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From a statement from Col. I.E. Webster, Nation Guard of Florida, April 17th 1917: That during the year 1888, and for several suceeding years the bearer John F. Bartleson, now a resident of Jacksonville, county of Duval and state of Florida, was an enlisted man in Company A. 4th Battalion Florida state troops, a military organization under the laws of Florida, and was at the expiration of his term of service honorably discharged.  This is shown by the records of the Company now on file in my office at Gainesville, Florida, ? at the time mentioned being the Major commanding the Battalion mentioned.  I further certify that I have personally known said John F. Bartleson for the past thirty five years and know that he is competent to fill any position to which he is assigned and especially in the Commissary department, he having had years of experience in the retail and wholesale grocery business.  I further certify that he served several years on the city Council of Gainesville, Florida and served two years as Mayor of said city. (Evans Haile signed it as the Notary Public)

 National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100, 2 April 1996: John F. Bartleson served in the National Army from 12 May 1917 to 27 Jul 1917 with a rank of Private.  His military record was probably destroyed 12 Jul 1973 when a fire damaged records where his were kept.  They cannot be found. He was accepted for training camp at Jacksonville, FL and was discharged at Fort McPherson, GA.

 A letter written from John to Wessie: Letterhead: The Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Association; Headquarters, 124 East 28th St., New York; The Association Follows the Flag on Land and Sea; Public Correspondence Table at [rest is in John's handwriting] Ft McPherson Ga Sunday 9 am July 15 1917:" My dearest Wessie, Your letter to hand yesterday was so glad to hear that Margaret was well again and that the balance were OK.  This has been the hardest week I have ever experienced.  Had to dig trenches twice went on the hike Thursday at 240 P.M. walked 8 miles in the Blazeing hot Sun dust 3 inches deep with 3 rests of 8 minutes each got there at 6 - eat supper then went on Patro duty until 930 - went to bed or to ground as we slept on the ground with a poncho under us and a haversack for a pillow had to use our blanket for cover as it turned off Cool - Threatened rain but did not had breakfast at 6 and back to the Fort at 930 A Conference until dinner then another one til 230 then drill until 430 feel sore and dog tired Went on guard duty at 5 yesterday and on until 5 this PM. - Had an Invitation thro YMCA to take dinner with a Mrs. Ethridge 455 Peachtree street today but cannot accept.  I was not in the Times Union Picture - I hope Maggie can come up to Atlanta as the trip would do her & Jno good.  I understand that board in very reasonable here in town.  Sorry Jax did not get the Camp but never thought they would  We will catch the very old Harry for the next 4 weeks and the weak ones will be weeded out   Maybe me  My piles are better but not entirely well yet.  We are getting lots of recruits here in the regular army  I see dozens of boys that do not look longer that Porter and no older than 16 - poor little devils dont know the H- they will get.  They are building on every available inch in the reservation for the next Training Camp - will have 2 here the next time instead of one - They are doing lots of work on the Camp sight about 10 miles out from town getting ready for 60000 new rookies - I believe the roar will be over before we ever get to France but may be not - well I will close with lots of love & kisses - write often - Lovingly Jno."

 Florida 1920 Census: Duval County, Jacksonville, SD#4, ED#73, sheet 15A&B, line 47, 32nd or 33rd St., 60, 63: Bartleson, John F., head, owned, mortgage, male, white 47, married, b IL, father OH, mother TX, salesman, soap factory, wages. Bartleson, Wessie K., wife, female, white, 47, married, b GA, father SC, mother SC. Bartleson, Cornelia, dau, female, white, 16, single, b FL, father IL, mother GA, stenographer. Bartleson, Warren K., son, male, white, 14, single, b FL, father IL, mother GA, office boy. Bartleson, Margrete, dau, female, white, 9, b FL, father IL, mother GA. Bartleson, John F., Jr, son, male, white, 25, married, b FL, father IL, mother GA, merchant. Bartleson, Annie F., dau-in-law, female, white, 23 married, b GA, father GA, mother GA.

 History of Lake Wales, Mrs. T.L. Wetmore (Florida State Library; 4/11/97): p 96:  On November 15, 1920, Mr. J.F. Bartleson came and made arrangements to start a wholesale grocery business.

 Newspaper clipping; no name, Lake Wales, Florida, Wednesday November 17, 1920: John F. Bartleson, secretary-treasurer of the Lake Wales Wholesale Grocery company, accompanied by his daughter, Cornelia, are now numbered among our  Lake Wales citizens.  As soon as Mr. Bartleson can secure housing accommodations he will move the balance of his family here.

 Crown Jewel of the Highlands; Lake Wales, Florida, Janyce Barnwell Ahl, 1983, pg 207: John and Wessie Bartleson and their three younger children, Warren, Cornelia and Margret, moved to Lake Wales from Jacksonville, Florida in 1920. Coming from a large city their first view was quite a shock when they saw a tiny community, with almost no paved streets except Scenic Highway, which ran down the Ridge. There were no houses available; so they roomed and boarded with the A.C. Thulbery family on Park Avenue.  Mr. Bartleson opened a wholesale grocery warehouse which served a large section of the State. p 104: J.F. Bartleson, wife, Wessie, and three younger children, Warren, Cornelia and Margret, arrived in town on November 15th.  They set up living quarters in large tents overlooking pretty North Wailes. p 207: He bought five 16X16 army tents and two smaller ones.  The five large tents were used for their living and sleeping while one of the small ones was used for their kitchen.  The other small tent was used by the servant they had brought from Jacksonville.  All the tents were erected on their property, which was located on the [south-] west side of pretty little North Wailes Lake. Wooden floors were built about a foot above the ground with board walls about 3 or 4 feet high. All the tents were screened, so insects were no problem, and electricity was installed. They lived very comfortably for several months while their home was being constructed at the same location. p 104: Later they erected a large bungalow on the same site.  Today the former Bartleson home is owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Petering.

