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Womack  Births

Texas  A-F

* Indicates names I have in my database.  ( ) Indicates the date, spelling or name as I have it in my database.  If you have connections to these families, let me know.  Roger Womack

WAMACK,  Archie
Sex: m
Birth Date: 2-18-1926
Recorded in: Hunt
Father: Archie  Wamack
Mother: Gladys Steed

WAMACK, Dorsae
Sex: f
Birth Date: 11-21-1929
Recorded in: Montague
Father: C.E. Wamack
Mother: Ola Luna

WAMACK,  Herbert
Sex:  m
Birth Date:  2-3-1929
Recorded in:  Knox
Father:  Herbert. Wamack
Mother:  Emma Neal

WAMACK,  Janice
Sex:  f
Birth Date:   4-14-1928
Recorded in:  Knox
Father:  Herbert Wamack
Mother:  Emma Neal

WAMACK,  Lenard
Sex:  m
Birth Date:   8-25-1932
Recorded in:  Knox
Father:  Herbert Wamack
Mother:  Emma Neal

WAMACK,  Marie Lynn
Sex:   m ?
Birth Date:   03-23-1942
Recorded in:   Fannin
Father:   Grant Wamack
Mother:   Vada Crystine Swindel

WAMACK,  Marion
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   1-10-1928
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   S.A. Womack
Mother:   Norma Fletcher

WAMACK,  Mary Frances
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   8-1-1926
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Walter Fredrick Wamack
Mother:   Clara Womack Hill

WAMACK,  Wanda Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   6-27-1936
Recorded in:   Vanzandt
Father:   Elzy Webster Wamack
Mother:   Edna Perkins



WAMMACK,  Allen Roy
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   9-1-1945
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Roy Wammack
Mother:   Jewel Veonita

WAMMACK,  Beth Allen
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   5-13-1926
Recorded in:   Karnes
Father:   Wm A. Wammack
Mother:   Neoma Davis

Sex:   f
Birth Date:   6-5-1947
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Sidney Helm Wammack
Mother:   Julia Jane Martin

WAMMACK,  Don Harold
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   2-8-1927
Recorded in: Dallas  
Father:   A.W. Wammack
Mother:   Edith Culbertson

WAMMACK,  Esther Marie
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   9-12-1944
Recorded in:   Lamar
Father:   Harlan C. Wammack
Mother:   Edna White

WAMMACK,  Glenda Dean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   7-30-1935
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Oscar Glynn Wammack
Mother:   Allie Mae Pyles

WAMMACK,   Gloria Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   12-23-1943
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Jerald Hughes Wammack
Mother:   Dorothy Earline Fletcher

WAMMACK,  Helen Fay
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-1-1931
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Lawrence Oscar Womack ?
Mother:   Victoria Hughes

WAMMACK,  Jimmy Glen
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   8-22-1945
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Oscar Glen Wammack
Mother:   Allie Mae Pyles

WAMMACK,  Johnny Lee
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   5-15-1939
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Arthur William Wammack
Mother:   Carrie Edith Culbertson

WAMMACK,  Judith Kay
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-13-1947
Recorded in:   McLennan
Father:   William Lowell Wammack
Mother:   Johnnie Viola Rutherford

WAMMACK,  Judy Elaine
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   12-29-1942
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Oscar Glenn Wammack
Mother:   Allie Mae Pyles

WAMMACK,  Martha Aline
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-17-1947
Recorded in:  McLennan 
Father:   Robert Floyd Wammack
Mother:  Catherine Olivia Morton

WAMMACK,  Marvin Clifton
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   1-27-1926
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Laurence Oscar Wammack
Mother:    Hattie Victoria Hughes

WAMMACK,  Rasa Mildred
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   1-21-1928
Recorded in:   Shelby
Father:   Marvin Muton Wammack
Mother:   Rosa Lee McDaniel

WAMMACK,  Shirley Anne
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   12-7-1945
Recorded in:   McLennan
Father:   Robert Floyd Wammack
Mother:   Catherine Olivia Morton

WAMMACK,  Sidney Lee
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   6-16-1946
Recorded in:   McLennan
Father:   Sidney Helm Wammack
Mother:   Julie Jane Martin

WAMMACK,  Vernon Loyd
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   6-11-1946
Recorded in:   Lamar
Father:   Harlan C. Wammack
Mother:   Edna White

WAMMACK,  Victoria May
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   4-6-1931
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Oscar Glenn Wammack
Mother:   Allie May Pyles

WAMMACK,  Wanda Maurine
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   10-6-1947
Recorded in:   Childress
Father:   Howard Irvin Wammack
Mother:   Vera Faye Vaughn

WARMACK,  Billy Joe
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   5-30-1944
Recorded in:   Jefferson
Father:   Carl C. Warmack
Mother:   Mattie Odelia Deblanc

WARMACK,  Carolyn Joyce
Sex:   f
Birth Date:  3-21-1945
Recorded in:   Bexar
Father:  Wesley Arthur Warmack
Mother:   Marjorie Mary Ayers

WARMACK,   Dorothy Ruth
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   7-5-1928
Recorded in:    McLennan
Father:   R.L. Warmack
Mother:    Ettie Helm

WARMACK,   Emma Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   1-25-1929
Recorded in:    Pecos
Father:   Lyndell Warmack
Mother:    Gertrude Lawhou

WARMACK,   George Milton
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   7-27-1926
Recorded in:    Bexar
Father:   Ehoke Warmack
Mother:    Alvina Elrole

WARMACK,   H. Clay
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   1-20-1929
Recorded in:    Pecos
Father:   S.C. Warmack
Mother:    Eva Rachel Hammer

WARMACK,   James Morris
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   2-15-1947
Recorded in:    Bexar
Father:   John Warmack
Mother:    Novella Garry

WARMACK,   Jan Lou
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   10-1-1943
Recorded in:    Jefferson
Father:   Richard C. Warmack, Jr.
Mother:    Evelyn White

WARMACK,   Marion Ann
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   8-1-1929
Recorded in:   Potter 
Father:   Maxin M. Warmack
Mother:    Esther West

WARMACK,   Mary Dale
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   3-23-1933
Recorded in:   Cameron, TX 
Father:   Lawrence Bryson Warmack
Mother:    Anna Marie Stratton

WARMACK,   Richard C. III
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   3-22-1949
Recorded in:    Jefferson
Father:   R.C. Warmack, Jr.
Mother:    Evelyn White

WARMACK,   Ruth Eveline
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   1-1-1926
Recorded in:    Denton
Father:   Robert Edger Warmack
Mother:    Jane Della Joplin

WARMACK,   Wallace Owen
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   1-20-1932
Recorded in:    Hidalgo
Father:   Minor Wallace Warmack
Mother:    Cleo Patra Waters


WOMAC,   Arthur 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   4-19-1939
Recorded in:    Floyd
Father:   Arthur Womack V
Mother:    Ida Bella Hollinsworth

WOMAC,   Charlie Edward
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   2-15-1946
Recorded in:    Falls
Mother:    Katherine Womac

WOMAC,   Fabian Gregory
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   11-28-1946
Recorded in:   Harris 
Father:   James Franklin Womac
Mother:    Josephine Ann Repka

WOMAC,   J. Lonnie
Sex:   f ?
Birth Date:   8-24-1927
Recorded in:  Live Oak  
Father:   J. Lonnie Womac
Mother:    Lydia Franklin

