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203. James6 MUNNERLYN [4261] (Harriet Eugenia5 Shackleford, Harriet4 Cowdrey, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1).  He married  Elizabeth OWENS [4255].

 Children of James MUNNERLYN and Elizabeth OWENS were as follows:
 370 i Clifford7 MUNNERLYN [4195].  She married  Pierre HOLST [4196].

217. Jennie6 GIFT [4201] (Ellen Augusta5 Shackleford, Harriet4 Cowdrey, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1).  She married  George STRATTON [4202].

Notes for George STRATTON
 ??IGI, 11/99: George Harry or Harvey Stratton, b. 1833 Jasper, GA.

 Children of Jennie GIFT and George STRATTON were as follows:
 371 i Marian Gift7 STRATTON [4203].  She married  George RICE [4204].

223. Richard Kennon6 HINES (III) [4148] (Georgie Eliza5 Shackelford, Harriet4 Cowdrey, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 17 May 1874 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA; died 4 Jun 1930 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA.  He married on 19 Apr 1904 Anne Llewellyn WATSON [4149], born 23 Aug 1881.

 Children of Richard Kennon HINES (III) and Anne Llewellyn WATSON were as follows:
 372 i Richard Kennon7 HINES (IV) [4150], born 20 Feb 1905 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA.  He married  Cornelia YARBOROUGH [4151].
 373 ii Benjamin McFarland7 HINES [4140], born 15 Aug 1912 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA.  He married  Lois DAVIDSON [4141].   Collection of Early Co, GA Historical Society, 1979, Vol 2, p 504: (all information on the Shackelfords.) Benjamin M. Hines, 546 Old Academy Road, Fairfield, Connecticut 06430.

229. Agnes Clifford6 TAYLOR [9750] (Lutherine5 Cowdrey, William Drayton4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 25 Feb 1871 in Peru Plantation, Early Co, GA.  She married on 26 Nov 1903 Linwood JENNINGS [9751].

Notes for Linwood JENNINGS
 ??, WWI Civiian Draft Registrations: Linward (Linwood) Jennings, b 8 Feb 1897, Vaiden, MS, reg Lauderdale Co, MS.

 Children of Agnes Clifford TAYLOR and Linwood JENNINGS were as follows:
 374 i Lynette7 JENNINGS [9752].  She married  J. P. MACON [9753].

230. James Rodney6 TAYLOR [9754] (Lutherine5 Cowdrey, William Drayton4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 9 Jan 1874 in Peru, Early Co, GA.  He married on 2 Mar 1902 Sarah Martha HAWKINS [9755].

 Children of James Rodney TAYLOR and Sarah Martha HAWKINS were as follows:
 375 i Marjorie7 TAYLOR [9756].

233. Clarence Janes6 TAYLOR [9760] (Lutherine5 Cowdrey, William Drayton4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 8 Aug 1881 in The Pines, Early Co, GA; died 17 Jan 1972 in Valdosta, GA.  He married in Nov 1917 in Presbyterian Church, Dickey Rosa Adeline PLOWDEN [9761].

 Children of Clarence Janes TAYLOR and Rosa Adeline PLOWDEN were as follows:
 376 i Rosalind7 TAYLOR [9762].  She married  (---) MARGARGEE [9763].
 377 ii Ruth7 TAYLOR [9764].  She married  J. H. BLANBURY [9765].

236. Selma Mae6 BROWN [4147] (Cornelia Washington5 Cowdrey, William Drayton4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 6 May 1881.  She married  Robert C. HOBBS [4131].

Notes for Selma Mae BROWN
 or born 1882.

 Children of Selma Mae BROWN and Robert C. HOBBS were as follows:
+ 378 i Viva Marion7 HOBBS [9584], born 25 Nov 1905; died 5 Jan 1962.  She married J. Victor HUTCHINSON [9585].
+ 379 ii Muriel Hilda7 HOBBS [9592],
 380 iii Robert Cecil7 HOBBS (Jr.) [9605], born 10 May 1910; died 29 Aug 1910.
+ 381 iv Mary Elizabeth7 HOBBS [9606],
+ 382 v William Earl7 HOBBS [9617], born 31 Oct 1914; died 21 Jul 1967.  He married Mildred CANNON [9618].
+ 383 vi Walter Brown7 HOBBS [9630],
+ 384 vii Eleanor Grace7 HOBBS [9635],
+ 385 viii Rosa Carolyn7 HOBBS [9640], born 1 Sep 1922; died 24 Feb 1968.  She married Robert R. HOUSTON [9641].
 386 ix Lanell7 HOBBS [9652], born 21 Apr 1924; died 22 Oct 1972.  She married on 11 Jun 1943 Carlton HOUSTON [9653].
 387 x Foy Drayton7 HOBBS [9654],

251. Anna Sybella6 HACKETT [3365] (Eliza Ann5 Moore, John Carraway4, Creswell3, Richard2, William1), born 1858.  She married on 12 Dec 1880 Luther M. PRATT [3366].

Notes for Anna Sybella HACKETT
 7500 Marriages from Ninety-Six and Abbeville SC, 1774-1890, Larry Pursley, p 154: Pratt, M. Luther and Hackett, Anna Sybella, 12-12-1880, from PB.

 Children of Anna Sybella HACKETT and Luther M. PRATT were as follows:
+ 388 i Lillie7 PRATT [3403].  She married John L. MCKELLAR [3404].
 389 ii Louise7 PRATT [3405].  She married  R. Ben TAYLOR [3406].
 390 iii Bessie7 PRATT [3407].  She married  Ben J. NICKELS [3408].
 391 iv Eugene7 PRATT [3409].  He married  Josie PRATHER [3410].
 392 v Mabel7 PRATT [3411].  She married  T. Clayton BEAUDROT [3412].
 393 vi Luther7 PRATT (Jr.) [3413].  He married  Willie GIBSON [3414].
 394 vii Hugh7 PRATT [3415].  He married  Margaret TAYLOR [3416].   ???Cemetery Records of Abbeville Co, SC, R Wayne Bratcher, A. Press, Greenville, 1982, p 83: Pratt, Hugh Eugene, s/o Robert and L.J. Pratt, ab 22 Jan 1857, d 21 July 1857.

