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Notes for John COWDREY

 John was from Norfolk, Nansemond Co, VA.


 Virginia Soldiers of the American Revolution, Vol 1 by Hamilton J. Eckenrode:
Cowdery, John - Auditor's Account Book XXII, 320.  Cowdry, John - Journal of the House of Delegates 1833-4, Doc 32, 14; Auditor's Account Book XXII, 20.

 Greenwood County Sketches by Margaret Watson: Ann (or Nancy) Cowdry, widow of John Cowdry, merchant at Cambridge whose estate was administered in 1805.

 Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville Dist; Wills and Bonds by Willie
Pauline Young: (On file in the Abbeville, SC Court House) Cowdry, John - Box 20, pack 421:  Estate admnr.  Jan 24, 1805 by Nancy Cowdry, Jas., Jonathan Moore, Jas. Goody, Richard Eskridge, Thomas Livingston bound to Andrew Hamilton, Ordinary, Abbeville Dist. sum $15,000.  Citation published at Fellowship Church.  Inventory of John Cowdry late merchant of Cambridge made Feb 1805 by Jas. McCracken, Thompson Chiles, Jno. Wilson. Cowdry, John - Box 106, pack 2713:  Estate Admnr.  Oct 28, 1818 by James M. Cowdrey, Walter O. Bickley, Charles C. Mayson unto Taliaferro Livingston, Ordinary, Abbeville District.  sum $2,000.00.

 Collection of Early County Historical Society, 1979, Vol 2, p 393-398: The name of Cowdery or Cowdrey is of French origin and signifies a hazel tree or hazel grove. John moved from Northhampton Co, VA to SC.

 GENDEX, 11/99: [Could this be his parents?] Thomas Cowdrey, d abt 1698 Northhampton Co, VA; m. Ester Savage. & William Cowdrey m (1) Sarah Warrin m (2) ? Savage m (3) Mary Robins., 11/99: Rhio R. Gillis, WA had web page link. e-mailed at

 Children of Ann "Nancy" MOORE and John Colcock MAYSON were as follows:
+ 34 i Henrietta4 MAYSON [171], born 25 Mar 1807; died 16 Apr 1894 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA; buried  in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  She married (1) John Wesley CONNOR [170]; (2) John Paxon HOLT [174].
+ 35 ii Henry Hart4 MAYSON [1175], born 14 Apr 1809 in , SC; died 1892.  He married Frances W. MAYS [1180].
+ 36 iii George Washington4 MAYSON [1176], born 12 Feb 1811; died 6 Oct 1839 in Hamburg, SC.  He married Sarah LAMAR [1181].
 37 iv Francis Louisa4 MAYSON [1177], born 2 Jun 1813; died 18 Mar 1815.
 38 v John Colcock4 MAYSON (Jr.) [1178], born 25 Aug 1815; died 8 Jun 1858 in , Early Co., GA.   1850 SC Census, Edgefield Co, from Edgefield Web Page: p 4 [?2], ln 30, #23: Bacon, T.G. 38, m, $3,000, SC, head; A.M. Bacon, 29, f, SC, spouse; John Mason, 33, m, SC, Boarder; Johnathon Miner, 16, m, SC, Boarder.  History of Edgefield County, from the Earliest Settlements to 1897, John A. Chapman, So Hist Press, reprint 1994, p 509: Troops for Florida, from the Edgefield Advertiser, Feb 11, 1836:  Hamburg Volunteers:  Privates:  J.C. Mayson...  ??Putnam County, GA - Wills, Book B, 1822-1857: Pg 153-154:  Was a witness to Isaac Underwood's will, April 28, 1839.  ??Putnam County, GA - Wills, Book B, 1822-1857: Pg 229:  Last Will and Testament of Abical Mason...Putnam County...daughter. Elizabeth Davis... to exclude the marital rights of William Davis, my son-in-law...not executed by Davis and by Michael Dennis, to the legatees of my deceased husband John C. son Alford...William B. Carter, Junius Wingfield.  Dated Mar 20, 1849, Proven May Term 1849.  May 7, 1849.
 39 vi Nancy Moore4 MAYSON [1179], born 17 Oct 1817; died 17 Oct 1818.

 Children of Ann "Nancy" MOORE and John COWDREY were as follows:
+ 40 i James Moore4 COWDREY [1193], born 17 Aug 1795 in Edgefield Dist, SC; died 14 Jun 1866 in Marion Co, AR.  He married Agness MCCUBBIN [9954].
 41 ii Henry4 COWDREY [4144], born 4 Feb 1797; died 15 Jul 1799., 11/99: has these children born in Norfolk, VA. [don't think so].
 42 iii Savage4 COWDREY [4145], born 30 Jul 1798; died 7 Dec 1799., 11/99: has d 7 Feb, 1799.
+ 43 iv Harriet4 COWDREY [1194], born 15 Sep 1800 in SC; died 20 Jan 1867 in Early Co, GA; buried  in Columbus City Cemetery, Columbus, GA.  She married James Bossard SHACKLEFORD (Jr.) [1197].
+ 44 v William Drayton4 COWDREY [1195], born 1 Apr 1803 in Cambridge, SC; died 15 Mar 1865 in Early Co, GA.  He married Selah Gresham JANES [1198].
 45 vi Caroline4 COWDREY [1196], born 4 Feb 1805; died 13 Oct 1811.   ***Caroline Cowdry, dau of Nancy Moore  Where did I get Caroline?

12. Creswell3 MOORE [3316] (Richard2, William1), died abt 1839.  He married  Mary (---) [1237].

Notes for Creswell MOORE
 Edgefield County SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12; Deed Book 7: pp 135-137.  Apr 1793:  Deed of gift:  Richard Moore of Edgefield Co. SC to Creswell Moore, for natural love & affection I bear my son for the better support & maintance of him & his family after my decease, gives 150 acres originally granted unto John Walker who conveyed to said Richard Moore being on branch of Cuffetown Creek of Savannah River adj. NW John Savage, Esqr. & SE & NE William Davis. s/ Richard Moore.  Wit:  David Lilly, William White, Thomas
Johnson, who swore by oath 1 Apr 1793 before John Moore, J.P. Rcd. 20 May 1793.

