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                                       Indian Creek Cemetery
       Orion Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
                                                 (Updated to July 29, 2002)

                                                                         Cemetery Layout

 No plat map so I layed out calling South East row as Row 1 (01)
 and 1st marker was Northern most and then to the South (Hwy 60)!

Row Northern Most first Name in row        Southern last Name  in row

01 open  -> Cudney, Ezekel 3 Markers total next to fence

02 Foard, Sarah                            Adney, Calvin 6 Markers total

03 Aldermann, Almon                        Jones, Fred

04 Knaus, Thomas                           Gibbs, John L.

05 McClaren, Alva R.                       Jones, Caroline

06 Alderman, Vernon                        Brown, Children (Footstone)

07 footstone . . Sharp, Cyrus              Shafer, John

08 Hamilton, Mesupia                       McIlhatten, Catharine footstones

09 Tree - Andrew, Wm. F.                   Bobb, Peter (Father)

10 McNelly, Geoge                          Barcley, Alexander

11 3-footstones . .Day, John               Kershner, Elizetta (Mother)

12 Fazel, Daisie                           Stettler, Issac - Unknown
                                           Partial Headstone
                                           More of a lot then row!!

13 Fazel, John                             Neill, Ellen

14 Breneman, Mary A.                       Law, Lucinda - Unknown Marker

15 Hunter, W.C.                            Witherel, Lugretia
                                           Against fence

16 Fazel, Nathan   & Amanda   Only one marker whole row - gate road

17 Cook, Matie E.                          Williamson, Olive E.
                                          More lot like - two mixed rows

18 Cook, Walter & Matilda                  Bobb, Paul

19 Boohner, Raymond & Eleanor              Owens, Marian (Hard to read)

20 Wiltrout, Thomas A.                     Boobs, John L & Ada

21 Gibbs, Sammy                            Bremmer, Inf. Son & Daughter

22 Jones, Charles Willis                   Alaback, Hiram


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