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57. John Henry5 CONNOR [176] (Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1).  He married  in , KS Emily WADE [205].

Notes for John Henry CONNOR
 Family: John Henry Connor lived in Buchanan Co., MO about 1857.  Later moved to Muscotah, Atcheson Co., KS.  Married in Kansas and had 3 sons:  Malcolm, "Mack" who lived in Witchita, KS, Joseph, "Joe" who was born approx. 1865 and died 16 July 1950, and Edwin, (E.W.) who lived in Oklahoma City.

 From Family History by Henrietta MAYSON Connor Holt: John Henry, the second child, married in Kansas, has three son, Malcolm, Joseph, Edwin.  All well to do.

Notes for Emily WADE
 Emily was a widow of Mr. Wade, living in Buchanan Co. MO.

 Children of John Henry CONNOR and Emily WADE were as follows:
 142 i Malcolm6 CONNOR [206], born  in Witchita, KS.   Family: Mack lived in Oklahoma City, OK.
 143 ii Edwin W.6 CONNOR [207].   Family: "E.W." Lived in Wichita, KS; maybe born in Oklahoma City, OK.
 144 iii Joseph William6 CONNOR [208], born 22 Aug 1864; died 16 Jul 1950.  He married (1) in 1888 Emma L. WORREL [339], died 1928; (2)  Dorothy ST. JOHN [340].   Family: "Joe".

61. Belinda Josephine5 CONNOR [180] (Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), died bef 1850.  She married  John Thomas Jefferson HEARST [1320], born 1838.

Notes for Belinda Josephine CONNOR
 Family: Twin of Georgianna Elizabeth Connor; both died young.

 Children of Belinda Josephine CONNOR and John Thomas Jefferson HEARST were as follows:
+ 145 i Lillian6 HEARST [1321].  She married James Cason COLEMAN [1323].
 146 ii Mamie6 HEARST [1322].  She married  Eugene P. LIPSCOMB [1325].

62. Henrietta Cornelia5 CONNOR [88] (Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 19 Jan 1836 in , Anderson Dist., SC; died 13 Jan 1874 in , GA; buried  in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  She married on 27 Nov 1855 in , Cherokee, AL John KINCAID [87], born 13 Sep 1824 in Ebenezer, Fairfield, SC; died 5 Sep 1908 in Rome, Floyd, GA; buried 6 Sep 1908 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA, son of William KINCAID [156] and Elizabeth Neville CALMES [157].

Notes for Henrietta Cornelia CONNOR
 From John Kincaid's family Bible: "Henrietta Cornelia Kincaid, wife of Dr. John Kincaid was born on the 19th of January 1836 in Anderson District in South Carolina."

 From John Kincaid's family Bible: "Dr. John Kincaid & Miss H.C. Connor was married on the 27th of November 1855.  by Mr. W. Cowdry at Mr. Edwin Wright's."

 (from Henrietta Kincaid Chappell' notebook)  "Henrietta Mayson...had only two
daughters to live...The second married my father, John Kincaid, who had moved as a young man down on the Coosa, there met my mother, Cornelia Connor, who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Wright.  They were married from Mrs. Wright's home, the ceremony performed by her Uncle, Mr. Cowdrey.  My grandmother, Henrietta Mayson Connor, married the second time to Mr. Holt, the oly grandfather I ever knew and I loved him very dearly."

 From John Kincaid's family Bible: "Mrs. H. C. Kincaid died on the 13th of January 1874."

 Question:  Where did Henrietta die?  Cave Spring or Rome or Chattooga Co.?

 From Cornelia's tombstone in Cave Spring: Henrietta C. Kincaid: Jan 19, 1837- Jan 13, 1874.

 From Family History by Henrietta MAYSON Connor Holt: Cornelia married Dr. John Kincaid.  Their children are all living.  Only one married, Ivon married in Texas, settled in Henrietta and lives there still. Arthur and Paul are somewhere out West.  The two eldest daughter are teachers of Art, May in Oswego, Kansas, and Etta in Columbus, GA.  Each have a younger sister with them preparing them for the same avocation.

 Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW GA Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Kincaid, Henrietta C., Jan 1839, Jan 13, 1874.

 From Aunt Mardy's memories: My grandmother died when my mother and her twin sister were about two years old.  One night an old country woman came to the house to see my grandfather, who was a doctor.  He was not at home and although the weather was freezing cold the woman stood there and talked for a long time.  My grandmother, Cornelia, stood there and talked and took a terrible cold which turned into pneumonia.  She died and left two motherless little girls in addition to five other children. When the children were small my grandmother took them up the mountain in back of the house for a walk.  She heard a mountain lion howling.  Not wanting to frighten the little ones she promised a pan of fudge to the winner if they would race down the hill to the house.

Notes for John KINCAID

 **War Between the States: John was appointed and acted as Hospital Steward and assistant Surgeon of 6th GA Calvary, Commanded by Col. J.H. Heart . On his company muster rolls, he was John Kincaid (or Kincade), PL, Co. H, 6 Reg't Georgia Cavalry.  He enlisted Jan 1, 1863 from Chattooga, GA by Harlow for the period of the war.

 **Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Georgia, National Archives Microfilm Pub. Microcopy #266, Roll 34, Sixth Cavalry G-O: Kincade, John, Co. H, 6 Georgia Cavalry. (Confederate), Private, Private. Enlisted Jan 1, 1863 in Chattooga, Ga. by Cpt Harlow for War.

 **Capt. James Harlow organized a second company of cavalry which was designated Co. H, 6th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Cavalry.  This unit was also assigned to John Pegram's Army of Tennessee. (Chattooga County, The Story of A County and Its People by Robert S. Baker).

 **(From book, Floyd County Georgia Confederates): KINCAID, John, Dr. (+) Sep.13, 1825, SC-Sep 3, 1908 - #88. (#886 NC Dist 1860) Pvt. Co. H, 6th Ga. Cav. Mar 3, 1863-Aug 25, 1863;  Camp #368. m. ______, Henrietta C. - Jan. 1839, SC-Jan 13, 1874 - #88.

 **War Between the States: On Jan 1 to Apl 30, 1863 he was never paid and was absent because Hospital Steward service(?) to March 1863, absent with detachment.  Bounty check(?) On Jan 1 to (?)March 16, 1863 he was present.