 From Margret's Memoirs: About 1924 or 25, John sold the grocery business and he and  Wessie and Margret moved to Ft. Myers to work with his brother for the winter where Margret went to school.  They returned to Lake Wales and he opened the Acme Candy & Tobacco Co., which covered all parts of the Ridge as well as around Lake Okeechobee and the east coast towns.

 Crown Jewel of the Highlands; Lake Wales, Florida, Janyce Barnwell Ahl, 1983, pg 207: John Bartleson was active in local politics and served several [three] terms on the Town Council. He was elected president of the council for one [four-year] term [in 1930].

 Crown Jewel of the Highlands; Lake Wales, Florida, Janyce Barnwell Ahl, 1983, p 178: Town Government in Lake Wales: 1930-1931: Councilmen:...J.F. Bartleson. 1931 - 1932: Councilmen:... J.F. Bartleson... From old stationery of the City of Lake Wales (1930-1933): President - John F. Bartleson... Committee Chairmen: Sanitation and Public Buildings - John F. Bartleson.

The Lake Wales News, Thursday, March 9, 1933, pages 1 and 8: John F. Bartleson Drowned When Automobile Overturned - Mrs. Bartleson in Hospital At Ft. Myers Suffering Injuries from Wreck - John F. Bartleson, aged 62 years, and one of the outstanding citizens of this community, met a tragic death Wednesday forenoon some fifteen miles east of Everglade on the Tamiami Trail, when a rear tire of his Hudson car blew out and the heavy machine overturned in a water ditch along the highway. He was pinned beneath the machine and drowned. Mrs. Bartleson, who was accompanying her husband across the trail to Miami after a visit with his sister, Mrs. J.S. Allen at Fort Myers, managed to extricate herself from the overturned car and was later taken to the hospital at Everglade where she was given first aid. Late that night she was removed to the hospital at Ft. Myers for an X-ray examination.  Reports indicate she is suffering with severe injuries of the back and side and a bad cut on the limb, but it is not believed she suffered internal injuries. *   It was thought at first that her condition was most critical, but her many friends will be glad to know her injuries will not be permanent. The shock, however, has been most severe, and it will require some time for her recovery. This morning she was able to give some information regarding the accident. Mr. and Mrs. Bartleson left Lake Wales Tuesday morning for Fort Myers to visit his sister. Wednesday they decided to return by the way of Miami, which necessitated taking the Tamiami Trail. When some fifteen miles from the town of Everglade, with Mr. Bartleson driving the car, a rear tire blew out and the machine was thrown out of control and overturned in the water ditch along the highway. Reports from Fort Myers indicate that Mr. Bartleson was pinned beneath the machine and death came by drowning. Plans are being made to bring the body back to Lake Wales this evening and funeral services and burial will take place in this city Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The deceased has been a prominent figure in both the social and business life of Lake Wales since he came here in 1920.  He was born at Grand Chain, Illinois, but came to Florida when a small child and he took pride in claiming this state as his home. After attaining manhood he became a resident of Gainesville where his leadership was recognized and where he served two terms as mayor. Later, with the family, he moved to Jacksonville where for more that 20 years he was engaged in the wholesale grocery business. In 1920 the family moved to Lake Wales and he established the Lake Wales Wholesale Grocery Co., which was operated for several years. After disposing of this business he spent several months with a brother in Fort Myers, but later returned to this city and opened the Acme Candy & Tobacco Co., and developed the business into a large volume covering all parts of the Ridge as well as around Lake Okeechobee and the east coast towns. He was an ex-service man and a member of the Dykeman-Pinkston Post of the American Legion and always took as active interest in the affairs of that organization. Three years ago he became a candidate for city councilman and was elected by a good sized majority. At the end of his term last spring friends prevailed upon him to again be a candidate and he was re-elected for a two-year period. His tragic death will necessitate the appointment by Mayor Guyton of a councilman to serve until the regular election in April, when someone will be elected to fill his unexpired term. John F. Bartleson has always been recognized as a progressive citizen, intensely interested in all movements planned for the best interests of this community. His public spiritedness brought him into the councils of those who were planning for the future and he was always found ready to accept his share of any responsibility that might develop. He will be missed in Lake Wales and Polk county. Besides the wife he leaves five children, as follows: Warren K., Mrs. N.H. Bunting, and Miss Margaret of Lake Wales; J.F. Bartleson, Jr., of Jacksonville, and Mrs. Roy Karshner of Atlanta. He also leaves the one sister, Mrs. J.S. Allen of Fort Myers. Arrangements have been made for the funeral which will probably be held at the home Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Burial will be made here.

 Crown Jewel of the Highlands; Lake Wales, Florida, Janyce Barnwell Ahl, 1983, p pg 207: In March, 1933, Mr. and Mrs. John Bartleson were on their way to Miami, traveling the Tamiami Trail, when a tire blew out and their car [a Hudson] overturned into the canal that lined the highway [15 miles east of Everglade, Florida]. He was pinned under the car and drowned. Mrs. Bartleson was rescued from the submerged car and taken to the hospital in Fort Myers.  She continued to live in Lake Wales until her death in 1961.

