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Thomas Womack sp Mary Farley

3 generations

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas3 Womack (Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1672 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Bef. 1734 in Henrico Co., Virginia. He married Mary Farley Abt. 1705 in Henrico Co., Virginia, daughter of John Farley and Elizabeth Akin. She was born Abt. 1690 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died 1750 in Henrico Co., Virginia.

Will made March 24, 1732/33.

Will of Thomas Womack (Sr.) 1733, Henrico

County, VA.- Henrico County Deeds & Wills, No. 2, Pt. 1, 1725-1737,  pages  424 & 425:

"IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The four and Twentieth Day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & Thirty Two,Three, I Thomas Womack Senr. of Henrico County being in perfect Sense and Memory Thanks be given unto God Therefore, calling unto mind the Mortality of my body and knowing that it is Appointed for all Men to Die Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say princiaply & first of All I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like & Deceant manner at the Descreatin of my Executor Nothing Doubting but at the General reasurection I shall receive the Same again by the Mighty power of God and as Touching Such Worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give Devise & Dispose of the same in manner and form following (Vis) Imprimus I give and bequeath unto my Sons Abraham Womack & William Womack the Land from the Branch called the licking Branch To a run called rockey run at their Disposal on condition they shall buy & Sell one of Another without A better offer; Item I give to my Son Isham & to my Son Thomas the Land from the rockey run to the head line to be Equally Divided between them to buy and Sell one with another without a better(?) offer Item(torn) Son Francis the Land I now live upon from the said licking branch To held (?) Water. Item I give my Son Abraham one Bed & furniture with the provisor my Wife gets that which my Father left me at the Hundred. Item I give to my Son William my Sadle and Bridle and one hat. Item I give to my Daughter Judith one Cow & Calf and to my Daughter Sarah one Ewe and Lamb. Item I give To my Daughter Elizabeth one Ewe and Lamb and likewise my daughter Mary one Ewe & Lamb. Item I give to my Daughter Martha one great Looking Glass. Item I give to my Son Isham one Sow and piggs, or a Sow with pigg. Item I give to my Son Francis one Sow and piggs. Item I give to my Son Thomas one Cow & Calf, and one Sow and piggs and one fether Bed & furniture. Item I give to my beloved Wife Mary all the rest of my Whole Estate and likewise what my ffather hath left me; and the Negro Woman after her (decease?) to be returned to my Son Francis. This being my last Will and Testament I hereby Constribute and appoint my Wife whole and Sole Executrix, revoking and making voide all other Wills Given under my hand and Seal the Day and Year before Written.

Thomas (Seal)

Sign'd Seal'd and Delivered Womack

in thepresence of Us

Nathaniel Tanner

James Akin Junr.

Benjamin Fernando

At the Court held for Henrico County the first Monday in January 1733: This last Will and Testament of Thomas Womack Deceasd was presented by the Executrickx upon Oath, and the Same being proved by the Oaths of Nathaniel Tanner & james Akin Two of the Witnesses thereto it was thereupon Admitted to record.

Test. Bowler Cocke ClCur."

Mary Farley:

Marys Will was made July 23,1750, Chesterfield Co., VA.

Will of Mary Farley Womack

1759,Chesterfield Co., Va.-Chesterfield Co., Will Book 1,1749-1765,  pages 188 and 189:

"In the name of God Amen the 23rd Day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty I the subscriber being very sick and weak but in my perfect sences blessed God for it and therefore calling to mind the mortality of the Body and knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I recommend my Soul into the hans of God that gave it trusting in the Merits of my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ I shall receive the same by the mighty Power of God &c and as touching such Estate as it has been Pleass God to bless me with in this World I gove devise and dispose of the same in the manner and form following Imprimis

I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Francis Womack my Feather Bed and Boolster & a Rug & a pear of Sheets wheron I now lie Sick and my large Table & my large IornPoot and a large Peuter Dish & a large Bason &2 Puter Plates as also I give to my two Sons Francis and Thos. Womack nine Chattle to be equally divided between them Also I give to my Son Francis my Negro Woman nam'd Mall, also I give to my Son Thos. my Hand Mill and to my Son Francis my Grind Stone. I also give to my Son Thos. my Chist & also one Iorn Poot & a large Kittle and one branded Dish & one Bason & 3 Plates & a Spice Mortar & brass Candlestick & my Horse if he be found and two Leather Chears & two Rush Chears and to my Son Francis one leatther Chear & foore Rush botomd Chears & to my Son Thos. one tinn Candlestick,Also I lend to my Daughter Judy a Feather Bed & Boolster and give her all my Wool I have in the House except a pound and I give to my Daughter Sarah Rise my new Virginia Cloth wooling goune and my new Quilted Pettycoote & a peace(?) of Boodess & newest holland Apron & Hankerchef & a capp & my Termeter(??) Hatt & no more Also to my Daughter Elizabeth Hatch.t (Hatchett)my Englishgoune and a holland Apron& a Hankerchief&no more And to my Daughter Mary Man I give my blew Virginia Cloth wooling goune &my new straw Hatt & one of my new Aporns made of cotton & linen and no more And all the rest of my wareing Cloaths I give to my Daughter Judy Booth Lining & Wooling and also my Side Saddle and no more and for my three Sons Abram & Isham & William I give each of them one Shelling apeace & no more. memorandum ye Bed as I have let to my Daughter Judy is but for two years & then return to my Sons Francis & Thos. to be equally divided between with ye Boolster & ye Rug & Sheets & Blanket for Thos. my Son and for every thing I have not mention'd is to be equally divided amongst them all as lives heare with me whar unto I make and ordain my two Sons Francis & Thomas Womack my hole Executors of this my last Will & Testament given under my the Day (sic) and year first writn.

Said Sig'd & Delivered Mary Womack (L S)

in (?) the presence of us

William Graves

Thos. his T mark Frankly Senr.

William Walford"

Will of John Farley, Jr.  Proves daughter Mary, married Womack

John Farley, Jr., son of John, Sr., and Mary Farley was born 1670, possibly in Henrico Co., VA, and died 1754 in Chesterfield Co. He married Elizabeth Archer (possibly Elizabeth Aiken) about 1700. She was born 1674 and died 1761. In 1703 John Farley, Jr., entered 471 acres in Henrico Co., VA, and entered 300 acres in 1714. Reference: William Armstrong Crozier, Virginia Court Records, (Baltimore: Genealogical Printing Co., 1971. Vol 7, pages 7 and 9. Children of John, Jr. and Elizabeth Archer Farley: Reference: Jesse Kelso Farley, Jr., Twelve Generations of Farleys (Chicago: Press of Albin O. Horn Company, 1934, pp 32-33. 

