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David Lewman James

14 Aug 1901 - 8 Feb 1967





David Lewman James married Anna Barnwell Farmer on 23 Jan 1931
in Charlestown, Clark County, IN.  Anna was born on 26 Jan 1910 in
Beattyville, Kentucky and died on 12 Jun 1963 in Louisville,
Jefferson Co., KY

David and Anna had three children, all of which are living to this date (12/2004)





David L. James was a kindhearted person that was known for his loud and bold presence among others.  As the City Judge of Charlestown, he once fined a man for being inebriated, then took the money to his family for groceries.  Although this was against the law, it was overlooked.

Once, while serving as City Judge, he fined a man for processing an invalid drivers license.  The date had expired.  Upon explaining the day's events to Jerome Peters and Bob Cartwright (Owner and clerk of Peter's Real Estate), a comment was made by Mr. Peters that this could happen to anybody.  With that comment, Mr. James examined his own license, only to remark "Oh my gosh!" and headed to the license bureau immediately.

Another story that stands out is the time while managing a service station which sold tires and gasoline a customer pulled in and ask for a check on his tire pressure.  When noticing the tires came from Sears and not from his store, Mr. James said "Take the Damn tires back to Sears and let them check for you".

Mr. James was an avid collector of history in and around Charlestown.  Many people came to him in search of their families tombstone location and/or other family history.











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