See: Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Higgins Cemetery   
Hillside Cemetery                             See: Cazenovia Cemetery
Hilltop Cemetery   
Holloway Plot   
Hopewell Cemetery   
Hub City Cemetery                           See: Soules Creek Cemetery
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery   
Indian Creek Cemetery   
Jennings Cemetery   
Judson Cemetery                            See: East Pine River Cemetery
Lawton Cemetery   
Lone Rock Cemetery   
Loyd Cemetery   
Mackey Cemetery                            See: English Ridge Cemetery
Maple Ridge Cemetery                   See: Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Mayfield Cemetery   
McNamer Plot   
Melancthon Creek Cemetery        See: St. Patrick's Cemetery
Methodist Cemetery   
Mill Creek Cemetery   
Miller Cemetery   
Miller Cemetery                                 See: Oens Cemetery
Moody Plot                                         See: Neher Plot
Morman Cemetery                            See: Wildermuth Cemetery
Mosher Burial Plot   
Mount Tabor Cemetery   
Neher Plot   
Neptune Cemetery   
Newburn Cemetery   
Newkirk Cemetery                           See: Wildermuth Cemetery
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery   
Norwegian M.E. Cemetery             See: Methodist Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery   
Oakwood Cemetery                         See: Sextonville Cemetery
Oens Cemetery   
Old Hopewell Cemetery                  See: Bender Cemetery
Orion Cemetery                                 See: Cedar Mound Cemetery
Parcell  Plot                                        See: Sheafor Plot
Patch Acres   
Pine River Cemetery   
Pine Valley Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center Cemetery    See: Richland County Home Cemetery
Pine Valley Manor Cemetery         See: Richland County Home Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Bloom   
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Willow   
Pugh Plot   
Putnam Cemetery                            See: Ash Ridge Cemetery
RCo Hospital & Home Cemetery  See: Richland County Home Cemetery
Richland Cemetery                          See: Methodist Cemetery
Richland Center Cemetery   
Richland City Cemetery   
Richland County Home Cemetery   
Richland Methodist Cemetery      See: Methodist Cemetery
Richwood Cemetery                       See: Methodist Cemetery
Richwood Methodist Cemetery   See: Methodist Cemetery
Roadside Burial Plot   
Rockbridge Cemetery   
Rural Plot   
Sabin Cemetery                                See: Mount Tabor Cemetery
Sand Prairie Cemetery   
Science Hill Cemetery                     See: Oens Cemetery
Senior Citizens Home Cemetery  See: Richland County Home Cemetery
Sextonville Cemetery   
Sheafor Plot   
Shore Cemetery                                See: Greenwood Cemetery
Slater Plot   
Soules Creek Cemetery   
South Church Cemetry                   See: Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery   
St. Anthony's Cemetery   
St. Bridget Cemetery   
St. Kilian Cemetery   
St. Martins Catholic Cemetery       See: St. Mathews Catholic Cemetery
St. Mathews Catholic Cemetery   
St. Patrick's Cemetery   
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery   
St. Peter's Cemetery   
St.Mary's Cemetery - Keyesville   
St.Mary's Cemetery - Richland Center   
Stoddard Burial Plot   
Summit Cemetery                              See: Booher Cemetery
Sylvan Cemetery   
Tavera Cemetery   
Upper Big Willow Cemetery           See: Big Willow Cemetery
Upper Byrds Creek Plot                  See: Wright Plot
Viola Cemetery   
West Fork Cemetery   
West Lima Cemetery   
Wildermuth Cemetery   
Willow Valley Cemetery   
Wolling Plot   
Woodland Plot                                   See:Wright Plot
Woodstock Cemetery   
Wright Plot   
Yuba Cemetery                                  See: East Pine River Cemetery

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