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Womack  Births

Texas  G-M

* Indicates names I have in my database.   ( ) Indicates the date, spelling or name as I have it in my database.  If you have connections to these families, let me know.  Roger Womack

WOMACK,   Garland
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-31-1938
Recorded in:   Harrison
Father:   Ruben Womack
Mother: Dorris Perkins

WOMACK,   Garland
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-24-1946 
Recorded in:   Jefferson
Father:   Douglas Womack
Mother:  Lela Young

WOMACK,   Gaylia Evette
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     12-11-1946
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Bud Womack
Mother:  Lula Mae Brown

WOMACK,   Gaylon Henry *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     12-26-1945
Recorded in:   San Augustine
Father:   Julius Eugene Fergurson ?
Mother: Ivy Gay Davis

WOMACK,   Gene Allen
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-15-1939
Recorded in:   Navarro
Father:   Jimmie Hase Womack
Mother:  Alma May Ewing

WOMACK,   Geneva Louise  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-26-1936 
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Volney Roosevelt Womack
Mother: Alice Mae Seymour

WOMACK,   Genevieve
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     07-06-1942
Recorded in:   Bell
Father:   Tafe Wormack
Mother: Christeen Warmack

WOMACK,   George Reasor  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     04-22-1931
Recorded in:   Mitchell
Father:   E.S. Womack   (Elbert Sterling Womack)
Mother: Ada Lee Reasor

WOMACK,   George Ronald
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-22-1941 
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   Rubert A. Womack
Mother:  Virginia Wilson

WOMACK,   George Sidney
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     12-27-1946
Recorded in:   Angelina
Father:   J.P. Womack
Mother: Ruth Esther Donnell

WOMACK,   George Thomas, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-18-1943
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   George Thomas Womack
Mother: Eddie Ringgold

WOMACK,   George W.
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     01-27-1935
Recorded in:   Navarro
Father:   Jessie F. Womack
Mother:  Maude Kelso

WOMACK,   George Wayne
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-21-1941  
Recorded in:   Dawson
Father:   Eugene Givins Womack
Mother: Viola Gertrude Smith

WOMACK,   George 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-05-1939 
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   George William Womack
Mother: Mildred Marie Holder

WOMACK,   Georgia Norine  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    07-10-1943 
Recorded in:   Bosque
Father:   George Wilson Womack
Mother: Norine Virginia Billings

WOMACK,   Georgia Pearl
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  11-09-1935   
Recorded in:   Houston
Father:   Louis Womack
Mother:  Mattie Crofford

WOMACK,   Gerald Payton
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-14-1935 
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   David Earl Womack
Mother:  Mary Ester Tallaferro

WOMACK,   Gerald Wayne *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     05-20-1945
Recorded in:   Bell
Father:   Prentice Earl Womack
Mother: Trudie Ann Cox

WOMACK,   Gilbert Wayne  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     03-02-1936
Recorded in:   Wise
Father:   Roy Womack
Mother: Edna Goodyer (Goodger)

WOMACK,   Glen Lee  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   06-12-1926  
Recorded in:   Milam
Father:   B.W. Womack
Mother:  Ina  Smith

WOMACK,   Glen Lewis  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     11-26-1941
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Lowndo Ferdinand Womack
Mother: Bertha Lee Lewis

WOMACK,   Glenda Carol  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     01-26-1949
Recorded in:   Lamb
Father:   James Alan Womack
Mother:  Norma Louise Jamieson

WOMACK,   Glenda Fay
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-03-1942 
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Eldon Levi Womack
Mother:  Alma Ruth Rushing

WOMACK,   Glenda Faye
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     08-18-1942
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Jas. Mervin Womack
Mother:  Margaret Elizabeth Durham

WOMACK,   Glenda Fern
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     10-12-1946
Recorded in:   Orange
Father:   Clyde Calvin Womack
Mother:  Mary Margaret Groom

WOMACK,   Glenda Hays
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     08-26-1943
Recorded in:   Jack
Father:   Elisha Ray Womack
Mother:  Dessie May Huff

WOMACK,   Glenn Edwin, Jr.  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     09-01-1945
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Glenn Edwin Womack
Mother: Ila Louise Hall

WOMACK,   Glenn Russell
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     07-18-1930
Recorded in:   Wise
Father:   Clarance Womack
Mother:  Bessie Cline

WOMACK,   Glorery Jine
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   02-09-1944  
Recorded in:   Bell
Father:   Tofh Womack
Mother: Christina Hamilton

WOMACK,   Gloria
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     04-15-1930
Recorded in:   Dawson
Father:   O.B. Womack
Mother:  Winnie Gullatt

WOMACK,   Gloria Dale  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     05-26-1936
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Joe Womack   (Jewel Thomas Womack)
Mother:  Hazel Pearl Smith

WOMACK,   Gloria Wanda Gae
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:     11-09-1931
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Noble F. Womack
Mother:  Velma McCuistion

WOMACK,   Gordon Kelton
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-20-1944 
Recorded in:   Swisher
Father:   Henry Samuel Womack
Mother:  Betty Ruth Richie

WOMACK,   Grady Thurman
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     02-01-1945
Recorded in:   Cherokee
Father:   Elmer Thurman Womack
Mother:  Edith Loella Everett

WOMACK,   Granville (Granville Curtis, Jr.)*
Sex: m   
Birth Date:     02-18-1934
Recorded in:   Hunt
Father:   Grant Womack (Grant Curtis Womack)
Mother:  Presten Swindle (Vada Christine Swindle)

WOMACK,   Gwendolyn Sue
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     04-22-1946
Recorded in:   Taylor
Father:   John Womack
Mother: Juanita Branum

WOMACK,   Hal Earl *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     11-15-1932
Recorded in:   Lamar
Father:   Hal Womack (Hal Elliott Womack)
Mother:  Ruth (E.) Bassano

WOMACK,   Hanna Laurence
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     12-28-1929
Recorded in:   Navarro
Father:   Jessie F. Womack
Mother: Maudia Kelso

WOMACK,   Harlan Ray
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  09-28-1945   
Recorded in:   Dawson
Father:   Raymond Harlan Womack
Mother: Bessie Marie Wilkerson

WOMACK,   Harold
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     12-07-1940
Recorded in:   Navarro
Father:   Ocie Womack
Mother: Marry Shue

WOMACK,   Harold Lewis *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-27-1937
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   Houston Ivan Womack
Mother:  Jackie Nell Moose

WOMACK,   Harold Wayne *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   05-04-1940  
Recorded in:   Fannin
Father:   Grant Curtis Womack
Mother: Vada Cristeen Swindle

WOMACK,   Harrold Davis *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     01-17-1935
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Marian R. Womack
Mother:  May Belle Hulsey

WOMACK,   Harvey Dell
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   07-23-1944  
Recorded in:   Lubbock
Father:   Thomas Jackson Womack
Mother: Leah Inez Mosley

WOMACK,   Harvey Lynne
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:     01-30-1933
Recorded in:   Waller
Father:   Rufus Marvin Womack
Mother: May Belle Hulsey

WOMACK,   Hazel Adele
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   06-07-1934  
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   John Frank Womack
Mother: Hazel Marian Francis

WOMACK,   Hazel Kathryn *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    05-05-1931 
Recorded in:   Bosque
Father:   Giles Raymond Womack
Mother: Jimmie Othel Marsh

WOMACK,   Heather Lee
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     03-13-1948
Recorded in:   Tom Green
Father:   Russell Ogden Womack, Jr.
Mother: Rose Lee Stewart

WOMACK,   Helen Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     08-26-1946
Recorded in:   Ector
Father:   Albert Stanley Womack
Mother: Ida Belle Francisco

WOMACK,   Helen Jane
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-17-1945 
Recorded in:   Howard
Father:   Novis Welmeth Womack
Mother: Eileen Marie Killingsworth

