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                                      English Ridge Cemetery
                                                            Aka Mackey Cemetery
                    Marshall Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                             (Last Updated  June 29, 2012)

                                              Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
Balsley-PARR              Beulah Burnette                Hilleshiem
Barry-WADDELL             Lulu Lorena                    Parr
BEEMAN                    Mariel M.                      Kepler
BORCHARDT                 Minnie                         Nagles
Bradbury-GRAHAM           Alice L.                       Malpress
BRAITHWAITE               Rosetta                        Morris
BROWNWELL                 Harriett                       Barrett
BUROKER                   Lois                           Perkins
BUROKER                   Mabel                          Harris
COLLINS                   Nancy H.                       Bannister
Cooper-ELLIOTT            Mary Ann                       McRobbins
COX                       Phebe                          Tuthill
COX                       Valletta F. "Letty"            Hulbert
CUPP                      Myrtle Sarah                   Fishel
DAVIS                     Ida Rosa May                   Harris
DAVIS                     Lelia Nevada                   Harris
DEWITT                    Edith May                      Minett
DILLINGHAM                Alice M.                       Graham
DILLINGHAM                Carrie E.                      Smith
DOUDNA                    Janice Jeanette                Ferguson
Doudna-WASTE              Kathryn Viola                  Harris

DRINGER                   Elvira                         Harris
DURFEE                    Lucy Ann                       Dillingham
ELLIOTT-Cooper            Mary Ann                       McRobbins
Emhoff-FULLER             Frances Icelene                Cooper
FISHEL                    Mabel C.                       Burns
FOWELL                    Geneva                         Cooper
FULLER-Emhoff             Frances Icelene                Cooper
GOODELL                   Lucy C.                        Harris
GORSUCH                   Laura E.                       Harris
GORSUCH                   Sarah                          Harris
GRAHAM                    Mary                           Minett
GRAHAM                    Susanah Mary                   Bannister
GRAHAM-Bradbury           Alice L.                       Malpress
Grear-MARK-Walburn-Jones-McCann   Elizabeth              Thomas
HALL                      Emma May                       Cooper
HARRIS-Vance              Beata Ann                      Elliott
HARRIS                    Catherine L.                   Marvin

HARRIS                    June Odessa                    Parr
HARRIS                    Laura Viletta                  Ward
HARRIS-Ward               Mary                           Parsons
HERPEL                    Augusta                        Unbehaun
Hilleshiem-PARR           Helen I.                       Tuttle
Jones-MARK-Walburn-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
JONES                     Susan Myrtle                   Doudna
KAROS                     Sarah                          Richardson
KNUTE                     Margaret                       Walburn
LIGHTFOOT                 Berda L.                       Robbins
MARK                      Lucretia                       Harris
MARK-Walburn-Jones-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
MARK                      Susanna                        Reed
McCann-MARK-Walburn-Jones-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
MCCANN                    Hannah                         Knapp
MERRY                     Caroline                       Keller
MINETT                    Edith Alaura                   Hilleshiem
MINETT                    Mary                           Richards
MUNYAN                    Catharine                      Mark
NEILL                     Joann                          Doudna
NETTLETON                 Ruth Ann                       Ladd
Pallan-STORMS             Madeline M.                    Harris
PARR-Balsley              Beulah Burnette                Hilleshiem
PARR-Hilleshiem           Helen I.                       Tuttle
PAUL                      Sadie Beata                    Harris
PENTER                    Elizabeth Ann                  Davis
QUEEN                     Sarah E.                       Cooper
RICHARDS                  Ella B.                        Dillingham
RICHARDS                  Sarah                          Moon

RICHARDSON                Emeretta                       Jones
Root-TURNER               Betty M.                       Parr
SALMON                    Violet Mae                     Hilleshiem
SHARP                     Mary Elizabeth                 Graham
SHORT                     Mary                           Harris
SHORT                     Mary                           Wacker
STARN                     Rosannah                       Lowry
STORMS-Pallan             Madeline M.                    Harris
TURNER-Root               Betty M.                       Parr
Vance-HARRIS              Beata Ann                      Elliott
WACKER                    Catharina Sophia               Unbehaun
WADDELL-Barry             Lulu Lorena                    Parr
Walburn-MARK-Jones-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
Ward-HARRIS               Mary                           Parsons
WASTE-Doudna              Kathryn Viola                  Harris
YOUNG                     Anna "Annie"                   Mark

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