 The Lake Wales News, March 9, 1933, p 8: Tragic death again stalked forth yesterday forenoon and claimed the life of one of Lake Wales' outstanding citizens, that of John F. Bartleson, and this community mourns today the passing of a man who has been closely identified in the business interests of th community for many years. The untimely passing of Mr. Bartleson came as a shock to everyone, for only a few short hours before he had been mingling with his friends and planning for the future.  It forcibly impresses the fact that in the very midst of life there is death and that no one knows (perhaps it is better so) when the Grim Reaper will pay the visit which is inevitable. The passing of John F. Bartleson removes from Lake Wales another progressive citizen and both this community and his adopted state loses a friend and booster.  His association with both the political, social and business life of this city had identified him as a man of character, who had the ability and courage to stand by his convictions, if he believed he was right.  His closest friends cherished his acquaintance for they appreciated the fact that he could be depended upon in any emergency if it was humanly possible to render assistance. The community had showered upon him various political honors and at the time of his passing he was serving his third year as city councilman, abeing president of that organization.  In that capacity he had been faithful, rarely ever missing a session and always taking an active part in the framing of policies he believed best for the community. He was the father of an excellent family, a good neighbor and a fine citizen and he will be sorely missed from the activities of this community. *The funeral was held at his house on Lakeshore Blvd. on Friday, March 10 at 3:00.  The Rev. S. A. Tinkler, pastor of the Presbyterian church, conducted the services.  Burial was at the Lake Wales Cemetery.

 The Highlander, Friday, March 10, 1933: John Bartleson Met Death in Auto Accident.  Pinned Beneath Overturned Car and Drowned Wednesday Noon. The whole city was thrown into mourning Wednesday afternoon when news of the accidental death of John F. Bartleson was recieved...About 1925 he went to Fort Myers for a couple of years, returning to Lake Wales in 1927 and founding the Acme Candy & Tobacco Co., which dealt in wholesale groceries as well and which he and his son Warren Bartleson were conducting at the time of his death.  He had been active in civic affairs...An active proponent of Dave Sholtz for governor, he was president of the Sholtz Club of Lake Wales.

 The Highlander, Tuesday, March 14, 1933, p 1: Funeral Services For Mr. Bartleson Largely Attended - Prominent Lake Wales Citizen Pinned Down by Car and Drowned - One of the largest funeral services ever held in this city was that for the late John F. Bartleson, who drowned as the result of his car running into the canal near Everglades last Wednesday.  The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the house on the Lakeshore Blvd. Rev. S.A. Tinkler conducted the funeral services at the home and at the grave in the Lake Wales cemetery.  A color guard from the american Legion attended the services at the house and the grave.  The squad was in command of J.O. Brian and was composed of Frank Scaggs, E.D. Welborn and Leroy Horton. The pallbearers were W.E. O'Sullivan, W.T. Rinaldi, O.A. Brice. L.H. Kramer, Dr. R.E. Wilhoyte and C.L. Johnson. Details of the horrible accident by which John Bartleson met his death were brought here by his son J.F., Jr., who visited the spot, a few miles north of Everglades on the Tamiami Trail where the accident occurred.  Mr. and Mrs. Bartleson after spending a day with his sister, Mrs. J.S. Allen at Fort Myers were on their way to Miami for a short trip. The left rear tire blew out at a point along the road which was clearly to be seen.  The car, which was on the right hand side of the road, skidded across the road to the left side and into the canal that lines the highway, plowing a deep path in the sand as it turned over. Mr. Bartleson was pinned under the left side of the car as it turned over in the canal.  Mrs. Bartleson was under water when the car came to a stop but had presence of mind to wind up the window and try to crawl out into the open.  She could not lift herself from the car but her head was above water.  Reaching down her hand encountered that of her husband who was groping for help, but he was held down, perhaps by an open door on the left hand side of the car, and she could not lift him out.  She clung to the side of the car with but half of her body above water for perhaps 10 minutes before a motorist came along and helped her out. She is still in the Fort Myers hospital but expects to come back to her home in this city soon.

 The Lake Wales News, Thursday, March 16, 1933, page 8: John F. Bartleson Buried In This City - Funeral services for John F. Bartleson, who met a tragic death last week, were held at the family home on Lakeshore Boulevard Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock and a large crowd of friends and neighbors gathered to pay tribute to his memory.  Rev. S.A. Tinkler, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, conducted the services, which consisted of scripture reading followed by prayer, after which the remains, surrounded by a mass of beautiful flowers, were escorted to the cemetery for interment.  Members of the American Legion participated in the services in respect to their departed brother. Services were concluded at the grave by Rev. Tinkler.  Pall bearers were:  C.L. Johnson, Dr. R.E. Wilhoyte, W.T. Rinaldi, L.H. Kramer, W.E. O'Sullivan and O.A. Brice.

 Copy of Commemoration by Mayor and City Council of Lake Wales, Florida, on City stationary: John F. Bartleson; 1872 - 1933.  COMMEMORATION BY MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF LAKE WALES, FLORIDA. On the 8th day of March, A.D. 1933, John F. Bartleson departed this life.  To those who knew him best he was kind, understanding and true.  In daily life he was anxious and willing at any time to serve his community and people; and always doing those things which to him seemed proper and right, without considering what others might say or think. Mr. Bartleson's interesst in the welfare and upbuilding of this our city is evidenced by his activity in civic affairs.  He was a respected citizen of Jacksonville, Florida for twenty years.  He served two terms as Mayor of Gainesville, Florida, and at the time of his death was serving his third year as Councilman of Lake Wales, Florida.  His services were rendered graciously, honestly and unselfishly because of his sincere love for his town and it's people, and because of such fine qualities sof leadership his fellow aldermen chose him as their President for the present term.  It is, therefore, fitting that we make record of our deep and sincere regret for the loss of our beloved citizen and fine councilman, a Christian gentleman of fine character and loved by all. We extend to the members of his family our sympathy in the loss which they have suffered. This commentary is an expression from the hearts not alone of the officials of this City, but of all of its citizens. We, the Mayor and City Council, direct that these comments be spread upon the permanent records of the City of Lake Wales, Florida, and that copies thereof be transmitted to the family of John F. Bartleson. This the 10th day of March, A.D. 1933.  Signed by: Charles M. Guyton, Mayor; J.D. Moffett, L.F. Martin, R.H. Weaver, Ben Feinberg, Councilmen; and H.B. Harrison and Y.A. Sims.