262. Mary Ware Mamie6 WILLIAMS [3359] (Theodore Franklin5, Eliza Ann4 Moore, Creswell3, Richard2, William1), born 1854.  She married  John Milton GAINES [3360], born 1854; died 1938, son of William Arnold GAINES [9042] and Mary Elizabeth GAINES [9043].

Notes for John Milton GAINES
 Greenwood County Sketches: John Milton Gaines was a farmer and merchant in southern Greenwood County.  He was a state senator from Edgefield, 1896-1897, and state senator from Greenwood County 1900-1904.  Gaines post office was in his store at the intersection of state roads 154 and 44, not far west of highway 25 south.  Later he headed an insurance agency in Greenwood.  They had 8 children.

 Greenwood County: A History, Ann Herd Bowen, 1992, p 72: Although Edgefield in general did not oppose the new county (indeed, its senator, J.M. Gaines, actively supported the proposal in 1894 and was elected Greenwood's second senator in 1900)...  p 74: The movement that began in the 1870's by residents of Ninety Six and gained momentum in the Constitutional Convention of 1895 finally culminated during the last days of the legis. session of 1897 when the Act creating Greenwood County was passed.  The efforts of men such as ... J.M. Gaines... p 175: ... J.M. Gaines' Store in the Phoenix section... p 320: (1898, Nov)... by county Democratic chairman, J.M. Gaines...

 Children of Mary Ware Mamie WILLIAMS and John Milton GAINES were as follows:
 395 i Annie S.7 GAINES [3376].  She married  Richard WILLIAMS [3377].   ***Annie S. Gaines, dau of Mary Ware Williams, dau of Philly Williams, son of Eliza Moore, dau of Creswell Moore, son of Richard, son of William I  Greenwood County Sketches: Married Richard William of Greenwood, no children.  She taught history at Lander College for many years.
+ 396 ii Robert Edwin7 GAINES [3378].  He married Winifred FITTS [3379].
 397 iii Thomas Newton7 GAINES [3386].  He married  Dorothy FAIR [3387].
 398 iv William W.7 GAINES [3391].  He married  Evelyn TOMPLINS [3392].   ***William W. Gaines, son of Mary Ware Williams, dau of Philly Williams, son of Eliza Moore, dau of Creswell Moore, son of Richard, son of Williams I  Greenwood County Sketches: no children
+ 399 v Olive7 GAINES [3388].  She married Thomas J. MCLANAHAN [3389].
+ 400 vi Theodore Williams7 GAINES [3393].  He married Wilhelmina FOELL [3394].
+ 401 vii Emmie7 GAINES [3397].  She married Wilmot HARTZOG [3398].
 402 viii Milton W.7 GAINES [3400].  He married (1)  Elizabeth COBB [3401]; (2)  Nancy (---) [3402].

Generation 7

265. Kathleen7 WRIGHT [196] (Connor William6, Harriett Adrianna McKendree5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born Jun 1885 in , GA.  She married  Thomas I. KELLEY [322], died aft Mar 1961.

Notes for Kathleen WRIGHT
 Obituary for brother says she is from Birmingham.

 Children of Kathleen WRIGHT and Thomas I. KELLEY were as follows:
 403 i Jack8 KELLEY [323].

268. Hazel7 WRIGHT [199] (Connor William6, Harriett Adrianna McKendree5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born Mar 1895 in , GA; died aft Mar 1961.  She married  Clayton Hillis HOLLINGSWORTH [324], died 1 Oct 1967.

Notes for Hazel WRIGHT
 Obit for brother says she lived in Rome.

Notes for Clayton Hillis HOLLINGSWORTH
 >From The School Helper, GA School for the Deaf, Cave Spring, Nov 1967: 6th Superintendent of the Georgia School for the Deaf, serving from 1936 until retirement in 1953.  Native Georgian.  Graduate of Mercer's University with a masters from Gallaudent.  Was Baptist.

 Family: Was in Springfield at Christmas, 1965.

 Children of Hazel WRIGHT and Clayton Hillis HOLLINGSWORTH were as follows:
 404 i Clayton Hillis8 HOLLINGSWORTH (Jr.) [325].   From Clayton's Xmas Card, in possession of Charlotte: Graduated from Darlington and Mercer University. Served 3 1/2 years in Naval Air Corps Insurance. Had 2 children. Ordinary in Floyd County. Had tile plant in Atlanta.
 405 ii Connor Wright8 HOLLINGSWORTH [326].   Address in 1971: Mr. C.W. Hollingsworth, 2939 Iroquois Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210.  He has Henrietta Mayson's invitation to the ball in honor of Gen. Lafayette. He had it and a newspaper clipping about the affair photographed and gave one to each Bartleson sister.  Cornelia's is missing.
 406 iii Maxine8 HOLLINGSWORTH [327].   Maxine died from injuries by car striking her at about 4 years.

275. Helen7 KINCAID [97] (Arthur O.6, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 4 Feb 1897 in Woodward, Woodward, OK; died 1985 in Boulder, Co.  She married  C. C. COMBS [101].

Notes for Helen KINCAID
 Helen and her husband were landscape architects with office in NY City.  They designed & supervised the landscaping at the Merritt Free Parkway.  Each Christmas she would make a line drawing of her house and put it on her original Christmas cards.  After her husband died, she moved to Colorado.

 Last address: 11793 Braun Way, Conifer, CO, 80433.

 Social Security Death Index:  Helen Combs, b 1897, d 1985 Boulder, CO, lived
earlier in NY.

 U.S. Social Security Death Index 1.12 (LDS): Helen Combs, b 1897, issuance NY, d 1985, residence CO.

