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Womack  Births

Texas  N-W

* Indicates names I have in my database.  ( ) Indicates the date, spelling or name as I have it in my database.  If you have connections to these families, let me know.  Roger Womack

WOMACK,      Nancy Carol  
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   10-12-1948  
Recorded in:   Tarrant    
Father:      Perry Martin Womack
Mother:    Lois Nancy Stofle

WOMACK,      Nancy Carolyn  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    04-29-1942 
Recorded in:    Fort Bend   
Father:      Knox Dale Womack
Mother:    Norma Hockersmith

WOMACK,     Nancy Jo   *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   11-23-1939  
Recorded in:    Lamb   
Father:     Edward Alexander Womack 
Mother:      Mary Frances Wilson

WOMACK,    Nancy Joe    *
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:    12-07-1926 
Recorded in:     Fannin  
Father:      Mark Sanders Womack
Mother:     Mary Helen Whitley

WOMACK,     Naoima Ann   
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   10-27-1939  
Recorded in:   Mitchell    
Father:      John Womack, Jr.
Mother:     Melba Arizona Morrow

WOMACK,       Nathan Adolph  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     03-26-1933
Recorded in:     Dawson  
Father:   Francis Allen Womack   
Mother:    Laura Lee Hester

WOMACK,     Nathan   
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     08-26-1931
Recorded in:     Hardeman  
Father:      Nathan Womack
Mother:     Katie Womack

WOMACK,     Nathan   
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     06-01-1927
Recorded in:    Hardeman   
Father:     Nathan Womack 
Mother:     Nillie Kate Hamilton

WOMACK,    Nelda Jean    *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   04-11-1941  
Recorded in:   Smith    
Father:    Houston I. Womack  
Mother:      Nell Moose

WOMACK,     Nelda Joyce   
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   09-03-1938  
Recorded in:   Hale    
Father:    Cecil Fay Womack  
Mother:    Georgia Ozell  Hood  

WOMACK,   Nell Marie     
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   07-01-1927  
Recorded in:     Motley  
Father:   Ira E. Womack   
Mother:   Lorene Lewis         

WOMACK,   Newburn Algie, Jr.    
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    03-18-1943 
Recorded in:    Cherokee   
Father:   Newburn Algie Womack   
Mother:   Leona Christine Lake

WOMACK,    Noble F.    
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:     08-08-1933
Recorded in:    Tarrant   
Father:    Noble F. Womack  
Mother:  Velma Cordela  McCuistion                                             

WOMACK,    Norma Jean    
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     01-20-1938
Recorded in:     Smith  
Father:    Bert Yearl Womack  
Mother:      Adlen Kizer 

WOMACK,      Norma Jean  
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:    10-28-1944 
Recorded in:   Lamar    
Father:     James Charles Womack 
Mother:    Arma Juanita Newsom 

WOMACK,     Norma Jean   
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     01-26-1933
Recorded in:    Dallas   
Father:    James Mervin Womack  
Mother:   Jessie Herline Crawford

WOMACK,     Norma Jeanne   *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     07-28-1928
Recorded in:   Tarrant    
Father:    Floyd James Womack  
Mother:    Ethel Kirkpatrick   

WOMACK,   Norman Thales     *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    07-02-1936 
Recorded in:    Lubbock
Father:    Rufus Thales Womack  
Mother:     Mary Addel Vaughan   

WOMACK,   Norris Lee     
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   06-24-1934  
Recorded in:    Ellis
Father:    Leamon Darnell Womack  
Mother:    Etta Ross

WOMACK,      O.  
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    02-10-1946 
Recorded in:    Harrison
Father:      O.J. Womack
Mother:     Amielee Scott

WOMACK,     Odell   
Sex:     m
Birth Date:  08-16-1942  
Recorded in:  Ellis  
Father:    Odell Womack  
Mother:    Geraldine Adcy

WOMACK,     Omer Ellis   
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     01-13-1927
Recorded in:    Wharton
Father:   Brown Griffin Womack   
Mother:     Mathilda Jane Morrison

WOMACK,     Omer Ellis, Jr.   
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:     07-31-1949
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:     Omer Ellis Womack 
Mother:   Joyce Gertie Mae Hensley

WOMACK,    Opal Bernice    
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    05-17-1926 
Recorded in:    Hopkins
Father:     Alfred Womack 
Mother:     W.M. Rephouf

WOMACK,     Opal Lucille   
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:    08-06-1930 
Recorded in:    Angelina
Father:    William Womack  
Mother:   Annie Lee Warven

WOMACK,      Opal Marie  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:   06-07-1932  
Recorded in:    Wise
Father:     Clarance Edward Womack 
Mother:    Bessie Leona Clines

WOMACK,    Patricia Ann    
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    07-05-1943 
Recorded in:   Lamar 
Father:    Howard Harrell Womack  
Mother:     Lena Lucille Taylor

WOMACK,     Patricia   *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     05-20-1937
Recorded in:    Cherokee
Father:     L.S. Womack   (Lester St Albin Womack)
Mother:    Eunice McAnally

WOMACK,     Patricia Ann   
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    11-29-1937 
Recorded in:    Young
Father:   Wesley D. Womack   
Mother:      Ada Pounds       

WOMACK,    Patricia Ann    
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:    10-21-1935 
Recorded in:   Fannin 
Father:   Calvin Loyd Womack   
Mother:  Callie  Fogle        

WOMACK,    Patricia Ann    *
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:  11-13-1946   
Recorded in:    Bexar
Father:   James D. Womack   (James Dallas Womack)
Mother:     Edna Billings

WOMACK,     Patricia Ann   *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    01-10-1939 
Recorded in:    Upshur
Father:     William Ross Womack 
Mother:      Hulene Adkins  (Hulene Whiles)

WOMACK,     Patricia Ann   
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    02-11-1942 
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Maco Harlan Womack  
Mother:     Katherine Lee Tidwell

WOMACK,      Patricia Ann  
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:    04-22-1938 
Recorded in:   Harris 
Father:    Samuel Abner Womack  
Mother:   Lucy Mae Armstrong

WOMACK,        Patricia Ann   *
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:   07-04-1941  
Recorded in:    Angelina
Father:    Clayton Chesterfield Womack  
Mother:    Pauline Anthony

WOMACK,     Patricia Lynn   *
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:    04-07-1939 
Recorded in:    Burleson
Father:    C.M. Womack     (Charles Maurice Womack)
Mother:     Evelyn Lucille Kettrick

WOMACK,      Patricia Philo  
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:     07-14-1932
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:   Thomas Loving Womack   
Mother:   Helen Marie Philo

WOMACK,     Patsy Ann  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   01-24-1936   
Recorded in:   Fannin  
Father:    Granville Womack
Mother:      Christine Swindle

WOMACK,    Patsy Jane   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   12-11-1940   
Recorded in:    Lamar 
Father:   Floyd Womack 
Mother:      Flora Russell

WOMACK,     Patsy Jean  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    05-30-1939  
Recorded in:     Smith
Father:    Johnnie E. Womack
Mother:     Bernice Josephine Brown

WOMACK,    Patsy Ruth   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   03-16-1929   
Recorded in:     Tarrant
Father:    H.V. Womack
Mother:     Cleo Roye

WOMACK,       Paul Joseph
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-01-1937  
Recorded in:   Brown  
Father:    Thomas Joseph Womack
Mother:      Cardelia Myrtle Daniel

WOMACK,     Paula Ruth  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   06-17-1934   
Recorded in:     Bowie
Father:    Robert L. Womack
Mother:      Winnie Weatherford

