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                        Richland County Home Cemeteries
   AKA County Farm, RCo Hospital & Home, Senior Citizens Home, 
Pine Valley Manor
                                      and Pine Valley Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

                          Richland Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

            HERE THEY SLEEP Narrative


Presently known as the Senior Citizens home, re Institutional Cemeteries April 25, 1975. Work on data gathering for Wisconsin State Old Cemeteries Society began in January 1975.  Richland County records were reviewed and the regular ground checkup made in early Spring of 1975. The property site begins one and one half miles southeast of Richland Center and turning south on County Trunk O. The institutional buildings stand west of the road in the northeast corner of section 34, Town of Richland. The old cemetery lies about one half mile west of the buildings in what has been mostly a pastured area for many years. It became a burial ground at the time of a location change in 1896 from the Woodstock area to the more favorable one here in Richland. The grounds were not referenced until recent years. The four corners are set with tall concrete pillars. They  have established the cemetery dimensions, which are about 80 x 275 feet. Four legible monuments of the better variety remain standing while some 126 depressions give evidence of unmarked graves. There are no other visible markers throughout the area. Records bear proof of at least 24 bodies having been taken to the Wisconsin State Anatomy Department, Madison, Wisconsin, as they became unclaimed at the time of death. These will be herewith indicated by symbol 0. Burials in the old section were discontinued in about 1948 when a  new site was opened directly east across County Trunk O. The new location is well kept, with markers all at ground level. There are presently 34 burial here. It is in direct contrast to the deplorable condition of the old grounds to the west. The writer's final comment before submitting names and other data will deal with the many hours of searching in order to substantiate these reports. Time does not permit continuance of such extra effort. Data not found will now rest with those in need of further reference. Birth dates were not always given on the many death certificates.

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