 **Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Georgia, National Archives Microfilm Pub. Microcopy #266, Roll 34, Sixth Cavalry G-O: Paid by ?Wm' Stainleach, Jun 30 1863. Remarks:  Furnished substitute 25 Jun 1863. Signed S. ?Merchant.

 **War Between the States: The muster roll for Nov & Dec, 1863 states that he was paid by (?) on June  30, 1863 and that he furnished substitute 25 June 1863.

 **Letter, dated August 16, 1863, from John, Melville P.O., Chattooga County to sister Elizabeth.  He is home on leave "having placed a substitute" in the Confederate Army.  Refers to difficulty of farming.  He expects ultimate victory of the Confederacy "but at much greater cost than has yet been experienced".  "Our section is suffering about as much from our own troops and impressments as a raid from the enemy usually inflicts."  (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar, #571).

 **Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of Georgia, National Archives Microfilm Pub. Microcopy #266, Roll 34, Sixth Cavalry G-O: Appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above, Nov & Dec 1863.

 **Consolidated Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers [Florida State Archives, 4/20/96]: Kincade, John:  Co H, 6th GA Cav.;  Private/Private;  Original filed under Kincade, John.


 **From John's Family Bible:  "Dr. John Kincaid son of William & Elizabeth Calmese Kincaid was born on the 13 of September 1824 in Fairfield District - South Carolina."  (written in the same handwritting that Henrietta's and their children's birth's were recorded in).

 **From notebook of Henrietta Kincaid Chappell, daughter:  "Copied from Father's Bible that he used when he was at the University of Virginia.  'I bought this Bible from a book merchant named McKinney, half way between the University of Virginia and Charlottesville, the county seat of Albemarle County in the year 1842, in September at the age of 18.'"

 **Letter from John in Philadelphia to his mother Elizabeth Calmes Kincaid, dated February 18, 1846, saying that he attended medical lectures in Philadelphia but may transfer to New York.

 **1850 SC Census, Fairfield Dist, pg 205, line 8, 20th July: (enumerated with John Watt):   John Kincaid, 24, male, white, b Fairfield, SC.

 **On June 17, 1850, there is a legal document, a land conveyance, signed by Elizabeth Calmese Kincaid, Mrs. Elizabeth Kincaid Anderson, Nancy Kincaid, Rebecca Kincaid, William A. Kincaid, James Kincaid and John, wife and children of William Kincaid.  It describes division of father's estate into eight parts and assigns one part (498 acres) to Bolivar Kincaid as his share (total about 4000 acres).  (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #414)

 **Dr. John Kincaid, Fairfield, received a broadside (a large printed sheet of paper), dated September 20, 1852, from E. Geddings, M.D., President of South Carolina Medical Association, urging membership in the Association. (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #428).

 **Cherokee County (AL) History, 1836-1956 by Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Centre, Alabama: Original Purchasers of Lands in Cherokee County with date of purchase, from Alabama State Tract Book, in office of Secretary of State, Montgomery, Ala. T9 R11, Sec 27  John Kincaid....1853.

 **From a photocopy of marriage license:  State of Alabama, Cherokee County.  To any minister of the Gospel, Judge or Justice lawfully authorized to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony.  You are hereby licensed to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony between John Kincaid and Cornelia Conner and for so doing this shall be your warrant.  Given under my hand, this 26th day of November A.D. 1855 W(or H) E McDaniel Judge of Court of Probate.  -  -  -  - In Virtue of the above License, I have this day celebrated the Rites of Matrimony between John Kincaid & Cornelia Connor Given under my hand, this 27th day of Nov. 1855.  W. D. Cowdrey, V.D.M.

 **Family: Cornelia and John were married at Mr. Edwin Wright's (her brother-in-law) in Cherokee County, AL on Coosa River.  The Rev. William Cowdrey was her uncle.

 **December 28, 1859:  Bill of Sale lists Dr. John Kincaid who bought piano and stool from his mother's estate for $43. (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #523).

 **Georgia 1860 Census:  Floyd County, NC Dist. Coosaville,  #886, page 261; July 17, 1860: John Kincade: age 35, male, white, farmer, value of real estate: 5,000, value of personal property:  33,838; birthplace: SC; Henrietta Kincade:  age 22, female, domestic, birthplace: SC; Arthur Kincade:  age 2, male, birthplace: GA; Ivan Kincade: age 6 mo, male, birthplace: GA; H. M. Connor: age 48, female, domestic, birthplace: SC;

 **June 15, 1860:  Wrote an order to Planters Bank of Fairfield, directing that all sums to his credit be paid to Mrs. E.K. Anderson (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #534).

 **26 Oct 1860:  Bought land in Chattooga Co., but resident of Floyd Co. GA.

 **March 18, 1861:  Letter from John, Melville, Chattooga County, GA to his sister Elizabeth.  Reference to a legacy, family news, farming, comments. "South Carolina ought not to be too hopeful of a permanentcy of the Confederate States as a goodly portion of GA, Ala, and other seceding states are reported to favor a return if good guarantees are given to the South."  (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #550).

 **Melville Post Office was established 1/20/1848 and closed 11/09/1889.  It was located originally on the east side of the Chattooga River, about 6 miles south of Summerville, on the Summerville-Holland Road (present day Hwy 100), north of Holland and remained there until th 1870's when the P.O. was moved across the river. (in above letter, John gives address as Melville). (Chattooga County, the Story of a County and Its People, by Robert S. Baker).

 **1 Dec 1862:  Bought land in Chattooga Co & also a resident of Chattooga Co.

 **On August 19, 1865 he took an oath of allegiance at the office of Clerk Superior Court of Chattooga county, GA, Summerville, GA.  It was to support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Union of the states...and support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves.

 **Letter from John in GA to his sister Elizabeth, dated 5 Jan 1867 reports on the difficulty of farming "if I can even get $20000 (for his farm) I will promise never to stick another plow in the ground...To give you an idea of the poor system of renting and get 400 acres put in cultivation all under fence, I have to let half out for small grain and the other half to get worked in corn and cotton requires about 20 hands and to get them in the shape of renters and hirelings, ther will be 70 persons domiciled on my place." (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar, #618).

