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                                                            Bailey - Lowry  Plot
                                             Marshall Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA

                                              HERE THEY SLEEP Narrative


Catalogued by H. A. Dieter September 11, 1974. Located on the present Ryland Monroe farm, section 20, Town of Marshall. Turn west off of County Trunk A. Plot lies 1/4 mile west and about 30 rods south and is enclosed within a field area. Two monuments are standing as of 1974. It was retorted that there were other burials, those of a number of smallpox victims, However, there is no remaining evidence to substantiate this report. It must be further noted that the community here mentioned was the well known Lowry neighborhood, including the nearby Lowry school. Frank Lowry owned the present Monroe farm according to a plat of 1874. The area, mostly ridgeland, could be considered an extension of Ash Ridge. It is assumed that Sgt. W. M. Bailey was the son of Marandy Bailey. Mrs. Bailey had owned 80 acres in section 16, Town of Forest, as of 4 December 1860. This was the W 1/2 of the SW 1/4. It will be noted that she did not long enjoy the new home in Forest. It can also be assumed that her husband was not living at the time of the land purchase, since only her name was found on the Grantee Record. Her son, W. M., went off to the War of 1861 - 65, after the death of his mother.
Additional notes on Bailey-Lowry Plot: This family has been plowed! Marandy and Wm. Bailey's stones have been moved to the English Ridge Cemetery.
Additonal note. Odessa Dahl knows there was a stone for three of Wm. and Lydia (Blackledge) Bailey's children. She had seen it several times when she was young. She believes the children were:  Mary Bailey, died 16-Apr-1850, a few days old; Carl S. Bailey, died 5-Dec-1860, 5 months 5 day; and Quincy A. Bailey, died 5-Dec-1877, aged 20 years, black diphtheria.

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