 Children of Helen KINCAID and C. C. COMBS were as follows:
 407 i Philip8 COMBS [102],

276. Arthur Leslie7 KINCAID [98] (Arthur O.6, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 6 Aug 1901 in Woodward, Woodward, OK; died 1977 in , KS.  He married in 1927 Elizabeth HAMMOND [103].

Notes for Arthur Leslie KINCAID
 U.S. Social Security Death Index 1.12 (LDS): Arthur Kincaid, b 1901, place of issuance was Kansas, d 1977, residence was KS (could this be a grandson of the original Arthur, son of John?  There is a 56 year difference).

 Family: Leslie & wife Betty live at 22 S. Glendale, Wichita, Ks 67218.

 Children of Arthur Leslie KINCAID and Elizabeth HAMMOND were as follows:
 408 i Joe Anne8 KINCAID [104], born 29 Feb 1928.   Name might be Betty Jo Kincaid.  Family: Joe Anne and Ted live at 1022 Central Ave., Downers Grave, IL 60515 (1970).
 409 ii Anne8 KINCAID [166].

277. Virginia7 KINCAID [99] (Arthur O.6, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 5 Apr 1904 in Woodward, Woodward, OK.  She married on 25 Sep 1923 George Earl MARSHALL [105], born  in , OK.

Notes for Virginia KINCAID
 Social Security Death Index:  Virginia Marshall, b 1904, d 1987 TX  (???).

Notes for George Earl MARSHALL
 ??U.S. Social Security Death Index 1.12: George Marshall, b 1890, issuance KS, d 1967, residence KS. George Marshall, b 1894, issuance KS, d 1978, residence KS.

 Children of Virginia KINCAID and George Earl MARSHALL were as follows:
 410 i Barbara Don8 MARSHALL [107],
 411 ii George8 MARSHALL (Jr.) [287].
 412 iii Dave Lee8 MARSHALL [106],

279. Pauline7 KINCAID [112] (Ivon Bolivar Davis6, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 15 Jan 1888 in Henrietta, Clay, TX.  She married on 2 Sep 1916 Rudolf W. GLASER [117].

Notes for Pauline KINCAID
 Family: Pauline was raised by Kincaid grandparents in 1892. "Paul".

 Children of Pauline KINCAID and Rudolf W. GLASER were as follows:
 413 i Jane8 GLASER [118], born 19 Apr 1918.   From Aunt May: Jane Glasers Christmas card saying...Jane has been certified as a R.B.P. (Registered Bio. Photographer).  Is one of 3 women and 46 men in the country.
 414 ii Ele'onore Louisa8 GLASER [119], born 5 Jan 1921.   Also called Elnora and Ele or Eli.  From note from Aunt May:  Jane Glasers Christmas card saying Saul Posner Ele's husband lost his mill in a fire last February.  In June he bought a package store and is doing will.  They have the farm up for sale.  The boy Dibes is in Viet Nam.  From an invitation in Charlotte Karshner Chapman's possession: Dr. and Mrs. Rudolf Glaser have the honour to announce the marriage of their daughter Ele'onore Louisa to Mr. Saul Posner on Thursday, May thirtieth nineteen hundred and forty-six Princeton, New Jersey.

283. Wallace Owen7 HURT [122] (Rebecca May6 Kincaid, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 2 Apr 1899 in Abingdon, Washington, VA.  He married on 9 Oct 1924 Mary Helen BINKLEY [123].

Notes for Mary Helen BINKLEY
 Family: Last name may be Bickley.

 Children of Wallace Owen HURT and Mary Helen BINKLEY were as follows:
 415 i Mary Helen8 HURT [124], born 2 Jul 1925.
 416 ii Charles F.8 HURT [125], born May 1931.

291. John Marcus7 NORVELL [135] (Willie Eugenia6 Kincaid, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 19 Sep 1911 in , GA; died Jan 1981 in , VA.  He married on 27 Jun 1931 Bonita THOMAS [136], born 1912; died 12 Nov 1996 in Oak Ridge, TN; buried 14 Nov 1996 in Alexandria, VA.

Notes for John Marcus NORVELL
 U.S. Social Security Death Index 1.12 (LDS): John Norvell, b 1911, issuance GA, d 1981, residence VA.

Notes for Bonita THOMAS
 Family: First name may be Bonita, called Bonnie.