WOMAC,   Marilyn Ann
Sex:  f 
Birth Date:   8-2-1948
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:   James Franklin Womac
Mother:    Josephine Ann Repka

WOMAC,   Pearly Mae
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   6-22-1946
Recorded in:    Falls
Mother:   Dorothy Mae Womac


WOMACH,   Benjamin Franklin
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   5-16-1934
Recorded in:    Panola
Father:   David Womach
Mother:     Ola Lee Starks

WOMACH,   Bonnie Lorine
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   1-15-1929
Recorded in:   Fannin 
Father:   Albert Lee Womach
Mother:   Idola Harris

WOMACH,   Caroll Loraine, Jr.
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   11-24-1929
Recorded in:   Dallas 
Father:   Carroll Loraine Womach
Mother:       Travis Oliver

WOMACH,   Charles Milton
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   10-13-1937
Recorded in:    Lamar
Father:   Lloyd Womach
Mother:    Rebecca Charlottie Kirkpatrick

WOMACH,   James Ernest
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   3-30-1941
Recorded in:    Jones
Father:   Charles Ernest Womach
Mother:    Eva Mae Hollums

WOMACH,   Jayne N.
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   9-6-1930
Recorded in:    Red River
Father:   Hamil F. Womach
Mother:    Mary Pauline Norris

Sex:   m
Birth Date:   11-4-1927
Recorded in:    Young
Father:   Jim Womach
Mother:    Laura Boone

WOMACH,   Mary Jacqueline
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   9-5-1946
Recorded in:    Bexar
Father:   Harry A. Womach
Mother:    Julie E. Marks

WOMACH,   Raymond Doughlas
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   2-13-1929
Recorded in:    Nueces
Father:   Andrew Womach
Mother:    Ruby Jewel Davis

WOMACH,   Troy Brutis
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   6-30-1927
Recorded in:    Rusk
Father:   J.W. Womach
Mother:  Mary Magdelen Barton  


Sex:    m
Birth Date:   5-30-1935
Recorded in:     Fannin
Father:    A.L. Womack
Mother:   Marie Martin

WOMACK,    A.   (Joyce Nell Womack) *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   08-24-1932  (08-24-1932)
Recorded in:     Floyd
Father:    A.V. Womack  (Arthur Virgil Womack)
Mother:   Ida Belle Hollinsworth

WOMACK,   Agnes Louise *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   11-20-1929
Recorded in:     Hill
Father:    Charles Marion Womack (Charles Marvin Womack)
Mother:   Ada Pearl Marsh

WOMACK,    Al  Rose Francene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   12-7-1932
Recorded in:     Jack
Father:    Wilfred Swann Taylor
Mother:   Lillian Womack

WOMACK,    Albert C.  (Albert Eugene Womack) *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   12-10-1935
Recorded in:     Ellis
Father:    Albert C. Womack
Mother:   Vera (Lee) Massey

WOMACK,    Albert Stanley
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-19-1943
Recorded in: Ector    
Father:  Albert Stanley Womack  
Mother:   Lola Belle Francisco

WOMACK,    Alice Elaine
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-22-1948
Recorded in:  Jefferson  
Father:    Claud Franklin Womack
Mother:   Jackie Plyer

WOMACK,    Alice Fern *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-26-1946
Recorded in:     Potter
Father:    Womack   (Edward Alexander Womack)
Mother:   Mary Frances Wilson

WOMACK,    Alice Joyce
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   12-05-1929
Recorded in:     Lamar
Father:    Chester G. Womack
Mother:   Edith Owen

WOMACK,    Alice
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   10-24-1942
Recorded in:    Travis 
Father:    Dan Walter Womack
Mother:   Lela Alice Daily

WOMACK,    Allen Paul
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   02-11-1940
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:    Columbus Paul Womack
Mother:   Lean Francis Roach

WOMACK,    Allen Ray
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   06-30-1942
Recorded in:    Cass 
Father:    E.E. Womack
Mother:   Aline Elkins

WOMACK,    Alma Nell
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  07-23-1936 
Recorded in:   Hockley  
Father:    George Womack
Mother:   Edna Ringgold

WOMACK,    Alpha Jo
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   02-07-1932
Recorded in:     Burnet
Father:    Joseph Womack
Mother:   Eva Spencer

WOMACK,    Alton Don *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-24-1937
Recorded in:     Stonewall
Father:    Harvey Herman Womack
Mother:   Cleo Inez Loggins

WOMACK,    Andred Bernard
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-06-1928
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:    Andred Bernard Womack
Mother:   Dehla Ella Joost

WOMACK,    Andrew, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   04-11-1936
Recorded in:     San Jacinto
Father:    Andrew Womack
Mother:   Minnie Lee Ballord

WOMACK,    Andrew Armstrong, Jr. *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-08-1945
Recorded in:    Harris 
Father:    Andrew Armstrong Womack
Mother:   Odelia Schrnadl  (Odelia Schmade)

WOMACK,    Andrew Bernard, Jr.
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   11-06-1930
Recorded in:  Harris   
Father:   Andrew Bernard Womack 
Mother:   Della Joost

WOMACK,    Ann Carlene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   03-30-1941
Recorded in:     Young
Father:    Albert Stanley Womack
Mother:   Ida Bell Francisca

WOMACK,    Arthur Eugene
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  06-21-1941 
Recorded in:   Collin  
Father:    Albert Napoleon Womack
Mother:  Ava Ruth Smith

WOMACK,    Arthur (Guy) *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   05-04-1932
Recorded in:     Cass
Father:    Arthur M. (Murray) Womack
Mother:  Luella Collins

WOMACK,    Arthur Neil
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-29-1936
Recorded in:    Bell 
Father:    Taft Womack
Mother:  Christine Ozell Hamilton

WOMACK,    Arthur Stanley
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   03-03-1945
Recorded in:     Ector
Father:    Albert Stanley Womack
Mother:  Ida Francisco

WOMACK,    Arthur Stanley
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   01-21-1943
Recorded in:   Ector  
Father:    Albert Stanley Womack
Mother:  Ida Belle Francisco

WOMACK,     Aubry (Lee) Lee Ann's father *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-24-1939 
Recorded in:    Cherokee
Father:    A.B. Womack (Algie Bertram Womack)
Mother:   Clara (Virginia) Carnes

WOMACK,     Audra May *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   07-02-1947 
Recorded in:    Fannin
Father:    Grant Curtis Womack
Mother:   Lavetta Christine Swindell  (Vada Christine Swindle)

WOMACK,     Arthur Gene
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-05-1948 
Recorded in:   Falls 
Father:    Isacc Womack
Mother:   Catherine Womack

WOMACK,     Arthur 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   03-21-1926 
Recorded in:    Foard
Father:    Arthur W. Womack
Mother:   Mary Ellen Pigg

WOMACK,     Barbara Ann
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    10-06-1946
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    David Earl Womack
Mother:   Bonnie Dell Smith

WOMACK,     Barbara Ann *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-27-1933
Recorded in:    Tarrant
Father:    Joe
Mother:   Hazel Smith

WOMACK,     Barbara Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-10-1943
Recorded in:    Liberty
Father:    Wilbur Howard Womack
Mother:   Mildred Virginia Payne