 **Letter from John in Chattooga County, GA, to his sister Elizabeth, dated October 18, 1867, expressing sorrow over the news of the death of their  sister Rebecca.  Will not be able to come to South Carolina before Nov. 15th, if then. (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #626).

 **Georgia 1870 Census:  M593, Roll 142; 961 District, Mellville, Chattooga Co. GA, p 133: 65-Kincaid, John 45m Farmer SC; Henrietta 32f SC; Arthur 12m (attends school) GA; Ivan 10m (attends school) GA; Hal (Paul) 8m (attends school) GA; Mary (May) R. 6f GA; Henrietta 4f GA; William 17m (B) GA.

 **In 1870 there were only 11 farmers who owned more than 1,000 acres.  They were:...Dr. John Kincaid, 1550...(Chattooga County, The Story of a County and Its People by Robert S. Baker).

 **Letter from John Kincaid to his sister Elizabeth, dated January 15, 1872, written in reference to money due him from his sister Rebecca's estate. Comment on the S.C. war debt, "I would suppose from accounts nothing but partial repudiation can ever relieve you".  (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; # 707).

 **9 May 1872: resident of Chattooga Co.; sold land in Chattooga.

 **On September 24, 1873, John was received by baptism into the Cave Spring Presbyterian Church in Cave Spring, Georgia.

 **20 Oct 1875:  resident of Floyd Co; sold land in Chattooga.

 **Georgia 1880 Census: Floyd County, 919th Militia Dist., 26 June, SD#1, ED#63, page 58, line 40: Kincaid, John, white, male, age 56 (hard to read), married, Physician, born in SC, father in SC, mother in SC. Kincaid, Ivon (Cornelia scratched out; died 6 years before), white, male, age 19 (hard to read), son, single, clerk in store, born in GA, father in SC, mother in SC. Kincaid, Hall (Paul), white, male, age 18, son, single, at school, born in GA, father in SC, mother in SC. Kincaid, May, white, female, age 16, daughter, single, at school, born in GA, father in SC, mother in SC. Kincaid, Etta, white, female, age 14, daughter, single, at school, born in GA, father in SC. mother in SC. (next two in brackets; twins) Kincaid, Wessie, white, female, age 7, daughter, single, born in GA, father in SC, mother in SC. Kincaid, Willie, white, female, age 7, daughter, single, born in GA, father in SC, mother in SC. Anthony, Mary, white, female, housekeeper, widowed, born in GA, father in GA, mother in GA.

 **Polk County, Florida Deed Book S, p 49: Jas. A. Harris et ux to John Kincaid.  Warranty Deed, May 6 1886 at 2:00 p.m. This indenture made the First day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Six between James A. Harris and Mable A. Harris his wife of the county of Marion and state of Florida part us of the first part, and John Kincaid of the city of Rome of the county of -- and state of Georgia part y of the second part:... sum of Fifteen hundred dollars... land, situate lying and being in the County of Polk and state of Florida and described as follows:  All of Lot Four (4) of Section Seventeen (17) of Township Twenty Eight (28) South of Range Twenty Six (26) East, containing Sixty (60) acres more or less as per U.S. Survey... Signed: James A. Harris, Mable A. Harris. Witness:  B.A. Weathers, A. McInlyre. State of Florida, County of Marion.  I certify, that on this first day of April 1886 before me a Notary Public for the state of Florida residing in the Township of Ocala Marion County personally appeared James A. Harris and Mable A. Harris his wife... Witness my hand and seal at Ocala Marion County Fla the date aforesaid.  B.A. Weathers, Notary Public. Recorded this 6 day of May 1886.  W. ? Johnson, Clerk Circuit Court.  A.B.Ferguson, Deputy.

 **A legal paper, dated June 19, 1886, was written stating that John, James, and Willian Kincaid in suit against T.K. Anderson, Patrick Hastings et al, in division of the property of Nancy Kincaid Hastings, deceased. (Kincaid-Anderson Papers; Calendar; #682).

 **Georgia 1890 Census:

 **From All Roads to Rome by Roger Aycock: "Home of Dr. John Kincaid listed at the corner of East Fourth Ave. and East Second Street". (page 195). "Dr. John Kincaid practiced near Coosa & Cave Spring and retired in 1892 to live at the corner of East Fourth Ave. and East Second Street".(page 483).

 **In 1895 John Kincaid is listed in Rome's city directory at 106 Fourth Ave. In 1898 John Kincaid, physician, is listed in Rome's city directory.

 **Georgia 1900 Census:  Floyd County; Rome; Vol 26, ED 119, Sheet 12, line 49 (from Soundex) 4th Ave.: John Kincaid: white; born 9/1824; age 75; place of birth: SC; Ida Kincaid: wife; born 10/1842; age 57; Pauline Kincaid: granddaughter; born 1/1888;age 12; birthplace: Texas; Willie E. Kincaid: daughter; born 6/1872; age 28; birthplace: GA; Fannie Bellamy:      ; 1/1820; 80; birthplace: GA.

 **In 1904 John and Ida Kincaid's address is 106 4th Ave. in Rome's city directory.

 **106 East 4th Ave in Rome, GA in 1992 was no longer the Kincaid home.  Instead, there is a large Baptist Church, taking the whole block.

 **From notebook of Henrietta Kincaid Chappell (John's daughter): Father was married the second time to Miss Ida Stephens in Rome. Father fell and hurt himself badly on Thursday August 27th, 1908.  I wrote to May, Wessie, Ivon and Arthur of his condition on Sept. 1.  Father died Sept. 4, 1908, Friday night or rather Saturday morning at one o'clock Sept 5, 1908. Death caused from a fall down the stairs leading to lower floor.  Buried Father Sunday September 6, 1908 in the Cave Spring Cemetery between my mother and grandmother.  Went through the country to Cave Spring with Father, three carriage with mother (Mrs. Kincaid) his second wife, myself (Mrs. Chappell) my three daughters, Cornelia, Loretto and Dorothy Chappell. Pauline Kincaid, Hal Wright his two boys, Frank and Herbert, Mrs. Annie Burney Smith.  Dr. Snyder came later in buggy with Mr. Moody Sims.  The service was held at the grave a very short, simple service but a very beautiful one. My Father had been one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church in Cave Spring and had never moved his membership from it.  He had lived there two years at one time and both he and his wife had been identified with Cave Spring.