 Children of John Marcus NORVELL and Bonita THOMAS were as follows:
 417 i Sylvia Sue8 NORVELL [137], born 18 Aug 1934 in Washington, D.C..
 418 ii John Rodney8 NORVELL [138], born 15 Sep 1936 in Washington, D.C..
 419 iii Sharon Ann8 NORVELL [139], born 12 Feb 1943 in Washington, D.C..   Newspaper article: Mr. and Mrs. John Marcus Norvell of Alexandria, Va., announce the engagement of their daughter, Sharon Ann Norvell, to Robert Bryan Gentry Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Gentry of Knoxville, Tenn. *The bride-elect received her B.A. degree from the University of Tennessee, where she was president and vice-president of the Blue Triangle.  She is a special education teacher in Morristown, Tenn., and is a member of Phi Sigma Alpha. *Mr. Gentry received his B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Tennessee and served three years in the U.S. Army.  He is an instructor in English at Georgia State College. A March wedding is planned.  Newspaper Article, Women in the News, Thula Hampton, Women's Editor [a Virginia newspaper?]: A double-ring ceremony and Nuptial Mass today at 2 o'clock united Miss Sharon Ann Norvell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Marcus Norvell of Alexandria, and Mr. Robert Bryan Gentry Jr. of Atlanta, Ga.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryan Gentry Sr. of Knoxville, Tenn. *The Rev. Luzerne Schnupp officiated at the St. Patrick's Church in Morristown, Tenn.  Miss Dell Metoyer of Morristown provided organ music. Decorations included Western huckleberry interspersed with cathedral candles. A white kneeling bench was flanked with Easter lilies. *The bride, given in marriage by her father, was attired in a floor-length gown of ivory organza trimmed with Alencon lace and seed pearls.  The camelot train was banded with reembroidered lace.  Her finger tip-length ivory veil of silk illusion was held by a tiara of matching lace petals.  She carried a bouquet of white orchids and stephanotis tied with bride's satin. Miss Peggy Jo Pearce of Morristown served as maid of honor.  The matron of honor was Mrs. Eugene Arnold Young of Alexandria, bride's sister... Mr. Gentry Sr. acted as his son's best man.  Ushers were Mr. John Rodney Norvell of Greenbelt, MD, bride's brother, Mr. Robert Cunningham of Chattanooga, Tenn. and Dr. Henry Donaghy of Atlanta. *The reception took place at the Holiday Inn.  Assistants were Miss Lanell Thomas, Miss Cheryl Thomas, Mrs. Harvey Max Green of Knoxville, Mrs. Howard Callaway Thomas of Fountain City, Tenn, bride's aunt; and Miss Lynn Cupp of Morristown. *Greeting guests was the bride's mother ... The bride's grandmother, Mrs. Lula Bayless Thomas of Knoxville, ... Among the out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Krebil of Takoma Park, Md., Miss Loretta Chappel, Miss Cornelia Chappell of Atlanta, Miss Reba Gentry of Clinton, Tenn. and Mrs. Mary Spivey of Gallatin, Tenn. *Departing for a Southern honeymoon... The bride is a graduate of Mount Vernon High School.  She received her bachelor of arts degree from the University of Tennessee, with an American civilization major.  There she was a member of Phi Sigma Alpha honor society and president and vice president of Blue Triangle.  She is the granddaughter of the late Mr. Charles Walker Thomas of Knoxville and the late Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Byrum Norvell of Arlington and Heflin, Ala.  She is a special education teacher at the Judson S. Hill School in Morristown. *The bridegroom is a graduate of the U.S. Army Language School of Monterey, Calif.  He obtained his B.S. degree in business administration and M.A. in English from the University of Tennessee.  He is an English instructor at the Georgia State College in Atlanta where the couple will reside.

292. John Frank7 BARTLESON (Jr.) [5] (Wessie Adrianna6 Kincaid, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 20 Jul 1894 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL; died 25 Aug 1958 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; buried  in Evergreen Cemete, Duval, FL.  He married on 15 Jul 1914 Anne Elizabeth SMITH [21], born  in Macon, Bibb, GA, daughter of Robert Howren SMITH [9090] and Henrietta STROBHAR [9091].

Notes for John Frank BARTLESON (Jr.)
 Family: Frank was born in Gainesville, moved to Jacksonville with family, where he spent almost the rest of his life.

 City of Jacksonville City Directories: 1907:  Bartleson, J.Frank, clerk C.W. Bartleson & Co., boards 1818 Main. 1911:  Bartleson, J. Frank, Jr., clerk Southern Bottle and Supply Co., boards 844 Charles. 1912:  Bartleson, John F., Jr., grocer 399 Forest, rents 844 Charles. 1913:  Bartleson, John F., Jr., grocer 339 Forest, boards 844 Charles. 1914:  Bartleson, John F. Jr., shipping clerk C.W. Bartleson & Co., boards J.F. Bartleson. 1915:  Bartleson, John F., Jr., shipping clerk C.W. Bartleson & Co, boards John F. Bartleson. 1920:  Bartleson, John F., Jr. (Annie) rents John F. Bartleson. 1921:  Bartleson, John F., Jr. (Annie), grocer 907 Hogan, house 347 W. 7th didn't look further.

 Aunt Mardy's chart:  married 25 Jul 1914 (Where were they married?).

 Family: Frank and Annie had an infant daughter with no name buried at Evergreen Cemetery. August 1915.

 Charlotte: During the early 20's Frank was on the side of the road, changing a tire when a car side swipped him.  He was severly crippled.  Later he lived in Lake Wales for only a short time. He died of a heart attack and was buried in the Bartleson family lot in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville.

 From the Florida Times-Union, August 27, 1958:  BARTLESON - Funeral Services for John F. Bartleson will be held at 3:30 P.M. Wednesday in the chapel of Hardage and Sons Funeral home, 517 Park St. with the Rev. Frank Dunn, pastor of the First Christian Church, assisted by the Rev. Richard L. James, pastor of the Riverside Avenue Christian Church, officiating.  Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery.  Mr. Bartleson of 2851 Oak St., a member of a Florida pioneer family, died Monday morning in a local hospital following an illness of several weeks. He was born in Gainesville and had lived in Jacksonville most of his life, moving here as a child with his parents.  He was a member of the First Christian Church and Riverside Lodge 266, F. and A. M. (Masons). Mr. Bartleson was an employee of the Jacksonville water department.  Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Anne Smith Bartleson of Jacksonville; his mother, Mrs. John Bartleson of Lake Wales; a daughter (adopted or step?) Mrs. Etta Davenport of Jacksonville, three sisters...Active pallbearers will be ...Thomas V. Porter...

 Interment Application, Jacksonville, FL, 8/2?/1958. Lot 18, Section E, Funeral Services at 3:30 P.M. Burial at 4:15 P.M. Born in Gainesville. Late residence 2851 Oak St. Age 64, male, married. Day of death: (illegible) 9-25-58. Cause of death:  Cerebral Hemorrhage. Occupation:  Insurance. Attending Physician:  Dr. Leonard Garten. Funeral Director:  Hardage & Sons, 517 Park St. Interred 8/27/58 at 4:15 PM. Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL, Lot Record: Lot 18, 8/1915, Inft of John F. Bartleson, Jr., Grave #1, Burial 5480. Lot 18, 8/27/58, John F. Bartleson, Grave 2, Burial # 27242.

 From my reading Evergreen Cemetery, Dec 23, 1996: John F. Bartleson: Jul 20, 1894- Aug 25, 1958.

 Social Security Death Benefits on CD; GA Room at Marietta Library: 266-07-1469 Bartleson, John  b 7/20/1894, Issued: FL  D 8/1958.

 Family: Address:  2851 Oak St., Jacksonville, FL.