 Florida Municipal Record, March 1933, p 18: His many friends throughout the State were saddened to learn of the tragic death on March 8 of John F. Bartleson, president of the Lake Wales City Council. Mr. Bartleson lost his life when his car overturned into a canal along the Tamiami Trail.  Mr. Bartleson served as mayor of Gainesville more than 20 years ago; later he moved to Jacksonville and subsequently to Lake Wales.  The Florida Municipal Record joins with Mr. Bartleson's many other friends in expressing deepest sympathy for members of the family.

 Gainesville Sun; Yesterday by Barbara Foster, Sun, May 15, 1983: J.F. Bartleson Was Former Gainesville Mayor-It's time to learn more about one of the men who played a role in the growth of this area. This man arrived as a boy in the 1800's and lived in Gainesville until after the turn of the century. The Gainesville Daily Sun of March 8, 1933 carried a short story on page 6 under the headline "Former Mayor of Gainesville is Killed."  The dateline was Lake Wales. "John F. Bartleson, about 62, was killed near Fort Myers today when his truck overturned in a canal, pinning him down in the water.  Mrs. Bartleson, who was riding with him, was injured and taken to a Fort Myers Hospital. "The Bartlesons were en route to Fort Myers to visit relatives.  They had lived there (Lake Wales) about ten years.  Prior to that, Bartleson was in the wholesale grocery business with his brother, C.W. Bartleson of Fort Myers."  John was born in Pulaski County, Ill., in 1872.  His father was W.K. Bartleson, also a native of Illinois.  W.K. moved his family to Gainesville in 1885.  At a later date, W.K. moved to Jacksonville and engaged in the wholesale grocery business. John attended East Florida Seminary and graduated in 1890.  He also took a course at Eastman's Business College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. When he returned to Gainesville, John became a bookkeeper in his father's mercantile establishment, C.W. Bartleson and Co.  He was also his father's assistant.  In 1895 he left his father's store and opened his own establishment. He built up a large and successful grocery trade, selling out in 1898.  His next venture was into the fire and life insurance world. John had already taken an active interest in local affairs.  "He was elected councilman in 1896 for two years, and at the expiration of that term, was re-elected by one of the largest majorities ever received by a candidate for that office." Before his second term expired, John resigned to accept the nomination of mayor of Gainesville. During his campaign for the 1899 election, The Sun carried several stories. In one was the mention that he had "accumulated considerable property in and near the city and he is strongly identified with the city's interest."  He was elected mayor and must have done a good job, since he was re-elected in 1900. John was one of the young Democrats of Alachua County who was a delegate to the state convention held in Jacksonville in 1900.  He was always active in party campaigns. In 1893 he and Wessie Kincaid of Rome, Ga., were married.  They had two children, J. Frank and May K. (His wife was a cousin to Mrs. J. Dogan Stringellow, Mrs. A.R. Harper and Mrs. Frank D. Warner of Gainesville.) After the turn of the century, John moved to Jacksonville for several years, then on to Fort Myers. As already mentioned, his last 10 years were spent at Lake Wales. Bartleson, like many people, was very active in his adopted community, made himself well-known and liked, then moved elsewhere. He was another building stone in a strong community.

 FL Combined Death Index, 1933: Bartleson, John F., Collier, M W  574, 3550, 1933.

 Lake Wales Cemetery, Lake Wales, Polk, FL, reading: John F. Bartleson,
July 27, 1872-Mar 8, 1933.

 Children of Wessie Adrianna KINCAID and John Frank BARTLESON were as follows:
+ 292 i John Frank7 BARTLESON (Jr.) [5], born 20 Jul 1894 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL; died 25 Aug 1958 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; buried  in Evergreen Cemete, Duval, FL.  He married Anne Elizabeth SMITH [21].
 293 ii Amelia Porter7 BARTLESON [4], born 9 Aug 1895 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL; died 1 Dec 1896 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL.   Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL, 1896, Dec 3, p 2, col 2:  Little Amelia Porter. Gainesville, Fla. December 2 - Amelia Porter, the two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bartleson, died yesterday morning at 5 o'clock. The little child had been a sufferer for several weeks and she had been on the verge of death for the past three days.  The parents have the sympathy of the entire community.
+ 294 iii May Virginia7 BARTLESON [3], born 5 Jul 1898 in Gainesville, Alachua, FL; died 9 Jan 1982 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA; buried 11 Jan 1982 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.  She married Roy KARSHNER [23].
+ 295 iv Cornelia Connor7 BARTLESON [11], born 22 Feb 1903 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; died 3 Sep 1986 in Panama City, Bay, FL; buried  in Lake Wales, Polk, FL.  She married Norman Hattersley BUNTING [10].
+ 296 v Warren Knowlton7 BARTLESON [19], born 14 Jul 1905 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; died 27 Nov 1968 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR; buried 29 Nov 1968 in Rest Hills Memor, AR.  He married Margaret Clarice LANCASTER [35].
+ 297 vi Margret Kincaid7 BARTLESON [20], born 4 May 1910 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL; died 2 Jul 1993 in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL.  She married Blair Rice LITTLEJOHN [28].

154. Harriet Leak6 CONNOR [210] (Wesley Olin5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 24 Sep 1869; died 15 Dec 1941.  She married  William Sydney STEVENS [214].

Notes for Harriet Leak CONNOR
 Family: "Hattie".

 From a letter from W.O. Connor, son of John Wesley Connor, to Henrietta Shackleford Connor Peel, daughter of William S. Connor, son of John Wesley Connor 6 Mar 1904: Hattie has two lovely children George 5 years old and Jessie 3, and is living in Atlanta--Hattie married Sydney Stevens.