WOMACK,     Barbara Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-17-1927
Recorded in:    Nueces
Father:    Charles Benjamin Womack
Mother:   Minnie Marguerite Cahill

WOMACK,     Barbara Carol
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   08-31-1940 
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    Seamon McNeal Womack
Mother:   Mary Louise Joyner

WOMACK,     Barbara Jean
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-14-1946
Recorded in:    Foard
Father:    William Reecie Womack
Mother:   Frances Maud Tisdale

WOMACK,     Barbara Jean
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    05-25-1939
Recorded in:    Galveston
Mother:   Leola Womack

WOMACK,     Barbara Jo
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    04-03-1933
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    Silas Alvin Womack
Mother:   Norma Mae Fichtner

WOMACK,     Barbara Lorene
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    08-01-1942
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:   Lester Marlan Womack 
Mother:   Mary Virginia Goodman

WOMACK,     Barbara Lou
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-08-1943 
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Samuel Abner Womack
Mother:   Lucy May Armstrong

WOMACK,     Barbara Lynn
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-18-1933
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    Dewey Lee Womack
Mother:   Rita Olive Beagley

WOMACK,     Barbra Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-22-1945
Recorded in:  Montgomery  
Father:    Arthur Womack
Mother:   Bobbie Jean Williams

WOMACK,     Beinetta Loyce
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-04-1940
Recorded in:    Tom Green
Father:    Romie Elneece Womack
Mother:   Gladys Gallaway

WOMACK,     Ben Leo
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-15-1945
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:    George Thomas Womack
Mother:   Eddie Mamie Ringgold

WOMACK,     Benjamin Hasty 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   09-24-1926 
Recorded in:    Dickens
Father:    Artho Virgil Womack
Mother:   Lora Angeline Hasty

WOMACK,    Benjamin Matthew 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   12-21-1932 
Recorded in:    Houston
Father:    Benjamin Louis Womack
Mother:   Mattie Lula Crawford

WOMACK,     Bennie Harold
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    04-02-1940
Recorded in:    Lubbock
Father:    Harold Randolph Womack
Mother:   Verdie Inez Dillard

WOMACK,     Bennie Ruth
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  07-05-1936   
Recorded in:    Smith
Father:    Benjamin Franklin Womack
Mother:   Jewell Texas Roherett

WOMACK,     Benny Joe
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-11-1945
Recorded in:    Nolan
Father:    Henry Samuel Womack
Mother:   Betty Ruth Richie

WOMACK,     Berkie Louise
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-13-1946
Recorded in:    Jefferson
Father:    Wilbur Allen Womack
Mother:   Berkie Estell Mills

WOMACK,     Berns Horace
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    10-15-1943
Recorded in:    Terry
Father:    Robert Lee Womack
Mother:   Corine Wade West

WOMACK,    Bessie Lorene 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-11-1942
Recorded in:  Bexar  
Father:    Rex Womack
Mother:   Jennie Lee Rollar

WOMACK,     Bettie Lee *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    04-28-1933
Recorded in:    Angelina
Father:    John Thomas Womack
Mother:   Annie McClendon

WOMACK,     Bettie Lou *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-25-1930
Recorded in:    Jim Wells
Father:    Thomas R. Womack
Mother:   Lillie Easton

WOMACK,     Bettie Lynn
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-28-1939
Recorded in:    Ellis
Father:    David Odel Womack
Mother:   Virginia Geraldine Aday

WOMACK,     Bettie Sue
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-17-1930
Recorded in:    Lamar
Father:    W.E. Womack
Mother:   Willie Owen

WOMACK,   Bettinel  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-19-1941
Recorded in:    Navarro
Father:    George Willie Womack
Mother:   Ruby May Smith

WOMACK,     Betty Jean
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  05-16-1939  
Recorded in:    Dallas
Father:    Maco Harlan Womack
Mother:   Katherine Lee Tidwell

WOMACK,    Betty Jean 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-15-1944
Recorded in:    Navarro
Father:    O.M. Womack
Mother:   Mary Alice Shue

WOMACK,     Betty Jean *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-26-1931 
Recorded in:    Mitchell
Father:    David Morton Womack
Mother:   Wilma Jean Williams

WOMACK,     Betty Joe
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:   08-08-1937 
Recorded in:   Mitchell 
Father:    John Clarence Womack, Jr.
Mother:   Melba Morrow

WOMACK,     Betty Lou
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    04-04-1938
Recorded in:    Hunt
Father:     Raiford Rawyer Womack
Mother:   Grace Lon Kirby

WOMACK,     Betty Lyn
Sex:   f
Birth Date:   11-24-1937 
Recorded in:     Upshur
Father:      H.Lee Womack
Mother:    Linda French Robertson

WOMACK,     Betty Sue
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    02-03-1947
Recorded in:   Lubbock  
Father:    Marvin Douglas Womack  
Mother:    Gladys Elva Lindsey

WOMACK,     Betty Sue
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    04-29-1934
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:      Henry Oden Womack
Mother:    Jema Furr

WOMACK,     Betty Sue *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    03-12-1940
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:      Andrew Armstrong Womack
Mother:    Odelia Schmadl (Odelia Schmade)

WOMACK,     Beverly Ann
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    12-02-1946
Recorded in:   Howard  
Father:      Novis Wilmeth Womack
Mother:    Eileen Marie Killingsworth

WOMACK,     Beverly Sue *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    12-29-1938
Recorded in:     Angelina
Father:     Jackson Noah Womack, Jr. 
Mother:    Daphine (Idell) Walker

WOMACK,     Billie Bob *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    09-06-1938
Recorded in:     Briscoe
Father:      John Palmer Womack
Mother:    Mildred E. Slaton (Mildred Elizabeth Slayton)

WOMACK,     Billie Chas
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    05-25-1928
Recorded in:     Dawson
Father:    Ollie Bert Womack  
Mother:    Winnie Herma Gullatt

WOMACK,     Billie Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    11-07-1930
Recorded in:     Jasper
Father:     Henry Allen Womack 
Mother:    Alice Pearl Perkins

WOMACK,     Billie Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    11-10-1934
Recorded in:    Burnet 
Father:     Alfred Hill Womack 
Mother:   Irene Watson

WOMACK,     Billie Joe
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    07-07-1928
Recorded in:     Floyd
Father:    A.V. Womack  

WOMACK,     Billie Ray *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   03-13-1932 
Recorded in:    Hill 
Father:   Charles Marvin Womack   
Mother:    Ada Pearl Marsh

WOMACK,     Billie Wayne
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    07-12-1935
Recorded in:     Nolan
Father:      E.C. Womack
Mother:    Margaret Barton

WOMACK,   Billy Jean  
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    08-30-1927
Recorded in:     Tarrant
Father:      H. Womack  V
Mother:    Bertie Cleo Roye

WOMACK,     Billy Joe *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    08-14-1938
Recorded in:     Fannin
Father:      Grant Womack (Grant Curtis Womack)
Mother:    Christine Swindle

WOMACK,     Billy Joe *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   03-21-1939 
Recorded in:     Smith
Father:      Houston (Ivan)Womack
Mother:    Jackie Nell Moose

WOMACK,    Billy Joe 
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    07-12-1935
Recorded in:    San Patricio 
Father:      W.W. Womack
Mother:    Ora Mae Morris