WOMACK,   Helen Loreta
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     12-28-1947
Recorded in:   Gregg
Father:   Cecil Lawrence Womack
Mother:  Helen Corinne Hardy

WOMACK,   Helen Marie
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     09-19-1927
Recorded in:   Cooke
Father:   George Womack
Mother:  Martha Ruby Lynn

WOMACK,   Helen Marie
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-07-1930 
Recorded in:   Bowie
Father:   Jack Womack
Mother: Rena Sparks

WOMACK,   Helen Ruth *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     02-10-1948
Recorded in:   Rusk
Father:   Arthur A. Womack
Mother: Ruth Maxwell

WOMACK,   Hennon Lamoine
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     05-25-1934
Recorded in:   Lamar
Father:   Oliver Marvin Womack
Mother: Nettie Chandler

WOMACK,   Henry Clifford III
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     01-15-1945
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Henry Clifford Womack, Jr.
Mother: Flora Pauline Snyder

WOMACK,   Henry Lee
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     10-03-1944
Recorded in:   Jefferson
Father:   Jeff Womack
Mother:  Florence Ellis

WOMACK,   Henry Oden, Jr. *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   11-21-1948  
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Henry Oden Womack
Mother:  Dorothy Mae Mitchmore

WOMACK,   Herman * 
Sex:    f ?
Birth Date:     12-04-1938
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Herbert Elbert Womack (Herman Edward Womack)
Mother:  Mildred Opal Little

WOMACK,   Herman Hubert, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   04-22-1929  
Recorded in:   Bowie
Father:   Herman H. Womack
Mother:  Lucille White

WOMACK,   Holbert Zane *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    01-30-1928 
Recorded in:   Mitchell
Father:   Francis A. (Allen) Womack
Mother: Laura Lee Hester

WOMACK,   Howard 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    08-18-1940 
Recorded in:   Harrison
Father:   Reuben Womack
Mother:  Rosie Mae Womack

WOMACK,  Howard Lee 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    09-18-1948 
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Richard L. Womack
Mother: Martha E. Holcomb

WOMACK,   Huland Eugene
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-20-1940  
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Huland Ellison Womack
Mother: Eula Mae Gregson

WOMACK,   Ida Mae * 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-20-1931 
Recorded in:   Cass
Father:   Eustace D. (Dare) Womack
Mother: Cora (Ann) Washington

WOMACK,   Ignac Ray
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     09-16-1942
Recorded in:   Brazoria
Father:   W.J. Womack
Mother:  Mary Margarett Kocurek

WOMACK,   Iris Haden *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-30-1937 
Recorded in:   Hidalgo
Father:   Charles Marion Womack, Jr.
Mother: Mary Alice Haden

WOMACK,   Iva Joyce *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     05-20-1929
Recorded in:   Cass
Father:   Eustace D. (Dare) Womack
Mother: Cora (Ann) Washington

WOMACK,   Ivor Claull *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     06-20-1938
Recorded in:   Polk
Father:   Newton McRade Womack
Mother: Ivor Humble

Sex:   f  
Birth Date:   07-07-1930  
Recorded in:    Wichita
Father:   J.F. Womack
Mother:  Elsie Lindsey

WOMACK,    J.P., Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   01-20-1948  
Recorded in:   Angelina 
Father:   J.P. Womack
Mother:  Ruth Ester Donell

Sex:     m
Birth Date:    01-12-1933 
Recorded in:    Grayson
Father:   J.J. Womack
Mother:  Flossie Darter

WOMACK,    Jack, Jr.
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:   08-23-1936  
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   John Womack
Mother:  Inez Harris

WOMACK,    Jack Edward, Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     03-18-1944
Recorded in:    Ward
Father:   Jack Edward Womack
Mother:  Eva Rob Cheshire

WOMACK,    Jack Garnett
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:    10-19-1930 
Recorded in:   Orange 
Father:   John Garnett Womack
Mother:  Delma Letney

WOMACK,    Jack Henry, Jr.  *
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:     10-06-1944
Recorded in:    Denton
Father:   Jack Henry Womack
Mother:  Eva Mae Womack O'Neal

WOMACK,   Jack *
Sex:   f  ?
Birth Date:     08-30-1946
Recorded in:   Nueces 
Father:   Jack Womack
Mother:  Hazel Clare Manning

WOMACK,    Jack Marvin *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   08-30-1940  
Recorded in:    Angelina
Father:   Jackson Noah Womack, Jr.
Mother:  Daphine Idell Walker

WOMACK,    Jack Wendell *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     02-13-1931
Recorded in:    Cass
Father:   Halbert (Milton) Womack
Mother:  Dorothy (Athelia) Lewis

WOMACK,    Jackie Glenn
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     03-01-1039
Recorded in:   Young 
Father:   Beall Womack
Mother:  Nerene Durham

WOMACK,    Jackie Leverne
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:   03-04-1936  
Recorded in:    Nolan
Father:   Jess Womack
Mother:  Lois Barnes

WOMACK,    Jackie O'Donald
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:   12-23-1940  
Recorded in:    Collin
Father:   Loyd B. Womack
Mother:  Maurice Newman

WOMACK,    Jackson Noah  III  *
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:    08-12-1945 
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   Jackson Noah Womack, Jr.
Mother:  Mary Ethel Parsons

WOMACK,    Jackson Noah, Jr.  *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   01-16-1929  
Recorded in:   Angelina 
Father:   Jackson Noah Womack
Mother:  Lillie Trevathan

WOMACK,   Jacquelene
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    12-30-1932
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Jack Womack
Mother: Lorraine Broom

WOMACK,   James Alexander
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   12-08-1949 
Recorded in:    Ector
Father:   Weyman Almon Womack 
Mother: Mildred Lurane McKaskle

WOMACK,   James Allen
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-27-1945
Recorded in:  Dawson  
Father:    Eugene Givins Womack
Mother: Viola Gertrude Smith

WOMACK,   James Alvah  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-22-1940
Recorded in:    Lubbock
Father:    Rufus Thales Womack
Mother: Mary Addel Vaughn

WOMACK,   James Anderson
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   03-01-1932 
Recorded in:    Galveston
Father:    Andreson Jennings ?
Mother:  Viola Edith Chambers

WOMACK,   James Arthur
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    09-23-1948
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:  Johnnie Franklin Womack  
Mother: Mary Lou Boyd

WOMACK,   James B.
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    01-16-1931
Recorded in:    Houston
Father:    Ed Womack
Mother: Allie Bobbitt

WOMACK,   James Calvin
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  12-12-1946  
Recorded in:    Dawson
Father:    James Calvin Womack
Mother: Rae Fern Pennington

WOMACK,   James Carver
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   02-05-1933 
Recorded in:    Tarrant
Father:    William Austin Womack
Mother: Bertha Carver

WOMACK,   James Clifford
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    08-05-1928
Recorded in:   Tom Green 
Father:    Dr. C. T. Womack
Mother: Agness West

WOMACK,   James  *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    02-20-1937
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   James D. Womack 
Mother: Gladys Jones

WOMACK,   James Douglas *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    10-29-1931
Recorded in:    Jefferson
Father:    Howard Douglas Womack
Mother: Anna Alberta Glidewell

WOMACK,   James Earl
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    07-17-1934
Recorded in:    Smith
Father:    John E. Womack
Mother: Bernice Josephine Brown

WOMACK,   James Earl
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    06-27-1941
Recorded in:    Houston
Father:    ?
Mother: Effie Lee Womack

WOMACK,   James Edward
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    10-09-1944
Recorded in:    Navarro
Father:    James William Womack
Mother: Mary Jane Lofton

WOMACK,   James Eligia
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   04-19-1929 
Recorded in:    Cass
Father:    Herman Womack
Mother: Ethel Womack