WOMACK,    Paulette   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     11-28-1945 
Recorded in:    Angelina 
Father:    Sherwin William Womack
Mother:     Mary Florence McGilvra

WOMACK,      Pauline 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:      03-12-1930
Recorded in:     McClennan
Father:   ? 
Mother:    Bennie Womack

WOMACK,     Payton 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     03-06-1930 
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Chavis M. Womack
Mother:      Jessie Osborne

WOMACK,    Peggy Jo   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-28-1947  
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:   James Dillard Womack 
Mother:      Gladys Christine Jones

WOMACK,   Peggy Joyce    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   08-01-1941   
Recorded in:   Young  
Father:    Jarrett Brint Womack
Mother:   Ella May Nicholson

WOMACK,     Peyton Elliott, Jr.  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     05-24-1946 
Recorded in:   Denton  
Father:    Peyton Elliott Womack
Mother:     Ruth Hardin Womack

WOMACK,    Philip Lane   *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   09-29-1935   
Recorded in:   Trinity  
Father:    William Olie Womack
Mother:    Marjorie Merriwether

WOMACK,     Phillip Eugene  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    10-20-1946  
Recorded in:   Brazoria  
Father:    Kenneth Rex Womack
Mother:   Jennie Lee Roller

WOMACK,     Phola Anneace  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   05-25-1931   
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:    Fred Albert Womack
Mother:    Ruby Vinsont

WOMACK,      Phyllis Ann 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-11-1946  
Recorded in:    Travis 
Father:    Dan W. Womack, Jr.
Mother:     Lilly Whitehead     

WOMACK,   Phyllis Kay    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-28-1945  
Recorded in:     Galveston
Father:   Thomas Amaker Womack 
Mother:    O'Belle Ellen Reading

WOMACK,     Prentice Earl
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    11-22-1942  
Recorded in:    Bell 
Father:    Prentice Earl Womack
Mother:    Trudy Ann Cox

WOMACK,      Preston Dale 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     03-25-1935 
Recorded in:    Burnet 
Father:  Clyde Calvin Womack  
Mother:    Leona R. Templeton

WOMACK,     Preston E.  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-28-1935   
Recorded in:     Harrison
Father:    Rubin Womack
Mother:    Alberta Powell

WOMACK,    R.   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-04-1940 
Recorded in:   Red River  
Father:    R.L. Womack
Mother:    Dorothy Stevens

WOMACK,    R.T.  (Roger Thomas)   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   06-03-1934   
Recorded in:   Bosque  
Father:   R.T. Womack   (Raleigh Thomas Womack)
Mother:  Grace Craig   (Ann Grace Craig)

WOMACK,     Rae Lanelle  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   09-20-1946   
Recorded in:     Wharton
Father:    Delbert Elwood Womack
Mother:    Mary Jewel White

WOMACK,     Raiford Rawyer  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-24-1940  
Recorded in:     Hunt
Father:    Raiford Rawyer Womack
Mother:     Gracie Lou Kirby

WOMACK,    Ralph Carroll   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     01-21-1931 
Recorded in:    Clay 
Father:    Claude Womack
Mother:    Ola Mae Luna

WOMACK,    Ralph Edward   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-06-1932   
Recorded in:     Denton
Father:    ?
Mother:    Lorine Womack

WOMACK,    Ralph Weldon   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-15-1926   (09-15-1925)
Recorded in:    Floyd 
Father:    Arthur V. Womack  (Arthur Virgil Womack)
Mother:     Ida Belle Hollingsworth

WOMACK,    Ras, Jr.   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    04-01-1931  
Recorded in:    Harrison 
Father:    Ras Womack
Mother:    Maud Harris

WOMACK,     Ray  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    12-31-1930  
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   John Rufus Womack 
Mother:    Lorraine Broom

WOMACK,     Ray Bryan, Jr.  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-27-1946  
Recorded in:   Nueces  
Father:    Ray Bryan Womack
Mother:       Marica Jean Smith  (Marshia Jean Smith)

WOMACK,     Ray Dell  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-07-1930  
Recorded in:    Dawson 
Father:    William Lafayette Womack
Mother:      Mayme Banta

WOMACK,     Ray Phillip  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   08-26-1933   
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Andrew Bernard Womack
Mother:      Dehla Joost

WOMACK,    Rayford   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    10-30-1934  
Recorded in:    Smith 
Father:   Rayford Womack 
Mother:    Minnie Rankin

WOMACK,     Raymond Junior   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     06-12-1939 
Recorded in:    Mitchell 
Father:    Raymond Clearence Womack
Mother:    Viola Rogers

WOMACK,     Raymond Lester   *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-30-1930  
Recorded in:     Denton
Father:    Hope Franklin Womack
Mother:   Sallie Savannah Morgan

WOMACK,    Rebecca Ann   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-19-1945   
Recorded in:    Bell 
Father:    Elmer Walter Womack
Mother:      Ardis Novella Sprott

WOMACK,    Rebecca Claudett   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    08-24-1946  
Recorded in:   Jefferson  
Father:    Cecil Edward Womack
Mother:     Claudia Odell Harrison

WOMACK,    Reuben Timothy, Jr.   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   01-07-1933   
Recorded in:   Harrison  
Father:   Reuben Timothy Womack 
Mother:     Alberta Louise Powell

WOMACK,    Richard   (Richard Adams) *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-27-1929  
Recorded in:    Jones 
Father:    Eaton Love Womack
Mother:   Clara Ernistine Lucke

WOMACK,     Richard Clay  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-11-1937  
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Frank Eugene Womack
Mother:    Lillian Smith   

WOMACK,   Richard Dean    
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    05-06-1949  
Recorded in:     Bexar
Father:    Robert Lee Womack
Mother:      Lyn Dean Stewart

WOMACK,    Richard Henry   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-29-1930    (01-29-1930)
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:    Dewitt Lee Womack
Mother:    Francis Walker

WOMACK,     Richard Marlan  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-04-1943   
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:    Lester Marlan Womack
Mother:    Mary Virginia Goodman

WOMACK,      Richard Orville 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     09-30-1932 
Recorded in:     Harrison
Father:   Orville Womack, Jr. 
Mother:     Kate Robertson

WOMACK,     Richard Walter  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-03-1946   
Recorded in:   Grayson  
Father:    Hilliery Walter Womack
Mother:   Selma Leona Huff

WOMACK,    Ricky Gene   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-04-1947  
Recorded in:     Young
Father:   Henry Thomas Womack 
Mother:    Ava LaVada McCuistion

WOMACK,    Rita Myrble   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:      06-19-1947
Recorded in:   Ector  
Father:    Lloyd Vaughter Womack
Mother:    Lois Lorena Durham

WOMACK,       Rob Lee
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    01-09-1932  
Recorded in:   Bowie  
Father:   Rob L. Womack 
Mother:    Winnie Weatherford

WOMACK,      Robbie Jean  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    12-06-1940  
Recorded in:    Upshur 
Father:    William Ross Womack
Mother:    Hulene Adkins

WOMACK,    Robbie Lee   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     05-09-1949 
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Robert Weldon Womack
Mother:     Rosa Lee Rankin

WOMACK,    Robert   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    08-06-1940  
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   Brame Womack 
Mother:     Pauline Elizabeth Jenkins

WOMACK,    Robert Allan    *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   12-23-1938   
Recorded in:   Lamar  
Father:    ?  (Hal Elliott Womack)
Mother:     Ruth Elizabeth Bassano