WOMACK,   Billy Morris  *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    02-24-1936
Recorded in:     Lubbock
Father:      Morris Hosmer Womack
Mother:    Grace Texie Loving

WOMACK,     Bobbie Gene
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   02-12-1939 
Recorded in:     Smith
Father:      R.A. Womack
Mother:    Virginia Wilson

WOMACK,     Bobbie Guy *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    12-12-1933
Recorded in:     Cottle
Father:      Wylie Guy Womack
Mother:    Billie Calvert

WOMACK,     Bobbie Jean
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    01-13-1932
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:    Melvin Cicero Womack  
Mother:    Orleana Wilson

WOMACK,    Bobbie Joe *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    10-25-1937
Recorded in:     Gregg
Father:      George M. (Malvin) Womack
Mother:    Mattie Boles

WOMACK,     Bobby Duane *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    08-25-1932
Recorded in:     Grayson
Father:      John P. (Palmer) Womack
Mother:    (Letha) Marie Jacobs

WOMACK,     Bobby Joe
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    08-30-1927
Recorded in:     Tarrant
Father:      Harold Vernon Womack
Mother:    Bertie Cleo Roye

WOMACK,     Bobby Lee
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    12-23-1929
Recorded in:     Lubbock
Father:      Edward Franklin Womack
Mother:    Blanche E. Burnett

WOMACK,     Bobby Leon
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    12-28-1942
Recorded in:    Nolan 
Father:      Jess Leon Womack
Mother:    Lois Loraine Barnes

WOMACK,     Boby Joe
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    01-10-1947
Recorded in:     Freestone
Father:      General Womack
Mother:    Annie Perl Tatum

WOMACK,     Bonita Ann
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    06-21-1945
Recorded in:     Hale
Father:   Everett Womack   
Mother:    Viola Bernice Wagnon

WOMACK,     Bosil Lee
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    11-19-1944
Recorded in:     Montgomery
Father:      K.C. Womack
Mother:    Lula Lee

WOMACK,     Boyd Allen
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    09-18-1927
Recorded in:     Lamar
Father:      A.M. Womack
Mother:    Lizzie Barrett

WOMACK,     Brantley Harris
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    08-13-1947
Recorded in:     Galveston
Father:      Dr. Harry Hall Womack, Jr.
Mother:   Margaret Harris

WOMACK,     Brenda Diane
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    08-09-1941
Recorded in:     Harris
Father:      Luke Walter Womack
Mother:     Doris Mildred Grayson

WOMACK,    Brenda Faye 
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    06-13-1949
Recorded in:     Grimes
Father:      Arthur Womack
Mother:     Bobbie Jean Williams

WOMACK,     Brenda Gail *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    11-30-1943  (11-25-1943)
Recorded in:     Jones
Father:    Oliver Lee Womack  
Mother:     Merle Christine Dawson (Christine Myrl Dawson)

WOMACK,     Brenda Joyce *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    10-25-1944
Recorded in:     Fannin
Father:      Grandvill Curtis Womack (Grant Curtis Womack)
Mother:     Vada Cristeen Swindle

WOMACK,     Brenda Sue *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    06-01-1939
Recorded in:     Briscoe
Father:      Albert Howard Womack
Mother:     Inez Pointer

WOMACK,     Bruce Lorimore (Latimore) *
Sex:   m
Birth Date:   05-12-1929 
Recorded in:     Floyd
Father:      E.J. Womack (Everett Jay Womack)
Mother:     Vida (Lee)Wilson

WOMACK,     Bunnie Sue
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    01-13-1933
Recorded in:     Dallas
Father:   Roy S. Womack   
Mother:     Naomi Hughes

WOMACK,    Burton  
Sex:   m
Birth Date:    12-19-1944
Recorded in:     Fannin
Father:      Burton Womack
Mother:     Ola Mae Denton

WOMACK,     Buryl Evalyn *
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    05-29-1929
Recorded in:     Jones
Father:      William L. (Lewers) Womack
Mother:     Vinnie Lea Hagler

WOMACK,    Clotis Willis, Jr.  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-16-1933
Recorded in:      Cherokee
Father:       Clotis Willis Womack
Mother:   Jessie Annie Tennison   

WOMACK,      Calvin Donald *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    09-29-1929
Recorded in:    Lamb  
Father:       Morris H. (Hosmer) Womack
Mother:      Grace (Texie) Loving

WOMACK,      Carl Cornelious
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-04-1929
Recorded in:    Ellis  
Father:       E.R. Womack
Mother:    Lina Reynolds  

WOMACK,      Carl Gene
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  06-14-1941  
Recorded in:      Wise
Father:       Carl Womack
Mother:      Bertha Geneva Kennedy

WOMACK,     Carl Henry *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    03-23-1929
Recorded in:      San Augustine
Father:    William Henry Womack   
Mother:      Tassie Alice Walton

WOMACK,      Carl
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-29-1942
Recorded in:   Tarrant   
Father:       Carl Womack
Mother:    Geneva Bertha Kennedy  

WOMACK,      Carl Odis, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-09-1945
Recorded in:      Harris
Father:       Carl Odis Womack
Mother:    Oleta Ashley

WOMACK,    Carl Wallace  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-11-1932
Recorded in:      Lamar
Father:       O.M. Womack
Mother:      Nettie Chandler

WOMACK,      Carla Bell *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-17-1946
Recorded in:      Tyler
Father:       Newton McRade Womack
Mother:      Iva Humble

WOMACK,      Carlila Pauline
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-13-1949
Recorded in:      Lubbock
Father:  Royce Calvin Womack     
Mother:    Mildred Lucille Daugherty    

WOMACK,    Carmon  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-29-1926
Recorded in:      Jasper
Father:   Allen Womack    
Mother:     Allie Perkins

WOMACK,  Carol Ann    *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    11-13-1947
Recorded in:    Tarrant  
Father:       Billie Green Womack
Mother:       Ann Elizabeth Jones

WOMACK,      Carol Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-02-1946
Recorded in:     Harris 
Father:       James Lawrence Womack
Mother:       Carrie May Jordan

WOMACK,      Carol Annyette *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-01-1948
Recorded in:      Lamar
Father:       Arless Wilson Womack
Mother:       Thelma Ann Malone

WOMACK,      Carol Sue
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-11-1946
Recorded in:  Nueces     
Father:       Andrew Womack
Mother:       Ruby Jewell Womack Davis

WOMACK,      Carole Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  05-06-1946  
Recorded in:    Tarrant  
Father:       Eldon Levi Womack
Mother:    Alma Ruth Rushing

WOMACK,      Carolinne Elizabeth
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-01-1943
Recorded in:      Nolan
Father:       Henry Samuel Womack
Mother:       Bettie Ruth Richie

WOMACK,      Carolyn
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-05-1939 
Recorded in:      Taylor
Father:      Brame Womack 
Mother:       Pauline Elizabeth Jenkins

WOMACK,      Carolyn
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-22-1943
Recorded in:      Galveston
Mother:     Viola Chavis Womack

WOMACK,      Carolyn Jane
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  02-18-1942  
Recorded in:      Young
Father:   James Randolph Womack, Jr.    
Mother:   Margie Lee Chambers

WOMACK,      Carolyn Kay
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-29-1949
Recorded in:     Gregg 
Father:       Bess Woodrow Womack
Mother:       Geraldine Ethel Mauldin   