 **Photograph of John's tombstone: DR. JOHN KINCAID; SEP. 3, 1908-SEP. 13. 1825.

 **Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW GA Hist & GEn Soc, 1985: Kincaid, John, Dr., Sep 13, 1825, Sep 3, 1908.

 **Georgia 1900 Census states that he was born in 1924, so I think tombstone is incorrect.  (See bottom).


 **Georgia 1890 Census:

 Children of Henrietta Cornelia CONNOR and John KINCAID were as follows:
+ 147 i Arthur O.6 KINCAID [89], born 14 Aug 1857 in Coosaville, Floyd, GA; died 2 May 1928 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; buried  in Rome, Floyd, GA.  He married Maud MORGAN [95].
+ 148 ii Ivon Bolivar Davis6 KINCAID [90], born 28 Oct 1859 in Coosaville, Floyd, GA; died 13 Jul 1928 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He married (1) Izetta May FOREMAN [111]; (2) Ora WADRACK [115].
 149 iii Paul Edwine6 KINCAID [91], born 22 Sep 1861 in , Chattooga, GA; died 1890.   Family: Unmarried. Paul went out West (maybe Texas, at first).  From the last letter written to his sister Willie & Wessie, 29 Nov 1889 from San Francisco, CA:  "I hope you will forgive me for telling you a lie when I told you that I was going to Henrietta.  I thought I would tell everybody that I was going to Henrietta in order to prevent the belief that I was going on a wild goose chase.  I probably might have done better by going to Henrietta, but I don't know. Ivon had very little and I had none so I thought I could do about as well out here by myself as I could do with Ivon.  I arrived all safe and sound a few days ago. I had a very enjoyable trip with the exception of being awfully tired. I stopped three days in St. Louis.  It was a tremendous big town and I enjoyed myself greatly while there although it (was) snowing and cold.  San Francisco is a fine town.  I don't believe it is quite as large as St. Louis but it is a big place and a very pretty place.  There are a great many things to see around here.  It would take a person a month to see them all.  I have almost walked my legs off traipsing around.  Yesterday being Thanksgiving I boarded a cable car and went out to Golden Gate Park a ver beautiful place. There were hundreds of children out there to spend the holiday.  They had a tremendous big merry go round run by steam for the free use of the children. They also had free music by a brass band and I enjoyed myself hugely.  Although it has been cloudy ever since I arrived with the exception of the first day yet it is not so cold.  Sometimes a fire would feel agreeable but fires can easily be dispensed with.  San Francisco is situated on a bay and the entrance is through a narrow opening called Golden Gate about six or seven miles away from the heart of the city.  I have not been out to the coast yet but intend to go soon.  You must excuse me for not writting sooner.  I wanted to sorter become settled before I wrote.  Direct your letters to San Francisco.  This is a very lively town and a fine country.  Let me hear from you soon.  Give my love to all.  Your affectionate brother P.E. Kincaid. (Paul Kincaid was never heard from after this letter was received.)   From copy of letter from H.M Holt (Henrietta MAYSON) to her grandsons, dated December 16th, 1892, Cave Spring: We have heard not a word from Paul for two years.  The 1st news from him was from San Francisco.  Some fear he is dead, but I am of the opinion that he took shipping there & is traveling round the world.  He was of a very restless, roving, inquiring, and studious disposition and wanted to see the world.
+ 150 iv Rebecca May6 KINCAID [92], born 12 May 1864 in , Chattooga, GA; died 6 Apr 1930 in Abingdon, VA.  She married Charles F. HURT [121].
+ 151 v Henrietta Elizabeth6 KINCAID [93], born 31 Jul 1866 in , Chattooga, GA; died 18 Mar 1928.  She married Joseph Harris CHAPPELL [126].
+ 152 vi Willie Eugenia6 KINCAID [94], born 8 Jun 1872 in Summerville, Chattooga, GA; died 27 May 1941.  She married Alvin Byrum NORVELL [131].
+ 153 vii Wessie Adrianna6 KINCAID [18], born 8 Jun 1872 in Summerville, Chattooga, GA; died 15 Jan 1961 in Lake Wales, Polk, FL; buried 16 Jan 1961 in Lake Wales, Polk, FL.  She married John Frank BARTLESON [17].

66. Wesley Olin5 CONNOR [182] (Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 18 Jun 1841; died 18 Feb 1920; buried 1920 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  He married on 11 Jun 1868 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA Editha Frances SIMMONS [209], born 18 Jul 1847; died 1 Nov 1910; buried  in Cave Spring Cem, Floyd, GA.

Notes for Wesley Olin CONNOR
 1860 Georgia Census, Vol 6 (1-693), Floyd County, Cave Spring Dist., Cave
Spring, 31 Jul, page 363: Dwelling No. 1597, J.J. Lathrop & family, age 39, male, Stewart of DD Institute, value personal property: 1,000, birthplace: GA, school in year: 3; W.O. Connor, age 19, male, teacher, birthplace: SC.

