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James Family of Clark County, IN




William James was born October 4, 1822 in Mason County, Kentucky.  He moved along with his family to Charlestown/Jeffersonville Indiana area in 1828.

At the age of 29 he married Sarah Mayberry of Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Together they had five children, Lora 1854, Luella 1856, Belle 1858, William (Jr) 1861, and an infant that died at seven months old in 1852.  Four of these children are buried in Charlestown Cemetery.

On March 13, 1872 he married Elizabeth (Lizzy) Daily. William James died December 14, 1872 after only nine months of marriage.  He was buried beside his first wife (Sallie Mayberry) in the Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The mystery deepens because if William James died on December 14, 1872, he could not have fathered James B. James (Born 1875). James B. James nor his son David L James ever did reveal all the facts about this, probably to keep this sort of thing unknown.  This was typical for that time period.

In a letter to Ruby L James (Wife of David F. James) dated March 17, 1967 from Mary Ramsey (Granddaughter of Mary James-Ramsey) . This Mary James-Ramsey is a sister to Elizabeth Daily-James. When approaching the subject of William James/Lizzy Daily she responds:

" Collecting the history of the events of Indiana and Charlestown started with Jimmy James, David's father.  He was certainly well versed on that subject.  Too bad we didn't pay more attention to him when he was trying so hard to give it to us.  The only Lizzy Daily James I ever heard of was Jimmy James' mother.  I cannot give you the fundamentals of that family for I never knew the straight of it.  Right at this point I cannot see why you or any of the younger members of the James family want to delve into that past history.  Why not let well enough alone?  I always thought there was something mysterious about the whole affair so never asked any questions and was told nothing.  I would hate to make any statement about that particular affair for honestly I do knot know.  If I could talk face to face with you, I might tell you a few other things--but never put it on paper."

The secrets and mysteries surrounding William James and Lizzy Daily have long been buried and any conclusions can only be arrived at as conjecture in the minds of the persons doing the research, for there is no way to obtain the whole story.

From the collection of David F. James
 Courtesy of Patti Davidson-Peters

James family records




William James b. 4 OCT 1822 in Mason Co , Kentucky, died 14 DEC 1872 in Jeffersonville, Indiana and buried at Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

He was the son of Beverly W. James and Matilda Day and only one of twelve children. 





The Census of 1850 has William working for his brother-in-law Willis Goodwin (Married to Martha James) in Utica, Indiana.  Census of 1860 shows William with wife Sarah and three children Lora, Luella, and Belle.

The Census of 1870 shows William (age 47) living at home of Beverly W. James.  Also in the home are his mother Matilda, and four children, Lora 16, Luella 14, Belle 12, and William (Jr.) age 9. This indicates he had temporarily moved home sometime after the death of his wife Sara Mayberry-James on October 21, 1867.








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