Will of John Farley, Jr: Amelia Co., VA. Will Book 1, page 200. April 6th 1754.

In the name of God Amen. I John Farley of Dale Parish in the County of Chesterfield being in perfect health sound sence and good memory thanks be given to God do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following: Imprimis I give the use of my plantation and everything upon the said plantation as Negros, stock, etc to my beloved wife Elizabeth Farley during her natural life but my will and desire is that my said wife shall have the choice of all my beds and furniture with two trunks and one iron Pott to dispose of to whom she thinks proper after my Decease and after my Wife Decease I desire my plantation containing Three hundred acres more or less to my son John Farley and his wife Mary, during their natural lives and after my son John and his Wife's Death I give and devise the said plantation to my son, Peter Farley and his Heirs forever. 
Also I give the use of My Negro Dickboy to my Daughter Mary Womack during her life and after her Death I give and bequeath the said Negro Dickboy to my son Francis Farley and his Heirs forever.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son John Farley my Negro Man Dick to him and his heirs forever.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son William Farley and his Heirs forever my Negro Nancy and all her Increase from this Day.
Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Thompson and her Heirs forever my Negro Boy named Billy.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son James Farley and his Heirs forever my Negro Girl Patt and all her Increase.
Also I give and Bequeath to my Son Joseph Farley and his Heirs forever my Negro Wench named Sue with what Children she brings after this Day.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son Matthew Farley my Negro Boy cal'd Lewis to him and his Heirs forever.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son Francis Farley my Negro Wench named Lucy and all her Increase.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son Henry Farley and his Heirs forever one Negro Boy named Stephen.
Also I give and bequeath to my Son Peter Farley and his Heirs forever my two Negro Fellows named Frank and Jimboy, also my Will and desire is that all the remainder of my estate be set up and Sold at Public Oction to the highest Bidder and the Money arising on the Sail to be Equally Divided amongst my said Children hereby revoking all other Wills heretofore made by me do Constitute and Appoint my Son John Farley whole and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Sixth Day of April one thousand seven hundred and fifty four.

Signed Sealed Published 
and Delivered to be my last 
Will and Testament in the presence of

Jno Archer
James Clay
Richard Nunnaley
John Farley
John X Farley
Amelia County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 200.

Children of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley are:

+ 2 i. Judith4 Womack, born Abt. 1706 in Henrico Co., Virginia.

+ 3 ii. Abraham Womack, born Abt. 1708 in Henrico Co., Virginia; died May 16, 1800 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina.

+ 4 iii. Sarah Womack, born Abt. 1713.

+ 5 iv. Elizabeth Womack, born Abt. 1714 in Henrico Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1810.

6 v. Mary Womack, born Abt. 1716 in Henrico Co., Virginia. She married Mann Abt. 1735.

Notes for Mann:

Pilgrim L. Williams administrator of her estate.

7 vi. William Womack, born Abt. 1718 in Henrico Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1790 in Charlotte Co., Virginia.

Notes for William Womack:

Intestate-without Issue- brothers and sisters were heirs-brother Thomas adm. of estate.

Nuncupative Will of William Womack, 1790, Charlotte County, Virginia. Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book 1, 1765-1791 page 428.

William Womack's Will - January 30th, 1790.

" This day being called on by Simon Jackson to make mention of the words of William Wamack of Charlotte County decd. who departed this life the above date within who appeared to be in his proper sences call on us whose names are under written to take notice that the said William Womack did give to Elizabeth Jackson wife of Simon Jackson one certain negro woman known by the name of Betty and her increase during her life and at her death to be disposed of by the said Elizabeth Jackson as she might think proper and the Wamack call on us to take notice that it is his desire that Simon Jackson should take charge of the plantation whereon he then lived and everything thereon and to keep them togather until he made a crop for the ensuing year as witness each of our hands the above date written in the presence of (S)

Thomas Lorton Henry ( his X mark ) Eanes

Burwell Brown Martha ( her X mark ) Eanes

Henry Barnes Alexander Farguson

James Dudgeons

At a court held for Charlotte County the 5th Day of April, 1790.

This nuncupative will of William Womack decd, was presented in the court by Simon Jackson and the same being committed to writing in the presence of Thomas Lorton, Berwell Brown, Henry Barnes, Martha Eanes & Thomas Farguson, the witnesses in whose presences the testamentory words were spoken and ordered to be recorded.


Thomas Read, CC

Truly recorded

Thomas Read, CC

+ 8 vii. Isham Womack, born Abt. 1720 in Henrico Co., VA; died Abt. 1770 in Amelia Co., VA.

+ 9 viii. Martha Womack, born Abt. 1723 in Henrico Co., VA; died Abt. 1812.

+ 10 ix. Francis Womack, born Abt. 1725 in Henrico Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1800 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia.

+ 11 x. Thomas Womack, Jr., born Abt. 1728 in Henrico Co., Virginia; died Abt. February 1804 in Nottoway Co., Virginia.


Generation No. 2


2. Judith4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1706 in Henrico Co., Virginia. She married Hambleton.

Notes for Judith Womack:

Also Judy Womack.


Children of Judith Womack and Hambleton are:

12 i. Francis5 Hambleton.

13 ii. Mary Hambleton. She married Daniel Owen.

3. Abraham4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1708 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died May 16, 1800 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Abt. 1725 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1710.

Notes for Abraham Womack:

Abraham Womack Will

State of No Carolina

Lincoln County

In the name of God amen I Abraham Womack of the state and country aforesaid being weak of boudy but being of sound memory bequeath of all my estate as follows

First i give to my grandson James Womack son to Abraham Womack my Bible and the remaining of the following articles to be divided between my grand-children of my son Abnor Womack one bead and furniter and beadstead one chist one oven one scilet 3 poter pleatts ond one sadle and bridle one beason all the above property to be sold and the money arising theron to be eaqiely divided amongst the heirs of my son Abnor Womack.

