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                                                        Hopewell Cemetery
                                      Forest Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                                                (Last Updated September 8, 2017)

                             Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages   Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
AMBROSE                   Melissa                        Joseph
AUSTIN                    Caroline Amelia                Ambrose
BAYSINGER                 Mahala                         Dary
BEIGHLEY                  Anna E.                        Harn
BENDER                    Huldah Eva                     Gochenaur
BENDER                    Josephine                      Walter
BENDER                    Sarah Jane                     Gribble
BENDER-Fogo               Rebecca Mae                    Gochenaur
BENN                      Alta L.                        Kanable
BOYLE                     Georgia Pearl                  Fry
BROWN                     Anna Marie                     Bender
BROWN                     Sarah A.                       Reeve
BRUCKNER                  Barbara A.                     Frye
COHER                     Barbara Cathryn                Fry
CURTIS-Dary               Maria Jane                     Hoke
DARY                      Clara Azella                   Fry
DARY                      Ella E.                        Fry
Dary-CURTIS               Maria Jane                     Hoke
DARY                      Sarah Elizabeth                Walter
DAVIS                     Rachel M.                      Walter
DEWITT                    Dora Ethel                     Kanable
DOBSON                    Eliza Alice "Allie"            Joseph
DOBSON                    Isabelle C.                    Kanable
EWING                     Rachel                         Ambrose
Fogo-BENDER               Rebecca Mae                    Gochenaur
FRY                       Arminda P.                     Dobson
Fry-GRIFFIN               Ida Arnetta                    Peavy
FRY                       Bessie E.                      Lowery
FRY                       Clemie Maude                   Smelcer
FRY                       Dora Allis                     McHone
FRY                       Mary Lucinda                   Smelcer
GRIBBLE                   Ellen Ada "Ella"               Beighley
GRIFFIN-Fry               Ida Arnetta                    Peavy
HIGGINBOTHAM              Elsie                          Fry
HOKE                      Emma B.                        Fry
KANABLE                   Eda Edith                      Walter
KANABLE                   Myrtle M.                      Benn
KANABLE                   Rhoda I.                       Rounds
KINDER                    Sylvia                         Moore
KINNAMON-Peterson         Olive Ellie "Ollie"            Fry
LOWERY                    Sarah Emeline                  Fry

MATHEWS                   Mary C.                        Beighley
MCHONE                    Sherlie                        Vance
MOORE                     Glydia Polyn                   Dieter
Peterson-KINNAMON         Olive Ellie "Ollie"            Fry
SMELCER                   Nora A.                        Fry
SMITH                     Lucie A.                       Matthes
SMITH                     Madge Mildred                  Bender
THOMPSON                  Hannah                         Lowery
THOMPSON                  Mary Ellen                     Fry
THOMPSON                  Sarah Catherine                Fry
VAY                       Susan                          Harn
WALTER                    Martha E.                      Toptine
WILSON                    Kathleen Irene                 Bender  

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