 Children of Harriet Leak CONNOR and William Sydney STEVENS were as follows:
 298 i George Edward Connor7 STEVENS [215], born abt 1899.  He married  Elizabeth "Beth" (---) [1439].   From (?) George Stevens to Aunt Mardy, 22 Jan 1966, 1st page only: (?) George's address:  89 1/2-B Smith Street, Charleston, SC.  From a letter from Beth in possession of Charlotte: Was in the Navy; worked as civilian as Ass't Staff Engineer.
 299 ii Jesse Connor7 STEVENS [329], died Dec 1969.  She married in 1901 Mead WOOD [332].   One of the Jesses (this one or Jesse Coleman Connor) died abt 1969.
 300 iii Editha Connor7 STEVENS [330], born 5 Feb 1884; died 11 Mar 1897; buried  in Cave Spring Cem, Floyd, GA.

156. Wesley Olin6 CONNOR (Jr.) [211] (Wesley Olin5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born abt 1874.  He married  Hazel POOL [333].

Notes for Wesley Olin CONNOR (Jr.)
 From a letter from W.O. Connor, son of John Wesley Connor to Henrietta C. Connor Peel, daughter of William S. Connor, son of John Wesley Connor 6 Mar 1904: Wesley, my only son now about 30 years old is teaching in the Deaf School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and I get after him every summer, to get him to go by and make you all a visit but he is a very poor visitor.  He strikes out for home as soon as school closes by the shortest route, and stays here till the last minute-- He is a fine fellow, and is very popular in the Iowa School as well as in the Nebraska School which is in Omaha just across the river-- There is a considerable amount of visiting between the two schools--  Wesley is a fine musician-- Plays the violin very sweetly-- (I play the fiddle)-- He plays anthing he wants to on the piano, guitar and mandolin.

 Children of Wesley Olin CONNOR (Jr.) and Hazel POOL were as follows:
 301 i Wesley Olin7 CONNOR (III) [334].   From letter from George Stevens (grandson of Wesley Connor; son of Harriett Connor) to Mardy LittleJohn no date, copied Aug 1993: Wesley O. Connor III lives at 4708 Royene St., NE, Albuquerque, NM. Wesley's office in Medical Arts Square in Albuquerque. Wesley III's mother, Hazel, lives at  6303 Indian School Road NE, Apt 207.

164. Wesley Sidney6 CONNOR [5215] (William Shackleford5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 17 Feb 1882; died Jul 1964 in Kansas City.  He married on 23 Jun 1929 Lydia OLDHAM [8595], born 25 May 1911.

 Children of Wesley Sidney CONNOR and Lydia OLDHAM were as follows:
 302 i William Shackelford7 CONNOR [5398], born 25 May 1911.  He married on 8 May 1943 (---) HENDERSON? [8596], born 8 Jan 1909.   From notes of Margret Bartleson LittleJohn: Lived in Belton, MO in 1974.
 303 ii Marie Elizabeth7 CONNOR [8597], born 24 Jan 1915.  She married (1) on 31 Dec 1934 Harold BUMGARDNER [8598]; (2) on 12 Aug 1939 Roy Edward MILLER [8599]; (3)  Melvin W. ERNEST [8600].
+ 304 iii Eugene Wesley7 CONNOR [8601], born 30 Dec 1916.  He married (1) Mary Lou SWEARINGIN [8602]; (2) Glee (---) [8605]; (3) Dorsey (---) [8606].
+ 305 iv Alice Louise7 CONNOR [8607], born 16 May 1919.  She married Warren Lee COLLINS [8608].
 306 v Dorothy Claire7 CONNOR [8612], born 4 Nov 1921.  She married  John H. LINDER (Dr.) [8613].
+ 307 vi Ann Etta7 CONNOR [8614], born 6 Apr 1924.  She married Charles E. PIERSON [8615].
+ 308 vii Margaret Arlene7 CONNOR [8617], born 28 Jul 1926.  She married Richard W. WHITE [8618].

165. Edwin Edmond Walters6 CONNOR [219] (William Shackleford5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 1889.  He married on 7 Aug 1912 Winifred (---) [8639], born 1888.

Notes for Edwin Edmond Walters CONNOR
 From letter from Paul Connor, son of ?, son of William S. Connor to Cornelia
Bunting 12 Sep 1969: the third one, Ed, disappeared years ago.  He and Father were identical twins.  Ed's former wife was at the funeral (his aunt Henrietta Connor Peel Evans).  After she divorced him, she married Marshall Fletcher who is now dead too.

 Children of Edwin Edmond Walters CONNOR and Winifred (---) were as follows:
 309 i May Jane7 CONNOR [8640], born 1914; died 1926.

166. John William6 CONNOR [220] (William Shackleford5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 17 Nov 1883; died abt 1953.  He married in Apr  Anna Winnifred O'NEIL [8622], born 25 Jun 1887; died Sep 1974.

 Children of John William CONNOR and Anna Winnifred O'NEIL were as follows:
+ 310 i Kenneth William7 CONNOR [8623], born 1908; died 1946.  He married (1) Pearl Mae CLARK [8624]; (2) Gladys MEDLOCK [8631].
 311 ii Gertrude Loretta7 CONNOR [8633], born 16 Aug 1913.
+ 312 iii Ruth Alice7 CONNOR [5396], born 13 Jul 1917.  She married Robert George MORROW [5397].

167. Samuel Walters6 CONNOR [5217] (William Shackleford5, Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 10 Mar 1889.  He married (1) on 12 May 1917 Juanita Marie FRY [5218], born 1892; (2)  Helen (---) [5399].

Notes for Samuel Walters CONNOR
 Family: Also married Mrs. L. A. Smith. Son is Paul Connor; don't know which of his father's wives is his mother.

 Etta's obit (sister) says he lived in Galena, MO in August 1969.

