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                                                       Chitwood Cemetery
                                                      Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

Tales The Tombstones Tell - Republican Observer - February 14, 1957

    Perhaps there are fifteen to twenty cemeteries in Richland county that have long since ceased to be used for burial purposes. The tombstones lay upon the ground covered by grass weeds. Inscriptions upon the stones have become dim over the years and names, dates and verses worn by the elements so they are difficult to read.

    One of these cemeteries, located in the town of Richwood, has long since ceased to be used as a burying place. It is located in section 30 on the farm owned, we believe by Mrs. Lloyd Chitwood, west and south of the Haskins cemetery. It is on county trunk W. Back in 1874, according to an atlas of the county, the land was owned by M. Chitwood. There are a number of stones in the cemetery, none standing erect. The name Clark appears upon one or two of the stones and a date on a stone is 1869, it is for a daughter of R. and C. Clark. The date of death is August 21, 1869, and the child "Almeda", was one year of age. While in the cemetery we made a few notes of names and dates, but these have become lost or misplaced and will require another visit later on.


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