WOMACK,   James Gary
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    06-17-1939
Recorded in:    Parker
Father:   Thurman Womack 
Mother: Dorothy Lucille Thornton

WOMACK,   James Henry
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    01-18-1949
Recorded in:   Dawson 
Father:    Jonathan Henry Womack
Mother: Dolly Nadine Horn

WOMACK,   James
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    01-10-1932
Recorded in:    Cass
Father:    James Herman Womack
Mother: Ethel Lee Jenkins

WOMACK,   James Jurdie
Sex:  m
Birth Date:  06-17-1949  
Recorded in:    Tarrant
Father:    Thomas Blanton Womack
Mother: Mary Malvin Morton

WOMACK,   James Larry
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   06-15-1943 
Recorded in:    Houston
Father:    Hubert Lee Womack
Mother: Velma Irene Mitchell

WOMACK,   James Lewis
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    02-24-1926
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Valice Monroe Womack
Mother: Irene Genelle Givens

WOMACK,   James Loyd
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   04-14-1948 
Recorded in:    Rusk
Father:    Grover Lean Womack
Mother: Clara Bell Kizer

WOMACK,   James Melton *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:  10-23-1928  
Recorded in:  Cass  
Father:   Halbert  (Milton) Womack 
Mother: Dorothy Lewis

WOMACK,   James Monroe
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   09-17-1946 
Recorded in:    Lamar
Father:   James Charles Womack 
Mother: Emma Y. Newson

WOMACK,   James Otis
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    03-20-1938
Recorded in:    Bosque
Father:    Harry LaVerne Womack
Mother: Josephine Elizabeth Womack

WOMACK,   James Randolph
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    09-11-1933
Recorded in:   Harrison 
Father:    Henry E. Womack
Mother: Lily Cameron Whyte

WOMACK,   James Simeon *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:  06-01-1946  
Recorded in:    Denton
Father:    Jack Henry Womack
Mother: Eva Mae Womack O'Neal

WOMACK,   James Vaughan
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    12-13-1927
Recorded in:    Burnet
Father:    Columbus Paul Womack
Mother: Lena F. Roach

WOMACK,   James Wallace *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    06-12-1926
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Lester Wallace Womack
Mother: Anna Louise Cloud

WOMACK,   James Weldon *
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    09-10-1938
Recorded in:    Sabine
Father:    C.W. Womack  (Charlie Wilson Womack)
Mother: Birdie Gilbert

WOMACK,   James Wiley
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   12-04-1939 
Recorded in:    Brown
Father:    Thomas Joseph Womack
Mother: Delia Myrtle Donald

WOMACK,   James Wiley
Sex:  m
Birth Date:    03-16-1937
Recorded in:   Lamar 
Father:   W.E. Womack 
Mother: Willie E. Owen

WOMACK,   Jan *
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    07-17-1938
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Jack Womack, Jr.
Mother: Hazel Clare Manning

WOMACK,   Janice Margaret
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    01-15-1949
Recorded in:    Wise
Father:    Carl Womack
Mother: Bertha Geneva Kennedy

WOMACK,  Janice Marie  *
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    08-11-1945
Recorded in:   Taylor 
Father:   Oliver Lee Womack 
Mother: Christine Merle Dawson

WOMACK,   Janice Yvonne
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    04-01-1947
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    Leroy Womack
Mother: Georgia Mae Williams

WOMACK,   Janie Irene *
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    09-26-1940
Recorded in:    Ector
Father:    Kirk Womack, Jr. (Wendell Kirkendall Womack, Jr.)
Mother: Dorothy Lee Williams

WOMACK,   Jean Elizabeth  *
Sex:  f
Birth Date:    01-13-1949
Recorded in:    El Paso
Father:    Paul Hanson Womack
Mother: Martha Elizabeth Wilbourn

WOMACK,    Jean Haden
Sex:   f
Birth Date:  11-11-1939  
Recorded in:     Hidalgo
Father:     James Edward Womack
Mother:  Jean Haden

WOMACK,    Jean Ray
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    11-01-1932
Recorded in:     Nolan
Father:     Ernest Clyde Womack
Mother:  Margaret Barton

WOMACK,    Jeanette
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   07-22-1945 
Recorded in:  Cameron   
Father:   Lawrence Levi Womack, Jr.  
Mother:  Jean Parrish

WOMACK,    Jefferson, Jr.
Sex:  m 
Birth Date:    12-21-1945
Recorded in:     Jefferson
Father:     Jefferson Womack
Mother:  Florence Ellis

WOMACK,    Jemabeth *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   08-17-1932 
Recorded in:    Grayson 
Father:     W.C. Womack, Jr.  (Willie Clifford Womack)
Mother:  Ruby Hughes

WOMACK,    Jennie Nell *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-13-1938 
Recorded in:     Mitchell
Father:     John C. (Churchwell) Womack, Jr.
Mother:  Melba Arizona Morrow

WOMACK,    Jennifer Marie
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    12-19-1949
Recorded in:   McLennan  
Father:   R.C. Womack  
Mother:  Camille Smith

WOMACK,   Jerold Arblee  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   01-31-1942 
Recorded in:   Ector  
Father:     Arsey Arblee Womack
Mother:  Lucile Nadeen Sallee

WOMACK,    Jerrie Ann *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-07-1946
Recorded in:    Henderson
Father:    George Wilson Womack 
Mother:  Norine Virginia Billings

WOMACK,    Jerry Bob
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:  08-02-1946  
Recorded in:    Coryell
Father:    Luceus Womack 
Mother: Benita Inez Brown

WOMACK,    Jerry Bob
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-23-1939 
Recorded in:    Carson
Father:    Robert Milton Womack 
Mother: Elsie Odella Hall

WOMACK,    Jerry Charles
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-26-1936
Recorded in:    Galveston
Father:    Samuel Abner Womack 
Mother: Lucy May Armstrong

WOMACK,    Jerry Don
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-12-1937
Recorded in:   Young 
Father:  Beal V. Womach ?   
Mother: Neroie Durham

WOMACK,    Jerry Floyce *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-19-1932 
Recorded in:    Tarrant
Father:     Floyd James Womack
Mother: Ethel Kirkpatrick

WOMACK,    Jerry Kyle
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    04-08-1934
Recorded in:    Jasper
Father:     Henry Allen Womack
Mother: Alice Pearl Perkins

WOMACK,    Jerry Lynn
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-23-1947
Recorded in:    Dawson
Father:   Jonathan Henry Womack  
Mother: Dollie Nadine Horn

WOMACK,    Jerry Thomas *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    08-07-1944
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    Clayton Chesterfield Womack 
Mother: Ethel Pauline Anthony

WOMACK,    Jerry Wayne *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    11-08-1947
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   Jackson Noah Womack  
Mother: Mary Ethel Parsons

WOMACK,    Jesse Lynn  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-03-1932 
Recorded in:    Brown
Father:     Thomas Joseph Womack
Mother:  Cordelia Myrtle Donnell

WOMACK,    Jesse Martin
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-10-1935
Recorded in:   Galveston 
Father:    ? 
Mother:  Viola Chavis

WOMACK,    Jesse Ray
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    09-16-1933
Recorded in:    Parker
Father:     J.R. Womack
Mother: Dessie May Huff

WOMACK,    Jesse Yell  II  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   01-21-1947 
Recorded in:   Tom Green 
Father:     Owen Walter Womack
Mother: Emily Crain

WOMACK,    Jessica Paulene  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-03-1947
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Jesse Durward Womack 
Mother:  Nell Lena Cochran

WOMACK,    Jewel  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-08-1930
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   Jewel Jackson Womack  
Mother:    Allie Belle Whitley

WOMACK,    Jewell
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    09-23-1931
Recorded in:    Hardin
Father:    Tom Womack 
Mother:    Katie Stingfellon