 Edgefield County SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12; Deed Book 7: pg 137-138.  1 Apr 1793:  Richard Moore of Edgefield Co. SC hereunto moving, to Criswell Moore, my son, for love & affection & better maintance of him & his family after my decease, grant the following negroes to wit:  Harry, Sylvy, & hannah also 2 feather beds & furniture & 2 horses, 1 waggon & geers.  s/ Richard Moore.  Wit:  David Lilly, William White, thomas Johnson, who swore by oath 1 Apr 1793 before John Moore, J.P.  Rcd. 20 May 1793.

 1810 SC Census, Edgefield, pg 37 or 15 (both numbers on page): Chriswell Moore: Free White Males under 10: 1; Free White Males 26-45: 2; Free White Females under 10: 1; Free White Females 16-26: 1; Free White Females 26-45:  1; Free White Females 45 and over: 1; Slaves:  16.

 Edgefield County SC Records: Moore, Chreswell - Will 1 Dec. 1838.  Edgefield Wills Bx-108-23.  Wife: Mary. Son: John C. Moore, Exor. Dau. (?):  Eliza Ann Williams -w- Williamson Williams. Wit:  S.F. Rushton, Joseph Rushton and Turner Harris. Date: 4 Dec 1838. Prov: 15 Jan 1840.

 Edgefield Co, SC Wills 1787-1836, James E. & Vivian Wooley, So Hist Press,
1991: p 96  (332)  26 June 1812...I, Patty Moore,...except five shillings sterling to each of my sons viz:  John Marshal & Criswell Moore to be paid out of the same...also at my death I give to my dtr. such articles now in possession of my son Criswell Moore viz:  two feather beds & furniture, the cupboard, my small still & whatever other furniture...I also give to my dtr. Patsey Scott & sons John Marshal & Criswell Moore all that part of the estate of my brother John Marshall decd. which at his death willed to my husband Richard Moore, decd....

 SC Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol 15, 1987, p 49: Some Edgefield Dist. Estate Divisions.  p 244: Real Estate of Matthew Thornton and Sarah Thornton, deceased... Bond of Creswell Moore due 2 Nov 1836 for $450.00.  Due 2 Nov 1837 for $450.00, amounting in the whole to $900.00.  Deduct costs of $24.00. Total is $876.00.

 Abstract of Moore Records of SC, 1694-1865, Janie Revill, The State Co, Columbia, p 21: Creswell Moore - Will dated Dec. 4, 1838 - wife Mary; son, John C. Moore; daughter Eliza Ann Williams, wife of Williamson Williams; wit. S.F. Rushton; Joseph Rushton and Turner Harris. Prov. Jan. 15, 1840.

 Abstracts of Old 96 & Abbeville Dist Wills & Bonds, p 418: Moore, James - Box 108, Pack 3005: Inventory made Nov 4, 1836 by Wm. Stalsworth, Roger McKinney, Albert Henderson, Joseph M. Holloway, Russell Vaughn.  Creswell Moore was admnr. (no other papers).

 Children of Creswell MOORE and Mary (---) were as follows:
+ 46 i John Carraway4 MOORE [3322], born 15 Aug 1805; died 1845; buried  in Moore-Hackett Cemetery, Greenwood, Greenwood Co, SC.  He married Sibyl Ann HOLLOWAY [3326].
+ 47 ii Eliza Ann4 MOORE [3323].  She married Williamson WILLIAMS [3324].
 48 iii William T.4 MOORE [3330], died abt 1820 in , SC.   Edgefield Co SC Records: Moore, William T. - Will 1820.  Of St. John's Par. Berkley Co.  Charleston Wills Bk. F, pg 411: Brother:  John Moore; Nephew:  Wm. Moore Williams; Legacy:  St. Matthew's Lodge #37; Robert James Kirk; James White.  Date:  7 Nov 1820. Proven:  14 May 1822. Wit:  James White, Jas. D. Mitchell and Robert J. Kirk.

17. Green3 MOORE [3319] (John T.2, William1).  He married  unknown.

Notes for Green MOORE
 Edgefield County SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12; Deed Book 10: pp 352-354.  2 Apr 1793:  Deed of Gift:  John Moore, hereunto moving & for natural love & affection to my sons, Green Moore & James McMillan, all of Edgefield Co. SC, give 9 negroes to wit:  Handy; Mingo; Sam; Tubb; Penny; Jacob; Bob; Phebe; & Jenny; 7 feather beds & furniture; 1 waggon; 6 horses; 28 cattle; 25 sheep; 45 hogs; 1 walnut desk and plantation tools together with other household & kitchen furniture.  s/ John Moore.  Wit:  William (x) Dillard, John (x) Morgan, Martin Morgan, who swore by oath 12 Apr 1793 before Julius Nichols, Junr. J.P.  rcd. 2 Sep 1793.

 Edgefield County SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12; Deed Book 10: pp 354-356.  2 Apr 1793:  Deed of Gift:  John Moore of Edgefield Co SC here unto moving & for natural love & affection for my son, Green Moore & James McMillan, give 292 acres originally granted to John & Robert Cunningham & conveyed from them to said John Moore being on Ninety Six Creek adj. SE by Colbord Anderson; SW by Samuel Ramsey & all other sides vacant when surveyed. s/ John Moore.  Wit:  Martin  Morgan, William (x) Dillard, John Morgan. Abbeville Co. SC:  Martin Morgan swore by oath 12 apr 1793 before Julius Nichols, Junr., J.P.  Recd 2 Sep 1793.