 The Story of Camp Chase..., William H. Knauss, Pub House of the Meth Episcopal Church, South, 1906, p 118-119:  From the same source comes the story of W.O. Connor, of Cave Springs, Ga., who was for a short time a prisoner at Camp Chase.  He was captured at Salisbury, NC.  One of the battalions defending Salisbury was composed of "galvanized" Yankees, as they were called in the South - men who, as prisoners of war, had taken the oath to support the Confederacy after they had enlisted in the Union army. "Having no fortifications, of course this force offered but little resistance to the impetuous onslaught of General Stoneman's disciplined cavalry.  Those 'galvanized' Yankees threw down their arms and refused to fight as soon as the Yankees made the charge on our lines, and they, with nearly all the rest of the command, were captured.  We were then marched across the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains to Johnson's Station, on the old East Tennessee and Virginia railroad, the first stretch being forty-eight miles before a stop was made, with the exception of two hours at Statesville.  On the way we were told that General Lee had surrendered, but of course we did not believe it until we saw numbers of his soldiers on the way home.  We were taken to Camp Chase, where we arrived May 3, 1865.  En route we were kept a day and a night at Nashville, being quartered in the Tennessee penitentiary.  The 'galvanized' Yankees who were held as prisoners with us had been very abusive in their treatment of the Confederates on this long and arduous march.  When we were marched into the penitentiary they were placed in a upper story of the building, and boasted of their superior treatment; but when we were marched out the next day to take the train they were left locked up in the prison, and then it was our time to crow.  We were told that every one of them would be shot for desertion.  Arriving at Camp Chase, we were marched into Prison No. 3.  There were about one thousand of us, and as we marched in, the roll was called, with instructions to answer either "Oath" or "Exchange".  This meant that our names would be entered as being willing to take the oath of allegiance or to remain in prison until exchanged.  Knowing that Lee had already surrendered, about half of the men signified by their answer that they were willing to take the oath of allegiance.  We found in Prison No. 3 from fifteen hundred to twenty-five hundred men, and but sixteen of the entire number answered "Exchange".  When the roll of the prison was called, J. Courtney Brown, now a prominent Baptist minister of Aiken, S.C., and the writer were two of the sixteen. Each of the sixteen men who wanted to be exchanged was ordered to report at the gate, with knapsack and one blanket, prepared for marching.  During these three weeks all sorts of rumors were circulated as to what would be done with us, one being that we would be put in irons in the Ohio State Prison for life, and another being that we would be shot in retaliation for something the Confederates had done.  Every man who has ever been in military prison is familiar with the absurd rumors that will somehow be circulated.  Our comrades gathered around us and bade us farewell, many of them with tears streaming down their bronzed cheeks.  We marched out the bluest-looking men that had ever been gathered together, and not one of us would have been surprised if we had been put in front of a file of soldiers and shot down.  Instead of this, however, we were marched along the side of the prison wall a short distance, a gate was thrown open, and we were thrown into Prison No. 1.  Here we found seventy-five or eighty Confederate officers and citizens, some of whom I knew.  Instead of a barracks accommodating two hundred men, we were given rooms arranged for twelve men each.  In each room was a cooking stove with necessary vessels, and our rations were issued directly to us, so that each man could prepare his food to suit himself.  Hence we were much more comfortably situated and fared better than the men we left in Prison No. 3.  When the time came for liberating the prisoners, all the sixteen were liberated with the others except one little fellow from West Virginia (I never knew his name) who still refused to take the oath, giving as a reason that he had promised his father that he would never do so without his consent.  No explanation was ever given why the change was made from Prison No. 3 to No 1, nor was there a word spoken to us in regard to this matter.

 1870 GA Census, Floyd Co, Cave Spring P.O., M593, roll 149, p252: Connor, Wesley O., Age 28, M, W, GA. (From Index?)

 Northwest Georgia Hist. & Gen. Soc Inc, Vol 16, 1984: Floyd County, GA in 1880 with a list of the villages and post offices. Included are the names of the principal business men and farmers. Cave Spring:  Connor, W.O., principal deaf and dumb institute.

 Northwest Georgia Hist. & Gen. Soc Inc, Vol 14, 1982: Floyd County, GA Marriage: Wesley O. Connor & Eddie F. Simmons  11 Jun 1868; Vol 1, pg 355.

 Family: Wesley was a corporal in Corput's Battery;  member of Cherokee Artillery in the War Between the States.

 Unknown source: Conner, Wesley O.; Corporal Corporal; Capt Van Den Corput's Co, GA L. Art'y, Conf. 3 Battalion, GA Inf. Conner, Wesley O.; Co. A, 3 Batt'n GA Inf., Private, Private, Capt Van Den Corpute Co, GA Lt Arty.

 Georgia Dept of Archives and History: Confederate soldier:  Wesley O. Conner; Van Den Corput's Co, Georgia Light Artillery; Corporal/Corporal; Enlisted from Floyd Co.; also see Wesley O. Conner 3d. Battn. Ga. Inf. Enlisted Jun 11, 1861 in Cobb Co. GA. Prisoner of War - captured at Vicksburg July 14, 1863. Paroled at Vicksburg, Miss. Captured at Salisbury, SC or NC Apr 12, 1865.  Spent time in prison at Military Prison, Louisville, KY. Then from Louisville to Camp Chase, Ohio May 4, 1865. Swore allegiance to US June 13, 1865 when released at Camp Chase, Ohio.  He was 24 years old and 5 ft 10 1/4 inches tall.

 A Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Records Sources, Vol 2, by Robert Scott Davis, Jr: Confederate Military History; 600 Georgia Rebels (Vol 7, E-545-E92) at Georgia Archives: Biographies; Wesley O. Connor of Cave Spring, 574-75.

 1880 Georgia Census: Floyd County, Village of Cave Spring, 829th Militia Dist.   SD#1, ED#70, sheet 18, line 14, 8 June, with GA Institution of the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. Also sheet 4, line 42, which is marked through Connor, Wesley O., white, male, age 38, married, Principal of D&D Inst., born in SC, father in SC, mother in SC Connor, Editha F., white, female, age 32, wife, married, boarder, born in GA, father in GA, mother in GA. Connor, Hattie L., white, female, age 10, daughter, single, at school, born in GA, father in SC, mother in GA. Connor, Wesley O., white, male, age 5, son, at school, born in Ga, father in SC, mother in GA. Connor, Jessie C., white, female, age 2, daughter, at home, born in GA, father in SC, mother in GA. Stokes, Mary J., white, female, age 21, steamstress, deaf & dumb, born in GA, father in GA, mother in GA.

 1900 Georgia Census: Militia Dist #829, Cave Springs, Floyd, GA, SD#7, ED#136, Sheet 1, page 11: Connor, Wesley O., principal, white, male, Jun 1841, age 58, marr 33 yrs, born in SC, father SC, mother SC, enumerated with GA School for the Deaf, house; Connor, Editha F., wife and teacher, w, female, Jul 1847, age 52, marr 33 yrs, had 6 children, 3 living, b Floyd Co, GA, father NC, mother SC, teacher. Connor, Jessie C., dau & art teacher, w, f, Aug 1877, 22, single, b Floyd Co, GA, father SC, mother GA, art teacher.

 Family: Wesley was buried in Cave Spring, GA. Wesley was superintendant of the Georgia School for the Deaf at Cave Spring 1867 to 1916.

