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                               Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
                                                AKA South Church, Maple Ridge Cemetery
                                       Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                                                   (Last Updated January 21, 2017)

                                   Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ===================
AAS                       Olivia                         Pederson
ANDERSON                  Anna                           Georgeson
ANDERSON                  Mary Inga                      Hanson
Austin-HANSON             Clara                          Eddy
DALBERG                   Eliza Georgia                  Wallace
DIETER                    Ella                           Haggerty

ELLSTROM                  Stina                          Johnson
ERICSON                   Gunnild Elise                  Nelson
GEORGESON                 Thalia Alida                   Johnson
GEORGESON                 Tilla S.                       Halverson
GOPLEN                    Bertha                         Jacobson
HANSON                    Hellena                        Torgerson

HANSON                    Hilda M.                       Wolfe
HANSON-Austin             Clara                          Eddy
Hartvic-NELSON            Georgeana F.                   Olsen
HAUGEN                    Annette "Nettie"               Anderson
HOFF                      Antonette                      Hanson
JENSDATTER                Elsie M.                       Hanson
JOHNSON                   Ida Theresa                    Sharp
JOHNSON                   Inga S.                        Peterson
JOHNSON                   Isabel                         Turgerson
KAISER-Martin             Barbara Margareth              Dieter
KARROW                    Julia Fredricka                Dieter
KEEHN                     Mary Elizabeth                 Dieter
KZENDALEN                 Johanna                        Peterson
LARSDATTER                Anne                           Torgerson
LARSON                    Nellie F.                      Hanson
LINT-Dieter               Mary Jane                      Dieter
Martin-KAISER             Barbara                        Dieter
MEHKELSDATTER             Hendrika                       Olsen
MUNSON                    Guner                          Oleson
NELSON-Hartvic            Georgeana F.                   Olsen
NERBY                     Martha "Mattie"                Bakken
OLSON                     Maren Sophia "Mary"            Nerby
OLSON                     Martha                         Eddy
PAULSON                   Kari                           Gilbertson
PAULSON                   Lydia Marie                    Hanson
PERSDATTER                Gertrude                       Pederson
PETERSON                  Caroline                       Bakken
PETERSON                  Ingeborg                       Johnson
POLESON                   Martha                         Nelson
RIDES                     Josephine                      Dieter
SETERIN                   Nickoline                      Christofferson
THOMSON                   Karen Olina                    Dalberg
TURKELSON                 Tolena Isabel                  Oleson
VENNINGER                 Elizabeth                      Dieter
WALTHER                   Eva Johanna                    Dieter

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