 Paul's Letter of Dec 22, 1974 says his father(Samuel) suffered a stroke Sept 29, with step mother.

 Children of Samuel Walters CONNOR and Juanita Marie FRY were as follows:
 313 i Paul Eugene7 CONNOR [8641], born 11 Aug 1921.  He married on 28 Jun 1959 Louise Dorothy SCHIDDEL [8642].
+ 314 ii Coral Henrietta7 CONNOR [8643], born 1 Oct 1923.  She married Theodore Evans MILLER [8644].
+ 315 iii Hariett Elizabeth7 CONNOR [8647], born 1 Oct 1927.  She married Russell E. PETERSEN [8648].
+ 316 iv John Edmond7 CONNOR [8653], born 21 Oct 1927.  He married Helen Miller STRUPE [8654].

170. Preston Brooks6 MAYSON (II) [8410] (Julese Girard5, Henry Hart4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 1901.  He married abt 1926 Sophia Rowena MORGAN [9537], born 12 Jul 1903.

Notes for Sophia Rowena MORGAN
 The History of South Carolina - Biographical Volume, The American Historical Society, Inc., 1934, p 706: Mr. & Mrs. Joe Elford Morgan [Nancy Gertrude Chapman; Spartanburg] were the parents of the following children: 1. Sophia Rowena, b 12 Jul 1903, a graduate of Spartanburg High School, 1921, and of Converse College, class of 1925. She married Preston Brooks Mayson, of Saluda. They have one son, Preston Brooks Mayson, Jr...

 Children of Preston Brooks MAYSON (II) and Sophia Rowena MORGAN were as follows:
 317 i Preston Brooks7 MAYSON (Jr.) [9538], born abt 1927.

171. James Moore6 COWDREY (II) [9967] (James William5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 24 Jan 1861 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 20 Jun 1926 in Hugo, Choctaw Co, OK; buried 21 Jun 1926 in Hugo, Choctaw Co, OK.  He married on 2 Jan 1887 in Lamar Co, TX Mary Alice GUTHRIE [9968], born 10 Nov 1869 in Tippah Co, MS; died 7 May 1927 in Burbank, Los Angeles Co, CA; buried May 1927 in Glenview Cemetery, Glendale, Los Angeles Co, CA.

 Children of James Moore COWDREY (II) and Mary Alice GUTHRIE were as follows:
 318 i Marvie Pearl7 COWDREY [9969], born 28 Nov 1886 in Paris, Lamar Co, TX; died 10 Jul 1927.  She married on 3 Apr 1907 Henry Joseph ROCHIER [9975], born abt 1882 in (Paris, Lamar Co, TX).
+ 319 ii William Thomas7 COWDREY [9970], born 24 Feb 1890 in Paris, Lamar Co, TX.  He married (1) Nola Vida ROGERS [9971]; (2) Catherine BRIESE [9972].

183. Jack6 DOWD [10007] (Elizabeth Arkansas5 Cowdrey, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 27 Nov 1861.  He married in 1887 Belle PEARSON [10008].

 Children of Jack DOWD and Belle PEARSON were as follows:
 320 i Ray7 DOWD [10009].
 321 ii Robert7 DOWD [10010].
 322 iii Della7 DOWD [10011].
 323 iv Ora7 DOWD [10012].
 324 v Arthur7 DOWD [10013].

186. James Henry6 COWDREY [9980] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 7 Aug 1862 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 7 Aug 1901 in Little Rock, AR.  He married in 1881 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Lula POPE [10017], born  in NC.

 Children of James Henry COWDREY and Lula POPE were as follows:
 325 i Vincell7 COWDREY [10018].
 326 ii Pearl7 COWDREY [10019].
 327 iii Howard7 COWDREY [10020].
 328 iv Vera7 COWDREY [10021].
 329 v Eunice7 COWDREY [10022].
 330 vi Clyde7 COWDREY [10023].

187. John Allen6 COWDREY [9981] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 1 May 1865 in Green Co, MO; died 1 Jul 1927 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; buried  in Layton Cemetery, Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married on 24 Jul 1887 Belva Ora ESTES [10024], born 12 Oct 1868 in Eros, Marion Co, AR; died 26 May 1933; buried  in Layton Cemetery, Yellville, Marion Co, AR.

Notes for Belva Ora ESTES, 11/99: daughter of Benjamin M. Estes and Martha "Mattie" Jackson.

 Children of John Allen COWDREY and Belva Ora ESTES were as follows:
 331 i Kirby Thurman7 COWDREY [10063], born 1 Sep 1888 in Marion Co, AR; died 3 Oct 1926 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married on 27 Apr 1912 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Alsey BERRY [10064], born 8 Apr 1894 in Marion Co, AR; died 25 Oct 1962.
 332 ii Troy Edgar7 COWDREY [10065], born 14 Mar 1891 in Marion Co, AR; died 17 Apr 1964.  He married  Abbie Jane MCCARTY [10066], born 25 Jul 1892 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 17 Jan 1982 in Harrison, Boone Co, AR.
 333 iii Myrtle May7 COWDREY [10067], born 18 May 1894 in Eros, Marion Co, AR; died 12 Sep 1973 in Pasadena, CA.  She married on 12 Apr 1917 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR John Albert JEFFERSON [10068].
 334 iv Cam Lavette7 COWDREY [10069], born 2 Jan 1896 in Eros, Marion Co, AR; died 5 Jul 1970.  He married on 12 Apr 1917 in Marion Co, AR Ethel Rosalie CAVANESS [10070], born 11 Jan 1895 in Akers, MO; died 17 May 1961 in Rochester, MN.
 335 v Allen Leon7 COWDREY [10071], born 25 Dec 1900 in Marion Co, AR; died 1 Jan 1960.
 336 vi Eva Gertrude7 COWDREY [10072], born 11 Apr 1909 in Eros, Marion Co, AR; died 23 Nov 1997 in Harrison, Boone Co, AR.  She married on 29 Jul 1930 in Springfield, MO Elza Navarre "Ed" KIRBY [10073], born 1 Jun 1903 in Clinton, IL; died 1 Jan 1991 in Boone Co, AR.