 (from Cave Spring and Van's Valley by James Coffee Harris) Pg 38:  "Mr. W.O. Connor, began his service as a teacher of the deaf when he was about seventeen years old, in the year 1856 under the training of Mr. O.P. Fannin, who founded the Georgia School and was its principal from 1847 to 1858. Mr. Connor continued his work as a teacher in the Georgia school for the deaf until he entered the service of the army of the Confederate States in which he remained until the close of the war.  His record as a Confederate soldier won for him the highest respect of all who knew him there.  After the war ended the Georgia School for the Deaf was reorganized in 1867 and Mr. Connor was made its principal, a position which he held continously for 49 years, until June, 1916...He died at his home in Cave Spring, February 18, 1920."

 (from Cave Spring and Van's Valley by James Coffee Harris) pg 449:  (under a picture of Wesley in a buggy) "Wesley O. Connor in his favorite turn-out; Prof. Connor served for a long time as head of the state school for the deaf and dumb at Cave Spring.  He was the owner of one of the most complete collections of Cherokee Indian relics in Georgia."

 Family: Fourth child died as infant - no known name.

 Cave Spring Cemetery, read 23 Oct 1993: Location: east top in front of large magnolia. Wesley Olin Connor: June 18, 1841- Feb 18, 1920. soldier of the Conf.

 Southern Christian Advocate Marriage Notices 1867-1878, Brent H. Holcomb,
SCMAR, 1994: p 34:  Issue of June 26, 1868:  On the 11th June in M.E. Church at Cave Spring, GA, by Rev. A. M. Thigpen, Mr. Wesley Connor and Miss Eddie Simmons, daughter of Mrs. Shelton Simmons.

 Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW Ga Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Conner, Wesley Olin (CSA); Jun 18, 1841, Feb 18, 1920, 60 years officer of Georgia School for the Deaf.

 Crosses and Medals, Awarded by the Georgia Division United Daughters of the Confederacy, Vol 1, A-C [Athens Regional Library, 2025 Baxter St, Athens, GA 30606], p 199: Connor, Wesley Olin, Corput's Batter GA Artillery, Souther Cross of Honor bestowed in 1900.

Notes for Editha Frances SIMMONS
 Family: "Eddie". Also taught at D & D School.

 Cave Spring Cemetery, read 23 Oct 1993: Location:  east top in front of large magnolia. Editha Frances Connor nee Simmons: July 18, 1847- Nov 1, 1910.

 Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW GA Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Conner, Editha  Frances; Jul 18, 1847, Nov 1, 1910.

 Children of Wesley Olin CONNOR and Editha Frances SIMMONS were as follows:
+ 154 i Harriet Leak6 CONNOR [210], born 24 Sep 1869; died 15 Dec 1941.  She married William Sydney STEVENS [214].
 155 ii Malcolm Ansel6 CONNOR [336], born 13 Feb 1871; died 20 Sep 1874; buried  in Cave Spring Cem, Floyd, GA.   This might not be a child.  Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW Georgia Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Conners, Malcolm Ansel, Feb 13, 1871, Sept 20, 1874.
+ 156 iii Wesley Olin6 CONNOR (Jr.) [211], born abt 1874.  He married Hazel POOL [333].
 157 iv William6 CONNOR [337], born 6 Mar 1876; died 6 Mar 1876; buried  in Cave Spring Cem, Floyd, GA.   This might not be a child.  Floyd Co, GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW GA Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Baby Conner, Mar 6, 1876, Mar 6, 1876.
 158 v Jessie Coleman6 CONNOR [212].  She married abt 1901 Charles D. MCCOLLISTER [335].   From a letter from W.O. Connor to Henrietta S. Connor Peel, daughter of William S. Connor, son of John Wesley Connor 6 Mar 1904: Jessie married Charles McCollister about two and a half years ago, and has lived in Cave Springs up to now, but Mr. McCollister who is in the employ of the Southern Beauxite Co. which has large interests here and in Arkansas, and has been manager of their work here, has been ordered to Arkansas, to a point about half way between Little Rock and Hot Springs--He has made quite a success of their work here, and the company thinks he can do the same out there-- The parties who have been in charge out there seem not to have done well--If Charlie brings it out, it will be quite a feather in his cap, otherwise it may not be a good move for him-- The company thinks a great deal of him-- When he married, they made him a present of a hundred dollars, and gave him a leave of absence for six weeks with no deductions of salary.  He has been sick for nearly two months, and they telegraphed him, wrote him at different times to make himself perfectly contented and under no consideration to attempt to do anything until he was fully restored--He is about well again, but they ordered him out to New Mexico and Colorado to inspect some mineral property here and there, to be gone two months, his salary gives on and they pay all railroad expenses and carriage hire, he is to pay his own board-- I think it is merely a ruse to give Charlie a much needed vacation-- So you see he is working for people who appreciate him, and that goes a might long way.  Your Aunt Eddie (Mother) and Jessie have gone to Florida for a month--the trustees gave her a month off, and I know they will both enjoy the trip very much--   One of the Jesse (this one or Jess Connor Stevens) died abt 1969.
 159 vi Shelton Mayson6 CONNOR [213], born 13 Mar 1882; died 22 Oct 1886; buried  in Cave Spring Cem, Floyd, GA.   Cave Spring Cemetery, read 23 Oct 1993: Location:  east top in front of large magnolia. Shelton Mayson Connor: Mar 18, 1882- Oct. 22, 1886.  Floyd Co GA Cemeteries, Vol 1, NW GA Hist & Gen Soc 1985: Conner, Shelton Mayson, Mar 13, 1882, Oct 22, 1886.

69. William Shackleford5 CONNOR [186] (Henrietta4 Mayson, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 4 Feb 1847 in Cokesbury, Abbeville, SC; died 29 Jul 1907.  He married on 21 Oct 1875 Ann WALTERS [216], born 9 Dec 1855; died 21 Jul 1933.

Notes for William Shackleford CONNOR
 Family: "Willie".