Notes for Anne Elizabeth SMITH
 Family: "Annie" was from Macon, Georgia.

 History; 1946-1958; Florida State Society of the DAR, Vol 3, p 225: Mrs. John F. Bartleson, Jr. (1948-50): Anne Smith Bartleson was born in Macon, Georgia, the daughter of Henrietta Strobhar and Robert Howren Smith.  She attended Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, and the Fine Arts College, Atlanta, Georgia. She belonged to the C.A.R. Society in Macon, Georgia, joined the Lake Wales Chapter D.A.R. and later transferred to the Katherine Livingston Chapter.  Mrs. Bartleson has served her chapter as Regent, four terms as Vice-Regent, Historian, Member of the Advisory Board, and Parliamentarian.  She was unanimously elected Honorary Regent in 1953. During her term of office as Regent, the Chapter membership doubled and it was one of the first chapters in the state to meet its quota of the National Building Fund. Mrs. Bartleson has served the Florida Society D.A.R. as State Chairman of the Correct Use of the Flag, Membership, and Nominating Committee and as C.A.R. State Chairman in Correct Use of the Flag.  She is a past President of the Chapter Regents Club and a past Director of District I. She is a member of the First Christian Church, taking as active part in church work, teacher of a Sunday School class, and Circle Leader.  She has been a Girl Scout Director and has taught Art at Vacation Bible School. Mrs. Bartleson is First Vice-President of the Jacksonville U.D.C., First Vice-President of the Primrose Garden Circle and a member of the University Study Group Club.

 Children of John Frank BARTLESON (Jr.) and Anne Elizabeth SMITH were as follows:
 420 i Anne Elizabeth8 BARTLESON [22], born 19 Aug 1915 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; died 20 Aug 1915; buried 20 Aug 1915.   Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL, Lot Record: ????Lot 18, 8/1915, Inft of John F. Bartleson, Jr., Grave #1, Burial #5480.  Evergreen Cemetery Records, Vol 1, A-E: Bartleson, infant child of John F. Bartleson b Jacksonville, FL bur 20 Aug 1915. Age 1 day.

294. May Virginia7 BARTLESON [3] (Wessie Adrianna6 Kincaid, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 5 Jul 1898 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL; died 9 Jan 1982 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA; buried 11 Jan 1982 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.  She married on 2 Sep 1919 in Detroit, Wayne, MI Roy KARSHNER [23], born 2 Jul 1894 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery, IN; died 23 Aug 1989 in Marietta, Cobb, GA; buried 25 Aug 1989 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.

Notes for May Virginia BARTLESON
 From Aunt Mardy's memories:  My sister, May Bartleson Karshner, when a young girl, about 18, traveled on the train to Abington, VA, where she attended Martha Washington College, a musical conservatory in Abingdon, Virginia.  The young ladies were not allowed out after dark.  They wanted to go to a movie, or play at the theater, so the girls blackened their faces and slipped out going to the colored balcony at the white theater downtown.  I never heard the outcome of the story, but I'm sure they were caught and punished.
     From Charlotte: After graduating from high school in Jacksonville, FL, May spent a year in college at Martha Washington in Abington, VA.  The college was located in the same town where her Aunt May (Mrs. Charles Hurt) lived.  She was very athletic and played on the basketball team and took domestic science courses.  After a year, she went back to Jacksonville.  In the City of Jacksonville City Directory she is listed in 1919 as a stenographer, who boarded at the home of J.F. Bartleson. In 1918 she met Roy Karshner, who was a lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps in the Army, based in Jacksonville.  They married September 2, 1919 at the home of her Aunt Etta (Mrs. J. Harris Chappell) in Detroit, MI. After the wedding, Roy hired a car and driver to take the wedding party to the dock to see the bride and groom off on a boat trip to Niagara Falls.
     From newspaper clipping; no date or name of newspaper: Karshner-Bartleson Marriage Announced - The following announcements are being received by friends of the popular young couple: Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Bartleson  announces the marriage of their daughter, Mary Virginia to Roy Karshner on Tuesday, the second of September, nineteen hundred and nineteen. Detroit, Mich. The wedding took place at the home of Mrs. J. Harris Chappell, an aunt of the bride. Mrs. Karshner, who is a Jacksonville girl, posseses a charming personality and has a wide circle of friends, who will wish her all happiness in her married life. Mr. Karshner is a succesful young business man of Crawfordsville, Ind., and has a host of friends in Jacksonville, who knew him while he was stationed at Camp Johnston, as a lieutenant in the United States Army. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Karshner left for a wedding trip to include Niagara Falls, Buffalo and points of interest in Canada.   After September 15 Mr. and Mrs. Karshner will be at home to their friends in Crawfordsville, Ind.
     From Charlotte: After living in Wanatah,Indiana for a year, where Roy taught school,they moved to Atlanta. Roy took correspondence courses in accounting and passed his CPA test on the first try. About 1926 they moved to Venice, FL where Roy worked for about a year as a comptroller for a large hotel.  Returning to Atlanta, Roy was employed by a national accounting firm for several years.  He opened his own accounting office about 1932.  Roy made his last audit at the age of 80. May worked in the office for Roy during World War II when he had trouble finding help.  She was active in the Laurel Garden Club and was the superintendent for the nursery department at Preachtree Presbyterian Church.  She was also a member of the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee Guild, which helped worthy mountain boys and girls recieve an education in north Georgia.  May was a very good cook. May was buried in Arlington Cemetery, Atlanta, GA.  Seven and one-half years later, Roy was buried next to her.  Her Memorial Service was at Peachtree Presbyterian Church January 11, 1982.  The grave side service was at Arlington Memorial Park.
     U.S. Social Security: Death Index 1.12 (LDS) May Karshner, b 1898, issuance GA, d 1982, residence GA.
     Social Security Death Benefits on CD at GA Room at Marietta Library: 252-34-2444 Karshner, May  b 7/5/1898 Issued GA d 1/1982 res 30342, GA.
     Resided at 3210 W. Shadowlawn Ave.NE, Atlanta Georgia 30305; 650 Loridans Dr., NE, Atlanta, GA 30342.

