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                                      English Ridge Cemetery
                                                            Aka Mackey Cemetery
                    Marshall Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                             (Last Updated  January 26, 2015)

                                              Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
Balsley-PARR              Beulah Burnette                Hilleshiem
Barry-WADDELL             Lulu Lorena                    Parr
BEEMAN                    Mariel M.                      Kepler
BORCHARDT                 Minnie                         Nagles
Bradbury-GRAHAM           Alice L.                       Malpress
BRAITHWAITE               Rosetta                        Morris
BROWNWELL                 Harriett                       Barrett
BUROKER                   Lois                           Perkins
BUROKER                   Mabel                          Harris
COLLINS                   Nancy H.                       Bannister
Cooper-ELLIOTT            Mary Ann                       McRobbins
COX                       Phebe                          Tuthill
COX                       Valletta F. "Letty"            Hulbert
CUPP                      Myrtle Sarah                   Fishel
DAVIS                     Ida Rosa May                   Harris
DAVIS                     Lelia Nevada                   Harris
DEWITT-Prindle            Edith May                      Minett
DILLINGHAM                Alice M.                       Graham
DILLINGHAM                Carrie E.                      Smith
DOUDNA                    Janice Jeanette                Ferguson
Doudna-WASTE              Kathryn Viola                  Harris

DRINGER                   Elvira                         Harris
DURFEE                    Lucy Ann                       Dillingham
ELLIOTT-Cooper            Mary Ann                       McRobbins
Emhoff-FULLER             Frances Icelene                Cooper
FISHEL                    Mabel C.                       Burns
FOWELL                    Geneva                         Cooper
FULLER-Emhoff             Frances Icelene                Cooper
GOODELL                   Lucy C.                        Harris
GORSUCH                   Laura E.                       Harris
GORSUCH                   Sarah                          Harris
GRAHAM                    Mary                           Minett
GRAHAM                    Susanah Mary                   Bannister
GRAHAM-Bradbury           Alice L.                       Malpress
Grear-MARK-Walburn-Jones-McCann   Elizabeth              Thomas
HALL                      Emma May                       Cooper
HARRIS-Vance              Beata Ann                      Elliott
HARRIS                    Catherine L.                   Marvin

HARRIS                    June Odessa                    Parr
HARRIS                    Laura Viletta                  Ward
HARRIS-Ward               Mary                           Parsons
HERPEL                    Augusta                        Unbehaun
Hilleshiem-PARR           Helen I.                       Tuttle
Jones-MARK-Walburn-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
JONES                     Susan Myrtle                   Doudna
KAROS                     Sarah                          Richardson
KNUTE                     Margaret                       Walburn
LIGHTFOOT                 Berda L.                       Robbins
MARK                      Lucretia                       Harris
MARK-Walburn-Jones-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
MARK                      Susanna                        Reed
McCann-MARK-Walburn-Jones-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
MCCANN                    Hannah                         Knapp
MERRY                     Caroline                       Keller
MINETT                    Edith Alaura                   Hilleshiem
MINETT                    Mary                           Richards
MUNYAN                    Catharine                      Mark
NEILL                     Joann                          Doudna
NETTLETON                 Ruth Ann                       Ladd
Pallan-STORMS             Madeline M.                    Harris
PARR-Balsley              Beulah Burnette                Hilleshiem
PARR-Hilleshiem           Helen I.                       Tuttle
PAUL                      Sadie Beata                    Harris
PENTER                    Elizabeth Ann                  Davis
DEWITT-Prindle            Edith May                      Minett
QUEEN                     Sarah E.                       Cooper
RICHARDS                  Ella B.                        Dillingham
RICHARDS                  Sarah                          Moon

RICHARDSON                Emeretta                       Jones
Root-TURNER               Betty M.                       Parr
SALMON                    Violet Mae                     Hilleshiem
SHARP                     Mary Elizabeth                 Graham
SHORT                     Mary                           Harris
SHORT                     Mary                           Wacker
STARN                     Rosannah                       Lowry
STORMS-Pallan             Madeline M.                    Harris
TURNER-Root               Betty M.                       Parr
Vance-HARRIS              Beata Ann                      Elliott
WACKER                    Catharina Sophia               Unbehaun
WADDELL-Barry             Lulu Lorena                    Parr
Walburn-MARK-Jones-McCann-Grear       Elizabeth          Thomas
Ward-HARRIS               Mary                           Parsons
WASTE-Doudna              Kathryn Viola                  Harris
YOUNG                     Anna "Annie"                   Mark

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