 Children of William Shackleford CONNOR and Ann WALTERS were as follows:
 160 i Henrietta Elizabeth Shackleford6 CONNOR [217], born 8 Sep 1877 in Winthrop, MO; died 29 Aug 1969 in Atchison, Atchison, KS; buried  in Sugar Creek Cem, MO.  She married (1) in 1948 Fred K. EVANS [221], born 1870; died 2 Aug 1969; (2) on 14 Nov 1909 in Winthrop, MO John William PEEL [338], born 7 May 1871; died 30 Aug 1941; buried  in Sugar Creek Cem, MO.   Family Legend: Born in Atchison, Kansas. She was born 8 Sep 1877 and died 2 Aug 1969.  Letter from Paul Connor, NY, 12 Sep 1969 to Cornelia Bunting: Aunt Henrietta had suffered from a bad heart for a long time.  Since November they had been at Dray Senior Manor in Atchison.  That is a very nice place for old people.  Ofter she was under oxygen.  Still, when she came out, she was pretty nearly herself.  She was spunky.  For a number of years she had been unable to leave home, but she kept house just the same, going about it slowly.  though his (husband) mind was good, he became harder and harder to take care of.  He was 98 when he died on August 2.  She would have been 92 on the 8th of this month. I went to the funeral which was largely attended...The night before the funeral the family received.  This meant Ruth Morrow and me mostly.  A great many persons came.  The Eastern Star had a special service the night before. Considering Aunt Henrietta's great age and how many of her friends and contemporaries are dead, there was quite a turnout.  She had friends of all ages...We buried her at Sugar Creek, not far from the Peel farm.  Uncle Fred (Evans?) was buried at Oak Hill, Atchison, by his first wife.  He has a daughter buried there too.  He also outlived a son.  His surviving daughter works for the Santa Fe in Kansas City.  John Peel is buried at Sugar Creek on the Peel lot, but Aunt Henrietta is buried on the Connor lot next to her brother, John, whose widow will be buried in the Catholic Cemetery next to their daughter.  There they lie in the Missouri sun...Sugar Creek is a nice  country cemetery up in the Missouri River bluffs near to the Sugar Creek Christian Church.  Atchison Globe [Kansas], Sunday, August 31, 1969, p 2 col 1-2: Evans Rites to be Held Tomorrow. Mrs. Henrietta Elizabeth Connor Evans, 91, widow of Fred K. Evans, who died Aug 2, and a lifetime resident of this area died Friday evening at the Atchison Hospital.  She had resided at Cray Manor about a year. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Sawin & Dyer funeral chapel, the Rev. Harold Roberts officiating.  Burial will be in the Connor family lot in the Sugar Creek cemetery. The family will receive friends this evening from 7:30 to 8:30 at the chapel, where Martha Washington chapter OES will conduct the Eastern Star service at 8 P.M.  Henrietta (Etta) Connor was born Sept. 8, 1877, the only daughter and eldest child of William Shackleford and Ann Walters Connor, in Winthrop, Mo.  She attended the Atchison County Community High school in Effingham. On Nov. 14, 1909, she was married to John W. Peel.  They lived all their married life on the Peel farm in the Sugar Creek community [near Kansas City, MO?].  Mr. Peel died Aug. 30, 1941.  Although they had no children of their own, they reared the four orphaned children of the Mays family, Emma, Eunice, Fred and Frank.  Mrs. Henry (Eunice) Temple, the last of the four, died June, 1968. After Mr. Peel's death, his widow worked for several years as a nurse for private patients in St. Joe [?St. Joseph, MO] until her marriage in 1948 to Fred K. Evans.  Until November, 1968, they resided at 413 North Seventh Street.    Mrs. Evans took a keen interest in persons and in activities of the community until the infirmities of age forced her to remain at home.  She had an accurate memory and was an authoritative source for Rushville [MO] and Sugar Creek history.  She had kept scrapbooks and photograph albums through many years. Mrs. Evans was a former Worthy Grand Matron for the state of Missouri Eastern Star.  She had been a energetic leader and worker in the Sugar Creek Christian church before moving to Atchison.  She was a member of First Christian church here where she had taught Sunday school classes and was a member of the Helping Hand class.  As long as she was able to walk around the neighborhood, she called on shutins and frequently carried them a basket of treats from her kitchen. Survivors include a step daughter, Dorothy Gray; two brothers, Harold E. Connor, Kansas City, and Dr. Samuel W. Connor, Galena, MO.; and number of nieces and nephews in the Atchison area, including Mrs. Robert G. Morrow, Winthrop [MO].   Also have m 1900.
 161 ii (---)6 CONNOR [8593], born 1879; died 1879.
 162 iii Malcolm6 CONNOR [8594], born 8 Aug 1880; died 24 Oct 1880.
 163 iv William Shackleford6 CONNOR (Jr.) [218].
+ 164 v Wesley Sidney6 CONNOR [5215], born 17 Feb 1882; died Jul 1964 in Kansas City.  He married Lydia OLDHAM [8595].
+ 165 vi Edwin Edmond Walters6 CONNOR [219], born 1889.  He married Winifred (---) [8639].
+ 166 vii John William6 CONNOR [220], born 17 Nov 1883; died abt 1953.  He married Anna Winnifred O'NEIL [8622].
+ 167 viii Samuel Walters6 CONNOR [5217], born 10 Mar 1889.  He married (1) Juanita Marie FRY [5218]; (2) Helen (---) [5399].
 168 ix Harold Eugene6 CONNOR [5400], born 24 Dec 1896.  He married (1) on 8 Mar 1929 Mary Lorena RHODES [8657]; (2)  Jane (---) [8658].   Etta's obit (sister), says Harold lived in Kansas City and was living August 1969.

78. Julese Girard5 MAYSON [1189] (Henry Hart4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 1860; died 1934.  He married in 1890 Adeline GREEN [8408].

Notes for Julese Girard MAYSON
 1860 SC Census, Edgefield Dist: E. G. could be Girard or Gerome; then born about 1854.

 Information on Girard and his descendants by Charles Williams.

 Children of Julese Girard MAYSON and Adeline GREEN were as follows:
 169 i Julese Girard6 MAYSON (Jr.) [8409], born 1896.
+ 170 ii Preston Brooks6 MAYSON (II) [8410], born 1901.  He married Sophia Rowena MORGAN [9537].

85. James William5 COWDREY [9957] (James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 5 Nov 1837 in Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR; died 7 Oct 1893 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married (1) on 14 Aug 1859 in Yelleville, Marion Co, AR Kate V. HASTINGS [9966], born abt 1839 in Yelleville, Marion Co, AR; died 1865 in Yelleville, Marion Co, AR; (2) on 2 Sep 1869 in Yelleville, Marion Co, AR Margaret Clarenda BATTENFIELD [9996], born 12 Apr 1850 in Yelleville, Marion Co, AR; died 4 Jun 1923 in Boone Co, AR.

