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Children of William and Maria Hamilton:

  • Margaret 

  •  James

  • Mary Jane

  • Thomas

  • John

  • Anna

  • George

  • Julia

  • Emma

  • Ellen, and

  • William “Henry”


Born.1832 Tyrone Ire; d.1918 Chicago, Il.. Margaret was said to have worked at the “NewHall House” in Milwaukee (a famous downtown hotel) located at Broadway and Michigan Street (now 611 N. Broadway). The Newhall house was a famous hotel in Milwaukee that burned to the ground in January of 1883. Here she met a Matt Cummins (a saloon-keeper) and married him – they then moved to Chicago, Illinois (date unknown -- perhaps after the fire). Margaret died 3/31/1889 of illness. Matt died later in Chicago as well. Her obituary is listed in the Chicago Daily News dated Monday April 1 1889. They resided there at 818 Washtenaw Avenue. She is buried at Calvary Cemetery – Chicago. Nothing further is known about Margaret. Children: Unknown (believed to be none).


James Hamilton was the 2nd born of William L. Hamilton and 1st child of Maria. He was born May 10, 1836 in Tyrone, Ireland and would have been about 8 years old when he traveled with his parents from Tyrone Ireland to Canada. According to the Weldon Chronology, he went with his father and Hiram Weldon (who would have been the father of Elias Weldon - who married James sister Anna B. Hamilton) in a covered wagon and a team of oxen to California in 1855 to mine “gold” in the later portion of the gold rush era. James married Martha Weldon in Rubicon, Dodge County Wisconsin on 7/3/1858 before leaving for California. Martha was born 12/31/1842 in Ostego County New York. In Rubicon they had two children. James and Martha (after his return to Wisconsin) went back to Sacramento California in 1865 then to: Southern Oregon; Sweetwater Idaho; Garfield ounty Washington State; Asotin County Washington State; and finally Clarkston – Washington State. Clarkston is on the flats of the Snake River located in the far southeast corner of the state bordering Oregon and Idaho. James reportedly bread and raised cows and cattle (“stock”) for many years near Anatone. James was undoubtedly a miner as younger man and an adventurer to boot. Martha passed away March 3, 1917. James died 11 Sep 1919 at Asotin County, Clarkston, Washington. Both are buried at Clarkston Cemetery.

 Children (7):

  • George – probably born at Rubicon

  • Harry W. - probably born at Rubicon

  • William (“Bill”)

  • Frank

  • Ella M.

Mary Jane Hamilton 

Mary Jane was born in 1838 in Tyrone Ireland and died (age 17) on 19 Aug 1855 in Rubicon, Dodge County, Wi. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Neosho, Dodge County Wisconsin (121 Woodlawn Street). While an assumption, it is suspected that Mary Jane accompanied her sister Margaret to America about 1855 after her father “saved up” money and reportedly brought them by boat to New York. Perhaps the travel took her ill and she passed away that same year. No known photo’s exist of Mary Jane.

Thomas Hamilton

Thomas was born 14 Aug 1840 in Tyrone Ireland. He married 1st - Johanna Melcher (“Nettie”) 7/2/1873 at Rubicon, Dodge Co., Wisconsin. She died about 1880 in Hartford, Dodge Co., Wi. He married 2nd - Julia Andrus of Gilman Township, Pierce County, Wisconsin5/4/1883. He died on 14 Apr 1912 in Township of Rock Elm, Pierce Co., Wi. Both are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Julia’s father was reported to be one of the earliest setters of Spring Lake Township, Pierce County, Wisconsin.

 Children (8):

 From Nettie:

  • Phoebe -- b. 5/8/1874; m. John Dreyer; 0 Children; Lived at Genoa Ohio.

  • Charles M. -- b. 8/13/1875; Never Married; d. 12/27/1938; Lived at Rock Elm Wisconsin. Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin alongside his father.