Item no 2 All the rest of the household property to Margaret Henker (Hager)also one house also ten head of catle and eleven head of hogs and six head of shepe and nine head of gees with all and the money arising from so property to be sold to the sd Mrgrat Hager

(Henker) uese as wihup my hand and seal this forth of August 1803.

Signed and delivered in the presence of us

H. L. M gee Abraham Womack (seal)

John Boot

John Robertson

North Carolina

Lincoln County

I, Thos. ERhodes,Clerk of the Superior Court of Lincoln County N.C. do herebycertify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the will of AbrahamWomack as far as could be made out, as taken from the original now on file in this office.

This the 15th day of July, 1944

(s) Thos E Rhodes

Clerk of Superior Court


Children of Abraham Womack and Elizabeth are:

14 i. Abraham5 Womack, Jr., born 1726 in Halifax Co., Virginia; died May 06, 1800 in Caswell Co., North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Stubblefield October 30, 1751 in Amelia Co., Virginia; born 1737 in Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; died March 1780 in Caswell Co., North Carolina.

Notes for Abraham Womack, Jr.:

Will of Abraham Womack, 15 September 1796.

In the name of God amen I Abraham Womack being weak in Body but of a Sound mind and memory thanks be to God, and Calling to mind the mortality of the body and knowing its appointed that all men must die, do Constitute make and appoint this my last Will and Testament in Manner following. I Recommend my soul to God and my body to the Earth, as to my worldly effects I dispose of as following.

Item I give and bequeath to my Son William Womack twenty pounds, to be paid in property or Trade together with what he has already received in full of his part, to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give to my Daughter Mary Benton five Shillings together with what she has already received to her and her heirs forever.

Item I give to my Daughter Nancy Engram five shillings together with what she has already received to her and heirs forever.

Item I give to my Daughter Lucy Engram one bed and furniture together what she has already received to her and her heirs forever the Sum ofgiven William Womack is Twenty Pounds.

Item I give to my Daughter Sinic Brakin my negro man Amos together with what she already received to her and her heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Womack my negro woman Settice and her son Gilbert two feather beds and furniture, a horse and Saddle, four head Cattle, Six head sheep, my chest half, the Cupboard furniture to her and her heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Josiah Womack my two negro boys Peter and Henly, also all my lands that I am possessed of or have any right or title to, also all my stock of horses, cattle, hoggs, sheep except such as I have hereto given, also all my plantation untensals and household furniture, money, outstanding debts and every part or parcel of my estate real and personal not otherwise disposed of after paying my debts and legacies to him and his heirs forever. I do appoint my son Josiah Womack and my friend William Bethell executors of this my last will and testament revoking and disannulling all former will and sequences heretofore made ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will & testament whereof I have set my hand and seal this 15th day of September, A. D. 1796

Abraham Womack (seal)

Signed sealed and published

in presence of

William Bethell

Jeremiah Stubblefield ( jurat )

Nancy Bethell ( jurat )

Caswell County, October Court 1800

The Execution of this will was duly proved in open court by the oaths of Jeremiah Stubblefield and Nancy Bothell ___ Suscribing ____ of & an anglian ordered to be reconted at same time Josiah Womack qualified Executor.

_ _ Murphy Cl

State of North Carolina

Caswell County' s

I Archibald Murphy Clerk of the Court of Pleas and quarter sessions the County aforesaid hereby certify and make known that the forgoing is a true Copy of the record of the last Will of Abraham Womack dec,d taken from the record in my office. In Testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal of of office this 13th day of May 1816.

A _ Murphy CL

State of North Carolina

Caswell County's

I Soloman Graves? presiding majistrate of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in said County Certify that Archibald Murphy whose signature is affixed to the above Certificate is Clerk of the Court of pleas & quarter Sessions in said County, that said Certificate is in due form and that full faith and credit is to be paid to his official attention as such, Given under my hand this 13th day of May Ad. 1816.

Sol Graves PM.

State of North Carolina

Caswell County

"1816 May 25th. Rec'd of Asa Dupuy, one of the commissioners to the Estate of William Womack, dec'd, of Charlotte County Virginia, the sum of one hundred eighteen dollars and sixty seven cents, that being one fourth of one ninth of that part of the estate of William Womack dec'd that has fallen into the hands of James Dupuy and Asa Dupuy to be divided between the parties interested. I am entitled to an interest in said estate in the manner following, viz., my father, Abraham Womack Jr. of Caswell County, N. Carolina, was a son of Abraham Womack Sen'r of Lincoln County, N. Carolina, which said Abraham Womack Sen'r was a brother of William Womack, dec'd of Charlotte County VA and had four children, to wit, Abraham (who was my father), Elizabeth, Mary and Abner. My grandfather, Abraham Womack Sen'r, was entitled to one ninth of William Womack's estate and my father was entitled to one fourth of my grandfather's interest (viz. a ninth) which said fourth of a ninth I am entitled to under the last will of my father, hereto annexed.

(signed) Josiah Womack.  

( Proves Josiah, descends from Thomas and Mary Farley.)


John Turnoll (or Furnoll?)"

[This receipt and a copy of Abraham's will were both written on one large sheet of paper]

Notes: Siblings and descendants and applicants filed to receive part of estate of William Womack of Charlotte Co., VA.

(Son of Thomas and Mary Farley)

Abraham Womack Sr.

Children; ( Abraham Womack, Jr., his part Willed to his son Josiah Womack )

( Mary Womack ___________ )

( Elizabeth Womack ____________)

( Abner Womack )

Isham Womack -- no application filed for his part ( something written underneath can not read.

Mary Mann -- Pilgrim L. Williams her administrator.

Judith Hambleton -- no application for her part. can not read part under her name.

Thomas Womack -- Willed by him to Anthony H. Womack.

Elizabeth Hatchet -- The court decreed her part to be paid over to her grandson Wm Hatchett the children of Elizabeth Hatchett ____ Josiah Hatchett * ___ Tolbot & Martha his wife who was Hatchett; Judith Furkering who was Hatchett & William Hatchett ( the rest unreadable) Note: * 4 C. see the decree.

William Womack -- son of Francis Womack entitled to his fathers part by special order of court.

Sarah Rice - Her children are:

Francis Rice -- Willed his part to his son Isham Rice.

