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Shown below are maps and present day photos of locations as to where Julius probably lived in his life, with the exception of Moore County, N.C.

Thanks to James H Brewer for providing info on the maps shown below : My wife Elaine and i took the photos on trips to Lawrence & Wayne Counties, Tn

Below is the location of Brewer Branch in Lawrence County, Tennessee where Julius is thought to have lived :

Below is a picture of the location on map above where Julius is thought to have lived :

Below is a picture Of Brewer Branch running thru property :

Below is the location on Butler Creek in Wayne County, Tennessee, where Julius lived :

Below is a picture of Julius Brewer`s land on Butler Creek in Wayne County, Tn. The present day house/farm probably sits in the same location as his once did :

Below is a picture of Butler Creek running thru Julius Brewer`s land mentioned above :

Below is the location of Holly Creek ( near Bethlehem ) in Wayne County, Tennessee :

Below is a picture of Julius Brewer land on Holly Creek in the Geneva Community, which is just south of the Bethlehem Community in Wayne County, Tennessee. Present day Railroad Bed Road runs almost thru center of property, Old remains of home located over close to Holly Creek, but could not get there to photograph :

Below is picture of Holly Creek :

Below is the location of Bull Mountain area in Marion County, Alabama :

Below is a panorama view of present day location of Julius Brewer`s property in Marion County ( Bull Mountain ), AL. He had 160 acres, of which were mostly wooded. His house set back and to the left of present day home :

Below is a cropped and zoomed in photo of Julius Brewer old homeplace. You can`t get to the location, as it is on private property. You can see the outline of the framework on the home in the edge of the woods overlooking the pasture land in front of the home.

Below is the location that Julius probably lived ( based on location of daughter Sarah' property ) in Tishomingo County, Mississippi 1850 :

Below are pictures of Brewer Cemetery ( 1 of 5 in Wayne County, TN ). It is thought to be the oldest of the 5. This cemetery originated in the early 1800`s. It is located toward the end of Last Butler Creek Road where the paved road of today turns to gravel. The remains of the cemetery are behind a field in the edge of the woods. There is also an above ground vault tombstone located here.

Below are pictures of Bucksnort/Brewer Cemetery on the top of the ridge of Bucksnort Cemetery Road. It is located between Last Butler Creek Road and Middle Butler Creek Road. ( Ironically, it is just behind the land that Julius once lived on Butler Creek ) :

Below is picture of Bethlehem Cemetery in Wayne County, Tn. Julius` daughters Hulda Jane and Nancy are buried here. :

Below is the tombstone of Julius` daughter Hulda Jane ( Hollis ) :

Below is the tombstone of Julius` daughter Nancy ( Martin ) ( Kimbrel ) :

Below is picture of Joel Cemetery in Dennis, Ms., just north of Belmont, Ms. Julius` first born daughter Sarah Ann ( Clark ) is buried here in an unmarked grave next to the Clark family plot :

Below is a picture of unmarked graves next to the Clark ( Sarah Ann ) family plot.

This page belongs to Richard Rusty & Elaine Brewer.