Notes for Roy KARSHNER
 Charlotte: Grade School - Union Township - Garfield, Indiana - 1909. High School - Crawfordsville High School - 1913 - Number of graduates: 77. College - Wabash College - 1917 - Crawfordsville, Indiana.

 From Wabash School Directory: Assistant - History and Latin - A.B. Wabash College, Ind. Darlington-Franklin Township 1917-1918.

 Article in paper about 1917: Resigns to Join Colors.  Roy Karshner, who has been a teacher in the Darlington Schools, left Thursday for Chicago where he will take the examination for the aviation service.  If unsuccessful there he will enlist in the navy.  His resignation took effect Wednesday evening and the vacancy will be temporarily filled by Miss Mary Walkup of Crawfordsville.

 Charlotte: Left Crawfordsville on December 5, 1917 - Went to Indianapolis then Ft. Thomas, KY, then to Jacksonville, FL.  He wrote home to School Superintendent, Faculty and Students his impressions of the south 12/23/1917.

 War Record of Lieutenant Roy Karshner: Enlisted December 6, 1917 at Fort Thomas, KY to Recruiting Company #22, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Shack, Squard 95, Sergeants Bind & Kime.  At Jacksonville, he reported to Receiving Company #40, Block L.32 at Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Florida Lieutenants Cass & Craine and Sergeant Booker, M.T.  He was transferred Monday, February 11, 1918 to Officers Workers' Company #4, Block B-O and was in the Military Branch until March 4, 1918.  On Friday, May 3, 1918, Roy was transferred to Instructors #3 F.10.  On July 8, 1918 he was transferred to Students Company #7.  On August 1, 1918, Roy was appointed Second Lieutenant. His date of separation was January 4, 1919 at Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Jacksonville, FL.  Later, on October 18, 1924, he was appointed First Lieutenant at the Officers Reserve Corps.

 Charlotte: On September 2, 1919, after marriage to May Bartleson of Jacksonville, FL, Roy and May lived in Wanatah, IN, Cass township.  He was an assistant principal, teaching science and Latin.  After a year in Indiana, they left for Florida and the South where they spent the rest of their lives. After studying accounting and passing the CPA exam, he went to work for a national accounting firm.  In 1926 he was the comptroller for a firm in Venice, FL for several years.  About 1932 he opened his own accounting firm and completed his last audit at the age of 80.

 Charlotee: Address Aug 30, 1924: 537 Gordon St., Atlanta, GA.

 Roy was buried in Arlington Cemetery in Atlanta, next to May.

 Social Security Death Benefits on CD at GA Room at Marietta Lib 252-58-2091 Karshner, Roy  b 7/2/1894 Issued: GA D 8/23/1989.

 Children of May Virginia BARTLESON and Roy KARSHNER were as follows:
 421 i Charlotte Kathryn8 KARSHNER [24], born 19 Aug 1924 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.   Charlotte: On the 19th of August, 1924, in Atlanta, Charlotte was born.  Her early childhood was spent in Decatur.  Roy, her father, bought three lots on West Shadowlawn Ave. in Buckhead in 1929, and built the first house in 1930 at 3251 W. Shadowlawn, the year Charlotte started 1st grade.  They lived there until 1939 when they moved into an apartment on Peachtree Rd.  Roy built the 2nd house at 3210 W. Shadowlawn Ave. The third lot was sold to a dentist who built a house next to 3210. She attended R.L. Hope Elementary School the first 7 years and finished high school at North Fulton.  About 1939, Roy sold the 1st built house.  The second built house was lived in  until she was a senior in high school.  At that time the 3rd house was built at 3251 W. Shadowlawn Ave.  During high school, she took sewing and made a lot of her clothes. In the fall of 1941, Charlotte went to Wesleyan College, a Methodist all-girls college in Macon, GA for one year.  The United States was in midst of war and Roy, who had his own accounting firm, needed help.  She worked for him there, learning accounting, typing, and bookkeeping. She enjoyed square dancing before and after marriage, being active in a church singles and doubles groups.  Bill moved into the apartment that he, his dad and brother built, which was across the street from her Shadowlawn Ave. home. On their honeymoon they went to Cuba, by way of St. Augustine, Daytona and Miami, where they took the ferry.  All this in a snazzie red and white Buick. She and Bill have 2 sons.  Both are active at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, where she gives one day a week, working in the library.

295. Cornelia Connor7 BARTLESON [11] (Wessie Adrianna6 Kincaid, Henrietta Cornelia5 Connor, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 22 Feb 1903 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; died 3 Sep 1986 in Panama City, Bay, FL; buried  in Lake Wales, Polk, FL.  She married on 6 Jan 1923 in Lake Wales, Polk, FL Norman Hattersley BUNTING [10], born 24 Mar 1899 in New York, Manhattan, New York; died 30 Nov 1972 in Lake Wales, Polk, FL; buried 2 Dec 1972 in Lake Wales, Polk, FL, son of Harry BUNTING [15] and Edith Elizabeth HATTERSLEY [16].

Notes for Cornelia Connor BARTLESON
 Judy: Cornelia was born in Jacksonville in the Springfield area in amongst grandparents' houses.  The family moved to the Riverside area and then to Brentwood, a subdivision that was being developed by family.

 Certificate of Birth for Cornelia Connor Bartleson, born 22 Feb 1903, Certified Copy Number 11,957-40, State File No. 25114, Florida State Board of Health, Jacksonville, FL; 11 Sep 1941, Polk County, FL; recorded by Bureau of Vital Statistics 17 Sep 1941; certified copy in possession of her daughter Judy Bunting Bennett: Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Duval County. Full Name of Child: Cornelia Connor Bartleson; female; legitimate. Date of Birth: February 22, 1903. Father: John Frank Bartleson, Sr., Jacksonville, Florida, white, 30 yrs when Cornelia was born, he was born New Grand Chain, Illinois; his occupation was wholesale grocer. Mother: Wessie Kincaid; Jacksonville, Florida, white, 30 yrs when Cornelia was born; Wessie was born near Summerville, Georgia, housewife.  She had 3 living children and 1 dead. No stillborns. Wessie Bartleson swears that Cornelia was born in Florida on February 22, 1903.  She is the mother of Cornelia and that Cornelia's father John Frank Bartleson, Sr. and the physician in attendance at the birth are not living. Signed: Wessie Bartleson, 333 Sessoms Avenue, Lake Wales, Florida, 11 September 1941.

 Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL, Feb 23, 1915, p 4, col 3:   Entertained at Delightful Party. Mrs. J.F. Bartleson entertained at a delightful children's party yesterday afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock at her home in Brentwood, the affair being given in honor of her daughter, little Miss Cornelia Bartleson, in celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the little girl's birthday. The rooms of the lower floor of the residence were opened en suite, and were appropriately decorated in red, white and blue, effectively carried out with crepe paper streamers, flags and paper hatchets. A number of interesting games and contests were indulged in, and at the conclusion of the latter, prizes were awarded.  Little Miss Bertha Snyder won the guessing contest, and received as a prize, a box of crystalized cherries. Little Miss Dorothy Turner won the hatchet contest and also received a box of candy.  The third was a cherry hunt, cherries being hidden in every conceivable nook throughout the house.  The prize for this game, a box of cherries was won by little Miss Dorothy Hillier. Following the awarding of the prizes the children were invited into the dining room, where refreshments were served.  The table was centereed with a birthday cake, ornamented with twelve red, white and blue candles, and the favors were tiny hatchets, Uncle Sams, flags and little cherry trees. Mrs. Bartleson was assisted in entertaining and serving by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frank Bartleson, and by her daughter, Miss Mae Bartleson. Among the children present were little Misses Dorothy Turner, Doreene Turner, Doris Hillier, Margaret O'Donald, Carolyn Boone, Elizabeth Lynn, Janie Lloyd Lynn, Mildred Harris, Mabel Hawkins, Marie Turner, Fannie May Snyder, Bertha Snyder, Allee Cooper, Frances Wheatley, Mabel Wilcox, Margaret Adams, Audrey Notter, Dorothy Notter, Jessie Gleason, Kathleen Gleason, Ethel McAlister, Cornelia Bartleson, Margaret Bartleson, and Masters John Marcus Norvell, Warren Bartleson and Fred and Porter Bartleson.

 Judy: In Brentwood she had to walk to Main Street to catch the trolley to school, which was in downtown Jacksonville.  All her life she praised her 10th grade grammer teacher.  In her last year of high school she had to make a choice to either go to school cold or get a job so she could buy a coat.  Her parents sent her to a secretarial school until she could learn enough to get a job, which she did.

 City of Jacksonville City Directories: 1920:  Bartleson, Cornelia, stenographer, Borden Lbr Co., rents John F. Bartleson.

 Judy: She talked her father (Papa) into allowing her to come to Lake Wales with him and learned to drive the car on the way down from Jacksonville.  She acted as secretary/treasurer of the Lake Wales branch of Bartleson Wholesale. Cornelia loved the early days in Lake Wales, going to all the dances and parties.  She met and fell in love with Norman Bunting, being introduced by her best friend, Myra Curtis, now Chandley.

 Formal, written announcement, in Judy's possession: Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bartleson announce the marriage of their daughter Cornelia Connor to Mr. Norman H. Bunting on Sunday, the seventh of January nineteen hundred and twenty-three Lake Wales, Florida "Engagement Announced", undated clipping from an unidentified newspaper, in family papers of Cornelia Bartleson Bunting of Lake Wales, Florida; inherited 1986 by her daughter Judy Bunting Bennett of Panama City, Florida; in possession of Judy Bennett. [Probably written in the fall of 1922; the wedding took place 6 Jan 1923.] Engagement Announced:  Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bartleson announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Cornelia Connor, to Mr. Norman H. Bunting, the wedding to take place in January.

 Norman H. Bunting and Cornelia C. Bartleson Wedding Announcement, The Lake Wales News, Lake Wales, Florida, January 10, 1923, p 5, col. 3: Bunting-Bartleson Marriage Announced:  The marriage is announced of Miss Cornelia Connor Bartleson and Mr. Norman H. Bunting, Sunday afternoon, January seventh, nineteen hundred and twenty-three at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bartleson. At the appointed hour the bride entered the room on the arm of her father to the soft strains of Lohengrin Bridal March.  She was met at the improvised altar by the bridegroom, where the ceremony was performed by Rev S.A. Tinkler. The house was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and bignonia [sic-begonia]. The bride was exquisitely gowned in white crepe de chine, and carried a large bouquet of sweet peas.  Her going away grown was brown crepe de chine with accessories to match. Mrs. Bunting is a charming young woman and has a wide circle of friends who will wish the couple happiness. Mr. Bunting is a well known young business man of this city and likewise has a host of friends who will extend congratulations. The happy couple left immediately after the ceremony for the East Coast and when they return will receive their friends at the home of the groom's parents Mr. & Mrs. H. Bunting.

 "Bunting-Bartleson Reception", undated clipping from an unidentified newspaper, in family papers of Cornelia Bartleson Bunting of Lake Wales, Florida; inherited by her daughter Judy Bennett of Panama City, Florida in  1986; in possession of Judy Bennett [This article was propably written in January of 1923.  They were married 6 Jan 1923.]: Bunting-Bartleson Reception:  A much talked of event is the at home reception given Monday afternoon by Mrs. H. Bunting and Mrs. John F. Bartleson to introduce to the gracious hostess of Lake Wales, Mrs. Norman Bunting and a Parisian friend of Mrs. Bunting's, Miss Clare Chaumette, who has been her guest.  The reception room was decorated with palmes and festoons of the favorite bignonia [sic-begonia] with here and there a sweet scented vase of flowers. The charming young bride was dressed in white crepe de chine.  The ladies receiving extended a cheerful welcome to all.  A white tea was offered in dainty English style.  Mrs. M.M. Ebert was the amiable matron of the tea table with the help of the graceful young ladies of the Saturday afternoon Bridge Club and other friends of the bride.