Thomas Rice -- 5 children: William, Sally, Nancy, Charley, & Benjamin Rice.

____ Rice -- His children are:

Abraham Rice -- ( no application )

Isham Rice -- Francis Rice his _ ___ he is dec'd & his widow Jamima Rice his Excecutor.

Fanny Rice -- Her children - Nancy Rice received her mothers part but it is not said she was the only child.

Molly Cheatham -- no application.

Josiah Hatchett, Joseph Talbolt & Martha his wife who was Martha Hatchett, Judith Furkering who was Judith Hatchett & William Hatchett children of represenatives of Elizabeth Hatchett, dec'd who was Elizabeth Womack:

Note: William Hatchetts share by a special order of Charlotte County, (note: 22june1806) note further he William Hatchett is ___ this report of the Commission called the grandson of Eliza Hatchett. How is That?

Plaintiffs VS Abner Womack, Eliza Cauthorn who was Elizabeth Womack (note says, living in Franklin County Georgia, 90 years old in 1812 ), John Spradlin & Mary his wife who was Mary Womack vs, Josiah Womack son and representative of Abram Womack ___ -- ___ ___ all children & representatives of Abraham Womack, dec'd.

William Womack, Mary Owen who was Mary Womack, and Martha Womack children and representatives of Isham Womack dec'd

Note: this share of my branch has never been called for.

Pilgrim L. Williams administrator of Mary Mann dec'd who was Mary Womack.

Francis Hambleton and Daniel Owen & Mary his wife who was Mary Hamilton, children & representatives of Judy Hamilton dec'd who was Judy Womack.

Note: This share has not been drawn.

Elizabeth Puckett who was rice -- her part assigned over to her son Flemming Puckett & by him assigned over to Richard Driskill & paid to him.

Martha Roberts, Children:

Pleasant Roberts

Joshua Roberts

John Cox & Martha his wife

William Roberts

___ Roberts, ( Warren Roberts his Ex r ) left 7 children, ____ of ___ vs., William dec'd & left ___ one of them married ____ Harrold.

Fanny Irby -- no application -- she is dead & left children ( how many do not know one named William Irby who drew an order in 1822 for the mothers part but __ _____ ____ mothers attorney.

Judy Chandler -- Allen Chandler her Ex r

Anthony H. Womack ( grandson of _______ ______ & representatives of Thomas Womack dec'd _______ dec'd ( per his will)

( This section unreadable )

William Womack, son of Francis Womack dec'd ( entitled by special order of Court )

Isham Rice son & representative ( by Will ) of Francis Rice; William Rice, Sally Rice, Nancy Rice, Charles Rice, & Benja Rice. Children Representatives of Thomas Rice dec'd.

___ Rice __& __ ( his children's names not known )

( ---- ) Abraham Rice, Jamima Rice Ex r of Francis Rice __ ( Line drawn through Children Representatives of ) Richard Driskill assignee of Fleming Puckett who was assignee of Elizabeth Puckett who was Elizabeth Rice; -- children & representatives of Sarah Rice dec'd who was Sarah Womack.

Pleasant Roberts, Joshua Roberts, John Cox & Martha his wife who was Martha Roberts, William Roberts, Warren Roberts, Ex r of ___ Roberts dec d.,

Notes; in box ( ___ _ children one of them dec d & left two children one of them married John Harrold)

Wm Irby & Moses Irby children and representatives of Fanny Irby who was Fanny Roberts.

Allen Chandler Ex r of Judy Chandler who was Judy Roberts -- Children & representatives of Martha Roberts dec d who was Martha Womack.

Virginia Charlotte County, Tourt,

On the motion of Pilgrim L. Williams who made oath According to law Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration of the estate of Mary Mann dec d., he giving Security, Whereupon he with Hillery Goode his security entered into and acknowledged their bond according to Law for that purpose.

Copy Thomas Read CL

Mss IG8782b 6353

6355 - 636

Wm Hatchett of Chesterfield C. H. Post Office He was a distributor of the Ex r of Wm Womack dec d., - and wishes a suit brought for the distribution of two shares not yet drawn Vs. Isham Womack, and Judy Hamilton.

Mr. Wm Hatchett of Chesterfield ( C.H. Post Office ). He was distributor of Wm Womack dec'd and wishes a suit to draw his part of two shares of the green division of 5d Vs Isham Womack & Judy Hambleton. Wm Womack Exr which has not yet been Called for by any person claiming or representing those two share Employ Counsel to prosecute the suit He in behalf of Mr. Hatchett.

Mr. Rich d Driskill produced a transfer of Eliza Pucketts part of Wm Womacks as to one of her sons & from her son to Rich d Driskill -- also a power of attorney -- from Wm Rice, Sally Rice ( Nancy Rice, Charles Rice & Benja Rice children of Tho s Rice dec d ___ ___ for the bal., that may be due the ___ Thos Rice dec d.

Compiler of this genealogy has certified copies of above documents.

Roger Womack ( compiler )


BOOK FOURTEEN 1803 - 1805

4 March 1803

Pg 11 Pleasant Robards, Stephen Robards, Joshua Robards, William Robards, Arthur Robards, Fanny Irby, who was Fanny Robards, Judy Chandler, who was Judy Robards; children of Martha Robards who was Martha Womack; Plaintiffs vs Thomas Womack, adm'r of William Womack, dec'd, and William Womack, son of Francis Womack, dec'd, Avery Womack, Elizabeth Cauthorn, who was Elizabeth Womack, John Spraeling and Mary his wife, which sd Mary was Mary Womack; children of Abraham Womack, dec'd, William Womack, Mary Owen, who was Mary Womack, and Martha Womack; children of Johann Womack and Francis Rice, Thomas Rice, Samuel Rice, Abraham Rice, Johann Rice, Fanny Rice, Molly Cheatham who was Molly Rice, Elizabeth Puckett, who was Elizabeth Rice; children of Sarah Rice, dec'd, who was Sarah Womack, Francis Hamilton, Daniel Owen & Mary his wife, who was Mary Hamilton, children of Judy Hamilton, who was Judy Womack, Mary Mann, who was Mary Womack, Josiah Hatchett, Joseph Talbot and Martha, his wife who was Martha Hatchett, Judith Funkening, who was Judith Hatchett, and William Hatchett, children of Elizabeth Hatchett who was Elizabeth Womack; Defendants - a suit in chancery.