WOMACK,    Jimmie Carson  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   07-04-1944 
Recorded in:   Mitchell 
Father:     Raymond Clarence Womack
Mother:    Viola Rogers

WOMACK,    Jimmie Charles
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-30-1945
Recorded in:   Smith 
Father:   Charles J. W. Womack  
Mother:    Georgia Lee Carter

WOMACK,    Jimmie Dean  *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  10-26-1933  
Recorded in:    Parmer
Father:   C.H. Womack    (Charles Hughes Womack)
Mother:    J.M. Runnels  (Jewell Runnel)

WOMACK,    Jimmie John
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-26-1949
Recorded in:    Orange
Father:    William Leavery Womack 
Mother:    Naomi Madlyn Parmer

WOMACK,    Jimmie Lee  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-27-1945
Recorded in:    McLennan
Father:   James Frank Womack  
Mother:    Elsie Lindsey

WOMACK,    Jimmie Leon
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    09-27-1946
Recorded in:   Fannin 
Father:     Lonnie Herman Womack
Mother:  Rebecca Jean Harris

WOMACK,    Jimmy Lane *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-02-1947
Recorded in:    Floyd
Father:     A.J. Womack (Arthur Virgil Womack, Jr.)
Mother:  Jimmie Hicks

WOMACK,    Jimmy Lynn
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    06-10-1943
Recorded in:    Montague
Father:     Floyd L. V. Womack
Mother:    Peggy Jean Hankins

WOMACK,    Jimmy Lynn
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-27-1944
Recorded in:    McLennan
Father:     George Womack
Mother:    Ruby Smith

WOMACK,    Jno Perry
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-23-1928
Recorded in:   Harrison 
Father:     T. T. Womack
Mother:    Marjorie Votaw

WOMACK,    Jo Ann *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-10-1943
Recorded in:   Harris 
Father:     Andrew Armstrong Womack
Mother:    Odelia Schmade

WOMACK,    Jo Lynn *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-04-1944
Recorded in:    Swisher
Father:     Billy Joe Womack
Mother:    Landrey Lucille Gill

WOMACK,    Joan  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-08-1930
Recorded in:    Mitchell
Father:    B.W. Womack   (Benonia W. Womack)
Mother:    Ina Smith

WOMACK,    Joanna Mae
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-10-1943
Recorded in:    Lubbock
Father:     Cecil Faye Womack
Mother:    Georgia Ozella Hood

WOMACK,    Joe Bob *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-01-1940
Recorded in:    Nueces
Father:     Robert Cleo Womack
Mother:    Josephine Marie Adams

WOMACK,    Joe Bob  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   07-11-1946 
Recorded in:    Lubbock
Father:     Oscar Neal Womack
Mother:    Ruthie Elizabeth Hitchcock

WOMACK,    Joe Dan  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    07-10-1931
Recorded in:    Shelby
Father:    Marvin Newton Womack 
Mother:    Rosa Lee McDaniel

WOMACK,    Joe David
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    05-25-1945
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:     Lester Marlan Womack
Mother:    Mary Virginia Goodman

WOMACK,    Joe Edd *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-24-1942
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:     J.L. Womack
Mother:    Joan Causey

WOMACK,    Joe  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-26-1932 
Recorded in:   Tarrant 
Father:     Joe Womack  (Jewel Thomas Womack)
Mother:    Hazel Smith

WOMACK,    Joe Lawrence
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    08-20-1933
Recorded in:    Tarrant
Father:     Oscar Glenn Womack
Mother:    Allie May Pyles

WOMACK,    Joe Stanley   *
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:   02-08-1944  
Recorded in:    Franklin 
Father:      J.T. Womack    (Joe Thomas Womack)
Mother:     Mary Ruth Forgy

WOMACK,     Joe Wendell  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     02-15-1933
Recorded in:   Bosque  
Father:      Giles Raymond Womack
Mother:     Jimmie Othell Marsh

WOMACK,     John Albert
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     07-07-1946
Recorded in:     Waller
Father:     Lemond Womack 
Mother:     Johnnie Mae Johnson

WOMACK,     John Calvin
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     09-08-1943
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:    Charlie Womack  
Mother:     Esther May Westbrook

WOMACK,     John Charles
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     11-20-1946
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:     Henry Clifford Womack 
Mother:     Flora Pauline Snyder

WOMACK,     John D., Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   01-31-1940  
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:    John D. Womack  
Mother:     Pearl Carter

WOMACK,     John David  *
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:  07-12-1946 
Recorded in:     Lamar
Father:      Arless Wilson Womack
Mother:     Thelma Ann Malone

WOMACK,     John Doneld
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    01-30-1941 
Recorded in:     Lubbock
Father:      Julius Doneld Womack
Mother:     Margaret Lenore Tollison

WOMACK,     John Edwin
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    07-24-1944 
Recorded in:     Tarrant
Father:      ?
Mother:     Emma Beatrice Moyar

WOMACK,     John Floyd
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     06-27-1945
Recorded in:     Montague
Father:      Floyd L. V. Womack
Mother:     Peggy Jean Hankins

WOMACK,     John Hubbard *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     02-05-1940
Recorded in:     Lynn
Father:    Abraham Lincoln Womack  
Mother:     Gladys Ethel Young

WOMACK,     John Hugh
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:     06-07-1935
Recorded in:     Hidalgo
Father:      R.C. Womack
Mother:     Ruth Leathers

WOMACK,     John Lee
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    10-13-1931 
Recorded in:     Wheeler
Father:    Richard Dewey Womack  
Mother:     Corrie Elizabeth Rankin

WOMACK,     John  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     05-26-1926
Recorded in:     Jefferson
Father:      John Newton Womack
Mother:     Emma Waggoner

WOMACK,    John Ramsey 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     11-08-1927
Recorded in:     Kleberg
Father:      Ramsey Barton Womack
Mother:     Bernice Gertrude Kaufer

WOMACK,     John Ramsey, Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     06-10-1948
Recorded in:     Kleberg
Father:      John Ramsey Womack
Mother:     Jean Marie May

WOMACK,     John Robert
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    10-10-1936 
Recorded in:     Lynn
Father:    Robert Lee Womack  
Mother:     Corine Wade West

WOMACK,     John Robert *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     11-01-1946
Recorded in:     El Paso
Father:      Paul Hanson Womack, Jr.
Mother:     Martha Elizabeth Wilbourn

WOMACK,     John 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     09-03-1929
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:      John Rufus Womack
Mother:     Sarah Ann Harrington

WOMACK,     John Wayne
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     07-14-1949
Recorded in:     Nueces
Father:      Alton Wayne Womack
Mother:     Elizabeth Lee Buckner

WOMACK,     Johnie
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     02-05-1936
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:      Johnie Womack
Mother:     Carrie Franklin

WOMACK,     Johnnie
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     11-05-1936
Recorded in:     Galveston
Father:      ?
Mother:     Leola Womack

WOMACK,     Johnnie Dale
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     05-04-1948
Recorded in:     Cherokee
Father:    John Howard Womack  
Mother:     Winnie Louise Maloney

WOMACK,     Johnnie Lee *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    12-15-1949 
Recorded in:     Nolan
Father:    Charles William Womack  
Mother:     Nancy Moreen Haines

WOMACK,     Johnnie Roland
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     12-08-1942
Recorded in:     Cherokee
Father:     Johnnie Franklin Womack 
Mother:     Ruby Naoma Jordan

WOMACK,     Johnny Lee
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     01-12-1948
Recorded in:     Bell
Father:      Taft Womack
Mother:     Christiner Hamilton

WOMACK,     Johnny Ray  *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     03-22-1939
Recorded in:     San Augustine
Father:      ?   (William Henry Womack)
Mother:     Tessie Alice Walton