 Edgefield Co SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12 1786-1796; Vol I, GE Lee Corley Hendrix, So Hist Press, Inc. 1985.  Deed Book 12: 1794-1796, p 471-472. 6 Aug 1795: Deed of Gift: James Burgess... Wit: Green Moore, William Moore...

 Edgefield Co SC Old Wills, Book A-B, 1787-1806, Vol I, Mrs. Frances Terry Ingmire, 10166 Clairmont Dr., St. Louis Mo 63136, 1982, p 103-104: Will of Matthew Ramsay,Proved Jan Term 1798: of Edgefield Co, SC, Planter...wife Sarah Ramsay, unborn child, brother William Ramsay, mother Ealanor Ramsay, borther James Ramsay - land adjoining Tolover Bostick, Phil Boseman, and John Moore, sister Christian, friend Major William Peterson... 24 Oct 1797. Wit: Sugar J. Matthews, Green Moore, John Hamilton. Recorded Book A, p 137

 1810 SC Census, Edgefield, pg 54/49 (both numbers on page) (on same page as John Moore [brother?], Susanah Moore, Franky Moore). Green Moore: Free White Males under 10:  1; Free White Males 16-26:  1; Free White Males 26-45:  2; Free White Females 10-16:  1; Free White Females 45 and over: 1; Slaves:  5.

 Edgefield County, S.C., Wills 1787-1836; James E. and Vivian Wooley; So
Historical Press, Inc. 1991: p 37:  Will Book A, p 137..24 Oct 1797...I, Matthew joining the tract where I now live on the east side adjoining lands of Tolover Bostick, Phil Baseman and John Moore...Wit: ...Green Moore...

 Edgefield County, S.C., Wills 1787-1836; James E. and Vivian Wooley; So
Historical Press, Inc. 1991: p 176-177  (208) 13 July 1822...I, Martha Moore,...I lend unto my son Green Moore during his natural life my tract of land on the main road leading from Cambridge to the bridge & one negro named Jane about 40 years of age...I give to my son Green Moore one negro boy named Moses & all the household & kitchen furniture, tools, horses, two beds & furniture which I shall herein give to my grandchildren with said negro Moses, furniture tools & horses to be considered if accipted of by my son Green in full of all demands he has against me up to the date hereof...Also after the death of my son Green Moore I give to my grandson William...I give to my granddaughter Martha Moore $100 to be paid by my son Green Moore and my grandson William Norrell out of the property I have given to them..I appoint my son Green Moore & grandson William Morrell as executors...

 Children of Green MOORE were as follows:
 49 i William4 MOORE [4326].   Edgefield Co SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12 1786-1796; Vol I, GE Lee Corley Hendrix, So Hist Press, Inc. 1985.  Deed Book 12: 1794-1796, p 471-472. 6 Aug 1795: Deed of Gift: James Burgess... Wit: Green Moore, William Moore.
 50 ii Martha4 MOORE [4327].

20. Mary3 MOORE [4320] (John T.2, William1).  She married  (---) WILSON [4321].

Notes for Mary MOORE
 ***Mary Moore, dau of John Moore, son of William

 Children of Mary MOORE and (---) WILSON were as follows:
 51 i Martha4 WILSON [4324].
 52 ii Mary Ann4 WILSON [4325].

22. (---)3 MOORE [7260] (John T.2, William1), died bef 1825.  She married  Jack NORRELL [7261].

 Children of (---) MOORE and Jack NORRELL were as follows:
 53 i William4 NORRELL [7262].

23. (---)3 MOORE [7263] (John T.2, William1), died bef 1825.  She married  (---) HARRIS [7264].

 Children of (---) MOORE and (---) HARRIS were as follows:
 54 i Samuel4 HARRIS [7265].

Generation 4

25. James D.4 MOORE [1235] (James3, James2, William1), born aft 1796.  He married bef 1815 Rebecca ANDERSON [4608].

Notes for James D. MOORE
 ??? 1830 SC Census, Abbeville, pg 32, line 5: Moore, James: Free white males: Under 5: 1; 30-40: 1; Free white females: Under 5: 3; 20-30: 1; Slaves: 2.

 Greenwood County Sketches:pg 333:  Nick Moore's parents were James Anderson Moore and Rebecca Nicholson Moore, daughter of Wright and Mary Douglas Nicholson of Edgefield.  James A. Moore may have been a son of Dr. J. Moore, whose home is shown on the Mills Atlas map a little northeast of Epworth...

 Edgefield Co SC Wills, 1787-1836, Wooley: p 114:  p 391. 25 May 1817 In Washington Bostick's will.  He gives his 2 nephews Edward M. Moore and James D. Moore the sum of $300 each at their 21st birthday or sooner if to further their education.

 ??Abbeville Marriages 1780-1879 Implied in Equity Records, Barbara Langdon, p 80: Moore, Dr. James & Rebecca Anderson (dau of William Anderson of Edgefield District, who died February/March 1800), Box 57, Pkg 3203, lived 1815.

 ??Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827-1845, Brent Holcomb, Heritage Books, Inc. 1980, p 82: Departed this life in Hamburg, SC on the 30th ult.. Mrs. Ann C. Moore, wife of Mr. James D. Moore, aged 25 years... member of the Baptist Church. (1 Mar 1834).

 ???Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827-1845, Brent Holcomb, Heritage Books, Inc. 1980, p 173: Death of James D. Moore, on the 18th of October, in the 34th year of his age... a native of SC, and had within the past year settled as a merchant in Tallahassee... (20 Nov 1841).

Notes for Rebecca ANDERSON
 Rebecca's father was William Anderson.

 Children of James D. MOORE and Rebecca ANDERSON were as follows:
+ 55 i James Anderson5 MOORE [4609], died abt 1814.  He married Rebecca NICHOLSON [4610].