. . . ordered that the land and slaves be sold and the proceeds be divided into nine parts , one ninth to the heirs of Martha Robards; one ninth to Thomas Womack; one ninth to William Womack, son of Francis Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Abraham Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Johann Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Sarah Rice; One ninth to the heirs of Judith Hamilton; one ninth to the heirs of Elizabeth Hatchett; one ninth to Mary Mann -- brothers & sisters of the intestate.


BOOK FIFTEEN 1805 - 1807

Submited by Tom McCargo 27 July 1999

2 June 1806

Pg 156 Pleasant Robards &c Plaintiffs vs William Womack &c Defendants - Chancery

It appearing to the court that Elizabeth Hatchett, by her deed, did convey to William Hatchett, her grandson, one of the defendants in this suit, her interests in the estate of the intestate, William Womack. Ordered that the one-ninth of the sd estate, ordered to be retained in the hands of the com'rs, be paid to the sd William Hatchett, as heir of the sd Elizabeth Hatchett.



Abraham Womack patented 403 acres of land in Amelia County July 10, 1745.] About 1756, the family moved to Hogan's creek in Orange (later divided to include Caswell and Person) County, NC. In 1758 Robert Stubblefield requested permission to build a public grist mill on his land. Between 1763 and 1769 he gave or sold land to his sons Wyatt, Richard and Thomas and son-in-law Abraham Womack. An early map of Caswell County (1777) shows Stubblefield Plantation as a landmark.

Abraham Womack and Wyatt Stubblefield signed a petition to the governor of North Carolina to create the county that became known as Caswell.

Abraham was a Revolutionary War Patriot and rendered material aid according to North Carolina State Archives, claim of August 20, 1783. He was paid nine pounds specie (gold or silver coins) for his service.

Deed records for Caswell County show land purchases in 1782, 382 acres on Hogan's Creek and 1783, 205 acres on Story Creek.


15 ii. Elizabeth Womack, born Abt. 1740. She married Charles Cawthorn in Virginia; born Abt. 1735.

Notes for Elizabeth Womack:

Source: Bob Erwin (Charles Robert Erwin)

Notes for Charles Cawthorn:

Source: Bob Erwin (Charles Robert Erwin)

16 iii. Mary Womack, born Abt. 1752. She married John Spradlin.

17 iv. Abner Womack, born January 07, 1764 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia; died February 14, 1845 in Butler Co., Kentucky. He married Agnes Nancy Reed September 24, 1787 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina; born Abt. 1773 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina; died 1844 in Butler Co., Kentucky.

Notes for Abner Womack:

Abner was on the Logan County, KY tax list for 1800, and Butler County, KY tax list in 1810.9 Says Abner died in Bowling Green, KY.1 Abner was a Revolutionary War veteran. In "Index of Revolutionary War Pension Application Papers" is listed "WOMACK, Abner, N.C., S30804, b VA". His Pension file No from Butler Co KY is 530804. From DAR Patriot Index Vol II p. 229: "W0MACK, Abner b 1-7-1764 d p 9-4-1837 m Agnes Reid Pvt NC PNSR".

This was abstracted by the late Mrs. Nellie P. Waldenmaier, genealogist, of Washington, DCABNER WOMACK - NC (born in VA) File No. S 30804:-

Butler Co., KY, 12 Nov 1832 - "personally appeared" Abner Womack aged 68 years. Entered service by draft, 1780, in Lincoln Co., NC, was private under Capt. Jacob Collins, Lieut. French, Ensign Joseph Beaty, Col. Arrington's Regiment. Rendezvoused in Lincoln Co., NC, marched to Charleston, SC, arrived in Charleston early in April where he was placed under Brig. Genl. McIntosh. (Long details of service.)

Altogether he served two months and 2 days, all the time in militia. Was discharged. Served a second tour of three months in militia. In Dec 1781, he joined a company of Mounted Rangers as a substitute for Reuben Petty of Burke Co., NC. Marched to Upper Fort in Burke Co., engaged in scouting in different parts of the State for protection against the Indians. Sometime in Feb 1782, he received a discharge, signed by Lieut. Davidson, which he has lost.

He was born in Prince Edward Co., VA, 7 Jan 1764; lived in Lincoln Co., NC until 1797 when he moved to Logan Co., KY, to that part which is now Butler Co. Received a pension of $24.44 per annum.

Letters of inquiry concerning pensions of Abner and William Womack from O. B. Womack, Route 4, McMinnville, TN in 1916, and from Mrs. B. Bentley, West Main St., McMinnville, TN. (no date).

EDITORS NOTE: The above Abner Womack was son of Abraham and Elizabeth Womack of Virginia and Lincoln Co., NC.

3 Page 23:Butler County, KY WOMACK'S in 1810 Census:Abner WOMACK - 1 male aged over 45; 1 female aged 26 to 45; 2 males and 1 female aged 16 to 26; 1 male aged 10 to 16; 2 males and 3 females aged under 10.12 I have copies of court documents where Abner Womack (Sr.), Willis Hargrove, and a McReynolds were partners in a "salt well" business in Kentucky.

4. Sarah4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1713. She married Rice.

Children of Sarah Womack and Rice are:

18 i. Francis5 Rice.

19 ii. Thomas Rice.

20 iii. Samuel Rice.

21 iv. Abram Rice.

22 v. Isham Rice. He married Jamima.

23 vi. Fanny Rice.

24 vii. Molly Rice. She married Cheatham.

25 viii. Elizabeth Rice. She married Puckett.

5. Elizabeth4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1714 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Abt. 1810. She married John Hatchett, son of John Hatchett and Elizabeth Basse. He was born Abt. 1708.


Children of Elizabeth Womack and John Hatchett are:

26 i. Josiah5 Hatchett, born Abt. 1729. He married Tabitha Hatchett; born Abt. 1732.

27 ii. Martha Hatchett. She married Joseph Talbolt.

28 iii. Judith Hatchett. She married William Furkering.

29 iv. William Hatchett.

8. Isham4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1720 in Henrico Co., VA, and died Abt. 1770 in Amelia Co., VA. He married Mary.