WOMACK,     Johnny Wayne
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     01-18-1945
Recorded in:  Dawson   
Father:      Jonathan Henry Womack
Mother:     Dolly Nadine Horn

WOMACK,     Joseph Donald
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     08-15-1926
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:     W.W. Womack 
Mother:     Hortense McDonald

WOMACK,     Joseph Earl
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     12-27-1946
Recorded in:    Brazoria 
Father:     Thomas Joseph Womack 
Mother:     Martha Ann Lawrence

WOMACK,     Joseph Edward *
Sex:     08-17-1947
Birth Date:     m
Recorded in:     Ector
Father:     Abraham Lincoln Womack 
Mother:     Gladys Ethel Young

WOMACK,     Joseph Edward
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     05-14-1937
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:    Harold Vernon Womack  
Mother:     Roy Cleo

WOMACK,     Joseph Francis, Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     09-25-1931
Recorded in:     Chambers
Father:      Joseph Francis Womack
Mother:     Susie Wilson

WOMACK,     Josephine Elizabeth
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     07-23-1949
Recorded in:     Hidalgo
Father:      James Edward Womack
Mother:     Jean Haden

WOMACK,     Joshya Nell  *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:    07-09-1935 
Recorded in:     Cooke
Father:     Morris Womack   (Morris Sheppard Womack)
Mother:     Edna Lee Smith  (Edrie Lee Smith)

WOMACK,     Jowana Joyce  *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     08-08-1945
Recorded in:     Franklin
Father:      Glenn Womack  (Glen Alexander Womack)
Mother:     Hazel Hinkle

WOMACK,     Joy
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     02-22-1939
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:      Jessie Womack
Mother:     Opal McLene

WOMACK,     Joy Dell
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     09-11-1939
Recorded in:     Nueces
Father:     Richard Willard Womack 
Mother:     Rebecca Irene Smith

WOMACK,     Joy Nell
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     02-12-1938
Recorded in:    Fannin 
Father:     Virgil V. Womack 
Mother:     Ola Mae Gibson

WOMACK,    Joyce Algene 
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     05-28-1929
Recorded in:     Ellis
Father:      Leeman D. Womack
Mother:     Etta Ross

WOMACK,     Joyce Athene
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     02-07-1937
Recorded in:     Rusk
Father:     Rubert Andrew Womack 
Mother:     Dollie Grace Wilson

WOMACK,     Joyce Elaine
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    10-15-1944 
Recorded in:     Collin
Father:      Arthur Napolean Womack
Mother:     Ava Ruth Smith

WOMACK,     Joyce Elaine
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     07-27-1928
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:      Robert Lee Womack
Mother:     Ora Little

WOMACK,     Joyce Evon
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     08-19-1927
Recorded in:     Jasper
Father:      Benjamine Crockett Womack
Mother:     Ethel Victoria Byrley

WOMACK,     Joyce Marie
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     12-30-1928
Recorded in:     Houston
Father:      Ben Louis Womack
Mother:     Mattie Crawford

WOMACK,     Judith *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     10-21-1946
Recorded in:     Hill
Father:      William Leroy Womack
Mother:     Lalia Baldridge Womack (Clauda Lalia Baldridge)

WOMACK,     Judith Dorothy  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     01-15-1945
Recorded in:    Hutchinson 
Father:     Clovis Monroe Womack 
Mother:     Dorothy Maurice Cole

WOMACK,     Judith Elaine
Sex:     f
Birth Date:   12-03-1949  
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:   Bernard Theodore Womack   
Mother:     Dorothy Elizabeth Parker

WOMACK,     Judith Marlene *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     01-25-1939
Recorded in:     Erath
Father:      O.L. Womack   (Oliver Lee Womack)
Mother:    Christine Dowson    (Christine Myrl Dawson)

WOMACK,     Judy Ann
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     07-24-1943
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:      Jarrett Brint Womack
Mother:     Ella May Nicholson

WOMACK,     Judy Carol
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     01-02-1942
Recorded in:     Lubbock
Father:     L.U. Womack 
Mother:    Jeanie Agnes Ratherford

WOMACK,     Judy Kay  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     10-18-1949
Recorded in:     Fannin
Father:      Grant Curtis Womack
Mother:      Veta Christine Swindle

WOMACK,     Julian  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    05-29-1935 
Recorded in:    El Paso 
Father:      Morris Sheppard Womack
Mother:     Merle Elizabeth Rorahr

WOMACK,     Julianne  *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   07-16-1946  
Recorded in:     Rusk
Father:     James Seborn Womack    (Seborne Womack)
Mother:     Julia Minnie McCarter

WOMACK,     Julias
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    01-08-1934 
Recorded in:     Leon
Father:      Isac Womack
Mother:     Minnie Ethel Tubb

WOMACK,     Karl Roland
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:     12-03-1941
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:      ?
Mother:     Georgia Katherian Richardson

WOMACK,     Kathryn Elaine
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     
Recorded in:     01-06-1947
Father:     James Randolph Womack 
Mother:     Margie Lee Chambers

WOMACK,     Kathy Anne
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     11-12-1949
Recorded in:   Dallas  
Father:    Elton Lamar Womack  
Mother:     Hilda Christine Slack

WOMACK,     Kay Laveane
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     11-20-1935
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:      Anoy A. Womack
Mother:     Tillie Schmadl

WOMACK,     Kenneth Alton
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     04-04-1940
Recorded in:     Dawson
Father:   Eugene Givins Womack   
Mother:     Viola Gertrude Smith 

WOMACK,     Kenneth Doyle  *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    09-11-1929 
Recorded in:    Nolan 
Father:      Will Eugene Womack   (William Eugene Womack)
Mother:     Willie May Giles

WOMACK,     Kenneth Eugene *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     04-17-1930
Recorded in:     Travis
Father:      Clifford Ernest Womack
Mother:     Nannie Mildred Womack

WOMACK,      Kenneth Jean
Sex:     m 
Birth Date:     08-11-1933
Recorded in:     Navarro 
Father:       James Lawrence Womack
Mother:      Robbie Jo Roman

WOMACK,      Kenneth Loyd
Sex:      m
Birth Date:     05-26-1933
Recorded in:      Fannin
Father:      Calvin Loyd Womack 
Mother:     Callie Viola Fogle

WOMACK,      Kenneth Ray
Sex:      m
Birth Date:     01-25-1945
Recorded in:    Brazoria  
Father:     Kenneth Rex Womack  
Mother:       Jennie Lee Roller

WOMACK,    Kenneth Eugene  
Sex:      m
Birth Date:     02-25-1948
Recorded in:      Moore
Father:     Lumon Jefferson Womack  
Mother:     Beulah Edith Womack

WOMACK,      Kent Lee  *
Sex:    m  
Birth Date:     07-02-1934
Recorded in:      Mitchell
Father:       Elbert Sterling Womack
Mother:       Ada Lee Reasor

WOMACK,       Kester Cleveland  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:      05-15-1930
Recorded in:       Sabine
Father:       Thomas Howard Womack 
Mother:       Mary Philomena Hulsman 

WOMACK,       L. J.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    02-16-1941  
Recorded in:    Bell   
Father:    Taft Womack    
Mother:       Christener Hamilton

WOMACK,       L. V., Jr.
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    04-09-1943  
Recorded in:     Lamb  
Father:    L.V. Womack    
Mother:       Jeanie Agnes Rutherford

WOMACK,       La Dena Fay
Sex:     f
Birth Date:      10-02-1946
Recorded in:    Lubbock   
Father:    Harold Randolph Womack    
Mother:       Verdie Inez Dillard

WOMACK,       La Guen
Sex:     f
Birth Date:      07-16-1938
Recorded in:       Dawson
Father:     Willie Elcaine  Womack  
Mother:      Effie Sharp Ruppe

WOMACK,     LaDonna   *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:      08-01-1944
Recorded in:     Harris  
Father:       J.L. Womack 
Mother:      Joan Causey