WOMACK,      Robert Allen  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:      01-16-1949
Recorded in:    Henderson 
Father:    George Wilson Womack
Mother:    Norine Virginia Billings

WOMACK,     Robert Burton  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-17-1934  
Recorded in:   Callahan  
Father:    William Dennis Womack
Mother:      Tommie James

WOMACK,    Robert Curry   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   12-28-1939   
Recorded in:    Hardin 
Father:  Curry Lafayette Womack  
Mother:    Helen Francis Bell

WOMACK,   Robert Dale    
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-07-1935  
Recorded in:    Burnet 
Father:  Joseph Carmichel Womack  
Mother:    Eva Spencer

WOMACK,     Robert Duncan   *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    12-15-1942  
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Herman Elbert Womack
Mother:  Mildred Opal Little

WOMACK,      Robert Everett 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-12-1945  
Recorded in:    Bexar 
Father:    Marion Everett Womack
Mother:     Hazel Leerie Bamburg

WOMACK,    Robert Francis   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     09-15-1940 
Recorded in:  Travis   
Father:    ?
Mother:    Lura Pearl Reed    

WOMACK,     Robert Gerald  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-02-1941  
Recorded in:   Van Zandt  
Father:    Elzie Webster Womack
Mother:   Edna Janette Perkens

WOMACK,     Robert Henry  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-08-1948  
Recorded in:   Fannin  
Father:  Aaron Monroe Womack, Jr.  
Mother:  Nelleen Ruth Stroud

WOMACK,    Robert Herman   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-01-1948  
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:   James Woodrow Womack 
Mother:    Eunice Frances Griffin

WOMACK,    Robert James   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-23-1946  
Recorded in:   Jack  
Father:    Elisha Ray Womack
Mother:    Dessie Mae Huff

WOMACK,    Robert James   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-03-1948   
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:   Lester Marlan Womack 
Mother:  Mary Virginia Goodman

WOMACK,   Robert Jay    *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   08-07-1942   
Recorded in:    Mitchell 
Father:    Raymond Clarence Womack
Mother:   Viola Rogers

WOMACK,    Robert Lee IV   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-22-1949  
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   Robert Lee Womack III 
Mother:  Margaret Alkire

WOMACK,   Robert Lee, Jr.  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   04-13-1943   
Recorded in:   Hidalgo  
Father:    Robert Lee Womack
Mother:   Izetta Noreen Fitchhorn

WOMACK,    Robert Lewis   *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    12-16-1948  
Recorded in:   Tarrant  
Father:    Herbert Efton Womack
Mother:    Bonnie Anna Bruner

WOMACK,    Robert Martin   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    01-16-1929  
Recorded in:    Nueces 
Father:    Robert Benjamin Womack
Mother:     Evelyn Lydia Martin

WOMACK,    Robert Melvin   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-26-1929   
Recorded in:  Harris   
Father:   Melvin C. Womack 
Mother:    Orlena Wilson

WOMACK,    Robert Wayne   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   07-31-1945   
Recorded in:   Taylor  
Father:    Weldon Bartlett Womack
Mother:    Lou Belle Payne

WOMACK,    Robin Ann   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    01-02-1935  
Recorded in:   Smith  
Father:    Dillard Kermit Womack
Mother:    Hester Bertha Choate

WOMACK,      Rodney Charles 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-02-1940  
Recorded in:     Hidalgo
Father:   R.C.Womack 
Mother:    Ruth Lethers   

WOMACK,    Roger Ann   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    03-02-1935  
Recorded in:   Jefferson  
Father:   James Elvert Womack 
Mother:   Abbie Mae Byerly

WOMACK,    Roger Leland   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  01-19-1949    
Recorded in:    Montague 
Father:   Floyd L.C. Womack 
Mother:   Peggy Jean Hawkins

WOMACK,    Roges, Jr.  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   02-04-1948   
Recorded in:  Rusk   
Mother:   Armelia Jones   

WOMACK,    Rolen Lewis, Jr.   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   02-17-1946   
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:   Rolen Lewis Womack 
Mother:    Archenette Curtis

WOMACK,   Ronald Edward    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   10-29-1943   
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Roy Edward Womack, Jr.
Mother:    Betty Louise Peters

WOMACK,     Ronald Edward  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-13-1943  
Recorded in:     Bowie
Father:   Ralph Edward Womack 
Mother:  Estella R. Pelling

WOMACK,   Ronald Eugene    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    02-03-1948  
Recorded in:  Nueces   
Father:   James Martin Womack 
Mother:   Evelyn Virginia Murphy

WOMACK,     Ronald Gene  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  04-17-1946    
Recorded in:   Lubbock  
Father:   Johnnie Gordon Womack 
Mother:   Wanda Mae White     

WOMACK,    Ronald Handley   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   10-15-1933   
Recorded in:   Galveston  
Father:   Louis Carr Womack 
Mother:   Dorothy Faye Handley

WOMACK,   Ronald Wayne    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    09-07-1946  
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:   Plenny Virgil Womack 
Mother:   Helen Sybil Johnson

WOMACK,   Ronald Wayne    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     03-30-1942 
Recorded in:    Wise 
Father:    John Ernest Womack
Mother:     Jewel Walker

WOMACK,   Ronnie Dee    
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-03-1945  
Recorded in:   Jefferson  
Father:   William Leavery Womack 
Mother:    Naomi Madaline Parmer

WOMACK,      Ronnie Loyal 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-18-1947  
Recorded in:    Montague 
Father:   Hurshel Loyal Womack 
Mother:   Ruthie Mae Chatman

WOMACK,     Rosa Bell  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     05-17-1935 
Recorded in:    Leon 
Father:    Isaac Womack
Mother:    Ethel Tubb

WOMACK,    Rosalind Ogden   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   06-21-1949   
Recorded in:   El Paso  
Father:    Russell Ogden Womack, Jr.
Mother:   Rose Lee Stewart

WOMACK,    Roy   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    01-25-1941  
Recorded in:    Angelina 
Father:   W.R. Womack 
Mother:    Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,      Roy Clinton, Jr.
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     02-14-1938 
Recorded in:   Bexar  
Father:    Roy Clinton Womack
Mother:     Allet Inez Rohrer     

WOMACK,     Roy Haught  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   04-25-1935   
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:    Selwin St Elmo Womack
Mother:  Florine Jennie Harris

WOMACK,     Roy Talmage  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  09-06-1933    
Recorded in:   Nueces  
Father:   Carl Nathan Womack 
Mother:     Jennie Lee Bething

WOMACK,   Rubby Mary    
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   06-19-1949   
Recorded in:    Harrison 
Father:   O.J. Womack 
Mother:   Amelia Scott

WOMACK,   Ruby Anell    
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    09-14-1935  
Recorded in:    Cherokee 
Father:    Rayford Womack
Mother:   Minnie Rankin

WOMACK,   Ruby Gene    
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    03-08-1939  
Recorded in:   Harrison  
Father:    Reuben Timothy Womack
Mother:   Rosie Mae Spencer

WOMACK,     Rudolph  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    09-16-1928  
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Chavis Womack
Mother:    Jessie Osborne

WOMACK,   Russel Dale    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   08-17-1948   
Recorded in:  Anderson   
Father:    Lester Womack
Mother:    Wanda Lou Collier

WOMACK,    Ruth Womack   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   01-25-1926   
Recorded in:  Galveston   
Father:   Loyd Womack 
Mother:    Viola Chavis

WOMACK,       Ruth Ann  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   03-29-1932   
Recorded in:    Mitchell 
Father:    M.M. Womack  (James Michael Womack)
Mother:   Myrle Reese  (Chloe Myrle Reese)

