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                                   Coumbe Cemetery
                  Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                     Maiden Name Cross - Reference

                                                                             (Updated to June 1, 2016)

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
ANDREWS-Hughbanks         Mary Christi Ann               Powers
ARMSTRONG                 Caroline                       Leffler
AUER                      Josephine V.                   Miller

BARTELS                   Amy Mae                        Frazier
BENNETT-Jacobson          Jessie M.                      Wanek
Bennett-HAYWARD           Virginia Vione                 Chitwood
BREMMER                   Gertrude                       Dieter
BROWER                    Catharine Elizabeth            Purscell
BROWN                     Ivah M.                        Wanek
BUTTON                    Mary L.                        Stetler
CARSON                    Margret Ann                    Whitcomb
CARSON                    Rebecca Jane                   Powell
Carver-MORGAN-McVey       Norah Ann                      Racy
COUMBE                    Charlotte                      Andrews
COUMBE                    Charlotte Hannah Rosetta       Miller
COUMBE                    Mary Frances                   Powers
Dallas-MORGAN             Ida                            Wallace
David-MILLER              Sarah Catherine                Wright
DEWEY                     Zilpha Ann                     Powell
DIETER                    Gertrude                       Wanek
Dorn-_____                Sylvia I.                      Bartels
DUDGEON                   Ann D.                         Dewey

DUEY                      Manda Jane                     Blanchard
DUTTON                    Rhody                          Tisdale
ELDER                     Malinda "Millie"               Richason
Eliottson-LANAHAN         Lida Elizabeth                 Ritchie
ERRICKSON                 Margret                        Carson
HADLEY                    Elizabeth                      Dyer

Hale-HUGHBANKS            Elizabeth                      Satterlee
HAYWARD                   Lottie Mae                     Wilcox
HAYWARD-Bennett           Virginia Vione                 Chitwood
HITT                      Susannah Porter                Palmer
HUGHBANKS                 Cynthia Ann                    Werdelle
HUGHBANKS                 Edith G.                       Carley
HUGHBANKS-Hale            Elizabeth                      Satterlee
Hughbanks-ANDREWS         Mary Christi Ann               Powers
ISHOM                     Olive L.                       Pilling
Jacobson-BENNETT          Jessie M.                      Wanek
KESSLER                   Mary Ann                       Richason
LANAHAN-Eliottson         Lida Elizabeth                 Ritchie
McKINNEY                  Sarah                          Elliott
McKOWN                    Salome A. "Sally"              Thorpe

McVey-MORGAN-Carver       Norah Ann                      Racy
MILHAM                    Carrie Olivia                  Bartels
MILLER-David              Sarah Catherine                Wright
MITCHELL                  Elizabeth C.                   Dillon
MORGAN-Dallas             Ida                            Wallace
MORGAN                    Melinda Jane                   Hughbanks
MORGAN-McVey-Carver       Norah Ann                      Racy
PALMER                    Sarah Ann                      Coumbe
PALMER                    Susan Catherine                Appleby
PHLAGEN                   Elizabeth F.                   Miller
POWELL                    Amy Susanna                    Purscell
POWELL                    Margaret Ann                   Hayward
POWERS                    Sarah "Sally"                  King
PRATER                    Mary E.                        Clark
PURSELL-Woods             Elaine M.                      Godfrey
RICHASON                  Susanna                        Strong
SHARP                     Margaret                       Miller
SHEETS                    Annie                          Powell
SHELTON                   Caroline L.                    Palmer
SHERMAN                   Lucy Almira                    McKown

SMITH                     Dama                           Dewey
SOMERVILLE                Jane                           Morris
SWENSON                   Geraldine                      Wanek
THOMPSON                  Lovina                         Alderman
WANEK                     Clara J.                       Godfrey
WANEK                     Josephine                      Wanek
WARDELL                   Elender Elizabeth              Bartels
WHITCOMB                  Lizzie Sarah                   Kendrick
WILCOX                    Zereta M.                      Fritsch
Woods-PURSELL             Elaine M.                      Godfrey
YOUNG                     Mary Josephine                 Atkinson
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