WOMACK,      Carolyn Laverne *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    07-21-1937
Recorded in:   Dawson   
Father:       Thomas Jackson Womack
Mother:      Eulala Devers     (Deavers)

WOMACK,      Carolyn Ray
Sex:   f
Birth Date:    04-11-1932
Recorded in:     Mitchell 
Father:       Ray Womack
Mother:     Harriett Pauline Davis      

WOMACK,      Carrol Berwyn *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   06-14-1929 
Recorded in:      McClennan
Father:       Paul H. (Hanson) Womack
Mother:      Lenora Womack

WOMACK,    Carry   
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    11-29-1942
Recorded in:      Smith
Father:       Rayford Dewey Womack
Mother:    Minnie Rankin      

WOMACK,     Catherine Womack 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-03-1939
Recorded in:      Harris
Father:       Charles Cowen Womack
Mother:     Blanche Curtis       

WOMACK,   Catherine Earlene   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   11-18-1947 
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:      David Earl Womack 
Mother:     Bonnie Dell Smith

WOMACK,      Cathy Cherryl *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-01-1948
Recorded in:   Taylor   
Father:     Charles Ernest Womack  
Mother:     Eva Mae Hollums

WOMACK,      Cecil Fay, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-15-1939
Recorded in:    Hale  
Father:    Cecil Fay Womack   
Mother:   Georgia Ozella Hood

WOMACK,      Charlene Faye
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-20-1945
Recorded in:    Harris  
Father:    Fred Hubert Womack   
Mother:     Thelma Olaf Gullick

WOMACK,     Charlene Frances 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-23-1947 
Recorded in:  Jefferson    
Father:    George Mercer Womack   
Mother:     Laura Mozelle Umberger

WOMACK,   Charles Allen   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    08-14-1947
Recorded in:   Harris   
Father:    Huland Ellison Womack   
Mother:      Eula Mae Gregson

WOMACK,      Charles Cowan, Jr.
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:  12-14-1942  
Recorded in:    Charles Cowen Womack  
Father:   Charles Cowan Womack    
Mother:     Blanche Diane Curtis

WOMACK,      Charles Edmond  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   11-28-1932 
Recorded in:    Lamar  
Father:    Earl Womack   (William Earl Womack)
Mother:   Jennie Watson  (Jennye Ila Watson)

WOMACK,    Charles Eugene  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    04-21-1941
Recorded in:   San Augustine   
Father:       ? (William Henry Womack)
Mother:     Tassie (Alice) Walton

WOMACK,    Charles Galen  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    06-22-1947
Recorded in:    Tarrant  
Father:     Charles Clifton Womack  
Mother:   Wanda June Hale

WOMACK,   Charles Hanson   *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-16-1941
Recorded in:    El Paso  
Father:     Paul Hanson Womack, Jr.  
Mother:   Martha Elizabeth Wilbourn

WOMACK,     Charles Henry, Jr. *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   04-20-1938 
Recorded in:   Mitchell   
Father:   Charles Henry Womack    
Mother:      Viola Bozenan

WOMACK,     Charles 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   08-29-1938 
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:    Charles Womack   
Mother:       Esther Westbrook

WOMACK,      Charles Preston
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-09-1934
Recorded in:    Hunt  
Father:       Will Womack, Jr.
Mother:      Mabel Pearl Spurlock  

WOMACK,    Charles Ray  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   04-27-1948 
Recorded in:    Lamar  
Father:     John Ray Womack  
Mother:  Kathryn Charleen Claypool

WOMACK,      Charles Ray
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   12-18-1948 
Recorded in:     El Paso 
Father:      Kenneth Harold Womack 
Mother:      Mildred C. Jackson   

WOMACK,    Charles Richard  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   03-09-1945 
Recorded in:    Taylor  
Father:    Edward Richard Womack   
Mother:     Lena Eva Reynolds     

WOMACK,    Charles Roy  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  08-11-1936  
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:    Charles Womack   
Mother:      Esther Mae Westluoah

WOMACK,      Charles W.
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   02-05-1928 
Recorded in:   Houston   
Father:     Ben L. Womack  
Mother:   Pearl Bennett

WOMACK,     Charles William  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    04-02-1926
Recorded in:   Mitchell   
Father:      John C. (Churchwell) Womack 
Mother:      Katye McGabey (Katye Lee McGahey)

WOMACK,   Charlie Ray   
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    12-08-1941
Recorded in:    Tarrant  
Father:     James W. Womack  
Mother:   Essie Birdie Thomas

WOMACK,    Charles Edwin  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-06-1946
Recorded in:    McCulloch  
Father:      Noble F. Womack 
Mother:     Velma Cordelia McCristian

WOMACK,      Charlotte *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-27-1935 
Recorded in:    Harris  
Father:   William Charles Womack    
Mother:     Helen Claire Williams

WOMACK,   Charlotte Kay   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   10-03-1947 
Recorded in:    Bell  
Father:       Prentice Earl Womack
Mother:      Trudie Ann Cox 

WOMACK,     Chavis, Jr. 
Sex: m   
Birth Date:  08-11-1933  
Recorded in:    Harris  
Father:    Chavis Womack   
Mother:   Jessie Osborne

WOMACK,      Cheryl Lynn *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-19-1949
Recorded in:   Lubbock   
Father:     Malcolm Everett Womack  
Mother:        Dorothy Rose Bennett

WOMACK,      Cheryl Melinda *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-22-1943
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:    Robert Claud Womack   
Mother:     Dorothy Jean Nicodemus

WOMACK,     Chloe Dell 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-21-1943
Recorded in:     Angelina 
Father:       William Richard Womack
Mother:     Annie Lee Warren

WOMACK,    Clara Elizabeth  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    12-01-1947
Recorded in:    Young  
Father:    Albert Stanley Womack   
Mother:      Ida Bell Francisco

WOMACK,     Clara Jean 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   05-11-1944 
Recorded in:   Montgomery   
Father:    Arthur Womack   
Mother:   Bobbie Jean Williams

WOMACK,     Clara Jewell 
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:    05-29-1935
Recorded in:   Fannin   
Father:    James Lafayette Womack   
Mother:    Norene Jewell Brown

WOMACK,    Claude Allen  
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   04-14-1946 
Recorded in:   Jefferson   
Father:    Claude Franklin Womack   
Mother:       Jackie Plail

WOMACK,     Clifton Lee 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    11-01-1947
Recorded in:     Harris 
Father:   Roy Edward Womack    
Mother:     Betty Louise Peters

WOMACK,    Clovie Lorine  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    02-13-1933
Recorded in:   Callahan   
Father:      Clovis K. (H) Womack 
Mother:  Thelma J. McCauley

WOMACK,     Clovis Edward 
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    02-15-1926
Recorded in:   Smith   
Father:      John Edward Womack 
Mother:   Ethel Lena Shifflett

WOMACK,     Clyde Edward *
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:  05-29-1943  
Recorded in:    Dallas  
Father:     William Weldon Womack  (Weldon William Womack)
Mother:  Rose Beatrice Moffitt

WOMACK,    Connie Lee  *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   01-18-1944 
Recorded in:   Wichita   
Father:    Delmus Lee Womack   
Mother:    Pauline Joe Ammons