 From Aunt Mardy's memories, written in the 80's for her grandchildren. I have a photocopy: Neta was a popular young lady in Lake Wales and she and Norman were married in 1923.  They rode down the coast on a bumpy road to Miami for their Honeymoon.

 Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc, Vol 13, No 2, p 111: Marriages Reported in Jacksonville, Florida Newspapers: Bunting, Norman H. of Lake Wales, Fla., and Miss Cornelia Connor Bartleson were married 7 January, 1923, Jacksonville, Fla.

 Vital Records Card File for North Florida & South Georgia, 1895-1945: Bartleson, Miss Cornelia Connor. Married:  Norman H. Bunting of Lake Wales, FL. Date:  7 Jan 1923, place not statedParents:  Not memtioned. Source:  T.U. Jax, Fla.  13 Jan 1923.

 Aunt Mardy's chart: married Jan 7, 1923.

 Confirmation: 4 July 1926 in Good Shepherd Church, Lake Wales, FL. Bishop, Coadjutor, of South Florida:  Jno Durham Wing. Priest:  Y.W.R. Cadman.

 Delayed Birth Certificate, Polk County, 11 Sep 1941.  Information at top.  Social Security Application, 18 Dec 1947, 262-42-8562: 1. Cornelia Bartleson Bunting 2. 214 Lakeshore Blvd., Lake Wales, Fla. 3. Cornelia Connor Bartleson 4. age: 44 5. DOB: February 22, 1903 6. POB: Jacksonville, Duval, Fla. 7. Father: John Frank Bartleson 8. Mother: Wessie Kincaid 9. Female 10. Color: White 11. Ever applied before?   No 12. Business name of Employer: Bunting & Comer, Real Estate Exchange Bldg., Lake Wales, Fla. 13. Today's date Dec. 18, 1947 14. Signature: (Mrs. N.H.) Cornelia B. Bunting.

 The Crown Jewel of the Highlands; Lake Wales, Florida, Janyce Barnwell Ahl, 1983, p 216: Cornelia Bunting was a very active member of the Episcopal Church and at one time served as treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Diocese of South Florida.  She was a member of the Lake Wales Garden Club and the Lake Wales Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution.  In 1979 she moved to Panama City to live near her daughter.  She was the last member of the Bunting and Bartleson families to have lived in Lake Wales.

 The News-Herald, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, Sept 4, 1986, p8A: Cornelia Bunting. Mrs. Cornelia Bunting, 83, of 3409 W. 19th St., Panama City, died Wednesday, Sept 3, 1986 in a local hospital.  She had been a resident of Bay County since 1979, coming here from Lake Wales.  She was a homemaker, a member of the St. Andrews Episcopal Church and a member of the DAR of Panama City and Lake Wales. Mrs. Bunting is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Judy Bennett of Panama City; one sister, Mrs. Margret LittleJohn of West Palm Beach and three grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 6, 1986 in the St. Andrews Episcopal Church, with the Rev. Richard Copeland officiating.  Family request that donations be made to your favorite charity. Kent-Forest Lawn Funeral Home.

 Brochure of home on Lakeshore Blvd., when Cornelia moved to Georgetown Apartments: For your wishful tomorrows and your happy today: There's a lakefront...a garden...and all cares fade away...waters of beautiful Lake Wales are at your doorway...architect designed 3-bedroom home captures the full, expansive lakeview for distinctive and gracious living...rear formal garden bears forth oranges and peaches and exotic fruit amid tiered borders of sub-tropical shrubs and flowers.  Hansomely carpeted living room is joined by family room which extends from front - with that handsome lakeview - to rear of photo background is studio for 3rd bedroom, if you wish with attractive built-ins. Handsome, indeed, is wall mural in dining room...Climate control is by central air conditioning-heating system.  Such a spacious room: the master's bedroom has private bath and the much longed-for closet space for Mr. & Mrs.  And it's set off from living room area to assure privacy for your rest while others in the family entertain.  This estate-type setting in an area of all-high-quality homes...yet, you're less than 3 minutes from mid-city.  Where else could you find such convenience?

 Lake Wales Cemetery, Lake Wales, Polk, FL, Reading: Cornelia B. Bunting. Feb 22, 1903- Sep 3, 1986.

 U.S. Social Security Death Index 1.12 (LDS) Cornelia Bunting, b 1903, issuance FL, d 1986, residence FL.

 Social Security Death Benefits on CD at GA Room at Marietta Lib.: 262-42-8562 Bunting, Cornelia  B 2/22/03 Issued: FL  D 9/1986  Res 33853 FL.

 Florida Death Certificate for Cornelia Bartleson Bunting, 3 Sep 1986, Local File No. 860903, Bay County Health Department. Certified copy in possession  of Judy Bennett, Panama City, FL. Cornelia Bunting, female, white, 83 years. DOD: Sept. 3, 1986; place: Bay, Panama City, Bay Medical Center DOB: Feb. 22, 1903; place: Florida, U.S.A. Widowed, no surviving spouse; homemaker. SS# 262-42-8562. Residence: 3409 W. 19th St., Panama City, Bay, FL, not in city limits. Father: John Frank Bartleson   Mother: Wessie Kincaid.  Informant: Mrs. Judy Bennett, 814 Balboa Ave, Panama City, Florida 32401. Burial: Cremation, Gulf Coast Crematory, Panama City, FL. Kent-Forest Lawn Funeral Home, 2403 Harrison Ave. Panama City, FL. Physician: Joseph H. Morris, MD; 9/8/86 at 5:50a.m.; 806 E. 6th St., Panama City, Fla. 32401. Date received by registrar: Sept. 10, 1986. Cause of Death: Intestinal obstruction... and gangrene.

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