WOMACK,    Ruth Evelyn   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-04-1929    (08-24-1929)
Recorded in:    Navarro 
Father:   Edgar Jewel Womack 
Mother:    Leloa  Curington  (Lelva Creighton Curington)

WOMACK,   Ruth Event    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  09-24-1929    
Recorded in:   Panola  
Father:    Willis Womack
Mother:    Helen Jacobs

WOMACK,     Ruth Mozelle  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   11-21-1929   
Recorded in:   Jefferson  
Father:   William Thomas Womack, Jr. 
Mother:   Ruth Mozelle OQuinn

WOMACK,     Ruth  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    04-01-1934  
Recorded in:     El Paso
Mother:    Ruth Rebeccah Womack

WOMACK,    Sally   (Susan)  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    11-01-1946  
Recorded in:   Angelina  
Father:   Lovick T. Womack
Mother:   Letta Mae Burke

WOMACK,    Sally Elizabeth   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    01-18-1944  
Recorded in:   El Paso  
Father:   Harold Milton Womack 
Mother:   Elizabeth H. Womack

WOMACK,     Sammie  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  01-11-1935    
Recorded in:    Harrison 
Father:    Ras Womack
Mother:    Maud Womack

WOMACK,   Sammy Drew    
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-25-1945  
Recorded in:  Wise   
Father:   Thurman Womack 
Mother:     Dorothy Lucille Thornton

WOMACK,     Sammy Gene  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   09-03-1949   
Recorded in:    Hardin 
Father:  Carl Henry Womack  
Mother:  Iva Gay Davis

WOMACK,     Samuel Abner III  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-03-1947  
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:   Samuel Abner Womack, Jr. 
Mother:   Lucy May Armstrong

WOMACK,    Sandra Ann   *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  10-27-1943    
Recorded in:    Lamar 
Father:   Woodrow (Wilson) Womack 
Mother:   Imogene Golden

WOMACK,    Sandra Jeanne   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   01-11-1944  
Recorded in:  Houston   
Father:   Ben Lewis Womack 
Mother:    Mattie Lulu Crofford

WOMACK,     Sandra Lee  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  05-23-1944   
Recorded in:   Tyler  
Father:   Lee H. Womack 
Mother:   Ester Lorraine Harris

WOMACK,    Sandra Lou   
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   05-21-1947  
Recorded in:   Lubbock  
Father:   Benjamin Hasty Womack 
Mother:    Florene Belle Smith

WOMACK,    Sarah Ann   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-20-1933 
Recorded in:   Taylor  
Father:   Mark Campbell Womack 
Mother:    Dorothy Marie Fawcett

WOMACK,   Sarah B.    
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    10-28-1946 
Recorded in:   Grimes  
Father:    Arthur Womack
Mother:    Bobbie Jean Williams

WOMACK,   Sarah Elizabeth    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-27-1928  
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   John Womack 
Mother:   Sarah Harrington

WOMACK,      Sarah Lou  *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   05-31-1936  
Recorded in:    Red River 
Father:    Thomas Yancey Womack
Mother:    Jewell Bean

WOMACK,     Scharlitte Ann  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    02-24-1945 
Recorded in:   Tarrant  
Father:  Wright Moor Womack  
Mother:  Nellie Joe Smith

WOMACK,     Scharlotte Ivy  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-16-1949 
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Royal Taylor Womack
Mother:   Marylin Estelle Ivy

WOMACK,   Shannon Ruth    
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   10-22-1948  
Recorded in:   Potter  
Father:   Henry Samuel Womack 
Mother:  Betty Ruth Richie

WOMACK,   Sharon Nita    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-30-1947 
Recorded in:  Taylor   
Father:   Alton Van Womack 
Mother:    Mary Juanita Bull   

WOMACK,     Sheila Ann  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   12-28-1947  
Recorded in:   Tarrant  
Father:  ?  
Mother:  Verna Juanice Ward

WOMACK,     Sherrie Jean  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     03-21-1948
Recorded in:    Lamar 
Father:   L.C. Womack 
Mother:    Wilma Ruth Carson

WOMACK,   Sherry Ann    
Sex: f   
Birth Date:  07-12-1938   
Recorded in:  Hardeman   
Father:   Robert Lesley Womack 
Mother:   Lucille Pierce   

WOMACK,   Sherry Lynn 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   07-17-1948  
Recorded in:   Hunt  
Father:   William Spurlock Womack
Mother:  June Lewan Scott       

WOMACK,    Sherwin Mac  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   02-09-1943  
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Sherwin William Womack
Mother:   Mary Florence McGilvry

WOMACK,   Shirel 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   05-16-1938  
Recorded in:   Sabine  
Father:  Odaire Womack  
Mother:   Opal Oleta Dean

WOMACK,    Shirley Ann
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   10-15-1937  
Recorded in:   Gregg  
Father:    W.W. Womack
Mother:    Aline M. Foreman

WOMACK,    Shirley Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   07-08-1940  
Recorded in:   Llano  
Father:  Clyde Calvin Womack  
Mother:   Leona Ray Templeton

WOMACK,    Shirley Fay
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   01-11-1943  
Recorded in:   Lamar  
Father:   Floyd Womack 
Mother:    Flora Russell

WOMACK,    Shirley Gladeene
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    12-31-1929 
Recorded in:  Cottle   
Father:   W.G. Womack 
Mother:   Billie Calvert

WOMACK,   Shirley Jean  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-27-1946 
Recorded in:    Rusk 
Father:   J.B. Womack  (Franklin Lafayette Womack)
Mother: Mattie Hunter

WOMACK,    Shirley June
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    07-09-1935 
Recorded in:   Sabine  
Father:    Odair Womack
Mother:   Opal Olita Dean

WOMACK,    Shirley Laverne *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  02-06-1935   
Recorded in:   Howard  
Father:    Zeb P. Womack (Zeb Power Womack)
Mother:    Oma Cleo Farrow (Oma Cleo Darrow)

WOMACK,    Shirley Lee
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-18-1932  
Recorded in:    Jefferson 
Father:    Shelby Womack
Mother:    Norma Mayer

WOMACK,    Shirley Lee
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   04-08-1936  
Recorded in:    Galveston 
Father:  ?  
Mother:     Tonia Womack

WOMACK,    Stella Verneal  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-01-1938 
Recorded in:  Hill   
Father:  William Barney Womack  
Mother:    Virgil Verneal Salter

WOMACK,   Stephen 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   10-06-1932  
Recorded in:  Navarro   
Father:   Stephen E. Womack 
Mother:   Jean McCary

WOMACK,  Sterling Frank  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  09-23-1926   
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:  Frank Eugene Womack  
Mother:  Lillian Smith

WOMACK,    Steven Anthony *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    02-03-1943 
Recorded in:   Nueces  
Father:   John Howard Womack 
Mother:    Lena Beatrice Harkins   

WOMACK,    Steven Lynn
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   10-23-1949  
Recorded in:    Fannin 
Father:   Boyd Allen Womack 
Mother:  Laquita Jay Crouch

WOMACK,    Stevens Edward
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   08-28-1934  
Recorded in:    Navarro
Father:    Stevens Edward Womack
Mother:   Jeannie McCarry

WOMACK,    Susan Alice *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   12-25-1939  (11-01-46)
Recorded in:   Angelina  
Father:    Lovick T. Womack
Mother:   Lettie Mae Burke

WOMACK,    Susan Dale
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  12-04-1944   
Recorded in:    Fort Bend 
Father:   Knox Dale Womack 
Mother:   Norma Hockersmith