WOMACK,   Corine   *
Sex:    06-27-1933
Birth Date:   f 
Recorded in:  Cass    
Father:   Eustace D. (Dare) Womack    
Mother:    Cora (Ann) Washington

WOMACK,    Corkey Jean  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    12-03-1932
Recorded in:     Pecos 
Father:       James Frank Womack
Mother:     Grace Lindsay  (Elsie Lindsay)

WOMACK,      Cynthia Anne *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-24-1946
Recorded in:      Tom Green
Father:       Decker Smith Womack
Mother:    Lorna Virginia Caldwell

WOMACK,     D'Ann *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  11-29-1941  
Recorded in:     Grayson 
Father:     Elmer Lee Womack  
Mother:     Marvis Godwin (Mavis Godwin)

WOMACK,    Dan Allen  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   03-31-1942 
Recorded in:     Dallas 
Father:       Robert Claud Womack
Mother:    Dorothy Jean Nicodemus

WOMACK,      Dan Harrison
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   12-26-1936 
Recorded in:   Grimes   
Father:    John Harrison Womack   
Mother:    Ruth Agnes Weisinger

WOMACK,      Dan Rodney  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   01-20-1941 
Recorded in:    Tarrant  
Father:    Thomas Joe Womack   
Mother:    Pearl Hazel Smith  

WOMACK,    Dan Walter III  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-18-1947 (10-18-1945)
Recorded in:     Travis 
Father:    Dan Walter Womack, Jr.   
Mother:    Lily Whitehead (Lois Wolf-Beutenmiller)

WOMACK,      Dannie Morris *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   03-12-1938 
Recorded in:   Angelina   
Father:   Lovie K. Womack   (Lovick Trumbull Womack)
Mother:     Lettie Mae Burke (Letta Mae Burke)

WOMACK,      Dannie Wilson *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-18-1941
Recorded in:    Floyd  
Father:     Wilson Jay Womack  
Mother:    Mary Ruth Wood

WOMACK,     Danny Calvin 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-27-1949 
Recorded in:    Ector  
Father:    Clyde Calvin Womack   
Mother:     Mary Margaret Groom

WOMACK,      Danny Eugene
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-03-1949
Recorded in:   Lamar   
Father:      Lester Eugene Womack 
Mother:    Nedra Odell Rains   

WOMACK,      Danny Lee *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-17-1946
Recorded in:   Dawson   
Father:   James Reese Womack    
Mother:     Gladys Pauline Weeks

WOMACK,   Darlene   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-20-1942
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:   Ocie Merle Womack    
Mother:    Mary Alice Shve  

WOMACK,      Darlene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-16-1938
Recorded in:    Wise  
Father:     Jessie Clarence Womack  
Mother:      Mary Movelda Rushing

WOMACK,     David *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-12-1938
Recorded in:  Erath    
Father:      Bob Womack (Robert Peoples Womack)
Mother:   Rachel (Flora) Hamm

WOMACK,      David Arthur
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-01-1946
Recorded in:      Gregg
Father:     Benjamin Woodrow Womack  
Mother:    Geraldine Mouldin

WOMACK,    David Arthur  
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   05-05-1935 
Recorded in:   Harris   
Father:     Dewey Lee Womack  
Mother:    Rita Olive Beagley

WOMACK,    David Carl  * 
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    10-30-1948
Recorded in:    Potter  
Father:    Edward Alexander Womack   
Mother:    Mary Francis Wilson

WOMACK,     David Curtis *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   10-09-1947 
Recorded in:    Tarrant 
Father:   Hubert Curtis Womack    
Mother:     Mary Lozella Gathin

WOMACK,      David Gary *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-23-1946
Recorded in:   Howard   
Father:       Billy Frank Womack
Mother:      Virginia Ruth Douglass

WOMACK,    David Glen  *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:   07-11-1942  (11-07-1942
Recorded in:  Hopkins    
Father:  Glen Womack  (Glen Alexander Womack)
Mother:     Hazel Winkle (Hazel Audine Hinkle)

WOMACK,   David   
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:   01-15-1932 
Recorded in:     Dallas 
Father:   David Womack    
Mother:   Esther Tolliver

WOMACK,      David Kelly *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  02-13-1946 
Recorded in:     Travis 
Father:    Robert Cleo Womack   
Mother:       Josephine Marie Adams

WOMACK,      David Paul *
Sex: m   
Birth Date:    04-19-1943
Recorded in:      El Paso
Father:   Paul Hanson Womack    
Mother:       Martha Elizabeth Wilbourn

WOMACK,   David Paul 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    07-11-1944
Recorded in:   Hidalgo   
Father:      ? 
Mother:   Ruth Leathers

WOMACK,      Deanna June
Sex: f   
Birth Date:   09-23-1943 
Recorded in:  Dallas     
Father:   George Wilson Womack    
Mother:     Mildred H. Holder

WOMACK,    Decker Smith, Jr.  *
Sex: m   
Birth Date:   06-20-1949 
Recorded in:     Bexar 
Father:       Decker Smith Womack
Mother:      Lorna Virginia Caldwell

WOMACK,     Dehla Jean 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-03-1929
Recorded in:      Harris
Father:     Andrew Bernard Womack  
Mother:     Dehla Ella Joost

WOMACK,    Delores Ann  
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-06-1944
Recorded in:   Brazoria   
Father:       Thomas Jasper Womack
Mother:          Martha Ann Lawrence

WOMACK,      Delwin Ray
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-16-1939
Recorded in:   Young   
Father:     Wesley D. Womack  
Mother:        Ada Pound

WOMACK,     Dennis Alford *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    09-26-1947
Recorded in:   Mitchell   
Father:     Raymond C. (Clarence) Womack  
Mother:  Viola Rogers              

WOMACK,   Deona June   *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-27-1945
Recorded in:   Lubbock   
Father:     J.W. Womack  (Jay William Womack)
Mother:     Helen Geraldine Ring

WOMACK,      Derrell Robert *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    06-06-1926
Recorded in:    Hidalgo  
Father:     Hayden Rufus Womack  
Mother:      Nettie Ann Coffer (Nettie Ann Copher)

WOMACK,      Dewie
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    12-22-1931
Recorded in:    Wise  
Father:    Dewie Womack   
Mother:      Annie Castleberry

WOMACK,      Dewitt Lea, Jr. *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    10-11-1928
Recorded in:     Tarrant 
Father:     Dewitt Lea Womack  
Mother:  Frances Laura Walker

WOMACK,     Diana *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    06-21-1937
Recorded in:     Hill 
Father:     Leroy Womack  (William Leroy Womack)
Mother:     Claude Lalia Baldridge

WOMACK,    Diana Kay  *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    03-24-1946
Recorded in:    Mitchell  
Father:    John (Churchwell) Womack, Jr.   
Mother:   Melba Arizona Morrow

WOMACK,    Diane Marie  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-26-1944
Recorded in:     Howard 
Father:      Novis W. Womack 
Mother:      Eileen Marie Womack

WOMACK,      Dianne *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   09-08-1943 
Recorded in:    Smith  
Father:   Walter Lee Womack    
Mother:       Anita Johnson

WOMACK,      Dick Lou *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   08-30-1937 
Recorded in:    Dawson  
Father:     Francis Allen Womack  
Mother:      Laure Lee Hester  