188. William Henry6 COWDREY [9982] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 2 Sep 1867 in Green Co, MO; died 28 Sep 1929 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; buried  in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married (1) on 27 Oct 1892 Drusilla E. PERRY [10025], born 26 Nov 1871 in VA; died 18 Oct 1895 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; (2) on 30 May 1896 Mary GAINES [10027], born 3 Oct 1874; died 17 Mar 1930.

Notes for Drusilla E. PERRY, 11/99: Daughter of W.H. Perry.

 Children of William Henry COWDREY and Drusilla E. PERRY were as follows:
 337 i Roy7 COWDREY [10026], born 11 Nov 1893 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.

 Children of William Henry COWDREY and Mary GAINES were as follows:
 338 i Guy7 COWDREY [10028], born 1896; died 1896.
 339 ii Guyla7 COWDREY [10029], born 1900.  She married  Bascum TATUM [10030].

189. Adolphus C. "Doc"6 COWDREY [9983] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 19 Dec 1869 in Green Co, MO; died 1936 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK; buried  in Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, OK.  He married on 29 Dec 1889 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Rebecca BRIGGS [10031], born Sep 1872 in Marion Co, AR; died 1936.

Notes for Rebecca BRIGGS, 11/99: Daughter of John Wright and Mary M. "Polly" [Hurst] Briggs.

 Children of Adolphus C. "Doc" COWDREY and Rebecca BRIGGS were as follows:
 340 i Robert7 COWDREY [10032].
 341 ii Flossie7 COWDREY [10033].
 342 iii Lemmon7 COWDREY [10034].
 343 iv Wright7 COWDREY [10035].

190. Harriet Caroline "Hattie"6 COWDREY [9984] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 20 Jan 1872 in Green Co, MO; died 21 Sep 1944 in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO.  She married (1)  T. L. MEDLEY [10036]; (2)  George W. HOWARD [10037].

Notes for Harriet Caroline "Hattie" COWDREY, 11/99: Harriet Corlin "Hattie" Cowdrey.

 Children of Harriet Caroline "Hattie" COWDREY and George W. HOWARD were as follows:
 344 i Edith7 HOWARD [10038], born 18 Jul 1894 in Marion Co, AR; died 6 Jun 1970 in Enid, OK.

192. Rufus Preston "Ruff"6 COWDREY [9986] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 11 Apr 1876 in Boone Co, AR; died 9 Apr 1949 in Lubbock, TX.  He married on 25 Dec 1898 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Pricella Jane BAWCOM [10041], born 18 Feb 1871 in Marion Co, AR; died 17 Aug 1940 in Post, TX.

Notes for Pricella Jane BAWCOM, 11/99: daughter of David and Mary Jane [Tabor] Bawcom.

 Children of Rufus Preston "Ruff" COWDREY and Pricella Jane BAWCOM were as follows:
 345 i Viva Martha7 COWDREY [10042].
 346 ii Lola Mary7 COWDREY [10043].
 347 iii David Elmer7 COWDREY [10044]., 11/99: Twin to Henry.
 348 iv Henry Delmer7 COWDREY [10045]., 11/99: Twin to David.
 349 v Infant7 COWDREY [10046], born 1906; died 1906.

193. Mary "Mamie" Agnes6 COWDREY [9987] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 12 Apr 1878 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 14 Dec 1917.  She married on 15 Mar 1895 Arthur HURST [10047], born 4 Feb 1875; died 22 Jul 1946.

Notes for Arthur HURST, 11/99: Son of Alexander and Margaret Agnes [Adams] Hurst.

 Children of Mary "Mamie" Agnes COWDREY and Arthur HURST were as follows:
 350 i Cam7 HURST [10048].
 351 ii Ralph7 HURST [10049].
 352 iii Thelma7 HURST [10050].
 353 iv Alice7 HURST [10051].

194. Fannie G.6 COWDREY [9988] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 19 Aug 1880 in Prairie twp, Marion, AR.  She married on 30 May 1903 Ewell R. CARTMILL [10052], born 1870 in WV.

 Children of Fannie G. COWDREY and Ewell R. CARTMILL were as follows:
 354 i Ewell7 CARTMILL [10053].
 355 ii Zelma7 CARTMILL [10054].
 356 iii Kathy7 CARTMILL [10055].

195. Joseph Bryan6 COWDREY [9989] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 25 May 1883 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 1952.  He married on 30 May 1903 Sally YOUNG [10056], born 20 Dec 1881 in Everton, Boone Co, AR; died 13 Aug 1917 in Everton, Boone Co, AR.

Notes for Sally YOUNG, 11/99: daughter of Eli and Josephine [Lawson] Young.

 Children of Joseph Bryan COWDREY and Sally YOUNG were as follows:
 357 i Joseph Dale7 COWDREY [10057].
 358 ii Henry Noble7 COWDREY [10058].
 359 iii Ernestine7 COWDREY [10059].
 360 iv B. W.7 COWDREY [10074].

197. Esther Helen6 COWDREY [9991] (Henry Washington5, James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 12 Dec 1889 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 7 Jan 1976 in Santa Ana, Orange Co, CA; buried  in Santa Ana, Orange Co, CA.  She married on 9 Oct 1908 in Galena, IL Tom William CARTMILL [10061], born 28 Sep 1881 in WV; died 10 Feb 1979 in Westminster, Orange Co, CA.

 Children of Esther Helen COWDREY and Tom William CARTMILL were as follows:
 361 i Cleve7 CARTMILL [10062].