34. Henrietta4 MAYSON [171] (Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 25 Mar 1807; died 16 Apr 1894 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA; buried  in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  She married (1) in 1825 John Wesley CONNOR [170], born 17 Apr 1800 in , Abbeville Dist., SC; died 24 Dec 1857 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA, son of George CONNOR [740] and Anna WOOLFOLK [741]; (2)  John Paxon HOLT [174], born abt 1800; died  in Marietta, GA.

Notes for Henrietta MAYSON
 (from The Georgia Genealogical Magazine #35, Winter 1970; from Laurens Co. SC
Records - Guardian Returns) "Charles C. Mayson - That at the Febry. term 1818, Charles C. Mayson was appointed guardian for George C. and Henrietta Mayson. He has made no return since 1822." (She would have been 11 years old when her uncle became her guardian.)

 (from copy of the invitation of La Fayette's ball) "Abide with us, son of freedom.  Welcome La Fayette.  The pleasure of Miss Mason's company is requested at a Ball, to be given at the Planter's Hotel, in honor of Gen. Lafayette.  Managers: Augustin Slaughter, J.W. Bridges, M.F. Boisclair, Abiel Camfield, Edward Thomas, Benj. H. Warren, William Sims, Wm. T. Gould, A.B. Bigelow, William H. Egan.  March 14th, 1825.  Notice of the time will be given in the public prints of the city."

 (from Henrietta's writing) "We had a pleasant excursion, six miles down the river, at or near the Sand Bar Ferry, to meet the boat which was the Altumaha, on which General Lafayett took passage from Savanna, to Augusta.  There were two boats full of passengers, one from Hamburg, or the Carolina side, the name of which was the Commerce.  The other from the Geo. side, the name I do not remember.  When we met, a salute was fired from the Cannon & all the boats stopped in the middle of the river, & there was a committe of three sent to the Altamaha to give him an invitation to Hamburg.  The committe were Henry Shultz, C C Mayson, & B.F. Whitner.  He accepted the invitation & preperations were very hurriedly made, for his reception on the next morning, March the 14th 1825.  I had an introduction to him then & shook him by the hand.  That night the great ball came off in Augusta where I had the pleasure of another introduction.  When the committe were on their way to the boat, The Gen came on deck & the ladies waved their handkerchiefs, & bowed to him from our boats & he returned our salutation very politely & gracefully.  His dress looked rather strange to those of us Americans that were not accustomed to seeing it.  His pantaloons were yellow, his coat blue with brass buttons, his wig red.  This is said to be a favourit color of hair with the French people.  The supper that night, with the decorations was said to have cost five thousand $5,000 (?) & there were it was said, six hundred ladies in attendance.  The number of gentlemen, I do not remember.  The elegance of the ladies dresses & the grandeur of the occasion is far beyond my description.  But I remember that I thought that night, that there was a verification of some of the scenes in the Arabian nights Entertainments.  This invitation was handed me by R. Longstreet, Authan of the Georgia scenes.
From Mrs. Jessie Stevens Wood, who is in possession of the invitation: "In 1825 Henrietta Mayson attended a ball given in honor of Gen. LaFayette. She was introduced to the General, who, in the custom of his native country, kissed her hand.  Henrietta curtsied and said 'Welcome to our hearts and homes'.  Later, the General told someone that Henrietta Mayson was the most beautiful woman he had seen in America."

 Abbeville Co. Marriages 1780-1879; Implied in Abbeville Co. SC Equity Records, Barbara R. Langdon, p 195: Mayson, Henrietta (dau of John C. Mayson who died abt 1820) and Wesley Conner (Connor) Box 61 p 3290 lived 1826.

 Old 96 and Abbeville Districts, SC - Marriages - 1774-1890, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.,, 7/99: Mayson, Henrietta - Connor, Dr. John Wesley. 1882.

 (from the notebook of Henrietta Kincaid Chappell)  "Henrietta Mayson,  daughter of James (John) Mayson and his wife, Annie, and lived on Saluda River in South Carolina.  She was brought up with step (half)-sisters and brothers.  Her mother married a Mr. Cowdrey and she always loved her half brothers and sisters very dearly.  She married when very young to Mr. John Wesley Connor of South Carolina.  She had several sons, but only two daughters to live...My grandmother, Henrietta Mayson Connor, married the second time to Mr. Holt, the only grandfather I ever knew and I loved him very dearly..." "Tis said Grandmother Henrietta saw a great deal of the social life in Charleston and that she was descended from a long line of prominant people.  It may be true for I remember many things she told me of her childhood and girlhood days, some few I will write for my children."  "Henrietta Mayson Connor (afterward Mrs. Holt) is buried by her daughter's side (Cornelia Kincaid) John Kincaid is also buried by his wife and mother-in-law."

 Had 14 children, 6 died young. Death date either 15 or 16.

 (from a copy of a letter from Henrietta to her son William Shackleford Connor about 1878)  "I knit a great many socks for the mutes which helps us some, I only get 20cts pr. pair so it takes a long time to get a dollars worth.  On Thursday night before Christmas some Thief entered my kitchen & dining room and stole every thing we had to eat, flour, meat, sausage, butter, sugar, lard & a good many other things, Mr. Holt has just spent his last dollar for flour, a 25 lb sack, they got it all.  Jim Wright was there all that day cutting up wood,and I am strongly of the opinion that he saw all the things how they were arranged and George Ledbetter and Lue, came that night & stole the things.  Lue you know always was one of the worst rouges in the world. And on Christmas night Lue gave a big supper.  Gus Johnson that bad boy of Jep Johnson will be hung at Rome on the 15th of March.  I had like to have forgotten to tell you that on Christmas morning, we found at our door a hundred pound sack of flour. when Mr. Holt called my attention to it I can't tell you how I felt.  I cried & if I Had been a Methodist I reckon I would have shouted.  I felt so thankful to the good Lord, that he would condescend to watch over and take care of such undutiful children or child as I was.  I felt with the Psalmist, I will praise the name of the Lord with a song & will magnify him with thanksgiving.  I hope that you may prosper in all your lawful undertakings.  You seem to have a pretty good beginning, be careful, industrious, and persevering & God will give the increase.  I am glad you told me the baby's name.  I had wanted to know it.  I want to see her ever so bad.  I want to exercise faith in a kind providence but sometimes my faith gives way.  He says that the righteous shall not be forsaken."

