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                                                   Bovee Cemetery
                                                Orion Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA


Tales The Tombstones Tell - Republican Observer - January 26, 1956

                                              A  Visit to Four Cemeteries

    Pine River, Bovee, Ash Creek and Mayfield are the names of four cemeteries along county trunk O in the towns of Richland and Orion all within a distance of four miles. In these four burying grounds rest many of the early settlers of the neighborhood.

                                                  The Bovee Cemetery

    Down the highway less than two miles, back off the road a bit, is the Bovee cemetery in the town of Orion. The road passed directly in front of it years ago but as the highway was straightened the cemetery was left in quiet peace. Now a lane leads to it. There has been no burial there for quite some years.

    In it are some of the early settlers, the Bovees, Jones, Bergers. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berger are buried there. They were long time residents of Ash Creek. Also in the burying ground are Durfee and Elisha Bovee. The cemetery in which they are buried takes their name. Durfee Bovee was one of the first settlers of the town of Richland. He first came here in 1848 from Indiana and took up land in section 34 but did not remain. He came again in 1849 and settled on his claim.  Mr. Bovee was born February 27, 1812, and died October 16, 1887. He was born in New York state, going to Indiana in 1836 and in 1837 was married to Anna Duncan. Their children were Elisha, Mary, Samuel and David, one child died in infancy.

    Elisha Bovee was but nine years old when his parents came to Richland county. Here he attended school and when 18 years of age he commenced preaching. He was married to Victoria Potter and she assisted him in his church work.

    Also in the quiet confines of this little country cemetery is buried one, whom the writer of this article knew over the years. She was a friend for many years and we were there at the last rites for this beloved friend, Mrs. Della Gher. Peace and rest be hers.

    On one of the stones in the cemetery we noted this verse:
        "A loving man, a friend most dear,
        A faithful partner lieth here.
        Weep not for me, nor sorrow take,
        But love my children for my sake."
     Mrs. John Jones may be the oldest person to be buried in the Bovee cemetery. Upon her marker it says-

    Elizabeth. wife of John Jones,
    born Sept. 30, 1794,
    Died Sept. 13, 1887


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