  • William (“Willie”) -- b. 7/6/1878; d. 1951; m. Alma Weeks 4/20/1910; 2 Children (Lenna, Lawrence); Lived at Spring Lake Wisconsin. Both are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

 From Julia:

  • Nora -- b. ?; m. Albert Holt; 2 Children (Bernard, Clark); Lived at Spring Lake Township Wisconsin

  • Roolen A. -- b. 1886; m. Vida L. Fischer; 3 Children (Jerry, Neil, Irene); Lived at Rock

  • Elm Wisconsin; All are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

  • Etta -- b. ?; m. Melvin Holt; 2 Children (Helen, Evelyn); d. 3/17/1941 at Pontiac Michigan.

  • Lynn -- b. ?; m. Julia Gauvin; 5 Children (Bernice, Joyce, Phyllis, Dannie, John)

  • Elmer -- Died infancy 1893 . Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin by his father.

John Hamilton

John was the 5th born of William L. Hamilton and was the 4th child of Maria. He was born 8/20/1842 at Kingston, Canada He would have been about 4 years old when he traveled with his parents from Tyrone Ireland to Canada. He moved to Rock Elm, Pierce County Wisconsin about 1872 (age ~30) acquiring farmland. His sister Emma kept house for him until she married. He married Annabel Condit at River Falls Wisconsin on 3/20/1878. Annabelle was born 3/5/1854 at Rubicon. He bought 80 acres in the Township of Rock Elm (Pierce County) on11/10/1879; T6N, R15W, Section 6, N1/2 SE --- Wisconsin Accession Number WI0580.489}. John died 13 Mar 1917 in Spring Valley, Pierce Co., Wi. Annabel died on 28 Aug 1928 in Spring Valley, Pierce Co., Wi. Both are buried in Poplar Hill Cemetery, Pierce Co., Wi.along with 1 child (Milton John Hamilton).

 Children (3):

  • Cora Bell – b. 10/10/1883; m. David Lansing at Olivet Wisconsin 4/17/1904; 4 children (2 died infancy, Vanita, Earl); Lived at Spring Lake Wisconsin on land adjoining fathers farm;

  • Milton John – b. 1/14/1879; d. 1951; m. Vida Leona Collett at Spring Valley Wisconsin 3/11/1907; 3 Children (Annabelle, Lucile, Clarence ); Lived on land adjoining fathers farm. Milton and Vida are both are are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin next to his parents.

  • Margaret Crane – b. 5/5/1893; m. Henry Thompson; 2 Children (Marshall, Winfred); Farmed in Olivet Wisconsin later running store in Pepin, St Croix County, Wisconsin.

Anna Belle Hamilton

Anna Belle was born 7/4/1845 at Kingston, Canada and died 8/15/1926 at Rock Elm, Wisconsin (Pierce County) at the age of 85. She was the 6th born of William L. Hamilton and was the 5th child of Maria. While very young, she came with her parents to Rubicon Wisconsin. There she spent many years later referring to Rubicon as “home”. She married Elias C. Weldon 7/20/1867 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born 8/24/1837 at Ostego County New York. In 1871 (her age of about 26), they moved to Rock Elm, Pierce County, Wisconsin and settled on a farm in Spring Lake Township. Here they raised 8 children, 1 dying in infancy. Elias was, according to his gravestone, a Civil War Veteran.

Company I, 37th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers Infantry

Elias died 8/24/1921 and is buried alongside Anna at Poplar Hill Cemetery.

 Children (8):

  • Ida – b. 6/9/1868; m. Daniel Webster Davis; 3 Children (Vernon, Yail, Stella);

  • John – b. 11/15/1869; m. Louise Nelson; 3 Children (?, Myrtle,Lucile); d. 2/21/1906

  • Nellie – b. ? d. Age 2 years 18 months

  • Estella (“Stella”)* – b. 5/27/1874; m. Charles Lowater from Red Wing Minnesota; 1 Child (Donald). Both are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

  • Harvey – b. 3/9/1876; Single; d. 2/2/1929; Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

  • Luella – b. 7/1/1878; d. 6/16/1910; m. Albert Davis; 2 Children (Alberta, Anabel); Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

