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                                   Concord Cemetery
                   Willow Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
                        (Last Updated
June 14, 2017)

                                      Maiden Name Cross - Reference

MAIDEN/Other marriages    Given Name                     Burial Surname
======================    ========================       ==============
ATTLESEY                  Ada J.                         Brownell
BANKES                    Marlene L.                     Fuller
Barber-FAULKNER           Mary Emma                      Smelcer
Bentley-ROMACK            Nancy Jane                     Williams
BIBLE                     Ester Jane                     DeVault
BIBLE                     Lucille, Rev.                  Miller
BIBLE-Smelcer             Martha C.                      Fry
BIBLE                     Myrtle B.                      Yakley
BIBLE                     Olive                          Halle 
BIBLE                     Querita                        Cline
BIBLE                     Sarah Elizabeth                Moody
BIBLE                     Vieva E.                       Hess
BIBLE-Griffin             Grace Blanche                  Caylor
BLACKHALL                 Jeanette Louise                Denman
BOHL                      Mary Catherine                 Schluter

BRAYTON                   Sallie                         Brownell
BROWNELL-Soltwedel-Schultz Flora Belle                   Oestreich
BURRINGTON                Mary Marie                     Newberry
CANAAN                    Irene                          Rice

CATLIN                    Mary A.                        Beers
CAYLOR                    Elsie A.                       Worden
CAYLOR                    Rebekah "Becky"                Stout
CLARY                     Catherine "Katie"              Bible
CLARY                     Rebecca                        Fry
CLARY                     Susan Francia                  Fry
Cortleyou-SCHLUTER        Freda M.                       Wells
Denman-FRY                Esther A.                      Fuller
DENMAN                    Myrtle Keturah                 Fry
DEVAULT                   Cynthia Kate                   Schlegel
DEVAULT                   Hallie Irlene                  Beers
DEVAULT                   Jennie Lucile "Maggie"         Thompson
DEVAULT                   Suzette Marie                  Thompson
DEVAULT                   Winifred Blanche               Duzinski
DEVOLT                    Margaret Annie                 Hineman
DIETZMAN-Vogett-Silver    Dorcus Marriah                 Fry
DRAPER                    Della                          Boltzman
ESCHER-Thompson           Josephine                      Fry
FAULKNER-Barber           Mary Emma                      Smelcer
FEATHERSTONE              Helen R.                       Smelcer
FERGUSON                  Georgia A.                     Stout
FORD                      Ione F.                        Fry
FRENCH                    Margaret E.                    Britts

FRENCH                    Martha                         Fry
FRY                       Alice Hazel                    Fry
FRY                       Amanda Helen                   Griffin
FRY                       Della L.                       Stout
FRY                       Dorothy Lucile                 Osborne
FRY                       Edith Ada                      Osborne
FRY                       Elizabeth                      Canaan
FRY-Denman                Esther A.                      Fuller
FRY                       Gertrude                       Hicks
FRY                       Helen L.                       Griffin
FRY                       Ida Malisa J.                  Powers
FRY                       Laura Reina                    Replogle
FRY                       Lorraine O.                    Elder
FRY                       Margaret                       DeVolt

FRY                       Marjorie Lucille               Rabine
FRY-Lewis                 Naoma Sarah                    Osborne

FRY-Pake                  Nina May                       Shaw
FRY                       Sabrina Susanna                Moon

FRY                       Susan A.                       Wells
FRY                       Velva Amelia                   Denman
FRY                       Wilda H.                       Markin
FRY-Hill                  Lucy M.                        Wagner
FRY-Williams              Martha Jane                    Rist
FRYE                      Beuna Margery                  Fry
FRYE                      Darlene Joy                    Moe
FULLER                    Alta                           Wells

FULLER                    Armelia Marionette             Cline
Fuller-HUNT               Gladys Martha                  Eichholz
GILLINGHAM                Anna Belle                     Fry
Griffin-BIBLE             Grace Blanche                  Caylor
GRIFFIN                   Helen M.                       Jackson
GRIFFIN                   Rosa "Ethel"                   Mallo
HANKINS-Stickle           Thelma Ludeece                 Fry
HARMON                    Susanah                        Clary

HATCH                     Ella Mercy                     Bible
HELT                      Lucy                           Pyfferoen

HESS                      Norene Bible                   Marshall
HICKS-Wastlick            Bessie G.                      Fry
HILL                      Harriett Amelia                Fry
Hill-FRY                  Lucy M.                        Wagner
HINEMAN                   Emily L.                       Fry
HOFFMAN                   Iva H.                         Bible
HORTON                    Frances S.                     Hess
HUEY                      Amanda F.                      Fry
HUFFMAN                   Catharine                      Catlin
HUNT-Fuller               Gladys Martha                  Eichholz
JAMES                     Joyce E.                       Kopfhamer
JAMISON                   Sharlotta                      Fry

