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                                                              Neptune Cemetery
                                                            Ithaca Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

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                                                                   Maiden Name Cross - Reference


MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
BARR-Butts                Jane                           Warren
Butts-BARR                Jane                           Warren
BUTTS                     Mary T. "Birdia"               Lane
COGSWELL                  Martha                         Sippy
DESOTELL                  Betty Lorraine                 Schlafer
DOMAN                     Rosetta Laura                  Reagles
DRAKE                     Phoebe                         Dockerty
Dye-PERRY                 Elizabeth                      Leiber
HALL                      Priscilla Antonette            Jaquish
HELMER                    Wilhelmina "Wilma"             Schlafer
Hunt-LEIBER               Christena F.                   Reagles
JENKINS                   Diane Adele                    Wilson
JOHNSON                   Geraldine                      Schlafer
KENDALL                   Mary J.                        Jaquish
KITTLE                    Sarah Catherine                Jaquish
KRAUSE                    Regina Ann                     Schlafer
LEIBER-Hunt               Christena F.                   Reagles
LIZER                     Agnes                          Krause
McCloud-SIPPY             Arminda Rebecca                Stoddard
PAGE                      Mary A.                        Squires
PALMER                    Gertrude Louise                Warren
REAGLES                   Annie G.                       Stoddard
REAGLES                   Martha                         Gwin
PERRY-Dye                 Elizabeth                      Leiber
SCHLAFER                  Elizabeth Anna                 Wilson
SCRAFIELD                 Elizabeth                      Butts
SIPPY                     Priscilla E.                   Reagles
SIPPY-McCloud             Arminda Rebecca                Stoddard
SPRING                    Ann Maria Pricilla             Brown
STODDARD                  Lillian Loraine                Butts
WALLACE                   Beuna M.                       Schlafer
WALLING                   Maria A.                       Jaquish
WILKINSON                 Almyra M.                      Mallo

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