  • Warren – b. 4/3/1883; m. Bell Collett; 4 Children (Vail? – killed age 2, Wayne, Lawrence, Robert)

  • Ruby – b. 7/31/1885; m. Gilbert Bahr; 2 Children (Neil, Florence); d. 12/11/1951

George Byron Hamilton

 George was born 9/16/1846 at Rubicon, Dodge County, Wisconsin and died 12/7/1913 at Rock Elm, Wisconsin (Pierce County) -- age of 67. He is buried next to his wife Carrie Almina Butler. He married Carrie Butler 6/30/1872 at Neosho, Dodge County, Wisconsin. She was born 3/22/1854 at Rubicon, Dodge County, Wisconsin and died at Rock Elm 12/16/1928 at the home of her daughter Lillian. Both are buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery in Rock Elm Wisconsin.George was said to have driven an oxen team from Rubicon to Pierce County – his wife coming by train and then by boat. They settled on a homestead just north of Olivet, in the town of Spring Lake, at a farm later owned by a Sam Thompson. After selling this place, they bought horses which they later traded for a homestead at north Rock Elm. On the following page is a story discovered about George found in the book “The First 50 Years of The Rock Elm Township Area” published in 1989. 

Children (6): 

  • Minnie – b. 4/8/1873; m. Pete Lozier; 1 Child (Vernon).

  • Pete was apparently killed in auto accident January 1914. Minnie and Vernon lived at Silverton, Oregon.

  • Nellie M. – b.9/7/1876; d. 11/17/1880 Infancy. Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin alongside her grandmother Maria.

  • Myrtle B. – b. 6/30/1879; d. 1879 Infancy. Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin alongside Maria.

  • Lillian V. – b. 11/3/1881; d. 9/2/1961; m. Sherm Lozier; 2 Children (Twins Evalyn and Evelyn); Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin.

  • Edward R. – b. 6/17/1884; m. Marion O’Connor; 3 Children (Dorothy, Nellie; Ethel)

  • Russell James – b. 10/22/1889; Single; d. 1/2/1911. Buried at Poplar Hill Cemetery – Rock Elm Wisconsin

Julia Hamilton

Julia was born December 9, 1850 at Rubicon, Dodge County, Wisconsin and died December 28, 1853 at Rubicon – age of 3 months 19 days (this according to her gravestone). Nothing further is known of this individual. Julia is buried alongside her father William L. Hamilton in Woodlawn Cemetery in the town of Neosho, Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Emma Hamilton 

Emma was born at Rubicon, Dodge County, Wisconsin August 1852 and died 6/12/1938 (place unknown – thought to be Minneapolis Minnesota). She married George Ducklow at Rock Elm Wisconsin on 12/31/1875. He was born 8/10/1853 at Ashipun, Dodge County Wisconsin – his parents from Ireland also.

 Children (5):

  • Nellie Laurine – b. 10/16/1876; m. George LaGrander at Ellsworth Wisconsin; 3 Children (Claire, Isla, George). George Sr. was apparently killed 1905 in a railroad accident where he worked in Bruce Wisconsin, They lived in Olivet, Elmwood, and Bruce Wisconsin. She remarried an Albert Davis 1911. She died 12/16/1948.

  • Vern George – b. 6/27/1882; m. Mina Bowen; 4 Children (LaMonte Vern, Audrey Ann,

  • Merton John, Victor Neil). They lived at Hatchville Wisconsin.

  • Josie – b. 2/14/1883; m. George Walter Rickerd at New Albany Iowa. Lived in Minneapolis Minnesota.

  • Frank Erwin – b. 2/17/1885; m. Francis Prine. He died young leaving a son Willis. Willis was raised by his grandparents Emma And George along with his aunt Josie in Minneapolis.

  • Clayton H. – m. Mary McNinnemin of Hatchville Wisconsin; 6 Children (Winnifred,

  • Thomas, Mary Jane, Robert – killed in WWII, Patricia, George). Lived at Minneapolis Minnesota.

