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                                                                   Core Family Plot

                                                                      Dayton Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA 


 Tales The Tombstones Tell  -  Republican Observer  -  July 12, 1956

Rightly speaking there are three cemeteries at Boaz. The village has a population of less than 200 and the three cemeteries total a population of close to that mark. The village cemetery is situated on the slop of a hill just at the east side of town and below it is the Catholic cemetery {Saint Mathews} and up on a hillside above the Boaz school house is the Core cemetery, private burying ground.

                                                              The Core Cemetery

    Upon a hill above the Boaz school house is the Core cemetery, a private burying ground wherein members of the William Core family and some of their kin are resting.

    William Core, born in 1810, came into the town of Akan in 1856 and purchased land in section 24. He was a native of New Jersey, moved to Ohio, then to Indiana and then to Wisconsin. He was the first settler in the locality known now as Core Hollow, it being named after him. Mr. Core was accompanied by members of his family; his sons, G. W., David, Stacey and John. Here they settled down and here William died in 1900, and they buried him in the little cemetery. Also buried in the cemetery is his wife Charity, who died December 10, 1881, at the age of 69. A stone in the cemetery is for George Washington Core, son of William, and for Adeline, wife of G. W. Core. They are the parents of Clark Core of 361 Ira street. G.  W. Core was born March 27, 1843, and died May 3, 1924. He was a Civil War veteran. His wife was born July 23, 1848, and died on September 28, 1901.

    Other members of the Core family buried in the cemetery are Lucy Ann Curless and her husband Joseph; Leroy Beaumont and children of the various families. There are however but three tombstones there, one for William Core, one for his wife Charity, and one for G. W. Core and wife.

    The cemetery is located on land once owned by G. W. Core and set aside for cemetery purposes.

    Grave digging is a hard task on account of rock and no doubt there will be no more burials therein. The cemetery was at one time located upon the main road out of Boaz to Five Points but a change in location of the road left the burying ground off the beaten path. Report has it  that the road may be re-located and if so, will pass nearer to the cemetery than it does at present.

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