 (from a copy of a letter from Henrietta to granddaughter Henrietta Connor, dated Oct 25th, 1886 at 79 years old) "It has been a long, long, time since I received your sweet letter & ought to have answered it a great while ago, but many times, when I had time to srite, my eyes were in such a condition that I could not write or do any kind of work...Your cousin Connors two little ones have just come in and are playing around me.  I wish you & all your little brothers were here too, but I fear I shall never have the pleasure of seeing you all in this world, but you must be good, sweet, children & meet me in heaven.  I think I told you I would write to you on my birthday which was on the 25th of March (I was born in 1807) but I was sick then, & now it is seven months since, the time seems short, that I dont realize it...Be sure and let me hear from you soon.  Love & kisses for all especially the little ones and don't let them forget grandma as ever your affectionate grandma and mother".

 (from a copy of a letter from Henrietta to her son William Shackleford Connor, dated November 1888 - she was 81 years)  "In looking over my old letters I found yours written May 19th 1888. I was in Marietta, when it arrived & while I was there I had such a bad spell of vertigo I had to employ a phisician & was confined to bed, & room for a week.  Since my return home,  which was in June, I have not ventured out at all, without some one with me till last week.  I went over to the D.D. Institution.  Since the weather has been getting cold, I have been mending, & am so now that I can venture out to see a neighbor.  I have lost a great deal of flesh, 30 lbs but I do thank God, that amidst all my trials & troubles, He has been my one support.  Now my greatest trial is that Mr. Holt lives in Marietta with his daughter & I live with mine.  He and I talked & prayed the matter over & come to the conclusion that it would be better for us to live this way, as neither he, or I had any means to remunerate his good son in law, Mr. Wilson, & it was too, hard for him in his circumstances to support us both.  Adrianna could not keep house without some one to be with her.  I sometimes think, that she thinks hard of having me to feed.  I can't work hard now, like I did when I was young, but still I do a good deal of such work as makes mo show.  My time must be short now that I will have to stay here, & I am trying hard to live with a conscience void of offence, toward God & man.  I have great peace of mind, as it regards my acceptance with my god.  and I do know that when this Tabernacle is dissolved I have a house not made with hand, eternal in the Heavens.  Meet me there all of you will you, o will you...Adrianna...dont say anthing to her of my remarks in this letter.  Old people take up funny notions some times."

 (from a copy of a letter from Henrietta Mayson to her son William Shackleford
Connor, dated Sept 23rd, 1889 - she was 82)  "...I am getting to be such a poor correspondent that I dislike to write & my eyes are getting so nearly worn out, I fear that I cant write much longer.  when I write they get crossed ometimes so badly that I have to rest them sometimes...Mr. Holts daughter with whom we lived in Marietta writes very affectionately to me to make them a visit but I am so totterish I am afraid to go...Eddie says name the babies Malcolm & Mayson. put any other family name you like mine is Melzar & Marvin, with any other you like but call them by those names.  Adrianas is Edwin & Eugene ...I want you read the first chapter of Daniel & I think you will see in Melzar an admirable character he was so good to the four prisoners that he did just as they wished & received no hurt from the king.  Marvin was one of the good Methodist Bishops of the south.  Eddie says as Mayson was my maiden name you ought to call one of them by that name." (The twins were named John William and Wesley Sidney).

 (from a copy of a letter from Henrietta to John William Connor and Wesley Sidney Connor, dated December 16th 1892.  She was 85)  "I will try to write you a short letter.  Think it will be the last.  It is so painfull to my eyes to write at all, I cant see the lines on the paper at all, writing affects them more than any thing I can do.  My health is good for one my age...I send you both Wesley & John a valuable book.  I dont know that you can understand, or appreciate it now that you are so young, but you must get your PaPa to read & explain it to you.  It is the life of our good President & Vice President & other noble men.  You must take good care of it.  It will do to read when you get older, as you must try and follow the example of all good and noble men you know babies are all fond of pictures. dont let them play with it they might tear out the pictures.  There are so many of you up there, I think some of you might wirte oftener it affords me so much pleasure to hear from you all...Tell Edwin Mr. Copeland has a niece visiting them from Colorado, that is a cattle queen.  He better come, he might catch her.  She is finishing her education in Rome at the Shorter College."

 (from a copy of an obituary) "Gone to Rest.  Mrs. Henrietta Mayson Holt, mother of Prof. W.O. Connor died at the Georgia School of the Deaf at 10:00 o'clock A.M. Monday April 16, aged 87 years...Mrs. Henrietta Holt, mother of Mr. W.O. Connor and one of Floyds oldest and most beloved citizens quietly and peacefully fell asleep this morning at her home in Cave Spring.  She was nearly 90 years of age and lived in this county nearly or quite a half century.  She was a most devout and consistent Christian, a member of the Presbyterian Church and  (?)  knew her but to love her."

 From her family history: Henrietta (the writer of this imperfect scroll) is the eldest child by this marriage.  She married Dr. John W. Connor.  We settled in Cokesbury where he had a lucrative practice for several years.  Then we moved to Anderson County, lived several years.  He died suddenly....

Notes for John Wesley CONNOR

 **Greenwood County Sketches by Margaret Watson: pg 196:  John Wesley Connor, 1800-1857: John Wesley Connor was a physician in Cokesbury.  In 1825 he married Henrietta Mayson, daughter of John C. Mayson; 14 children, six of whom died young.  In the early 1850's Dr. J.W. Connor and family moved to Cave Spring, Ga.  Land he had owned in Cokesbury became the site of the Masonic Female College.