 According to the Weldon Chronology, Emma kept house for her brother John while in Rock Elm until her marriage in 1875. George Ducklow apparently came to Rock Elm in 1873 from Ashipun Wisconsin and was a blacksmith – having a shop in Rock Elm. They later bought a farm in the Town of Rock Elm, then moved to Olivet Wisconsin where he owned a grocery and general store. In 1893 or 1894, they moved the store to Spring Valley Wi. when Spring Valley began to grow into a town of 1,000 or more. Spring valley was serviced by train, whearas Olivet was not. Olivet became a smaller and smaller town over time partially due to this. After retiring, they raised sheep on a farm they owned in Gilman Wisconsin. When old, they apparently sold the farm and moved to Minneapolis and stayed with their daughter Josie where both died a few years apart.

Ellen Hamilton

Ellen was the 10th born of William L. Hamilton and was 9th child of Maria. She was born in Rubicon Wisconsin – 3/6/1856 . She married Winchester Mathewson 7/4/1875 at Neosho, Dodge County Wisconsin and had 2 children. They went from Rubicon to Omro Wisconsin and later to Olivet, Pierce County Wisconsin. Winchester owned and operated a harness shop there. From there, they moved west to Port Angeles, Washington. Ellen (called “Ella”) died 12/11/1905 at Port Angeles Washington and is buried there at Ocean View Cemetery.Winchester was born 4/16/1854 at Neosho Wisconsin and died 6/1/1919 at his daughter Ada’s home in Portland Oregon of diabetes. Winchester’s father was Jeremiah Mathewson – born 8/26/1814 at Smithfield NewYork. Jeremiah died at Winchester’s home in Olivet Wisconsin on 1/2/1894 and he is buried at Ledgeville Cemetery in Dodge County Wisconsin (Neosho) alongside his wife (she is Charlotte Weelock). Apparently, the Mathewson’s were from England – having spent some time in New York, Lisbon - in Waukesha County Wisconsin, Ashipun - in Dodge County Wisconsin (1850), and then Neosho.

 Children (2):

  • Willis J. – b. ?; m. Linnie Seekins 5/1/1902; 2 Children (Doris Larene, Merton Willis); Lived Glendale California

  • Ada R. – b. ?; Lived Portland Oregon (was a stenographer). Perhaps never married.

William “Henry” Hamilton

William Henry Hamilton was born 2/27/1857 at Rubicon, Dodge County Wisconsin and died 10/9/1929 at his home in Cornell, Chippewa County, Wisconsin – age of 72. He married Louisa (Lulu) May Hannon October 4, 1879 at Rubicon Wisconsin. Lulu was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on 6/20/1859. William and Lulu were apparently childhood sweethearts, living next door to each other based on census information at Rubicon. Lulu died at Cornell Wisconsin before William on 6/2/1926 – age of 67. They are both buried at the Holcombe Cemetery - Holcombe, Wisconsin.

 Children (4):

  • Fred Heeman – b. 5/6/1880 Rubicon Wisconsin; m. Mildred Disson (b. 4/30/1890 at Sheboygan Falls, Wi.). Lived in Milwaukee.

  • 2. William Charles – b. 7/22/1882 at Rubicon Wisconsin; m. Mina Dot Murray 6/30/1903 at Olivet Wisconsin (b. 3/11/1884). 10 Children (Floyd, Myrle, Estel, Etta Mae, Vilas Edward,  Viola, Wilfred Earl, Norman, Deloris, Lloyd); d.3/29/1963 Eau Claire Wisconsin.

  • Ada May– b. 6/17/1885 Spring Lake Pierce County Wisconsin; m. Peter Hanson (b. 5/4/1880); 3 Children (Roy, Irene & Lorna – Twins)

  • Estella (Stella) – b. 6/20/1891 Olivet Pierce County Wisconsin; m. Andy Bork 6/30/1911 (b. 10/9/1891 at Stanley, Wi.); 3 Childen (Glendon Kenneth, Evelyn Rosetta, Lorna Elaine 5. Myrtle – b. 4/21/1898; d. 2/2/1987; m. Wilfred Bowen.