Notes for Margaret Clarenda BATTENFIELD
 AF, 11/99: b 12 Apr 1850 Olvey, Boone Co, AR. Submitter: Norma L. Kelton Henderson,

 Children of James William COWDREY and Kate V. HASTINGS were as follows:
+ 171 i James Moore6 COWDREY (II) [9967], born 24 Jan 1861 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 20 Jun 1926 in Hugo, Choctaw Co, OK; buried 21 Jun 1926 in Hugo, Choctaw Co, OK.  He married Mary Alice GUTHRIE [9968].
 172 ii John H.6 COWDREY [9995], born 25 Sep 1863 in Ozark, AR.

 Children of James William COWDREY and Margaret Clarenda BATTENFIELD were as follows:
 173 i Claude Eugene6 COWDREY [9997], born 20 Mar 1870.
 174 ii Deborah6 COWDREY [9998], born 7 Jan 1872.
 175 iii Elizabeth Shackelford6 COWDREY [9999], born 18 Jan 1874.
 176 iv Ambrose Wilson6 COWDREY [10000], born 7 Apr 1876.
 177 v Lillian6 COWDREY [10001], born 15 Aug 1878.
 178 vi Virgil6 COWDREY [10002], born 28 Jan 1881.
 179 vii Shackleford Washington6 COWDREY [10003], born 29 Nov 1883.
 180 viii Edna Eugene6 COWDREY [10004], born 23 Jun 1886.
 181 ix Walter6 COWDREY [10005], born 1 Feb 1889.
 182 x Virginia Bell6 COWDREY [10006], born 7 Dec 1892.

86. Elizabeth Arkansas5 COWDREY [9958] (James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 3 Apr 1839 in Izard Co, AR; died 7 Oct 1893 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  She married on 3 Jul 1858 James R. DOWD [9993], born Jan 1831 in (Izard Co, AR).

Notes for Elizabeth Arkansas COWDREY
 Ancestral File, 11/99 has b 3 Apr 1839, Izard Co, AR. Another source has b.
5 Nov 1837, Washington Co, AR.

Notes for James R. DOWD, 11/99: Captain in Company E, Fifth Regiment, AR State Troops, enlisted 11 Jul 1861. School teacher, then moved to Broken Arrow, OK.

 Children of Elizabeth Arkansas COWDREY and James R. DOWD were as follows:
+ 183 i Jack6 DOWD [10007], born 27 Nov 1861.  He married Belle PEARSON [10008].
 184 ii James R.6 DOWD (Jr.) [10014], born 14 Mar 1864.
 185 iii Mary E.6 DOWD [10015], born 23 Dec 1870.

87. Henry Washington5 COWDREY [9959] (James Moore4, Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 26 Aug 1841 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 4 Jan 1915 in Davidson, Tillman Co, OK; buried  in Yellville, Marion, AR.  He married on 7 Oct 1861 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Martha KING [9979], born 24 Jul 1844 in Hardin Co, KY; died 28 Mar 1920 in Webb City, Jaspar Co, MO; buried  in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.

Notes for Henry Washington COWDREY, 11/99: Co "A", 27th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA. He enlisted at Yellville, Marion Co, AR on June 16, 1862. Died in Lawton, Tillman Co, OK.

Notes for Martha KING, 11/99: Has b. Elizabeth Co, KY. Daughter of Henry H. and Mary [Brock] King.

 Children of Henry Washington COWDREY and Martha KING were as follows:
+ 186 i James Henry6 COWDREY [9980], born 7 Aug 1862 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; died 7 Aug 1901 in Little Rock, AR.  He married Lula POPE [10017].
+ 187 ii John Allen6 COWDREY [9981], born 1 May 1865 in Green Co, MO; died 1 Jul 1927 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; buried  in Layton Cemetery, Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married Belva Ora ESTES [10024].
+ 188 iii William Henry6 COWDREY [9982], born 2 Sep 1867 in Green Co, MO; died 28 Sep 1929 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR; buried  in Yellville, Marion Co, AR.  He married (1) Drusilla E. PERRY [10025]; (2) Mary GAINES [10027].
+ 189 iv Adolphus C. "Doc"6 COWDREY [9983], born 19 Dec 1869 in Green Co, MO; died 1936 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK; buried  in Fairview Cemetery, Owasso, OK.  He married Rebecca BRIGGS [10031].
+ 190 v Harriet Caroline "Hattie"6 COWDREY [9984], born 20 Jan 1872 in Green Co, MO; died 21 Sep 1944 in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO.  She married (1) T. L. MEDLEY [10036]; (2) George W. HOWARD [10037].
 191 vi Alfred Matthew "Bud"6 COWDREY [9985], born 23 Feb 1874 in Brookline, Green Co, MO; died 2 Jun 1947 in Lubbuck, Lubbuck Co, TX; buried 1947 in Lubbuck, Lubbuck Co, TX.  He married (1) on 16 Jun 1895 in Yellville, Marion Co, AR Cora Belle ANDERSON [10039], born 26 Mar 1878; died 12 Nov 1904; (2)  Mae BENNETT [10040].
+ 192 vii Rufus Preston "Ruff"6 COWDREY [9986], born 11 Apr 1876 in Boone Co, AR; died 9 Apr 1949 in Lubbock, TX.  He married Pricella Jane BAWCOM [10041].
+ 193 viii Mary "Mamie" Agnes6 COWDREY [9987], born 12 Apr 1878 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 14 Dec 1917.  She married Arthur HURST [10047].
+ 194 ix Fannie G.6 COWDREY [9988], born 19 Aug 1880 in Prairie twp, Marion, AR.  She married Ewell R. CARTMILL [10052].
+ 195 x Joseph Bryan6 COWDREY [9989], born 25 May 1883 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 1952.  He married Sally YOUNG [10056].
 196 xi Robert M.6 COWDREY [9990], born 7 Jun 1885 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 11 Oct 1955.  He married  Rebecca LOCK [10060].
+ 197 xii Esther Helen6 COWDREY [9991], born 12 Dec 1889 in Prairie twp, Marion Co, AR; died 7 Jan 1976 in Santa Ana, Orange Co, CA; buried  in Santa Ana, Orange Co, CA.  She married Tom William CARTMILL [10061].

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