 **From a letter from Wesley Olin Connor, son of John Wesley Connor to Henrietta S. Connor Peel, daughter of William Shackleford Connor, son of John Wesley Connor, 6 Mar 1904: ...From Abbeville I drove out to "Trickham" our old home place, ten miles, but there was not a vestage left to tell that there had ever been a house on the spot.  For two miles out of Abbeville things looked pretty well, but after that desolation was stamped on every thing.  Where had existed good houses, and fine cultivated farms, nothing was left but a ragged patch here and there, cultivated by a ragged nigger, with a ragged mule.  For many reasons I was sorry I went (It had been almost fifty years since I left Carolina) but for many other reasons, I was glad.  Every old person, white and black, that I met, who knew our father had some story to tell me in illustration of his hardness of heart, and nobleness of nature--all knew of his frailties, but no one seemed to remember these against him, and for this I was glad--I never saw him after I was eight years old, and unfortunately, nearly all my recollections of him were of his worst side and consequently painful...

 **From Family History by Henrietta MAYSON Connor Holt: She (Henrietta MAYSON) married Dr. John W. Connor.  We settled in Cokesbury where he had a lucrative practice for several years.  Then we moved to Anderson County, lived several years.  He died suddenly.

 **Family: John Wesley was a doctor, who became alcoholic.  In those days doctors often go paid with barrels of whisky and their whole cellar was full of them.


 **The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly Spring 1959, Vol 2, Issue #9, p 2: The following names of persons mentioned in will of Benjamin Herndon, dated June 9, 1814, Newberry Dist. SC... Witnesses: Stephen Herndon... John W. Connor.

 **Graduate of the Washington Medical College in Philadelphia.

 **Family: After marrying, John and Henrietta settled in Cokesberry where he had a lucrative practice for several years.  Then they moved to Anderson County. Homestead, 10 miles out of Abbeville was called "Trickham".  In early 1850's Dr. J.W. Connor and family moved to Cave Spring, GA. Land owned in Cokesbury became site of the Masonic Female College.

 **Abbeville Co Marriages 1780-1879; Implied in Abbeville Co SC Equity Records, Barbara Langdon, p 26: Conner, Wesley (Connor) & Henrietta Mayson (dau of John C. Mayson who died about 1820). Box 61, Pack 3290, lived 1826.

 **A Genealogical Collection of SC Wills and Records, Vol 2, Pauline Young, So Hist Press, 1984, p 131: Abbeville Willis & Records, Abbeville, SC, Vol 1: Estate of John Adams..., Abbeville Courthouse, Abbeville, SC... Sale Bill made 22 and 23 Jan 1827.  Those who bought were: ... J.W. Connor...

 **1830 SC Census, Abbeville Dist., pg 3, line 23: Wesley Connor: White males 15-20: 2; White males 20-30: 1; White females under 5: 1; White females 20-30: 1; Slaves 17.

 **Pendleton Dist. & Anderson Co, SC; Wills, Estates, Inventories, Tax Returns & Census Records, Alexander, Elliot & Willie; So. Hist. Press, 1980: Anderson Co Dist. SC Will Book I, 1835-1857, Record of Wills, Book B: pp 84-85:  Will of James Harris, pp 43-44; Witness:  Jno. W. Connor  Dated 13 June 1836.

 **Pendleton Dist. & Anderson Co, SC; Wills, Estates, Inventories, Tax Returns & Census Records, Alexander, Elliot & Willie; So. Hist. Press, 1980: Anderson Co Dist. SC Will Book I, 1835-1857, Record of Wills, Book B: p 89:  Will of Wesley Bowie, pp 96-97; Witness:  Jno. W. Connor Dated 30 Sept 1839.

 **1840 SC Census [need]

 **Anderson Co. Dist, Inventories, Appraisements and Sales, Book 1, 1839-1845: p 223:  Inventory:  Estate of Stephen Casey.  27 Jan 1840.  Appr's: W. Connor...Notes due estate:  John W. Connor .

 **Anderson Co. Dist, Inventories, Appraisements and Sales, Book 1, 1839-1845: p 224:  Return of Goods Sold:  Estate of Stephen Casey.  28 Jan 1840. Purchasers:  J.W. Connor.

 **Anderson Co. Dist, Inventories, Appraisements and Sales, Book 1, 1839-1845: p 235:  Appraisement:  Agnes Casey.  17 Nov 1842.  Signed:  Jno. W. Connor.

 **Greenwood County Sketches by Margaret Watson: pg 108:  Masonic Female College: A state charter was granted the college in 1853...Bricks were to be delivered "at the lot formerly occupied by J.W. Connor."  that is the site of the college building.

 1850 SC Census, Abbeville District, Village of Cokesbury, pg 138 line 36-B:
2126, 2126, John W. Conner, 50, male, white, M.D., b SC; Henrietta Conner, 43, female, white, b SC; George M. Conner, 18, male, white, student, b SC, school in year; Henrietta C. Conner, 14, female, white, b SC, school in year; Paul Conner, 12, male, white, b SC, school in year; Wesley Connor, 8, male, white, b SC, school in year; William S. , 3, male, white, b SC.

 **John died suddenly.


 **1840 SC Census [need]

Notes for John Paxon HOLT
 (from a copy of Henrietta Kincaid Chappell's notebook) "My grandmother,
Henrietta Mayson Connor, married the second time to Mr. Holt, the only
grandfather I ever knew and I loved him very dearly.  He died in Marietta while living with his daughter, Mrs. Wilson.  I have never known his kin people."

 1860 GA Census, Vol 6 (1-693) Floyd Co, 11 Jul, Rome Dist., pg 210, dwell 542: J.P. Holt, age 60, m, farmer, real estate $3200, per. property $10,000, b TN; F. Holt, age 56, f, b SC; D. Holt, age 24, m, laborer, b SC; J. Holt, age 19, m, b AL; E. Holt, age 18, f, b GA.