WOMACK,   Susan Jo *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  08-16-1947   
Recorded in:    El Paso 
Father:   Alpha Joe Womack 
Mother:   Bertha Lois Phillips

WOMACK,    Susan Lee
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    05-16-1937 
Recorded in:    El Paso 
Father:   Carl Delbert Womack 
Mother:   Helen Loraine House   

WOMACK,    Susie Anna
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  01-01-1939   
Recorded in:   Burnet  
Father:   Alfred Hill Womack 
Mother:   Irene Watson

WOMACK,    Suzanne *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  04-11-1942   
Recorded in:   Victoria  
Father:    Owen Walter Womack
Mother:    Emily Crain

WOMACK,    Sylvia Fern
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:     02-18-1933
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:  Homer F. Womack  
Mother:    Bessie Woods

WOMACK,    Sylvia Laurene
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  10-16-1945   
Recorded in: Dawson    
Father:   Francis Allen Womack 
Mother:   Laura Lee Hester

Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    01-19-1941 
Recorded in:    San Jacinto 
Father:   Adrew Womack 
Mother:    Marie Templeton

WOMACK,    Tamra Ann *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   09-29-1949  
Recorded in:    Taylor 
Father:   Jackson Noah Womack 
Mother:  Mary Ethyl Womack  (Mary Ethyl Parsons)

WOMACK,    Teresa Fay
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   11-18-1941  
Recorded in:   Orange  
Father:   William L. Womack 
Mother:    Naomi Parmer

WOMACK,    Terrel Wayne *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   11-17-1946  
Recorded in:    Wharton 
Father:   William Jennings Womack 
Mother:   Margaret Mary Kocurek  (Mary Margaret Kowrek)  

WOMACK,   Terri Jean 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   02-23-1948  
Recorded in:   Tarrant  
Father:   Calvin Glenn Womack 
Mother:  Norma Louies Foster    

WOMACK,    Terry Glynn
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   07-23-1947  
Recorded in:  Dawson   
Father:    Jonathan Henry Womack
Mother:    Dollie Nadine Horn

WOMACK,    Terry Max
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  07-18-1934   
Recorded in:   Van Zandt  
Father:   Elzie W. Womack 
Mother:   Edna Jennett Pickens

WOMACK,    Theodore Wayne
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   01-14-1935  
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:  David Earl Womack  
Mother:   Mary Ester Taliaferro

WOMACK,   Thomas A. Delano *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   05-02-1934  
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:   Thomas Alton Womack 
Mother:   Neeta Olean Monts 

WOMACK,   Thomas Davis *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  03-29-1949   
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:   Gordon Boone Womack 
Mother:   Itasca Davis Womack

WOMACK,   Thomas Folts *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  02-06-1940   
Recorded in:  Travis    
Father:   Dan Henry Womack, Jr. 
Mother:  Frances  Elizabeth Folts  

WOMACK,  Thomas  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:     06-15-1931
Recorded in:    Bexar 
Father:  Thomas H. Womack  
Mother:   Hazel Cadle

WOMACK,   Thomas  (Possibly,  Buford Donovan Womack, unless a twin) *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   03-07-1934  
Recorded in:   Angelina  
Father:    Thomas Howard Womack
Mother:   Mary Philamenia Hutsma  (Mary Felina Hulsman)

WOMACK,   Thomas Lee *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   02-20-1926  
Recorded in:   Bell  
Father:  P. Womack   (Prentice E. Womack)
Mother:  Bessie Killgare  (Bessie Kilgore)

WOMACK,    Thomas Lloyd, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-17-1944  
Recorded in:  Brown   
Father:    Thomas Lloyd Womack
Mother:    Mary Lois Newman

WOMACK,    Thomas Mervin
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   06-13-1941  
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:    James Mervin Womack
Mother:   Margaret Elizabeth Durham

WOMACK,    Thomas Ray *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   05-04-1939  
Recorded in:  Lynn   
Father:   Abraham Lincoln Womack 
Mother:  Gladys Ethel Young

WOMACK,    Thomas William
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   03-17-1937  
Recorded in:  Taylor   
Father:   E.R. Womack 
Mother:  Lena Reynolds

WOMACK,   Tommie 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   03-09-1929  
Recorded in:   Lamar  
Father:   R.M. Womack 
Mother:    ?

WOMACK,    Tommie
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    05-04-1933 
Recorded in:   Harrison  
Father:    Raz Womack
Mother:   Maude Womack

WOMACK,    Tommie Jean
Sex:  f  
Birth Date: 08-18-1939    
Recorded in:  Harris   
Father:  Thomas George Womack  
Mother: Eddie Ringold

WOMACK,    Tommie Jean *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  11-05-1927   (11-05-1926)
Recorded in:   Navarro  
Father:   Thomas Ralph Womack 
Mother:   Lillie Lucille Easton

WOMACK,    Tommy Darrell
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   06-16-1934  
Recorded in:   Polk  
Father:   N.M. Womack 
Mother:     Ivor Humble

WOMACK,    Tommy Edward *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   07-15-1937  
Recorded in:   El Paso  
Father:    Edward A. Womack (Edward Alexander Womack)
Mother:   Mary Frances Wilson

WOMACK,    Tommy Leo
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-03-1947 
Recorded in:   Taylor  
Father:    Jesse Leon Womack
Mother:    Lois Lorene Barnes

WOMACK,    Tony Lee 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  10-31-1947   
Recorded in:   Houston  
Father:   Ben Louis Womack 
Mother:  Mattie Lou Crofford

WOMACK,    Tony Wayne *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    02-11-1940 
Recorded in:   Henderson  
Father:   Clarence Evans Womack 
Mother:   Frances Lorraine Ward

WOMACK,    Tracy Don 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   06-24-1949  
Recorded in:    Hutchinson  
Father:   J.W. Womack 
Mother:   Georgia Louise Hampton

WOMACK,    Travis Twyman III 
Sex: m  
Birth Date:   11-29-1948  
Recorded in:   Midland   
Father:   Travis Teyman Womack, Jr. 
Mother:  Beryl Maud Barton

WOMACK,     Troy
Sex:   m
Birth Date:     01-25-1941
Recorded in:   Angelina   
Father:   W.R. Womack 
Mother:   Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,     V. G.
Sex:   m
Birth Date:     06-04-1947
Recorded in:   Harrison   
Father:    O.T. Womack
Mother:   Annie Lee Scott

WOMACK,    Verbie Edna 
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    03-22-1943 
Recorded in:  El Paso
Father:    Frank Arthur Womack
Mother:   Hazel Edna Crossman

WOMACK,     Verna
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    11-26-1926 
Recorded in:    Wood  
Father:    Walter W. Womack
Mother:    Maggie M. Allen

WOMACK,     Vernon Ray  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   09-09-1943  
Recorded in:   McLennan   
Father: Seth Vernon Womack   
Mother:   Nita Coppedge

WOMACK,   Vickie Rae  *
Sex: f  
Birth Date:   09-23-1949  
Recorded in:   Howard   
Father:   Raymond Lee Womack 
Mother:    Delores Allene Russell

WOMACK,     Vickie Kay
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   08-22-1947  
Recorded in:    Dallas  
Father:  Maco Harlen Womack  
Mother:   Katherine Lee Tidwell

WOMACK,     Virgie Ann *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:  08-03-1943   
Recorded in:   Colorado   
Father:   Virgil Edward Womack 
Mother:   Mary Schindler

WOMACK,   Virginia Lou  
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-29-1935  
Recorded in:   Live Oak   
Father:    J.Lonnie Womack
Mother:    Lydia Jenkins