WOMACK,    Lajuna Faye   *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     04-15-1941 
Recorded in:    Floyd   
Father:    Arthur Virgil Womack    
Mother:      Ida Bell Hollinsworth

WOMACK,     Lalia Kay  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    10-31-1942  
Recorded in:     Hill  
Father:     William Leroy Womack   
Mother:    Claud Lalia Womack Baldridge

WOMACK,    Larry Clinton   
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   11-25-1939   
Recorded in:  Jefferson     
Father:  Roy Clinton Womack      
Mother:    Loraine Sterling Gibson

WOMACK,       Larry Jim  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   08-07-1936   
Recorded in:    Erath   
Father:       J.H. Womack   (James Hiram Womack)
Mother:      Jesse Martin

WOMACK,     Larry Paul  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    12-12-1948  
Recorded in:    Dallas   
Father:   Lewis Oscar Womack     
Mother:  Martina Dorothy Cochran

WOMACK,    Laura Ann   
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:     08-03-1938 
Recorded in:     Harrison  
Father:    Henry Eugene Womack    
Mother:       Lily Cameron

WOMACK,     Laura Louise  *  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     11-19-1929 
Recorded in:    Tarrant   
Father:       Joe Womack  (Jewel Thomas Womack)
Mother:      Hazel Smith

WOMACK,   Laura Maxine    *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:    01-08-1926  
Recorded in:     Erath  
Father:       James Hiram Womack 
Mother:        Jessie Dee Martin

WOMACK,    Leanne   *
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:   09-11-1947   
Recorded in:     Howard  
Father:    Raymond Lee Womack    
Mother:    Delores Allene Russell

WOMACK,      Lee Dalton 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:      03-16-1929
Recorded in:    Harris   
Father:        Lee Womack
Mother:      Tannce Blake Kelly

WOMACK,     Lee Edd, Jr.  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    03-25-1940    (03-26-1940)
Recorded in:      Young 
Father:    L. E. Womack    (Lee Edmond Womack)
Mother:     Norine Hooper

WOMACK,   Lee Kent    
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    05-30-1941  
Recorded in:    Bexar   
Father:     Lee H. Womack   
Mother:    Lynda Robertson

WOMACK,    Leland Sweatland   *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     01-08-1928
Recorded in:     Trinity  
Father:      Joe Ollie Womack  
Mother:   Mary Ann Womack Thorne

WOMACK,      Lennel Ross 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    04-27-1949  
Recorded in:     Cameron  
Father:     Lawrence Levi Womack   
Mother:     Emma Jean Parish

WOMACK,      Leo Barton 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   12-18-1942   
Recorded in:    Kleberg   
Father:   Ramsey Barton Womack     
Mother:    Bernice Gertrude Kaufer

WOMACK,     Leon Richard  
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:    06-06-1948  
Recorded in:    Harris   
Father:      Robert Rea Womack  
Mother:     Mary Alice Foster  

WOMACK,     Leona Gail  
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:      02-13-1944
Recorded in:   Young    
Father:     Beal  Valient Womack   
Mother:     Nerene Byrel Durham

WOMACK,     Leona Mae  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:   02-16-1932   
Recorded in:     Nueces  
Father:    Carl Nathan Womack    
Mother:       Jonnie Lee Bethany

WOMACK,    Leonard Raymond   *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    01-21-1940  
Recorded in:     Polk  
Father:      Newton McRade Womack  
Mother:    Iva Gumble

WOMACK,     Leroy  
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    02-06-1937  
Recorded in:     Brooks  
Father:     W.E. Womack   
Mother:      Flossie Hewwit

WOMACK,    Leroy, Jr.
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:    03-02-1943  
Recorded in:   Harris    
Father:    Leroy Womack    
Mother:      Georgia Mae Womack

WOMACK,   Lessie    
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:   09-01-1943   
Recorded in:    Montgomery   
Father:    Casey Womack    
Mother:    Lula Lee

WOMACK,    Lester Wayne   
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:    02-12-1945  
Recorded in:    Grayson   
Father:    Mike Hunter Womack    
Mother:      Lee Ella Lewis

WOMACK,       Lewis Edward  *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    02-10-1929  
Recorded in:    Potter   
Father:    William B. Womack    (William Butler Womack)
Mother:      Bessie May Runton

WOMACK,       Lewis Huland
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   10-20-1938   
Recorded in:    Brazoria   
Father:     Lewis Womack   
Mother:    Mattie Lula Crofford

WOMACK,   Lewis Ronald    *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   09-13-1945   
Recorded in:   Marion    
Father:    Lewis Oscar Womack    
Mother:      Martina Cochran 

WOMACK,    Lillian   *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    03-25-1927  
Recorded in:     Potter  
Father:   William Butler Womack     
Mother:     Bessie May Runton   

WOMACK,       Lillian Joyce  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:      07-09-1929
Recorded in:     Burleson 
Father:     Mal K. Womack   
Mother:   Nettie Lillian Keese

WOMACK,     Lillian Lee  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    01-25-1935  
Recorded in:    Brown   
Father:    Thomas J. Womack    
Mother:      Dardella Donald

WOMACK,    Lilly Jane O.   
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    02-19-1938  
Recorded in:     Dallas  
Father:     David Earl Womack   
Mother:        Mary Esther Taliferro

WOMACK,      Linda Carol  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     12-28-1945 
Recorded in:   Lamar    
Father:    John Ray Womack    
Mother:      Kathryn Charleen Claypool

WOMACK,    Linda Charlou   *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    05-21-1948  
Recorded in:     Mitchell  
Father:    Charles W. Womack    
Mother:       Nancy Moreena Haines

WOMACK,      Linda Dell 
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     08-06-1942 
Recorded in:   Harris    
Father:    George Thomas Womack    
Mother:      Eddie Mamie Ringgold

WOMACK,   Linda Gale    
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     02-19-1949 
Recorded in:    Dallas   
Father:      ?  
Mother:    Carla Womack

WOMACK,       Linda Jo  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    04-15-1945  
Recorded in:    Tarrant   
Father:   William Ross Womack     
Mother:     Hulene Askins  (Hulene Whiles) ?

WOMACK,     Linda Kathryn   *
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:      03-04-1947
Recorded in:    Cherokee   
Father:      Newburn Algie Womack  
Mother:        Leona Christine Lake

WOMACK,       Linda Kay
Sex:     f
Birth Date:      12-13-1945
Recorded in:     Lubbock  
Father:     Cecil Fay Womack   
Mother:    Georgia Ozella Hood

WOMACK,     Linda Mae  
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:     04-28-1948 
Recorded in:    Jefferson   
Father:    Chas. J.W. Womack    
Mother:   Georgia Lee Carter

WOMACK,     Linda Maurine  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:   03-26-1943   
Recorded in:    Smith   
Father:    Houston Iven Womack    
Mother:     Jackie Nell Moose

WOMACK,    Linda Sue   
Sex:     f
Birth Date:   03-23-1948   
Recorded in:   Motley    
Father:      Everett Womack  
Mother:     Viola Bernice Wagnor

WOMACK,    Lindy Berry   *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    11-17-1948  
Recorded in:      Lamar 
Father:     Terry Lynn Womack   
Mother:     Earline Smith

WOMACK,      Liza 
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     11-05-1937 
Recorded in:     San Jacinto  
Father:    Andrew Womack    
Mother:     Minnie Lee Ballard

WOMACK,   Lloyd    
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     09-17-1947 
Recorded in:   Galveston    
Father:       ? 
Mother:      Icey Lee Womack

WOMACK,       Lloyd Calvin  *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    12-13-1940  
Recorded in:     Marion  
Father:    Lewis Oscar Womack    
Mother:     Martina Dorothy Cochran