 1860 GA Census, Floyd Co, 11 Jul, Rome Dist, pg 210 (next to J.P. Holt): John W. Holt, age 29, m, farmer, b SC; J.F. Holt, age 21, f, b Indiana; Kati Holt, age 2, f, b GA.

 1870 GA Census, Chattooga Co, Summerville P.O., M593, Roll 142, p 100: John P. Holt, 70, m, w, TN. (From index?).

 Children of Henrietta MAYSON and John Wesley CONNOR were as follows:
+ 56 i Harriett Adrianna McKendree5 CONNOR [175], born 28 Oct 1830; died 4 Nov 1893 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA; buried 1893 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  She married Edwin A. WRIGHT [188].
+ 57 ii John Henry5 CONNOR [176].  He married Emily WADE [205].
 58 iii George Malcolm5 CONNOR [177], born 1832; died 1861.   Family: "Mack". George Malcolm Connor volunteered early in Civil War and was sent to Charleston in August, contacted typhoid fever while on duty on Sullivan's Island, and died in Greenwood, SC.  1850 SC Census: 1)  Abbeville Dist, Cokesbury, 30th of Nov, with parents, pg 138: George M. Conner, 18, male, white, student, school in year. 2)  Richland County, Columbia, 25th of Oct., with Arsenal Academy, pg 35: George M. Connor, 16, male, cadet, b in SC.  (from a copy a writing done by Henrietta Mayson Connor Holt, no date): "My third child was George Malcolm.  He volunteered early in the war, was sent to Charleston in the month of August, took fever and died."  GA Gen. Mag, Vol 85: The Southern Enterpriser, Greenville, SC, Thurs, June 30, 1859: The anniversary of St. John the Baptist was celebrated in this place by Recovery Lodge of Ancient Free Masons...The following is a list of visiting members:  Greenwood Lodge No.--...G.M. Conner.
 59 iv Julian5 CONNOR [187], died bef 1850.   Family: Died as a baby.
 60 v Georgianna Elizabeth5 CONNOR [179], died bef 1850.   Family: Twin of Belinda Josephine Connor;  both died young.
+ 61 vi Belinda Josephine5 CONNOR [180], died bef 1850.  She married John Thomas Jefferson HEARST [1320].
+ 62 vii Henrietta Cornelia5 CONNOR [88], born 19 Jan 1836 in , Anderson Dist., SC; died 13 Jan 1874 in , GA; buried  in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  She married John KINCAID [87].
 63 viii Capers5 CONNOR [181], died bef 1850.
 64 ix Paul Edwin Wightman5 CONNOR [178], born 1838; died 1859; buried 1859 in , Atchison.   Family: Paul died in KS Territory from pneumonia contracted while crossing the plain from Ft. Levenworth to Salt Lake. Paul Wightman Connor is buried in Sumner Cemetery in Atcheson Co., MO or KS in 1859.  (from a copy of a writing by Henrietta Mayson Connor Holt, no date) "Paul died in 1859, the year before the war commenced.  He was employed by the government to take provisions across the plains to Salt Lake City, was caught when returning in a tremendous snow storm, nearly all the stock died.  When in one hundred miles of Atchison, he made the attempt to walk home.  The nights were very bright, and he travelled day and night, at night by the direction of the stars, got home, took pneumonia and died in three weeks.  Paul never married."  Look in 1850 Census for MO and KS to see which state Paul was in.
 65 x Sarah Olivia5 CONNOR [183], died bef 1850.   Family: Died Young.
+ 66 xi Wesley Olin5 CONNOR [182], born 18 Jun 1841; died 18 Feb 1920; buried 1920 in Cave Spring, Floyd, GA.  He married Editha Frances SIMMONS [209].
 67 xii Algernon5 CONNOR [184], died bef 1850.   Family: Died suddenly as a baby of membranous croup.
 68 xiii Edwin Adrian Eugene5 CONNOR [185], died bef 1850.
+ 69 xiv William Shackleford5 CONNOR [186], born 4 Feb 1847 in Cokesbury, Abbeville, SC; died 29 Jul 1907.  He married Ann WALTERS [216].

35. Henry Hart4 MAYSON [1175] (Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 14 Apr 1809 in , SC; died 1892.  He married  Frances W. MAYS [1180], born abt 1819 in , SC.

Notes for Henry Hart MAYSON
 1850 SC Census, Edgefield District, pg 36, line 35: 552,552, H.H. Mayson, 40, male, planter, $1,300, b SC; Frances W. Mayson, 30, female, b SC; Caroline V. Mayson, 12, female, b SC, in school; William H. Mayson, 10, male, b SC, in school; James D. Mayson, 8, male, b SC, in school; Anna Mayson, 6, female, b SC; Benjamin W. Mayson, 4, male, b SC; Martha Mayson, 1, female, b SC.

 1860 SC Census, Edgefield District, P.O. Richardson, 16 Jul 1860, pg 145-B, line 2: 401,402, H.H. Mayson, 50, male, farmer, 4,500, 9,638, b SC; Frances Mayson, 42, female, b SC; W.H. Mayson, 21, male, overseer, b SC; B.H. [or B.W.] Mayson, 14, male, b SC, in  school; H.A. Mayson, 13, female, b SC, in school; M.S. Mayson, 11, female, b SC, in school; E. F. Mayson, 9, female, b SC, in school; E. G. Mayson, 6, male, b SC, in school; P.B. Mayson, 3, male, b SC.

 ???Cobb County, GA - Index to Estates; Judge of Probate - Feb 1865-1900,
(found only at Cobb County Court House): Estate # 2210, Mayson, George W., Henry H. Mayson, Exor., 1895, 4 items.  Estate # 2211, Mayson, Terannah et al, minors, Henry Mason, gdn., 1896, 6 items. Estate # 2179, Mason, Lizzie, minor, Henry Mason, gdn. 1898, 2 items.