WOMACK,    Vivian Diane 
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   04-24-1940  
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:  Oscar Womack  
Mother:  Hariette Earl

WOMACK,     Volley Harold
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    12-14-1939 
Recorded in:    Bosque  
Father:    Walter Harold Womack
Mother:    Thelma Bessie Hutchison

WOMACK,     Volney, Jr. *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   03-24-1928  
Recorded in:    Dallas  
Father:   Volney Womack  (Volney Roosevelt Womack)
Mother:    Alice Seymour

WOMACK,     W.
Sex:  f 
Birth Date:   08-25-1929  
Recorded in:   Lubbock   
Father:    W.A. Womack
Mother:    Ara Leomas

WOMACK,     W.
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    09-08-1929 
Recorded in:   Young   
Father:    W.F. Womack
Mother:  Lillie Mae Youngblood

WOMACK,   W.  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    04-22-1930 
Recorded in:   Angelina   
Father:   W.P. Womack  (William Preston Womack)
Mother:    Maggie Spurgers

WOMACK,     W.
Sex:   m
Birth Date:  09-01-1931   
Recorded in:  Angelina    
Father:   W.R. Womack 
Mother:  Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,     W. Victor, Jr. *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   03-19-1926  
Recorded in:   Taylor   
Father:   W. Victor Womack 
Mother:  Clara Hayter

WOMACK,    Walter Crain *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   03-09-1948  
Recorded in:  Menard    
Father:  Owen Walter Womack  
Mother:  Emily Crain

WOMACK,    Walter 
Sex:   f ?
Birth Date:   06-12-1935  
Recorded in:   Cherokee   
Father:  Walter Womack  
Mother:   Onita Johnson

WOMACK,   Walter Ray, Jr.  
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    10-02-1948 
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:   Walter Ray Womack 
Mother:    Barbara Carolyn Davis

WOMACK,     Wanda
Sex:  f 
Birth Date:    01-16-1938 
Recorded in:    El Paso  
Father:   George Womack 
Mother:     Mary Margaret Lattimore

WOMACK,   Wanda Jean  
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   06-23-1930  
Recorded in:    Jones  
Father:    Troy Lafayette Womack
Mother:   Georgia Lucille Scott

WOMACK,   Wanda Laverne  
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-01-1947  
Recorded in:    Collin  
Father:   Arthur Napoleon Womack 
Mother:   Ava Ruth Smith

WOMACK,    Wanda Lee 
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   02-24-1937  
Recorded in:   Angelina   
Father:   W.R. Womack 
Mother:   Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,    Wanda Pauline 
Sex:   f
Birth Date:     10-12-1943
Recorded in:    Dallas  
Father:    James Mervin Womack
Mother:    Margaret Elizabeth Durham

WOMACK,    Watson Orville  (Orville Watson) *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:  04-15-1948   
Recorded in:  Bowie    
Father:   Orville Strawn Womack 
Mother:   Lois Marie Watson

WOMACK,    Wayne 
Sex:   f ?
Birth Date:   02-20-1930  
Recorded in:    Throckmorton  
Father:  Wayne Womack  
Mother:    Bonnie Thomas

WOMACK,    Wayne 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:  04-13-1927   
Recorded in:  Young    
Father:  Wayne Womack  
Mother:   Bonnie Anna Lura Thomas

WOMACK,    Wendell Lee 
Sex: m  
Birth Date:   02-07-1940  
Recorded in:   Smith   
Father:  Walter Lee Womack  
Mother:  Anita Johnson

WOMACK,    Wendell Wayne *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   09-15-1935  
Recorded in:    Mitchell  
Father:   John C. Womack, Jr. (John Churchwell Womack)
Mother:    Melba Morrow

WOMACK,    Wesley Glenn 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   12-05-1946  
Recorded in:    Nolan  
Father:    Henry Samuel Womack
Mother:   Bettie Ruth Richie

WOMACK,    Wesley Lynn 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    02-11-1945 
Recorded in:  Lynn    
Father:   Robert Lee Womack 
Mother:  Corine Wade

WOMACK,     Weta Ellen
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   12-31-1945  
Recorded in:     Dallas 
Father:    Jack Irion Womack
Mother:    Weta Ellen Miller

WOMACK,     Wilbur Allen, Jr.
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   10-19-1930  
Recorded in:  Jefferson    
Father:   Wilbur Allen Womack 
Mother:    Berkie Mills

WOMACK,  Wilburn Lee   
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:   08-09-1939  
Recorded in:   Lamar   
Father:   Wilburn Haskell Womack 
Mother:  Helen Virginia Thompson

WOMACK,     Wiley D.
Sex: m  
Birth Date:  06-28-1945   
Recorded in:  Jack    
Father:   Elisha Ray Womack 
Mother:  Dessie Mae Huff

WOMACK,    Will 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:  08-20-1929   
Recorded in:   San Patricio   
Father:  Will Womack, Jr.  
Mother:   Mable P. Spimock

WOMACK,    William Andrew 
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:   08-16-1948  
Recorded in:   Tarrant   
Father:   Harry Hall Womack, Jr. 
Mother:   Margaret Harris

WOMACK,    William Calvin 
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:   07-12-1945  
Recorded in:  Dallas    
Father:   James Mervin Womack 
Mother:   Margaret Elizabeth Durham

WOMACK,   William Charles  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    03-21-1941 
Recorded in:  Lamar    
Father:  Vance Womack  
Mother:  Edith Lawless

WOMACK,    William Clifford 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    07-12-1928 
Recorded in:  Dawson    
Father:  W.L. Womack  
Mother:   Mamie Banta

WOMACK,   William Dan  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    07-04-1938 
Recorded in: Houston     
Father:   William Oly Womack 
Mother:  Marjorie Merriwether

WOMACK,   William Douglas  *
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:    10-06-1929 
Recorded in:    Cooke  
Father:    George Womack
Mother:   Martha Ruby Linn

WOMACK,    William Douglass  *
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:  11-01-1947   
Recorded in:  Taylor    
Father:   Billy Frank Womack 
Mother:   Virginia Ruth Douglass

WOMACK,    William Herbert  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   08-18-1945  
Recorded in:  Tarrant    
Father:  Herbert Efton Womack  
Mother: Bonnie Anna Bruner

WOMACK,    William Howard 
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:   05-16-1930  
Recorded in:   Dawson   
Father:   Arthur William Womack 
Mother:  Mary E. Pigg  

WOMACK,     William Hugh
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   10-07-1935  
Recorded in:   Wichita   
Father:   ? 
Mother:    Hettie C. Womack

WOMACK,    William James 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   01-03-1949  
Recorded in:     Freestone 
Father:  General D. Womack  
Mother:   Annie Pearl Tatum

WOMACK,   William   
Sex:  f ? 
Birth Date:   06-08-1926  
Recorded in:   Dawson   
Father:  William Lafayette Womack  
Mother:    Mamie Lorena Banta

WOMACK,     William Lee
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   07-16-1937  
Recorded in:   Bexar   
Father:   R.B. Womack 
Mother:    Evelyn Martin

WOMACK,    William  *
Sex:   f ?
Birth Date:  02-09-1928   
Recorded in:   Jones   
Father:  William Lervers Womack  (William Lewers Womack)
Mother:   Winnie Lea Hagler  (Vinnie Lee Hagler)

WOMACK,   William Lester  
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   02-03-1948  
Recorded in:    Dallas  
Father:  Lester Marlan Womack  
Mother:   Mary Virginia Goodman

