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PHILIP DAILY was born to Charles Daily and Eleanor (Nellie) Temple in Abt 1762 in Pennsylvania.  He was the oldest of six children.  After his father died in 1783, he traveled with his mother, at least 3 brothers and other Pennsylvania families to Louisville, Jefferson County, KY.  Records for indicate the he remained in Pennsylvania until after 1778, however her married Mary Ann Wise in Bullitt County, KY in 1786.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Valentine Wise and Katie Franz and born in Pennsylvania.  Perhaps this family traveled with Philip and mother Nellie and others to Kentucky.

        He served as a private in the Revolutionary War in Lieutenant Horatio Claggett's 3rd Company of Maryland, a regiment commanded by Colonel Nathon Ramsey.  In 1796 they moved to Indiana and lived in Clark County, in the town of Charlestown. His name appears in records of the Grand Jury for the April and July 1801 term where he was sworn in Inquest for the body of the County, and was appointed by an act regulating enclosure of the fort to view the fences in the Township of Clarksville.  It is this Philip Daily that was granted a parcel of land by President James Madison on February 28, 1816. The original document "Land Grant" is in the possession of David James as of this date (2004).



The children of Philip Daily and Mary Ann Wise were:



Born  Abt 1785 in Jefferson Co., KY, 

Died. Dec 1829.  

Kitty married JOSEPH MALOTT on 14 Jun 1809 in Clark Co., IN.  Joseph died 25 Mar 1812 then Kitty married SAMUEL CARR on 8 Oct 1814.  They had one child: 

CATHERINE T. b. 1829.  I believe Mary died in childbirth or sometime shortly thereafter..



Born 5 Apr 1785 in Jefferson Co., KY

Died 5 Apr 1855 

Eleanor married HEZEKIAH APPLEGATE b. 6 Jun 1776 in Allegany, PA, d. 31 Aug 1847 in PA, in 1800.  Eleanor and Hezekiah had nine children: 

WILLIAM b. 4 Jun 1802

MARY b. 5 Nov 1803

LEVINIA b. 4 Jun 1806 d. Abt 1896

PHILIP DAILEY b. 17 Jan 1809 d. 5 Sep 1899

JACOB DAILEY b. 13 Apr 1811

ELYCA ADALINA b. 28 Feb 1814 d. 2 May 1887


ELI B. DAILEY b. 18 Nov 1825 d. Abt 1890




Born 1787 in Jefferson Co., KY

Died 14 Jun 1832 in Clark Co., IN

 Jacob married IBIE PRAIM b. Abt 1795 d. By 1817, in 1810.  I believe Ibie may be part Indian or was actually 100% Native American.  Jacob and Ibie had four children: 

JACOB b. 26 Feb 1812 in Clark Co., IN  d. 12 Dec 1879 in Adams Co., IL

 MAHALA b. 18 Feb 1814  d. 18 Feb 1886

PHILIP b. 4 Feb 1816 in Clark Co., IN  d. 17 Feb 1875 in Clark Co., IN

 MARY ANN b. Abt 1817

I believe that Ibie died in childbirth with Mary Ann.  

After the death of Ibie, Jacob married ISABELLE BARKER b. 11 Dec 1792 in VA  d. 9 May 1853 in Clark Co., IN, on 13 Aug 1818.  Jacob and Isabelle had four children:

ELIZABETH b. Abt 1818

ANGELINE b. 1821  d. 15 Oct 1827

JOHN b. Bet 1822-1824  d. 16 Nov 1869

DAVID W. b. 10 Apr 1825  d. 14 Oct 1847 in Clark Co., IN



Born. Abt 1795 in Jefferson Co., KY  

Died 7 Jun 1836

Elizabeth married DANIEL FIELDS d. 7 Jun 1836, on 29 Oct 1815 in Clark Co., IN.  Elizabeth and Daniel had one child




Born  Abt 1796 

Died in infancy



Born 16 Aug 1798 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

Died 29 Aug 1878 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

David was reported as the first white child born in Charlestown Twp, Clark Co., IN.  Between 1828 AND 1930, he was Sheriff in Clark County under John F. Ross.  In 1835 he became a member of the State Senate.   When David died he was said to have had $10,000 in cash at his home. Since there were no banks in town, he and Mr. Cole took care of the people's wants. 

David married MARY ANN SHIRLEY b. 8 Nov 1798 in Cubbord Rock, Boonesboro, KY,  d. 23 Mar 1897 in San Jose, CA, on 29 Aug 1818 in Clark Co., IN at the "Old Stone House" by Martin Huckleberry.  David and Mary had eleven children:

HARRISON H. b. 19 Jul 1819 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN,  d. 16 Mar 1895 in Bartholomew Co., IN

REBECCA b. 23 Nov 1820  d. 18 Aug 1908

INDIANA CLARK b. 14 Oct 1822 in Clark Co., IN  d. 31 Jul 1886

MARY A. b. 25 Apr 1825 in Clark Co., IN  d. 25 Jan 1924

DAVID W. b. 21 Jan 1827 in Clark Co., IN  d. 2 Nov 1868 in Clark Co., IN

LOUISA JANE b. 23 Nov 1829 in Clark Co., IN  d. 14 Feb 1902 in Clark Co., IN

MINERVA FRANCES b. 8 Mar 1832 in Clark Co., IN  d. Abt 1924 in Hot Springs, AK

PHILIP M. b. 17 Jul 1834 in Clark Co., IN  d. 20 Oct 1879

ELIZABETH M. (Lizzie) b. 17 Jun 1837 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN  d. 14 Apr 1925 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

SETH S. b. 9 Mar 1839 in Clark Co., IN  d. 24 Aug 1888 in Chico, CA,

THOMAS HART b. 4 Dec 1841  d. 3 May 1881.



Born Abt 1800  

Died 3 May 1839 in Clark Co., IN

Philip married DELILAH ATHON on 8 Oct 1819 in Clark Co., IN  Philip and Delilah had two children:

HEZEKIAH b. Abt 1825

JOSHUA b. Abt 1830.



Born 22 Apr 1805

Died 8 Mar 1883

Mary Ann married EDMUND DAVID HUCKLEBERRY b. 10 Feb 1799  d. 23 Jul 1867 on 13 Dec 1822.  Mary Ann and Edmund had seven children:


JOHN b. 1832

MARY JANE b. 1834


MALINDA b. 1842

DAVID b. 1844

CASNA b. 1846.



Born 1806 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

Died in Jackson Co., IN

Eli married FARINA PARKS b. Abt 1810.



Born 10 Apr 1809 in Utica Twp., Clark Co., IN

Died 1896

Charlotte married JAMES BOYER b. 1 Mar 1808 in Bourbon Co., KY  d. 25 Apr 1896 on 21 May 1829.  Charlotte and James had twelve children:

PHILIP DAVID b. 12 Mar 1830 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN  d. 1896 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

MARY ANN b. Abt 1836

SARAH ELIZABETH b. 11 Jul 1838 in IN, DAVID b. Abt 1841 in IN

JAMES HARVEY b. 14 Oct 1842 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN  d. 17 Oct 1895 in Ossawattomi, KS

MARGARET b. 1846

MARTHA b. Abt 1848

FLORENCE ADELIA b. 30 Mar 1852 in IN

WILLIAM FRANCIS b. 9 Jun 1855 in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN

RUNYUN H. b. Abt 1858

DAVID W. b. Abt 1860 in IN

JAMES B. b. Abt 1862 in IN.







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