WOMACK,     Donald James 
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:    02-08-1935
Recorded in:      Harris
Father:      Solas Womack 
Mother:    Norma Fechtner

WOMACK,      Donald Lee *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-07-1947
Recorded in:    Harris  
Father:   Marion Everett Womack    
Mother:    Hazel Lerie Bamberg

WOMACK,      Donald Ray
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    01-16-1946
Recorded in:      Trinity
Father:     Clarence Womack  
Mother:      Emma Mae Wilson                              

WOMACK,     Donald Ray 
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    10-15-1941
Recorded in:   Harris   
Father:    Huland Ellison Womack   
Mother:  Eula Mae Gregosn

WOMACK,      Donald Ray
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    04-11-1944
Recorded in:   Carson   
Father:    Eugene V. Womack   
Mother:  Freede Mae Skinner

WOMACK,   Donna Faye   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-13-1948
Recorded in:     Tarrant 
Father:    Hubert James Womack   
Mother:  Thelma Faye Moore

WOMACK,     Donna Jean *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    02-01-1933
Recorded in:   Howard   
Father:    Zeb P. (Powers) Womack   
Mother:  Oma C. (Cleo) Darrow

WOMACK,     Donna Marie *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    11-12-1944
Recorded in:    Midland  
Father:     Kirk Womack, Jr.  (Wendell Kirkendall Womack, Jr.)
Mother:  Dorothy Lee Williams

WOMACK,      Donnie Jean
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-07-1932
Recorded in:    San Patricio  
Father:    W.W. Womack   
Mother:  Ora May Norris

WOMACK,     Doris Mae 
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    10-17-1937
Recorded in:      Dallas
Father:      James Mervin Womack 
Mother:  Jessie Hearline Crawford

WOMACK,      Doris Marie
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    11-15-1927
Recorded in:   Galveston   
Father:     Lloyd Womack  
Mother:  Viola Chovis

WOMACK,   Dorothy   
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    05-05-1946
Recorded in:      Bell
Father:       Taft Womack
Mother:  Christina Hamilton

WOMACK,     Dorothy Fay 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  02-06-1934  
Recorded in:    Lubbock  
Father:       James Lawson Womack
Mother:  Fay Adrian Curry

WOMACK,    Dorothy Lee  
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    09-23-1930
Recorded in:    Houston  
Father:     Ben Larkin Womack  
Mother:  Edna Pearl Bennett

WOMACK,   Dorothy Louise   
Sex:  f  
Birth Date:    12-29-1929
Recorded in:      Tarrant
Father:   Will Womack    
Mother:  Bessie Johnson

WOMACK,     Dorothy Lucille 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    07-03-1942
Recorded in:   Dallas   
Father:     Oscar Womack, Jr.  
Mother:  Harriette Janice Earl

WOMACK,     Dorothy Mae 
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     11-15-1927
Recorded in:    Galveston
Father:   Lloyd Womack   
Mother:   Viola Chovis

WOMACK,   Dorris Jena   
Sex:    m ? 
Birth Date:  12-29-1934   
Recorded in:  Trinity  
Father:   Jas Monroe Womack   
Mother:   Gertrude Womack

WOMACK,   Dortha May   (Dorothy Mae) *
Sex:   f  
Birth Date:  03-19-1937   
Recorded in:    San Jacinto
Father:    William (Henry) Womack  
Mother:   Tassie (Alice) Walton

WOMACK,      Dorthy Louise
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     04-29-1930
Recorded in:    Smith
Father:      Rubert Andrew Womack
Mother:   Virginia Fay Wilson

WOMACK,     Douglas DeWayne 
Sex:     m
Birth Date:     08-12-1947
Recorded in:    Smith
Father:      Benjamin Franklin Womack
Mother:   Jewel Texas Roycroft

WOMACK,     Douglas Donnell 
Sex:    f 
Birth Date:     01-19-1941
Recorded in:    Jefferson
Father:   Douglas Womack   
Mother:   Violet Collier

WOMACK,   Douglas Hughes   
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   01-02-1928  
Recorded in:  Harris  
Father:    Lee Womack  
Mother:   Faunce Kelly

WOMACK,     Doyce Marie 
Sex:     f
Birth Date:     01-19-1928
Recorded in:   Eastland 
Father:    L.L. Womack  
Mother:   Florence Alethia Goforth

WOMACK,    Doyle Gene  
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:     06-09-1943
Recorded in:    Hall
Father:      Alton Ishmiel Womack
Mother:   Hattie Louise Bennett

WOMACK,      Doyle Hamilton *
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:    11-23-1933 
Recorded in:    Harrison
Father:     L.S. Womack  (Lester St Albin Womack)
Mother:   Eunice McAmally  (Eunice Mcanally)

WOMACK,     E. J. 
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   06-29-1937  
Recorded in:    Lee
Father:     ? 
Mother:   Edith Womack

WOMACK,   E.J.   
Sex:  m   
Birth Date:     12-22-1929
Recorded in:   Jones 
Father:    E.S. Womack  
Mother:   Lois Goade

WOMACK,  E.  (Carroll Triplet Womack)  *
Sex:   m  
Birth Date:   03-21-1931  
Recorded in:    Floyd
Father:   E.J. Womack   (Everett Jay Womack)
Mother:   Vida (Lee) Wilson

WOMACK,     Earl 
Sex:  m    
Birth Date:   03-13-1940  
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:   Earl Clifford Womack   
Mother:   Artie Mae Thurman

WOMACK,    Earl Francis
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:    02-24-1928 
Recorded in:    Smith
Father:     Fred William Womack 
Mother:   Ida Davis

WOMACK,    Earnest Howard  
Sex:    m 
Birth Date:   02-12-1948  
Recorded in:    Harris
Father:      ?
Mother:   Vernell Womack

WOMACK,   Earnestine   
Sex:  f   
Birth Date:   04-10-1929  
Recorded in:    Houston
Father:      Earnest Marvin Womack
Mother:   Martha Irene Bobbett

WOMACK,   Eddie Kay   *
Sex:     m
Birth Date:    08-17-1944 
Recorded in:  Grayson  
Father:   Elmer Lee Womack   
Mother:   Marvis Iney Godwin

WOMACK,   Eddy Lee (Fred Leon Womack) *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     01-04-1941
Recorded in:   Mitchell
Father:   Raymond Clarence Womack
Mother:    Viola Rogers

WOMACK,   Edith Nell
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    10-21-1944 
Recorded in:   Jasper
Father:   Claud F. Womack
Mother:    Jackie B. Plain

WOMACK,   Edmond Claude
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     11-14-1944
Recorded in:   Howard
Father:   Weymon Almom Womack
Mother:   Mildred McKaskle

WOMACK,   Edna Louise
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-19-1926 
Recorded in:   Jones
Father:   J.S. Womack
Mother:   Nula Henderson

WOMACK,   Edward Frank
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    11-09-1947 
Recorded in:   Madison
Father:   Clyde Squire Arms ?
Mother:   Violet Lucille Dennis

WOMACK,   Edward R.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     03-21-1931
Recorded in:   Ellis
Father:   ?
Mother:   Lena Reynolds

WOMACK,   Edwin Leo, Jr. *
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:    01-23-1949 
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Edwin Leo Womack
Mother:   Leona Weast (West)