 ??? Vital Statistics from Paulding New Era 1883-1893: (Newspaper found on microfilm from Univ of GA at Athens): (Paulding County is just west of Cobb County): 6/14/83:  Mayson, James L. - graduated from Vanderbilt Univ. in Nashville.  6/3/87:  Robertson, Fannie -- of Dallas married Jas. L. Mason of Atlanta. Daughter of Dr. S. Robertson.  6/14/89:  Roberts, Mrs. Dr. -- Visiting her daughter Mrs. J.L. Mason of Atlanta.

 Children of Henry Hart MAYSON and Frances W. MAYS were as follows:
 70 i Caroline Virginia5 MAYSON [1183], born abt 1838 in , SC.  She married on 6 Mar 1855 William C. LINDSEY [4329].   Edgefield Marriage Records, Edgefield, SC, Carlee T. McClendon, R.L. Bryan Co, 1970: p 93:  Lindsey, William C. of Newberry and Caroline Virginia Mayson, daughter of H.H. Mayson of Edgefield District, Mar 6, 1855 by Rev. James Peterson (Edgefield Advertiser).
 71 ii William Robert5 MAYSON [1185], born abt 1840 in , SC.  He married  Susan LOWERY [8407].
 72 iii James Drayton5 MAYSON [1184], born abt 1842 in , SC.   ???Southern Chistian Advocate Marriage Notices 1867-1878, Issue of 26 Feb 1869: On Feb 19th, 1869, by the same, Mr. James Mayson of Edgefield, to Miss Mattie Tibert of Abbeville Dist., SC.
 73 iv Anna5 MAYSON [1186], born abt 1844 in , SC.
 74 v Benjamin W.5 MAYSON [2298], born abt 1846 in , SC.  He married in 1869 Martha Catherine MARBUT [8363], born 29 Jan 1849 in SC.   History of Edgefield County, From the Earliest Settlements to 1897, John A. Chapman, So Hist Press, 1897, reprint 1994, p 478:  Confederate troops:  Company K, Fourteenth Regiment. Privates:... B.W. Mayson...  p 481:  The first day of July, the same day of the week and the month on which was fought the bloody battle of Gettysburg, the most eventful and disastrous battle of the war.  In the Edgefield Advertiser of 1863, a list of killed and wounded was given:  Wounded:... B. W. Mason, thigh severe.  Spouse's name from Jim Williams, gendex.
 75 vi H. Anna5 MAYSON [2299], born 1846 in , SC; died 19 Dec 1869 in Edgefield, Edgefield, SC.  She married  (---) TURNER [4680].   H.A. might be Anna, but ages are different in 1850 (6) and 1860 (13) census.  The ABCD's of Edgefield Genealogy; Annotation to Bible Records, Cemeteries of Families, Death Notices: Death Notices in the SC Baptist Newspaper from Old Edgefield District; 1866-1894: p 151  3.  Turner, Mrs. H. Anna, d/o Henry H. & Frances W. Mayson, d Dec 19, 1869, age 23, in Edgefield.  She joined the Baptists 8 years ago.
 76 vii Martha S.5 MAYSON [1187], born abt 1849 in , SC.
 77 viii Emma F.5 MAYSON [1188], born abt 1851 in , SC.
+ 78 ix Julese Girard5 MAYSON [1189], born 1860; died 1934.  He married Adeline GREEN [8408].
 79 x Edwin Gerome5 MAYSON [1190], born 1834.  He married  Mary Ann KOON [8411].   1860 SC Census, Edgefield Dist: E.G. Mayson could be either Girard or Gerome Mayson; then born abt 1854.
 80 xi Preston Brooks5 MAYSON [1191], born abt 1857 in , SC.  He married  Teenie TILLMAN [8412].
 81 xii Robert5 MAYSON [1294].

36. George Washington4 MAYSON [1176] (Ann "Nancy"3 Moore, James2, William1), born 12 Feb 1811; died 6 Oct 1839 in Hamburg, SC.  He married on 9 Jun 1835 in SC Sarah LAMAR [1181], born abt 1820 in SC.

Notes for George Washington MAYSON
 Marriage and Death Notices from the Charleston Observer 1827-1845, Brent Holcomb, Heritage Books, Inc. 1990, p 99: Issue of June 27, 1835: At Beech Island, on the evening of the 9th inst. by the Rev. E. Hopkins, Mr. George Washington Mayson, of Hamburg, to Miss Sarah, daughter of Mr. James Lamar.

 Marriage and Obituary Notices from the Edgefield Advertiser (SCMAR Vol 6 -
1978, pg 37): At the residence of Charles Lamar, Esq. (father-in-law), near Beach Island, on the night of the 6th instant [6 Oct 1839], Mr. George W. Mayson, a poor man, but rich in all the sterling virtues that embellish and adorn the character of man. (Oct. 17, 1839).

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: scm_char.txt) at, USGenWeb Archives, 9/21/98: (Some 2,408 SC Marriages, Marriage Notices, extracted from the Charleston Observer (1776-1860): Mayson, Geo Washington - Lamar, Sarah, Jun 09, 1835.

Notes for Sarah LAMAR
 Edgefield County, SC, 1860 Census, Margaret V. McKinney, Augusta Gen Soc, p 173: p 159, P.O. Hamburg, 27 Aug 1860, 1215, 1202: Charles Lamar, 75, m, farmer, SC; Dinah Lamar, 60, f, SC; Charles Lamar, Jr., 27, m, farming, SC; Victoria Lamar, 20, f, SC; Mrs. S. Mayson, 40, f, SC; Josephene Mayson, 18, f, SC; Anna Harlee, 7, f, SC; Victoria Harlee, 5, f, SC.

 Children of George Washington MAYSON and Sarah LAMAR were as follows:
 82 i Josephine5 MAYSON [1182], born abt 1842 in SC.


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