Notes for Isham Womack:

(c. 1720- living 1768) is named in both the 1733 will if his father and the 1750 will of his mother. He appears first on record in the 1744 Amelia County Tithe List, next to his brother William. On 22 Nov.1753, Isham Womack and Samuel Yarbrough acted as appraisers of the estate of James Foster in Amelia Co., and the next year Isham was serving as constable of the newly formed Prince Edward County ( Taken from part of Amelia ). Within a few weeks he moved to Halifax County, where on 16 Dec. 1758, he affiliated with the South River Quaker Monthly Meeting; he was dismissed on 30 Aug. 1763 "for Marrying contrary to discipline" ( Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy 4: 3450. On 18 Oct. 1764 in Halifax Co.,Isham Womack and Wife Elizabeth of Halifax sold 200 acres to Champness Terry of Halifax, including "all houses, outhouses, buildings" (DB 1:227 ). In the same year, Charles Cawthon made bail for Isham Womack, who had been sued for a debt.


Apparently, Isham then removed to South Carolina, where on 1 Feb. 1768 Isam Warnock received a grant of 400 acres on water of Santee adjoining grants of William Laut, William Joiner, and John Sutton. On 18 Aug. 1767, Hugh Quinn received a grant on the south side of Broad River, "including Isam Womack's improvement." Both these grants are found in Mecklenburg Land Grants in South Carolina.

In deeds from Chesterfield Co., VA Isham and Thomas, his brother, sold the land they inherited from their brother, William, to Henry Winfree in 1754 (5..deed book 2,39 and deed book 2,244). All Isham's children were born in Henrico Co., then they moved to Amelia Co. The place where they lived eventually became part of Prince Edward Co., VA.


The William Womack estate papers lists Isham's children as William Womack, Mary Womack Owen, and Martha Womack. Isham's share , however was not claimed, and this notation appears: "Isham Womack we can hear nothing of nor which way he removed to.


Children of Isham Womack and Mary are:

30 i. Mary5 Womack, born Abt. 1742. She married Owen.

31 ii. Martha Womack, born Abt. 1745.

32 iii. William Womack, born Abt. 1750.

9. Martha4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1723 in Henrico Co., VA, and died Abt. 1812. She married John Roberts.


Children of Martha Womack and John Roberts are:

33 i. Pleasant5 Roberts, born Abt. 1743.

34 ii. Stephen Roberts, born Abt. 1744.

35 iii. Joshua Roberts, born Abt. 1746.

36 iv. William Roberts, born Abt. 1748.

37 v. Martha Roberts, born Abt. 1750. She married John Cox; born Abt. 1745.

38 vi. Fanny Roberts, born Abt. 1753. She married Irby.

39 vii. Judith Roberts, born Abt. 1758. She married Chandler.

10. Francis4 Womack (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1725 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Abt. 1800 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia. He married (1) Susannah Puckett Bef. 1754 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia, daughter of John Puckett. She was born Abt. 1735, and died Aft. 1775 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia. He married (2) Mary Grissell Aft. 1776.

Notes for Francis Womack:

Francis Womack

(Recorded History)

Francis 9C.1730 - Liv. 1790 ), named after his uncle Francis Farley, Apparently lived all his life in what had become Chesterfield Co., in 1749. He and his brother Thomas served as executors of their mother' will. Francis Womack m. (1st) Susannah Puckett, dau. of John Puckett, and on 2 May 1755, Francis Womack and wife Susannah sold 25 acres of a tract of 100 acres formerly belonging to John Puckett, and adjoining William Kennon, Womack Puckett, and Timothy Puckett. Francis m. (2nd) Mrs. Mary Grissell, widow of George Grissell, and they were involved to litigation about the Grissell Estate from 1764 to 1767 ( OB 3: 526, 606; 4: 133). On 5 Sep. 1766, Francis Womack "of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., VA." sold a tract of land in Dale Parish to Thomas Franklin (DB 5: 478).

Francis Womack appears in the fragmentary Chesterfield tithe lists 1756-1762. He does not appear on the 1783 list, so we deduce that he may have been numbered among the 5 tithables in the household of Isham Womack, who was quite likely his son. On 4 Jan. 1882, Francis Womack was serving as administrator of the estate of Pleasant Womack, apparently his son also; and on 22 Dec. 1790, Francis Womack deeded to his son William his 1/9 interest in the estate of his brother William Womack of Charlotte Co., VA., ( DB 16: 215 ).

Francis Womock of Chesterfield Co., and William Womock (son of sd. Francis) of sd. Co. William Womock late of the Co. of Charlotte who was brother to the said Francis Womock hath departed this life Intestate without issue. Sd. William Womock's estate both real & personal hath descended to the said Francis Womock and to his brother and sisters as heirs to the said deceased William Womock. The said Francis Womock to sd. son William Womock L 5: land in Charlotte Co. or elsewhere that that descendes to the sd. Francis Womock as one of the brothers & heirs of the as. William Womock, Dec'd. 300 acres also sd. Francis part of the negroes that descended to him on the death of sd. Wm. Womock dec'd. also sd. Francis Womock part in sd. William Womock's estate in everykind, house goods & c. Dec. 22, 1790. D.B. 16, p. 215.

Isham Womock & Thomas Womock to Henry Winfrey proved by Martha Farley, William Bass and Valentine Windfrey. Jan.1755 O.B. 2, page 39.

Francis Womock of Chesterfield Co. & Susannah his wife, to William Walthall of same Co. L 4: = 65 curr. 25 acres in Chesterfield Co. adjoining Richard Kennon, Womack Puckett and Thimothe Puckett, being part of a tract of 100 acres formerly belonging to John Puckett, May 2, 1755, D.B. 2, page 244.

Ordered that John Blankinship, Joseph Blankinship, and Francis Womock summoned to appear at the next court to answer concerning a contempt by them late offered in suffering a prisoner of whom they were intrusted as Guards to escape out of prison to which he had been before only committed. Sept.1753. O. B. 1, page 391.

Francis Womock, same as above to pay costs and a fine of 20 shillings each and sd. John Blankinship be discharged from any further attendance. Oct. 1753. 1 ibid p. 406.

Note: son William Womack married Catherine Blankinship. There is no proof of Catherine's last name.

Children of Francis Womack and Susannah Puckett are:

40 i. Pleasant5 Womack, born Abt. 1755 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1782.

