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Families of the Big East - Attala County, MS

Welcome to the Attala County Big East Family Home page, a site dedicated to the pioneer families who settled the pristine country of east central Attala County, MS before 1885. They cleared the land, established homes, farms and communities, raised families and passed onto us later generations much of our heritage. Family groups are presented here rather than a geneaology list of folks by name, born, married, died, buried. We are very interested in that information, but more so in who these people were. What did they look like? How did they live? Where did they come from? How did they migrate to Attala? If you are like me, more questions are raised than answers, but together we can connect our individual puzzle parts and see a more complete picture of the early families.

For now, we show the initial settlers and their children, but not their descendents down to today. This web site will be updated every couple of weeks or so as new information is added. Rather than spending time searching every link to see the latest changes, please read the Latest Updates section posted in each Family Group.

If you have information to contribute, or find items that need correction, contact Dave Thompson.

Oliver, Middlebrook, Buckner Christopher Columbus "Lum" O., Victoria Adelaide M., Jane Rone B.

Rone The Rone Brothers, Isaac Singleton and John Shephard

Sims Gray Sims, 1774 - 1846

Thompson, Brower, McKnight, Garner, Sims David Sherrell T., Mary B., Clarinda M., - Elisha Elcanie T., Mary G., Mary S.

We have tried to present factual information in this record. If you find errors, or have additional information to contribute, please contact Dave Thompson at
Last update Sept 17, 2000.