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 Mary Day Mathews was born 18 Jan 1890 in Wells Co., IN to Wakeman S. Mathews                            
and Delilah Ann Hall.  She was one of 8 children and the youngest daughter.  Mary lost
her mother when she was just 8 years old.  This was a devastating loss to a child of her
young age and the memory left a lasting impression on her.  Shortly after the death of
her mother, Mary was sent to live with a Presbyterian Ministers wife named Aderena
McKee (Giltner).  Aderena lived in Thomasville, Thomasville Co., GA and had bee in
Clark Co., IN visiting relatives when Mary's father approached her about taking Mary.
Mary didn't want to leave her father, but knew she had to go as her father wasn't capable
of caring for her. 

     Mary lived for 3 years with Aderena McKee before returning to Clark Co., IN upon
the request of her oldest sister Alice Belle Mathews.  She returned and lived with Alice
and her husband until she met and married WILMER LENTZ Daily on 5 May 1909.  She
and Wilmer had 4 children;

MILDRED JOSEPHINE Daily b. 20 Dec 1912 in Clark Co., IN  d. 14 Sep 1965 in Clark
Co., IN
FRANCIS IRVIN Daily b. 18 Apr 1916 in Clark Co., IN  d. 16 Oct 1984 in Clark Co., IN
LILA LEE Daily b. 3 May 1921 in Clark Co., IN  d. 15 May 1997 in Clark Co., IN
ROBERT MATHEW Daily b. 13 Feb 1924 in Clark Co., IN  d. 18 Apr 1990 in Clark Co.,

     Mary died 7 May 1969 and was buried in New Chapel Cemetery on Mother's Day of
that year, next to her husband who had died some 22 year earlier.




Mary wrote a story in about 1952-1953 about her life as a child.  It is a compelling story about her life and the heartaches she suffered as a child growing up in an un-civilized territory called Clark Co., IN.  Her hand written pages can be view as well.








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