WOMACK,       Lloyd Frank
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    11-30-1930  
Recorded in:     Galveston
Father:      Lloyd Frank Womack  
Mother:     Viola Chavis

WOMACK,     Lois  
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:      09-30-1933
Recorded in:     Cass  
Father:     Vernon Elijah Womack   
Mother:        Becky Emsaine Tucker

WOMACK,     Lois Ann  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:      08-17-1947
Recorded in:     McLennan
Father:      R.C. Womack    
Mother:      Camille Smith       

WOMACK,      Lonnie Darrell 
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    08-20-1946  
Recorded in:      Lubbock 
Father:   Arvel Womack     
Mother:     Margie Era Williford 

WOMACK,     Lonnie Dean  
Sex:      m
Birth Date:   01-28-1938  
Recorded in:     Brazos  
Father:    Glenn Edward Womack
Mother:     Vivian Frances Martin     

WOMACK,    Loretta Jean 
Sex:   f   
Birth Date:  09-26-1940   
Recorded in:   Tarrant    
Father:    Roy Medford Womack
Mother:     Joyce Woolverton

WOMACK,      Loretta Joyce 
Sex:   f   
Birth Date:    08-04-1940 
Recorded in:     Tom Green  
Father:    Romie Elneece Womack
Mother:     Gladys Gallaway

WOMACK,     Louis Handley  
Sex:    m  
Birth Date:     03-31-1930
Recorded in:      Nueces 
Father:    Louis Carr Womack
Mother:    Dorothy Faye Handley

WOMACK,      Louise 
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:  09-27-1930   
Recorded in:    Houston   
Father:    Ben Louis Womack
Mother:     Mattie Crofford

WOMACK,     Lovick Trumbull, Jr.  *
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:     01-06-1941
Recorded in:     Angelina  
Father:    Lovick Trumbull Womack
Mother:     Letta Mae Burk

WOMACK,     Loyd Charles   *
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:     09-14-1941
Recorded in:    Brooks   
Father:    William Elbert Womack
Mother:     Nanie Flossie Hammet

WOMACK,     Loyd Layton  *
Sex:    m  
Birth Date:    10-07-1930 
Recorded in:     Angelina  
Father:    Joe Ollie Womack
Mother:      Mary Ann Thorne

WOMACK,      Lucas *
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:    04-17-1934 
Recorded in:     Trinity  
Father:    Lucas Womack
Mother:       Buena (Vista) Sullivan

WOMACK,   Lucille Marie    
Sex:   f   
Birth Date:    01-17-1933 
Recorded in:    Harrison   
Father:    ?
Mother:      Gertrude Womack

WOMACK,      Lucy Ruth 
Sex:     f 
Birth Date:    04-03-1931 
Recorded in:    Fannin   
Father:    Edgar Womack
Mother:    Ruth Hancock

WOMACK,      Luman Dewane 
Sex:    m  
Birth Date:    07-18-1949 
Recorded in:    Moore   
Father:   Luman Jefferson Womack 
Mother:     Beulah Edith Womack

WOMACK,   Luvine Ellen    
Sex:   f   
Birth Date:     04-23-1947
Recorded in:    Falls   
Father:  ?  
Mother:    Beatris Womack

WOMACK,       Lynda Anne *
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     01-30-1942
Recorded in:    Harris   
Father:    Henry Oden Womack
Mother:      Vema Furr

WOMACK,   Lynda Beth    
Sex:     f 
Birth Date:     12-11-1938
Recorded in:    Navarro   
Father:    Stephen Edward Womack
Mother:     Jeanine Maudie McCory

WOMACK,     Lyndal   *
Sex:    m  
Birth Date:    01-13-1939 
Recorded in:     Somervell  
Father:    Loyd Elvin Womack
Mother:    Mary Lee Armes

WOMACK,    Lynn Medford   
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:     10-25-1946
Recorded in:   Angelina    
Father:    William R. Womack
Mother:     Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,    M.     (Margie W. Womack)  *
Sex:  f    
Birth Date:    12-03-1927 
Recorded in:      Angelina 
Father:    M.D. Womack    (Marcelious D. Womack)
Mother:      May Belle Shoemaker

WOMACK,    Mae   
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:   07-21-1941  
Recorded in:    Dallas   
Father:    George William Womack
Mother:   Mildred Marie Holder

WOMACK,     Mae Delle  
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:    02-09-1948 
Recorded in:   Jack    
Father:    Elisha Ray Womack
Mother:    Dessie Mae Huff

WOMACK,      Margaret Elaine  *
Sex:     f 
Birth Date:    11-29-1926 
Recorded in:   Goliad    
Father:    Jesse Lee Womack
Mother:     Margaret Stockton

WOMACK,    Margaret Eller   
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     03-09-1930
Recorded in:    Nueces   
Father:    Carl Nathan Womack
Mother:    Jennye Lee Bethany

WOMACK,    Margaret Kathlyne   
Sex:     f 
Birth Date:    01-28-1947 
Recorded in:      Grayson 
Father:    Lyle Leon Womack
Mother:     Margaret Mary Hamley

WOMACK,     Margaret Mary  
Sex:      F
Birth Date:    04-20-1948 
Recorded in:    Grayson   
Father:    Lyle Leon Womack
Mother:      Margaret Mary Homley

WOMACK,     Margaret Rosalee  
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     11-20-1926
Recorded in:   Foard    
Father:    Will D. Womack
Mother:     Margaret Scott Campbell

WOMACK,     Margie Marie  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    05-07-1941 
Recorded in:   Navarro    
Father:  William James Womack  
Mother:    Mary Jane Lofton    

WOMACK,    Margrett Meria   
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     12-19-1939
Recorded in:    Bell   
Father:    Taft Womack
Mother:    Christene Womack

WOMACK,    Margurite   *///
Sex:  f    
Birth Date:     02-01-1940
Recorded in:     Erath  
Father:    Bob Womack (Robert Peoples Womack)
Mother:      Rachel (Flora) Hamm

WOMACK,     Marilyn  
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     10-08-1943
Recorded in:    Cass   
Father:    Robert Milton Womack
Mother:     Elsie Odella Hall

WOMACK,    Marilyn   *
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     03-26-1928
Recorded in:   Erath    
Father:   James Hiram Womack 
Mother:      Jessie D. Martin

WOMACK,    Marilyn Kay   *
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:    11-13-1948 
Recorded in:    Wharton   
Father:   William Jennings Womack 
Mother:      Mary Margaret Kowrek

WOMACK,      Marilyn Sue 
Sex:   f   
Birth Date:     01-05-1945
Recorded in:    Wharton   
Father:    Delbert Elwood Womack
Mother:   Mary Jewel White

WOMACK,    Marion Louise   
Sex:    f  
Birth Date:     07-14-1927
Recorded in:      Harris 
Father:    Merion Womack
Mother:      Emma Mae Young

WOMACK,    Marshal   *
Sex:   f ?   (m)
Birth Date:   04-07-1929  
Recorded in:     San Augustine  
Father:    Marshal Lester Womack  (Marshal Leslie Womack)
Mother:     Gladys Thelma Greer

WOMACK,    Marshall DeWayne   
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:    03-21-1927 
Recorded in:   Burnet    
Father:    Hofford M. Womack
Mother:    Flora Pearl Wadkins

WOMACK,       Marshall Leslie, Jr.  *
Sex:   m   
Birth Date:   05-26-1943  
Recorded in:    Lynn   
Father:    Marshall Leslie Womack
Mother:   Glaydus Greer     

WOMACK,    Martha Emily    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-24-1949
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:    Jack Irion Womack
Mother:     Weta Ellen Miller

WOMACK,       Martha Faye 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-16-1935
Recorded in:     Lamar
Father:    Lewis Womack
Mother:    Sallie Belle Melton