WOMACK,    William Mark  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   02-01-1938  
Recorded in:   Taylor   
Father:  Mark Campbell Womack  
Mother:    Dorothy Marie Fawcette

WOMACK,    William Michel 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   11-04-1946  
Recorded in:   Hunt   
Father:    William Spurlock Womack
Mother:   June Lewan Scott

WOMACK,   William Minter, Jr.  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:     06-14-1927
Recorded in:  Harris    
Father:  William Minter Womack  
Mother:    Blanch Weatherford

WOMACK,    William Pryor 
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:  09-04-1947   
Recorded in:  Matagorda    
Father:   Edwin Pryor Womack, Jr. 
Mother:   Emma Beatrice Moyar

WOMACK,    William Ray 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   05-17-1934  
Recorded in:    Angelina  
Father:   William Womack 
Mother:    Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,     William Ray
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   12-15-1930 
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:    Carl Womack
Mother:   Maudine Ellener Aspeck  

WOMACK,     William Recie, Jr.
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   06-06-1944 
Recorded in:  Foard   
Father:  William Recie Womack  
Mother:    Frances Maud Tisdale

WOMACK,   William Richard  *
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:  03-23-1942  
Recorded in:  Potter   
Father:  Oscar Neal Womack  
Mother:   Ruth Elizabeth Hitchcock

WOMACK,   William Robert  *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    01-20-1930  (01-20-1932)
Recorded in:     Lamar
Father:  William Earl Womack  
Mother:   Jennie Ila Watson

WOMACK,   William Robert  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   12-19-1934 
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:    William Floyd Womack
Mother:    Marguerite Perry

WOMACK,   William Talley, Jr.  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   11-14-1949 
Recorded in:   Harris  
Father:  William Talley Womack  
Mother:     Nan Melvenia Goodson

WOMACK,     William Telisson
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   09-01-1941 
Recorded in:   McCulloch  
Father:    Andrew Jackson Womack
Mother:  Elsie Debore

WOMACK,    William Thomas 
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    08-29-1930
Recorded in:    Tom Green 
Father:  Clifford Thomas Womack  
Mother:  Agnes Carrie West

WOMACK,    William Truett 
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   01-14-1935 
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   David Earl Womack 
Mother:  Mary Ester Taliaferro

WOMACK,    Willie 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:  04-23-1926 
Recorded in:  Bosque   
Father:  Jack Womack  
Mother:    Rena Sparks

WOMACK,    Willie Cathryn 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    04-20-1930
Recorded in:   Mitchell  
Father:   Charles H. Womack 
Mother:  Viola Bozeman

WOMACK,    Willie James 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    03-09-1948
Recorded in:  Tarrant   
Father:  James Womack  
Mother:   Essie B. Thomas

WOMACK,   Willie Jean  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    04-25-1939
Recorded in:   Dawson 
Father:    Eugene Givens Womack
Mother:  Viola Gertrude Smith

WOMACK,    Willie Jewel 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   04-12-1948 
Recorded in:    Montgomery 
Father:  Arthur Womack  
Mother:  Bobbie Jean Williams

WOMACK,   Willie Ruth  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   04-24-1928 
Recorded in:  Young   
Father:  Earl B. Womack  
Mother:   Martha Eunice Summerville

WOMACK,   Willie Thomas  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   06-02-1938 
Recorded in:  Bell   
Father:  Taft Womack  
Mother:   Christine Hamilton

WOMACK,    Wilma Sue 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   05-02-1938 
Recorded in:     Jefferson
Father:   Wilbur Allen Womack 
Mother:  Berkie Estelle Womack

WOMACK,   Zeb Power, Jr.  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-10-1931 
Recorded in:   Howard  
Father:    Zeb Power Womack
Mother:   Omma C. Darrow

WOMACK,     Zoan Dorothy
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   07-26-1931 
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:  Henry R. Womack   
Mother:  Zora Lillian Reagan



WOMMACK,   A.  (Ralph Henry Womack) ? *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   08-30-1934 
Recorded in:  Cherokee   
Father:  A.B. Wommack  (Algie Bertram Womack)  Grandfather of  Lee Ann Womack.
Mother:    Clara Carnes

WOMMACK,    Andrew Murray *
Sex: m   
Birth Date:  04-30-1949  
Recorded in:   Harrison  
Father:    Winford Raymond Wommack
Mother:  Lavelle Ina Stroud

WOMMACK,    Anthony Anderson  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-15-1947
Recorded in:  Tarrant   
Father:    W.C. Wommack  (Willie Cloise Wommack)
Mother:   Nina Mae Luxton

WOMMACK,    Bettie Ann  *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    04-10-1935
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:  Robert Louis Wommack  
Mother:   Delia Ann Richey

WOMMACK,    Bonnie LaRue 
Sex: f   
Birth Date:  11-10-1949  
Recorded in:  Morris   
Father:  James Wommack  
Mother:  Maydell Hancock  

WOMMACK,    Brandon Eugene 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  02-07-1935  
Recorded in:   Bowie  
Father:  Eugene Vincent Wommack  
Mother:    Florence Doris Chandler

WOMMACK,    Charles William 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-31-1943
Recorded in:  Jefferson   
Father:   ? 
Mother:   Dorothy Faye Elliott

WOMMACK,    David Randell  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   06-27-1932 
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:   Robert Louis Wommack 
Mother:   Dealia Ann Richie

WOMMACK,   Dorothy Evelyn  *
Sex: f   
Birth Date:   12-07-1940 
Recorded in:   Moore  
Father:   Halbert Milton Wommack  (Womack)
Mother:  Dorothy Athelia Lewis

Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  07-19-1936  
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:    James Herman Wommack
Mother:   Ethel Ewildie Jenkins

WOMMACK,     Elga
Sex: f   
Birth Date:   05-25-1941 
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:   Vernon Elijah Wommack 
Mother:  Emma Tucker

WOMMACK,    Franca Lavonne 
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   02-01-1949 
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Gilbert Weldon Wommack 
Mother:  Frances LaVerne Stubbs

WOMMACK,   Gene Ellen  *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  12-10-1943  
Recorded in:   Brazoria  
Father:   George Tobin Wommack 
Mother:  Hester Gene Guthrie

WOMMACK,   George Reid  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   02-05-1930 
Recorded in:   Jefferson  
Father:    John Abner Wommack
Mother:  Myra Austin

WOMMACK,   George Tobin, Jr.  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  07-11-1945  
Recorded in:  Brazoria   
Father:   George Tobin Wommack 
Mother:   Hester Guthrie

WOMMACK,     Gwen
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   08-11-1935 
Recorded in:  Morris   
Father:   R.W. Wommack 
Mother:  LaVonn Branch

WOMMACK,     Gwendolyn
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  01-26-1929  
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:  Ernest Edgar Wommack  
Mother:    Jessie Elizabeth Harvey

WOMMACK,  Helen Gean   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  02-17-1926  
Recorded in:  Hunt   
Father:  Archer C. Wommack  
Mother: Gladys Stud

WOMMACK,    Helen Jeannette *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   08-13-1938 
Recorded in:   Morris 
Father:    Halbert M. Wommack  (Halbert Milton Womack)
Mother:    Dorothy (Athelia) Lewis

WOMMACK,    Henry Ford 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-22-1930 
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Elijah Everett Wommack 
Mother:  Lillie Pearl Martin 

WOMMACK,   Hix Nathaniel  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  08-23-1942  
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:  Hix Nathaniel Wommack  
Mother:   Frances Ethyln Griffin