WOMACK,   Edwina
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    08-13-1943 
Recorded in:   Houston
Father:   Carl Otis Womack
Mother:   Oleta Ashley

WOMACK,   Egbert Morton, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:   07-11-1931  
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Egbert Morton Womack
Mother:   Kitty Ruth Patton

WOMACK,   Elfa Jean (Elva Jean) *
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    02-27-1943 
Recorded in:   Floyd
Father:   Arthur Virgil Womack
Mother:   Ida Bell Hollinsworth (Ida Belle Hollingsworth)

WOMACK,   Elizabeth Ann *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    01-12-1944 (April 1943)
Recorded in:   Howard
Father:   John Palmer Womack
Mother:   Mildred Elizabeth Slaton (Slayton)

WOMACK,   Elizabeth June
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     05-02-1928
Recorded in:   Limestone
Father:   S.E. Womack
Mother:   Elizabeth Rich

WOMACK,   Ella Faye
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:  04-24-1936   
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   George Womack
Mother:   Lillie Cheatham

WOMACK,   Ellery Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     08-07-1941
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Ellery Shelton Womack
Mother:   Daisey Lee Eddins

WOMACK,   Elmer T.
Sex:    f  ?
Birth Date:    09-28-1943 
Recorded in:  Smith 
Father:  Elmer T. Womack 
Mother:   Edith Everett

WOMACK,   Elodie
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     10-05-1936
Recorded in:   Jefferson
Father:   William Thomas Womack, Jr.
Mother:   Ruth Mozell OQuinn

WOMACK,   Elouise *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     07-30-1930
Recorded in:   Floyd
Father:   A.V. Womack (Arthur Virgil Womack)
Mother:   Ida Belle Hollinsworth

WOMACK,   Elsie Lorine *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     08-07-1942
Recorded in:   Gaines
Father:   Abraham Lincon Womack
Mother:  Gladys Ethel Young

WOMACK,   Emmett Richard
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     07-20-1940
Recorded in:   Montague
Father:   Woodson Lee Womack
Mother:    Pauline Bell Fox

WOMACK,   Ennis Bryon
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    06-07-1929 
Recorded in:   Cass
Father:   W.D. Womack
Mother:   Osie Smith

WOMACK,   Enola Glorine
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   10-02-1947  
Recorded in:   Tom Green
Father:   James Frank Womack
Mother:   Florine Zipper

WOMACK,   Era Josephine
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     04-26-1936
Recorded in:   Jack
Father:   E.R. Womack
Mother:  Dessie Mae Hoff

WOMACK,   Ercell Gloria
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     06-14-1942
Recorded in:   Jefferson
Father:   Douglas Womack
Mother:    Violet Collier

WOMACK,   Ernest Lou, Jr.
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     07-29-1926
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Ernest Lou Womack
Mother:   Stella Brown

WOMACK,   Ethel Jo
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     09-17-1928
Recorded in:   Lamar
Father:   Eidris W. Womack
Mother:   Willie Ethel Owen

WOMACK,   Ethel Mae
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     11-05-1945
Recorded in:   Freestone
Father:   ?
Mother:   Pinkie Womack

WOMACK,   Eva Jaelene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     01-18-1949
Recorded in:   Tom Green
Father:  James Frank Womack 
Mother:   Florine Zipper

WOMACK,   Eva Karen *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     04-15-1943
Recorded in:   Taylor
Father:   Charles Ernest Womack
Mother:   Eva Mae Hollums

WOMACK,   Everett Dalles (Dallas)*
Sex:   m
Birth Date:      05-02-1929
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   F.C. Womack (Francis Collier Womack)
Mother:   Olive Brettenback (Olive Josephine Breightenbach)

WOMACK,   Fannie Louies
Sex:    f
Birth Date:     10-19-1934
Recorded in:   Houston
Father:   Jno Robert Womack
Mother:   Fannie Leola May

WOMACK,   Fay Marcelle *
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   02-17-1934  
Recorded in:   Wichita
Father:   Marshall Leslie Womack
Mother:   Gladys Thelma Greer

WOMACK,   Findley Joe *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     05-08-1934
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:  Weldon William Womack 
Mother:  Rose Beatrice Moffett

WOMACK,   Flora May
Sex: f   
Birth Date:   11-16-1940  
Recorded in:   Smith
Father: Rayford Dewey Womack  
Mother:  Minnie May Rankin  

WOMACK,   Floyd Ellis
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    12-18-1943 
Recorded in:   Medina
Father:   Estol A. Womack
Mother:   Era Gertrude Hines

WOMACK,   Floyd Eugene  *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     05-16-1949
Recorded in:  Ellis 
Father:   Floyd Oclo Womack
Mother:     Gladys Esther Schultz

WOMACK,   Fran Nerene
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    12-21-1943 
Recorded in:   Young
Father:   Lloyd Vaughter Womack
Mother:    Lois Lorena Durham

WOMACK,   Frances Kay
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   10-11-1936  
Recorded in:   Hardeman
Father:   Charles Brunson Womack
Mother:    Clyde Laura Milligan

WOMACK,   Frances Louise
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:    07-12-1941 
Recorded in:   El Paso
Father:   Jacob Womack
Mother:    Lida Parker

WOMACK,   Francey Ann
Sex:    f
Birth Date:  09-21-1941   
Recorded in:   Foard
Father:   William Recie Womack
Mother:    Frances Tisdale

WOMACK,   Frances Lucille
Sex:   f 
Birth Date:     08-23-1934
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   Ben F. Womack
Mother:   Jewell T. Roycraft 

WOMACK,   Francis Monita
Sex:    f
Birth Date:   12-21-1934  
Recorded in:   Hardin
Father:   Tom Womack
Mother:    Kattie Stringfellow

WOMACK,   Frank Eugene II
Sex:    m
Birth Date:  08-15-1931   
Recorded in:   Harris
Father:   Frank Eugene Womack
Mother:    Lillian Smith

WOMACK,   Frank Jessie
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-26-1929
Recorded in:   Hidalgo
Father:   E.L. Womack
Mother:   Stella Braun

WOMACK,   Fred, Jr.
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     07-23-1930
Recorded in:   Smith
Father:   Fred Womack
Mother:    Ida  Davis

WOMACK,   Fred Allen, Jr.
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-26-1933 
Recorded in:   Tarrant
Father:   Fred Allen Womack
Mother:    Ruby Pearl Vinson

WOMACK,   Fred Lee *
Sex:    m
Birth Date:     08-24-1930
Recorded in:   Dallas
Father:   Volney Rosevelt Womack
Mother:    Alice Mae Seymour

WOMACK,   Freda Beth 
Sex:    f
Birth Date:    03-07-1931 
Recorded in:   Dawson
Father:   William Lafayette Womack
Mother:    Mayme Lorene Banta

WOMACK,   Freddie James
Sex:    m
Birth Date:    02-15-1934 
Recorded in:   Harrison
Father:   ?
Mother: Gertrude Lucille Womack

WOMACK,   Freddy Leon  *
Sex:  m  
Birth Date:   01-04-1941  
Recorded in:   Mitchell
Father:   Raymond Clarence Womack
Mother: Viola Rogers

WOMACK,   Fulton Curtis
Sex:   m 
Birth Date:     09-13-1930
Recorded in:   Cherokee
Father:   Hildred Lewis Womack
Mother: Minnie James

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