Lewis-FRY                 Naoma Sarah                    Osborne
LONAS                     Lydia Maria                    Smelcer
LONAS                     Margaret                       French

LOWERY                    Maria Isabelle                 Fry
LUCE                      Elnora Arvilla                 Underhill
LUTHER                    Gertrude M.                    Frye
MARKIN                    Della E.                       Osborne
MARSHALL                  Annie Jane                     Wastlick
MARSHALL                  Lillian                        Fry
MILLEDGE                  Sarah Ann                      Moody
Morrow-WOODKE             Mary Lucille                   Griffin
MORTIMORE                 Grace M.                       DeVault
Newberry-REPLOGLE         Minnie Belle                   Kast
O'BRIEN                   Mary Josephine                 Wastlick
OSBORNE                   Anna Marie                     Jackson
OSBORNE                   Bernice R.                     Cohoon
OSBORNE-Willis            Gladys N.                      Learmonth
OSBORNE                   May Edith                      Wagner
OSBORNE                   Minta M.                       Bixby

OUTCALT                   Susan Ward                     Bible
OWENS                     Catherine Marie                DeVault
Pake-FRY                  Nina May                       Shaw
PARKER                    Sarah Catherine                Caylor
POWERS-Wills              Edna                           Bernhardt
REPLOGLE                  Winifred M.                    Brownell
REPLOGLE-Newberry         Minnie Belle                   Kast
REUTER                    Lucile                         Wastlick
RIPLEY                    Verna M.                       Cline
RODDELL                   Thelma Ethel                   Osborne

ROMACK-Bentley            Nancy Jane                     Williams
SCHLUTER                  Norma                          Norman
SCHLUTER-Cortleyou        Freda M.                       Wells
Schultz-BROWNELL-Soltwedel Flora Belle                   Oestreich
SHAW                      Jennie Evaline                 Fry
SHAW                      Lillie Belle                   Fry
SHEARMAN-Wastlick         Tressa "Tracy"                 Wagner
Silver-DIETZMAN-Vogett    Dorcus Marriah                 Fry
SILVERS                   Catherine                      Underhill
SILVERS                   Mary Belle                     Coleman
SILVERS                   Malissa Jane                   Fry
SILVERS                   Myrtle                         Dietzman
SMELCER                   Lula Kathrine Ann              Fry
SMELCER                   Margaret                       Fry
SMELCER                   Margaret E.                    Pettit
Smelcer-BIBLE             Martha C.                      Fry
SMELCER                   Sarah C.                       French
SMITH                     Chloe Ann                      Clary
SMITH-Willis              Dora E.                        Brownell
SNEATH                    Grace Nita                     Osborne
SNYDER                    Gladys Ethel                   Fuller
Soltwedel-BROWNELL-Schultz Flora Belle                   Oestreich
ST.JOHN                   Adda B.                        Fry
Stickle-HANKINS           Thelma Ludeece                 Fry
STOUT                     Eldora Anna                    Fry
STOUT                     Opal F.                        Frye
THOMPSON                  Eliza Jane                     Fry
Thompson-ESCHER           Josephine                      Fry
Vogett-Silver-DIETZMAN    Dorcus Marriah                 Fry
WAGNER                    Agnes E.                       Phillips
WAGNER                    Edith Elizabeth                DeVault
WALLACE                   Blanche                        Hill
WASTLICK                  Abbilone "Abbie"               Shaw
Wastlick-HICKS            Bessie G.                      Fry
WASTLICK                  Kathryn "Kate"                 Fuller
WASTLICK                  Hulda Ann                      Wells
Wastlick-SHEARMAN         Tressa "Tracy"                 Wagner
WEITZEL                   Helen I.                       Hess
WELLS                     Erma                           Pyfferoen

WELLS                     Eva Eliza                      DeVault
WELLS                     Helen Naoma Mari               Fry
WILLIAMS                  Dorous May                     Fry
Williams-FRY              Martha Jane                    Rist
WILLIAMS                  Nancy Ella                     Fry
WILLIS                    Edith Fern                     Komurka
Willis-OSBORNE            Gladys N.                      Learmonth

Wills-POWERS              Edna                           Bernhardt
Willis-SMITH              Dora E.                        Brownell
WOODKE-Morrow             Mary Lucille                   Griffin
WOODMAN                   Susan Elden                    French

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