Notes for Pleasant Womack:

On 4 Jan. 1782, Francis Womack was granted administation of the Estate of Pleasant Womack (OB 6:337).

41 ii. Isham Womack, born Abt. 1760 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia.

Notes for Isham Womack:

Appears in the 1783 tax list of Chesterfield County, Virginia, with five whites in his household. He was apparently named for his uncle Isham. No further record. More research needed.

42 iii. William Womack, born Abt. 1765 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia; died Bef. November 1828 in Campbell Co., Virginia. He married (1) Elizabeth Perkinson May 09, 1791 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia; born Abt. 1770; died Abt. 1803 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia. He married (2) Catherine Blankenship1 1808 in Campbell Co., Virginia; born Abt. 1792 in Campbell Co., Virginia; died June 08, 1856 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia.

Notes for William Womack:

1790; William received his fathers (Francis) share of the inheritance from his brother, William - land, negroes, estste of everykind, etc., located in Charlotte Co., VA. The family later lived in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA.

1818: William Womack sat on jury, (Campbell County, VA., court order, book 15, page 138); Petticrew Exer. (Vs.) Jones.

1820: (Census) William Womack, Campbell County, VA., lived next door to Henry Blankenship, (son of Hudson Blankenship who had established the trade route ca., 1756 from Richmond, to Lynchburg, to Charlotteville, to areas in and around a village that had sprung up, now Bristal, Tennessee.) Hudson was a "Tinner" (trader) and builder.

1828: It is assumed at this point William Womack has passed away. Campbell County Order Book 18, page 187 , (William's Sons) William Womack, James Womack, and William Reynolds bound out by overseers of the poor. (This was the custom---if one of the parents was deceased and the family not wealthy enough to pay for "education" ).

LINEAGE OF THE COMPILER OF THIS GENEALOGY. Or believed to be the William son of Francis who married Catherine. As yet I have been unable to document this connection, more research needed.

Compiler, Roger Gail Womack

Catherine's last name Blankenship has been disputed by some family members. Need documentation on her.


The following letters were written to William Womack son of William Womack and Catherine Blankenship. They have been typed just as the originals were written. The originals are in the possession of Nelda Womack, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Campbell County March 11, 1835

My Dear Son,

Through the goodness and kind providence we are yet spard but not well. I have bin sick ever since last fall, sometimes veary bad, but thank God I have got some better. I hope these lines will shortly be in your hands that now goes from me your poor afflicted mother and hope they may find you enjoying good health and that your mind and notions are turning toward Virginia again.

Oh, My William, What could posess you to leave all your friends and go so far away? Do my dear child come back and let me see you once more. I hope you have no family to take care of and if you have not you can do as well here as you need to --- and here you would be with your friends which ought to be more satisfaction to you than to be with no connections at all.

Your brother James is living with Mr. Austin learning the Carpenter,s trade and says he will try to find you as soon as he can, but you my William, come in and work with James. He gets fifty-five dollars this year.

Dear Son, I must now inform you we received letter from you in june last and answered it in a few days and have not heard nor seen a word from you since. Your sister Catherine and James and Larkin and John.... your brothers heard it read. Leroy was in Lynchburg and Larkin is living with him at Mr. John Thirmons (?) learning the saddlers trade. I have not seen your sister Catherine nor Joseph nor James since before Christmas.

I am living with Mr. Little. He is overseer for Mr. Richard Chilton at the tole gate trading in Lynchburg. You are well acquinted with the place. Mr. Little says he intends to try to come next fall if he can. He wants to know how the price of everything generally is. His wages this year is a hundred and fifty dollars, 5 barrels corn and five hundred weight of pork and a milk cow.

Let us know if you are much pleased with the Illinois State and what sort of a place it is and be sure to let us know in your letter whither you intend to come and see us or stay with us and when we may look for you. I hope you will start as soon as you get this for we want to see you much. None of your brothers nor your sister Catherine is not present but all want to see you and would join me in love to you. Little Mary Catherine says you must come here. My Dear Son I feel sorely at this time. I can hardly set to rite. I must conclude my letter. Answer this as soon as possible and direct your letter to Lynchburg Post Office. Also direct it to Mr. John Little.

I remain your loving mother untill death,

Catherine P. Womack



Sent To: Mr. William Womack

Sangamon County -- Panter Creek Post Office

State of Illinois

Campbell County, Virginia February 22, 1837

Dear Son,

I now with the help of kind providence take this opportunity to write you a few lines. I am not well, but am always poly, and am more so now than I was when you left me. I have been with your brother Joseph's family ever since the first of August and Joseph and James joines with me writeing to you. They have had bad coles but have got better of them. Your sisters and younger brothers was well when I heard from them last. They are all living in Lynchburg.

I hope dear William these few lines will find you injoying good health and now I will try to inform you your favoured letter came to hand perhaps about the middle of september which informed us you had been veary sick with the ague and fever. Mr. Little received your letter in town. As I understood he was veary unwell I suppose at that time and was taken veary shortly after that with the severe fever and died the 25th day of September and was brought from near Lynchburg Whare he lived to Goodmans Graveyard and was buried about ten days before he was. Same lay veary low for a long time but has recovered.

Dear Son, when death parts loving friends we must submit, but when loving children will take themselves far away in a distant land leaving all connections behind for no cause, it is grievious. William reflect on this-you are my flesh and my bone and I cannot come to you but you can come to me. If the Lord please, I hope I shall see you this Spring if life and health permit. James has bin veary anctious to wander as you have done, but now he finds himself a doing veary well. He is getting twelve dollars per month and has nearly got his trade and says you can get more here to work in plantation business than you get whare you are.

Joseph wishes you would come. He wants to move to some part of the World whare he can do better for his family, but I do not expect he will ever more many miles from whare he is. They have three children- William Henry, Mary Ann Rebecah, and Elizabeth Jane.