WOMMACK,    James Estus 
Sex: m   
Birth Date:   07-28-1941 
Recorded in:  Morris   
Father:  Estus Marion Wommack  
Mother:  Louise Moore

WOMMACK,    James Leslie 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-25-1942
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father: James Woodrow Wommack   
Mother:   Eunice Frances Griffin

WOMMACK,     Jerelene *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  12-07-1932  
Recorded in:  Kent   
Father:  Loyd Wommack  (Loyd Elvin Womack)
Mother:   Mary Lee Armes

WOMMACK,  Jerry Allen   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    10-28-1949
Recorded in:  Lamar   
Father:  Walter Carrol Wommack  
Mother:    Lorene Mary Wright

WOMMACK,    Jonathan James 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   11-02-1948 
Recorded in:  Brazos   
Father:   James Harold Wommack 
Mother:   Halcyon Winefred Haldeman

WOMMACK,   Joyce Elaine  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-19-1940
Recorded in:   Hunt  
Father:  Winford Roman Wommack  (Winford Raymond Wommack)
Mother:   Laville Stroud  (Ina Lavelle Stroud)

WOMMACK,   Joye Evonne  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  09-15-1947  
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:  Alfred Joseph Wommack  
Mother:  Lucielle Daniels

WOMMACK,   Karen  
Sex: f   
Birth Date:   01-07-1946 
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:    Rex Lewis Wommack
Mother:    Dorothy Addine Stevens

WOMMACK,  Kathryn Loraine   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   07-25-1948 
Recorded in:  Childress   
Father:    Harland Capers Womack
Mother: Edna Maurine White

WOMMACK,    Kenneth 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    11-26-1934
Recorded in:    Grayson 
Father:  J.P. Wommack  
Mother:   Marie Jacobs      

WOMMACK,    Kenneth Harold  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-06-1933  
Recorded in:   Burnet  
Father:  Hofford M. Wommack   
Mother:  Flora Wadkins

WOMMACK,   Lary Dean   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:     11-17-1943
Recorded in:   Tarrant  
Father:   J.D. Wommack  
Mother:   Mary Ellen Rigsby

WOMMACK,   Lee Wayne   
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   01-02-1946  
Recorded in:   Morris  
Father:   Meryl L. Wommack  
Mother:   Louise Moore

WOMMACK,    Lois Ellen  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  12-15-1946   
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:   William Stringer Wommack  
Mother:   Mary Edna Johnson

WOMMACK,   Louis   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  01-22-1939   
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:   Louis Wommack  
Mother:  Dorothy A. Stevens

WOMMACK,  Loyd Ray    
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  03-14-1935   
Recorded in:   Kent  
Father:  Loyd Wommack   
Mother:   Mary Lee Armes

WOMMACK,   Malcolm Ray   *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  12-03-1941   
Recorded in:    Young 
Father:  Lee Edmond Womack   
Mother:   Norine Hooper

WOMMACK,   Marion   *
Sex: m 
Birth Date:  09-12-1932    
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:  Marion M. Wommack   
Mother:   Martha Virginia Witt   

WOMMACK,    Mary Elizabeth  
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   01-29-1943  
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:  William Stringer Womack   
Mother:   Mary Edna Johnson

WOMMACK,   Max Ray, Jr.   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  08-17-1949   
Recorded in:   Comal  
Father:  Max Ray Wommack   
Mother:   Christiana Hulda Eiband

WOMMACK,   Michael Griffin   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   10-19-1947  
Recorded in:  Cass    
Father:  Hix Y. Wommack    
Mother:  Frances Ethlyn Griffin

WOMMACK,   Mitchell Campbell   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-20-1926 
Recorded in:  Anderson   
Father:  Drew S. Wommack   
Mother:    Fannie Campbell

WOMMACK,   Nina Faye   *
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:   10-25-1937  
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:   Marion M. Wommack  
Mother:  Martha Virginia Witt

WOMMACK,    O.G.  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   09-02-1938  
Recorded in:   Parker  
Father:   O.G. Wommack  
Mother:   Ollie Mae Pyles

WOMMACK,   Pamela   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    09-13-1943 
Recorded in:    Morris 
Father:    Halbert Milton Wommack 
Mother:   Dorothy Aphetea Lewis

WOMMACK,   Patricia Ann   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    06-12-1941 
Recorded in:    Navarro 
Father:   Duane Womack  
Mother:    Gerald Faye Burks

WOMMACK,   Patricia Ann   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    10-04-1947 
Recorded in:   Bexar  
Father:    Earl Shephard Wommack 
Mother:   Mildred Alice Paterson

WOMMACK,   Patricia Gail   *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    09-24-1933 
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Halbert Womack  
Mother:    Dorothy Lewis

WOMMACK,   Paula   *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:  09-13-1943   
Recorded in:  Morris   
Father:   Halbert Milton Wommack  
Mother:   Dorothy Ophetea Lewis

WOMMACK,    Pauline  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   08-09-1929  
Recorded in:   Morris  
Father:   Marion Wommack  
Mother:    Martha Womack      

WOMMACK,   Rebecca Ann   
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    12-07-1939 
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Kermit Weldon Wommack  
Mother:    Ione Carter

WOMMACK,    Rex Lewis, Jr.  
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   09-19-1947  
Recorded in:  Dallas   
Father:   Rex Lewis Wommack  
Mother:  Dorothy Addine Stevens

WOMMACK,    Sandra Kay  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-03-1948  
Recorded in:  Gregg   
Father:   Lee Edmond Wommack  (Womack)
Mother:  Norine Hooper

WOMMACK,     Sarah Beth 
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   12-15-1942  
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:   Rex Lewis Wommack  
Mother:   Dorothy Addine Stevens

WOMMACK,     Shirley Ann 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   07-14-1935  
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:    Lon P. Wommack 
Mother:    Dovie Ester Smith

WOMMACK,   Shirley Ann   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  09-16-1944   
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Vernon Elijah Wommack  
Mother:    Emma Tucker

WOMMACK,    Thelma Jeane  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-27-1931 
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:    Dave Wommack 
Mother:    Christine Patterson

WOMMACK,     Travis Orran 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   09-07-1935  
Recorded in:   Reeves  
Father:   James Franklin Womack  
Mother:  Elsie Grace Lindsey

WOMMACK,    Vernon  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   03-14-1939  
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:   Vernon E. Wommack  
Mother:    Emma Tucker

WOMMACK,  Virginia Gail    
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     12-07-1948
Recorded in:   Travis  
Father:   Thomas Campbell Wommack  
Mother:  Virginia Merle Ford

WOMMACK,    Wayne  
Sex:    f ?
Birth Date:  03-18-1934   
Recorded in:   Terry  
Father:    Wayne Wommack 
Mother:    Bernice Howard

WOMMACK,    William  *
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   12-26-1932  
Recorded in:  Cass   
Father:  William Davis Wommack   
Mother:  Ozie Lena Smith

WOMMACK,   William Stringer, Jr.   
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    04-21-1948 
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   William S. Wommack  
Mother:   Mary Edna Johnson

WOMMACK,   Winford Raymond  II   *
Sex: m   
Birth Date:   12-29-1944  
Recorded in:   Cass  
Father:   Winford Raymond Wommack  
Mother:    Ina Lavell Stroud



WORMACK,    Jimmie Lester  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   05-02-1939  
Recorded in:   Young  
Father:    Brint Wormack 
Mother:   Ella Mae Nicholson

WORMACK,    Joselyn  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   04-08-1944  
Recorded in:  Galveston   
Father:   ?  
Mother:   Viola Chavis

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