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                                                            Hilltop Cemetery
                                                                                     Aka Miller Cemetery
Eagle Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA


Tales The Tombstones Tell - Republican Observer - February 14, 1957

    Perhaps there are fifteen to twenty cemeteries in Richland county that have long since ceased to be used for burial purposes. The tombstones lay upon the ground covered by grass weeds. Inscriptions upon the stones have become dim over the years and names, dates and verses worn by the elements so they are difficult to read.

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                                                         The Miller Cemetery

    This little cemetery is off the beaten path; located on the Roy Parrish farm in section 23 town of Eagle. At one time it was own by W. H. Miller, who became a resident of Richland Center. He was known best as Squire Miller because he was for many years a justice of the peace in Richland Center. Squire Miller was the father of George Miller who for many, many years was a member of the barber firm of Miller and Poynter. However there are no stones in this cemetery that bear the name of Miller, or at least we did not locate any when in company with Frank C. Poynter, our good friend and companion on most of these cemetery visits throughout the county. We went to this burying ground one day about silo filling time last year.

    The cemetery is no longer used. It stands enclosed by a wire fence, on top of a hill some two or three blocks west of the farm house. One can drive to it, but the road is a bit rough to the field that surrounds the graves.

    The name Ewing appears upon some of the grave stones; one for George V. Ewing, who died on March 13, 1860; aged 60 years, nine months and 28 days; another is for E. E. Ewing, who passed on Sept. 25, 1861, aged six years, six months and 17 days, and C. V. Ewing died Jan. 4, 1868, at the age of 14 years, three months and five days. E. E. and C. V. Ewing, so the stone says, were children of John and Patsy Ewing. Also buried in the cemetery is Jacob Beard, who died March 7, 1864, at the age of 73. Members of the Beard family were long identified with the town of Eagle.

    One of the grave stones lay face down in the dirt and when we turned it over, there imprinted by the weight of the stone, were the words carved upon the slab and they could be read with ease just as well as those upon the stone. We read - "Geo. W. Slater, died Jan. 8, 1862, aged 37 years, one month and two days."

    Mr. Slater we learn, was a native of the state of Maryland, went with his parents to Indiana when quite young. He was married to Rebecca Beard, Feb. 7, 1847. She was a native of Washington county, West Virginia. In 1850 Mr. Slater came from Indiana and entered land in what is now the town of Eagle, then returned to Indiana, and in the fall he started for his new home in the wilds of Wisconsin, accompanied by his family. They came overland and brought with them the tools, implements and household goods to start up housekeeping. They camped out nights and the trip was long and hard. A log house was erected and the sound of the ax sounded as Mr. Slater began to clear the giant trees from his farm in  sections 22 23. He sold his farm in 1861 and purchased another in section 34, where he resided until the time of his death in 1862. His wife passed on July 4, 1880. Among their children was William J., who at one time was clerk of the court for Richland county. He was married to Eudora Dosch, a native of the town of Richwood. They resided in Eagle until moving to Richland Center. They were the parents of two children, Della and Don. Miss Della is now a resident of the town of Akan. She was a school teacher in Richland Center at one time and will be so remembered by many.

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