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                                                           Oens Cemetery
                                                                 Aka Miller, Science Hill Cemetery
                                       Richland Township,  Richland County, Wisconsin   USA

                                             HERE THEY SLEEP Narrative


Catalogued August 20, 1975 by H. A. Dieter. Located a short distance off County Trunk OO, section 33, Town of Richland. Turn south to the Lola James farm residence. The cemetery is accessible only through field land. Entrance may be gained by permission of the owners. This early burial site was begun in 1854 through legal donation procedure by Wm. B. Oens and wife. A parcel of land (7 X 12 rods) was set aside as a cemetery. The Owen farm was later sold to W.D.S. Ross.  A local church and District School #4 stood on the north side of an old road running east to west past the James residence to the first north and south road. The burial ground is on the south side of the old road, sloping northward and looking out on a most spectacular panoramic view over the countryside, with the city of Richland Center and Pine River valley five miles to the north. This high ground sector is. in part, the southern half of the Science Hill vicinity. The cemetery is now in pastured land. Two stones are standing and legible while one slab type marker lies against a nearby tree. Corner lot markers are still visible on the Wm. H. Miller lot. There may be a few unidentified graves among the three known burials. Deep depressions mark the original graves of those removed to Richland Center and Pine River cemeteries.

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