WOMACK,      Martha Jean  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-03-1945
Recorded in:    Lubbock 
Father:    Jim Lawson Womack
Mother:     Faye Adrain Curry

WOMACK,    Martha Jean    *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-11-1941  (12-19-1941)
Recorded in:     Travis
Father:    Hilliary Walter Womack  (Hillory Walter Womack)
Mother:   Selma Levna Huff  (Leona Hull)

WOMACK,    Martha Lee    
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    10-29-1945
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:    Charles H. Womack
Mother:      Esther May Westbrook

WOMACK,    Martha Lee    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-06-1929
Recorded in:     Houston
Father:    John Robert Womack
Mother:    Fannie L.  May

WOMACK,     Marvin Jord   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    12-08-1949
Recorded in:     Dawson
Father:    James R. Womack
Mother:      Gladys Pauline Weeks

WOMACK,       Mary  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    02-01-1940
Recorded in:   Erath  
Father:    Bob Womack  (Robert Peoples Womack)
Mother:     Rachel (Flora) Hamm

WOMACK,    Mary Ann    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-06-1932
Recorded in:     Bowie
Father:    Morris Womack
Mother:      Ollidean Watson

WOMACK,      Mary Anne  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   12-20-1930 
Recorded in:     Smith
Father:    John Frank Womack
Mother:      Hazel Marian Francis

WOMACK,    Mary Dean    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-06-1947
Recorded in:    Navarro 
Father:    Ocie Merle Womack
Mother:      Mary Alice Shue

WOMACK,     Mary Eileen   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    04-20-1948
Recorded in:     Taylor
Father:    Royce Calvin Womack
Mother:      Mildred Lucille Daugherty

WOMACK,      Mary Elizabeth  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-10-1930
Recorded in:     Houston
Father:    J.E. Womack
Mother:   Maggie Chears

WOMACK,       Mary Elizabeth  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    12-16-1927
Recorded in:    Lamar 
Father:    Hal E. Womack   (Hal Elliot Womack)
Mother:    Ruth E. Bassano

WOMACK,    Mary Frances    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-08-1945
Recorded in:    Smith 
Father:    J.B. Womack  (Franklin Lafayette Womack)
Mother:       Mattie Hunter

WOMACK,      Mary Frances  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-11-1946
Recorded in:   San Augustine  
Father:    Joe Womack
Mother:    Vercie Mae McCary

WOMACK,       Mary Francis 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   03-06-1934 
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:   Charley Womack 
Mother:      Esther Mae Westbrook

WOMACK,       Mary Louise 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-21-1946
Recorded in:     Cameron
Father:   Richard Willard Womack 
Mother:    Rebekah Irene Smith

WOMACK,   Mary Lucile     
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   03-12-1933 
Recorded in:   Montgomery  
Father:    Will Womack
Mother:     Cora Linton

WOMACK,     Mary Margaret   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-09-1929 
Recorded in:     Mitchell
Father:    Elbert S. Womack  (Elbert Sterling Womack)
Mother:      Ada Lee Reasor

WOMACK,     Mary Margaret   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-12-1947
Recorded in:    Dallas 
Father:   James Mervin Womack 
Mother:     Margaret Elizabeth Durham

WOMACK,     Mary Nan   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-02-1944
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Robert Weldon Womack
Mother:    Rosa Lee Rankin

WOMACK,    Mary Nell    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   11-17-1943 
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Jacob Greene Womack
Mother:    Nellie Mae Johnson

WOMACK,    Matlyn Lurline    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    05-21-1947
Recorded in:     Navarro
Father:    Mat Womack
Mother:   Lurline Griffith

WOMACK,       Mattie Belle 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-26-1934
Recorded in:     Jack
Father:    Elisha Ray Womack
Mother:     Dessie Maye Huff

WOMACK,      Maureen  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-10-1948
Recorded in:     Howard
Father:    Stanley Eugene Womack
Mother:    Stella Elizabeth Wilson

WOMACK,    Melba Dean    
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-17-1932
Recorded in:   Fannin  
Father:   Calvin Loyd Womack 
Mother:        Callie Viola Fogle

WOMACK,    Melbia Verlene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   07-15-1946 
Recorded in:     San Augustine
Father:    W.H. Womack
Mother:    Alice Walton

WOMACK,     Melinda Kay   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-14-1949
Recorded in:    Tyler 
Father:    Newton McRade Womack
Mother:    Ivor Humble    (Iva Gumble)

WOMACK,    Melvin Dwain    *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    03-28-1937
Recorded in:   Cherokee    
Father:    Walter Womack
Mother:      Anita Johnson

WOMACK,   Melvin Ray    
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     09-11-1930
Recorded in:    Harris  
Father:     Silas Womack
Mother:    Noma Fletcher   

WOMACK,      Merrill Eugene 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     11-17-1938
Recorded in:      Dallas
Father:     Eugene Debs Womack
Mother:     Bessie Frances Thompson

WOMACK,     Michael David  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     07-31-1947
Recorded in:     Lubbock 
Father:     Homer Shelvy Womack
Mother:    Gerena Byrd

WOMACK,      Michael Dennis  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     04-24-1946
Recorded in:     Rusk 
Father:     ?   (Floyd Oclo Womack)
Mother:     Gladys Esther Schultz

WOMACK,    Michael Franklin
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     11-15-1941
Recorded in:   Burnet   
Father:    Alfred Hill Womack 
Mother:    Irene Watson

WOMACK,       Michael Lee
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-06-1943 
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:     Moco Harlan Womack
Mother:      Katherine Lee Tidwell   

WOMACK,    Michael    
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    08-10-1938 
Recorded in:      Titus 
Father:    Burke Sloan Womack  
Mother:     Virginia Lucille Whiteman       

WOMACK,       Michael Rutherford 
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:    10-21-1949 
Recorded in:    Lubbock   
Father:   L.V. Womack   
Mother:    Jeanie Agness

WOMACK,      Mildred Ruth  
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     06-19-1940
Recorded in:     Brown 
Father:     Thomas Lloyd Womack 
Mother:    Mary Lois Newman

WOMACK,    Milton Russell    
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     02-20-1938
Recorded in:    El Paso   
Father:      J.M.S. Womack
Mother:    Merle Rokahr

WOMACK,      Miranne  *
Sex:     f
Birth Date:    07-13-1944 
Recorded in:    Eastland   
Father:      Robert Peoples Womack
Mother:    Rachel Flora Ham  

WOMACK,   Mitchell Watson     
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    09-10-1942 
Recorded in:    Young   
Father:   Noble Fred Womack   
Mother:    Velma Cordelia McCuiston

WOMACK,     Monroe   
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     02-16-1927
Recorded in:     Trinity  
Father:    Monroe Womack  
Mother:       Gertrude Oneil

WOMACK,     Morris,  Jr.   
Sex:     m
Birth Date:   03-26-1929  
Recorded in:   Bowie    
Father:    Morris Jefferson Womack  
Mother:    Ollie Dean Watson

WOMACK,      Morris Allen  
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    09-26-1946 
Recorded in:   Harris   
Father:   Jesse Ray Womack   
Mother:     Johnnette Webber

WOMACK,    Morris Dean    
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    01-20-1938 
Recorded in:     Young  
Father:     Arch F. Womack 
Mother:   Lilly Mae Youngblood   

WOMACK,      Morris Farrell   *
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:     09-08-1937
Recorded in:     Harris  
Father:    John Harvey Womack  
Mother:      Georgia Katherean Richardson

WOMACK,      Morris  
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     02-11-1935
Recorded in:     Harris  
Father:    Morris Kenneth Womack  
Mother:       Fannie Mae Woodward

WOMACK,     Morris LeRay   *
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     12-23-1938
Recorded in:    Tarrant   
Father:     Morris Womack  (Morris Sheppard Womack)
Mother:       Edra Lee Smith    

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