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                             Methodist Cemetery
                                      AKA   Norwegian M.E., Richwood Methodist, Richwood,
                                                      Richland Methodist & Richland Cemetries
                                         Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                                                        (Last Updated February 13, 2016) 

                                 Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
  Alt. MaidenNames 
======================    ========================       ==============

AKA Vogt                  John Henry, Rev.               Johnson

ANDERSON                  Mary Christine                 Augustson

ANDERSON                  Necoline                       Hanson
BAKKEN                    Agnes                          Anderson
Beerkircher-GOPLEN-Karl   Ardith L. "Ardy"               Hanna
BERGUM                    Helen                          Johnson
BERGUM                    Martha                         Bergum
BERGUM                    Permelia                       Dingman
BERGUM-Paulson            Anna Betsey                    Swanson
Brindley-PAULSON          Cora Madonna                   Hanson
Dalberg-COPPERNOLL        Emma Minerva                   Burgess
DALBERG-Rinehart          Selma Marie                    Vranek
CARTER-Hoover             Jessie Matilda                 Turkelson
CLARK                     Ona G.                         Rockwell
COLLIER                   Helen "Maria"                  Hanson
COPPERNOLL-Dalberg        Emma Minerva                   Burgess

CRAIG                     Irene Rozella                  Goplen
CRAIG                     Josie Isophine                 Goplen
CRYE                      Amanda Elizabeth               Dalberg
CRYE                      Julia A.                       Dalberg
CUNNINGHAM                Bertha Luella                  Dalberg
DALBERG-Elder             Freda                          Klassy
DALBERG                   Harriet J.                     Bates
DIETER                    Effie Eva                      Anderson
Elder-DALBERG             Freda                          Klassy
ENGELSRUCLE               Anna Margaret                  Torgerson
ERICKSON                  Eliza                          Storm
ERIKSDOTTER               Catherine                      Moreen
GANT                      Elsie Marie                    Milde
GAULT                     Mary Florence                  Sutton

GOPLEN-Beerkircher-Karl   Ardith L. "Ardy"               Hanna
GULIKS                    Betsy                          Johnson
HANSON                    Anna                           Johnson
HANSON-WARD               Esther C.                      Goplen
HANSON                    Ethel                          Goplen
HANSON                    Isabel                         Turkelson
HANSON                    Lena L.                        Johnson
HARPER                    Martha Isabelle                Anderson
HARSTUREN-Thorstensen-Torstensen  Gubjor T.              Collier
Hatcher-HUNT-Tyo          Hazel Darlene                  Dalberg
HUGHBANKS                 Edith L.                       Jacobson
HUNT-Hatcher-Tyo          Hazel Darlene                  Dalberg
JACOBSON                  Julia                          Johnson

JACOBSON                  Leona M.                       Jacobson
JOHNSON                   Adaline Florence               Dillon

JOHNSON                   Eldred Luella                  Mitchell
JOHNSON                   Gunhild                        Rasmussen
JOHNSON                   Josephine                      Goplen
JOHNSON                   Julia E.                       Kallstrom
JULESON                   Jacobine                       Jacobson
Jarl-Beerkircher-GOPLEN   Ardith L. "Ardy"               Hanna
MARSHALL                  Hattie M.                      Markin
MILLER                    Marjorie A.                    Jacobson

MILLER                    Marjorie Ruth                  Meyer
MORREN                    Matilda J.                     Carlson
PAULSON                   Alvina M.                      Turkelson
Paulson-BERGUM            Anna Betsey                    Swanson
PAULSON                   Minnie                         Johnson
PAULSON-Brindley          Cora Madonna                   Hanson
PERSINGER                 Idell Nathalie                 Troxel
PRYCE                     Carol K.                       Turkelson
Rinehart-DALBERG          Selma Marie                    Vranek
ROCKWELL                  Alice Ona                      Carlson
SURREM                    Minnie A.                      Jacobson

TAYLOR                    Annie May                      Dingman
THOMPSON                  Christine O.                   Troxel
Thorstensen-HARSTUREN-Torstensen  Gubjor T.              Collier
TORGENSON                 Tolena                         Anderson
TORGERSON                 Isabell                        Paulson
Torstensen-HARSTUREN-Thorstensen  Gubjor T.              Collier
TURKELSON                 Betty Jane                     Harwood
TURKELSON                 Tolena Isabel                  Oleson
Tyo-HUNT-Hatcher          Hazel Darlene                  Dalberg
WARD-HANSON               Esther C.                      Goplen

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