201. Mary Hannah6 MUNNERLYN [4259] (Harriet Eugenia5 Shackleford, Harriet4 Cowdrey, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 1845 in Decatur Co, GA.  She married in 1875 Isaac Buckingham ENGLISH [4253], born 1836; died 1908.

Notes for Mary Hannah MUNNERLYN
 Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books, Vol 50, p 389: Mrs. Mary Hannah Munnerlyn English. DAR ID Number: 49866. Born in Decatur County, Ga. Wife of Isaac Buckingham English. Descendant of Capt. George Cogdell, of South Carolina. Daughter of Charles James Munnerlyn and Harriet Eugenia Shackelford, his wife. Granddaughter of Charles Lewis Munnerlyn and Hannah White Shackelford, his wife. Gr-granddaughter of James Shackelford and Elizabeth Cogdell, his 2nd wife. Gr-gr-granddaughter of George Cogdell and Mary Elizabeth W. Stevens, his wife. George Cogdell (1750-1800) commanded a company in the 5th regiment, South Carolina Continental line; commissioned by council of safety, 1775. He was born and died in South Carolina.

 Southern Christian Advocate Marriage Notices 1867-1878, issue of January 12, 1876: December 28th, 1875, at "Refuge," Decatur County, GA, the home of the bride's father, Hon. Charles J. Munnerlyn, by Rev. H.L.Ho--, Mr. I.B. English of Macon, GA, to Miss Mary H. Munnerlyn.

 Children of Mary Hannah MUNNERLYN and Isaac Buckingham ENGLISH were as follows:
 362 i Carolie7 ENGLISH [10085], born  in Decatur Co, GA.  She married  Thomas H. HALL [10086].   DAR Lineage Books, Vol 150, p 226: Mrs. Carolie English Hall. DAR ID Number: 149709. Born in Decatur County, Ga. Wife of Dr. Thomas H. Hall. Descendant of Capt George Cogdell, as follows: 1. Isaac Buckingham English (1836-1908) m. 1875 Mary Hannah Munnerlyn (b. 1845). 2. Charles James Munnerlyn (1822-98) m. 1845 Harriet Eugenia Shackelford (1825-87). 3. Charles L. Munnerlyn (1786-1857) m. 1819 Hannah White Shackelford (1794-1866). 4. James Shackelford (b. 1762) m. 2d Elizabeth Cogdell. 5. George Cogdell m. 2d Mary Elizabeth W. Screven. George Cogdell served as captain in the 5th regiment, South Carolina Provincial forces, Continental Line, 1775. He was born 1750 in SC where he died. Also No. 50240.

202. Charles James6 MUNNERLYN (Jr.) [4260] (Harriet Eugenia5 Shackleford, Harriet4 Cowdrey, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 27 Nov 1847; died 27 Nov 1916.  He married on 20 Dec 1871 Lucie Otey BRANCH [4254], died 23 Sep 1892.

Notes for Charles James MUNNERLYN (Jr.)
 Collections of Early County Historical Society, 1979, Vol 2, p 363: A Letter from "The Pines". August 4, 1'59. My dearest Pa and Ma, Although you have not been gone very long yet I miss you both very much & am going to try and write you a letter to go with Aunt Hannah's Monday. I watched the carriage windows till I could not see your faces then I looked at the carriage still longer until it got out of sight. We all have commenced our studies to day & have fixed up stairs for a schoolroom. Aunt Georgia heard our History lesson & Aunt Hannah attended to our writing lesson. I am going to try & be a good boy & behave my self well, & study hard. I wish you both may have a very pleasant time & that you will enjoy good health. I hope it wont seem long before you come back. All the children love & kisses. The baby has been running about the schoolroom all the morning. I send a great deal of love & many kesses to you both. Aunt Hannah wrote this on the slate for me & I have copied it. Please write to me soon. We are very anxious to hear from you. & will watch for Uncle Tom with great pleasure. Good-bye my dear Papa and Mama. Your affectionate son Charles J. Munnerlyn. Note: From family papers of Eugenia Donalson Howell of Graham, Texas, who explains that the above letter was written by her grandfather when he was not quite 12 years old. The son of Col. Charles J. Munnerlyn of the plantation "Refuge," he was visiting in the home of his grandparents, the James Shackelfords. This same lad entered the Civil War as a cadet from Militart School in Tallahassee, FL, at the age of 16 1/2 years.

 Children of Charles James MUNNERLYN (Jr.) and Lucie Otey BRANCH were as follows:
+ 363 i Mary Eugenia7 MUNNERLYN [4244], born 18 Jun 1875; died 26 May 1961.  She married John Peel DONALSON [4245].
 364 ii Charles James7 MUNNERLYN (III) [4246], born 19 Jun 1877; died 25 Jul 1959.  He married  Annie Laurie HUGHES [4247].
 365 iii George Otey7 MUNNERLYN [4232], born 27 Jun 1879.
 366 iv Josie Elma7 MUNNERLYN [4233], born 12 Jun 1880; died 5 Mar 1974.
 367 v Lucius Calhoun7 MUNNERLYN [4234], born 1 Jan 1883.  He married on 29 Apr 1914 Neva RICE [4235].
 368 vi J. Branch7 MUNNERLYN [4236], born 25 Dec 1885; died 22 May 1949.
 369 vii Harry Paul7 MUNNERLYN [4237], born 9 Jan 1890; died 23 May 1927.   Collection of Early County Historical Society, 1979, Vol 2, p 461: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1908-1965 by Sarah Rebecca Moore Standifer: In January, 1910, Rt. Rev. F.F. Reese, D.D. Bishop of Georgia, came from Savannah and confirmed four. This was the first confirmation held in Blakely; it took place in the Blakely Methodist Church, out of deference to the Bishop. Those confirmed were: Harry Paul Munnerlyn, Lucie Otey Donaldson.

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