I hope son William you have no inclination to have a family yet and if so I do truly wish you to come immediately. You can get work aplenty. James would be so glad for you to come and work with him. He has been with Mr. Austin Lane--this is the fourth year. He gave him wages every year and has nearly got his trade and he would hire you at a word if you would come. You must come now. When you get this you must sit down and write a few lines that you will be here in a veary short time if the Lord permits and then collect on what you have owing to you and start immediately, and it would please me well. O William don't let me be disappointed in my hope of seeing you once more in this world. I expect to go to Lynchburg veary shortly to stay with the guerls and when you write to me direct your letter to Lynchburg Post Office. James wants you to write to him and direct his to Campbeel Courthouse. Be certain to answer this as soon as possible, dear son. I must conclude with our best love to you and all the best wishes that a mother can afford, so farewell sweet William my son for this time.

I remain your loving mother untill death.

Catherine Womack

Joseph P. Womack

James W. Womack

Sent to:

Mr. William Womack

Sugar Creek Post Office

Sangamon County, Illinois

Letter # 3


My Veary Dear and Loving Son,

I once more by the help of providence take the pen in hand to write you a few lines. We received your letter dated the 14th ov November. I do not mind exactly the time, but it found us in tolerable health except your brother Larkin. He was veary low at that time with the fever. He lived untill the thirteenth day after he was taken without eating anything except chicken water and some kind of tea. Nothing else was allowed him untill the thirteenth day and then one spoonful of veary thin mush and a half cup of milk.

You must expect my dear William that my dear Larkin was most gone and so he did seem to be but he was willin to die, as Mrs.____ told me, the lady whare he lives. His and your sister Catherine nursed him in his sickness, but I went severil times while he lay sick, which I think was about six weeks cinfinement to the house, but the Lord was pleased to raise him from the bed of affliction and I saw him last thirsday evening. He was in good health of body and of soul too apparently. He is a veary pious youth and if you hear him preaching the Gospel you need not be at all alarmed. He has commenced going to school and is free the 27th of next January and seems to take such delight in the ways and worship of God. And John is still going on in religious ways, And O my William do you not think that a grate comfort to me? And would it not be a greater one still to hear in your next letter you embraced religion? You say in your letter you nor your wife had not profest religion, and you have regular meetings with the Methodists, Baptists, and Presbiterians.

Well, my son, so you and your wife attend to preaching and do you wish to get religion? Then if you do get down on your knees and pray to God to have mercy on you and show you your sinful state that you are in by nature for ye must be born again or ye cannot see the Kingdom of God. Oh, my William. read the bible a great deal and attend to preaching and if there is any revival out with you write me word in your next letter and I pray you my dear son and daughter in law, be you both at the alter that the people of God may pray for your dear souls.

When you read this think on whom it is ritten these few lines once more. Tis your dear old mother, and I pray you remember what I say to you on this paper and let it sink deep in your minds. What doth it profit a man to gain the hole world and lose his own soul? oh, my son, try to save your precious ans never dying soul. Lay not up treasures on earth whare moth and rust doth corrupt and whare theves brake through and stele, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven whare neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and whare theves do not brake through nor steal, for whare your treasure is there will your heart be also. let us all try to meet in heaven.

Now I must inform you we are in common health at present as far as I know and hope this will find you and all yours in good health. I have not seen Joseph since before last Christmas. He has gone to Halifax to live. I saw James not long since. He was in common health.

Now Dear Son, do you not think of ever coming home to see us? We would be so glad to see you and your little family. John says he thinks you might come if you try rite. And now William, try and come and let us know in your next letter whither you intend to try and come. So farewell, my William, for this time. Your brothers nor sisters Catherine is not preasent to joine with me in love to you and family but you may except of it with mine.

I remain your loving affectionate mother untill death.

Catherine A. Womack

Sent to:

Mr. William Womack

Sugar Creek Post Office

Sangamon County, Illinois

Received at above Post Office September 14, 1842, and forwarded to Galena, IL.


Lynchburg, Virginia February 28, 1843

My dear William,

I now joine with your brother Larkin. He seems to wish you all the good he can for your soules salvation and so do I, and re-read his letter, my son, untill you can understand it and meditate on it also. Altho he is younger than you he is much improved in religion and expects to joine the next conference. He seems to be much respected for his piety and seems to delight in religious worship very much. O my William, I wish you and all my other children were as earnest in gaining your soul's salvation as my dear Larkin is.

Dear Son, I have written a letter to you some months back. I have not received any answer from it yet for which cause I expect you have not received it, as we understand in Leroy's letter received from you that you have moved three hundred miles from whare you was living. And why could you not have come nearer to us as well as to go no farther from us? I may say farewell, for my William I may never expect to see you any more in the land amongst the living.

Well, dear son, answer this as soon as possible and let us know whether you have embraced religion yet and whither you are trying for that blessing and your dear companion with you. O strive to get to heaven and teach your children to learn the way...

Dear children, excuse all amiss on this paper. James and Leroy is both married as we understand. None of us was at the marriages. James was married when in Pitsylvaney to a Miss Yancy.

I must conclude. Our love to you and family. I am your affectionate mother untill death.

Catherine A. Womack

Sent to:

Mr. William Womack

Jo Davis County

Galena, Illinois

11. Thomas4 Womack, Jr. (Thomas3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1728 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Abt. February 1804 in Nottoway Co., Virginia. He married Mary.

Notes for Thomas Womack, Jr.:

Thomas Womack (c.1728-Feb. 1804), appears first on record on the 1753 Amelia County Tithe list near his brother William Womack. On 1 Oct. 1754, when he and his brother Isham sold the land left them jointly in their father's will, 130 acres in Chesterfield County adjoining Rocky Run, a North Branch of Swift Creek (Chesterfield DB 2: 44 ), Thomas Womack is designated "of Amelia County." In 1754, the part of Amelia in which he lived became Prince Edward County. He appears first on record in Prince Edward on 12 Apr. 1757, when Matthew Rice purchased a tract on thee branches of Sandy River adjoining Thomas Womack and his own land 9 PE DB 1: 91). On 14 Mar. 1758, Thomas Womack purchased 100 acres on Rice's Branch ( DB 1: 146 ), which he sold on 18 Nov. 1771 ( DB 4: 60 ), his wife Mary relinquishing her right of dower ( OB, 1771-1781 : 78a).

COULD THIS BE THOMAS on the Chesterfield County 1783 tax list with 6 whites and 6 blacks in his household??? If not, who is it? In 1785, he appears on the Amelia County tax digest with 5 whites, two dwellings, and two other buildings. Thomas is found on the 1787 Amelia list, next to his nephew Step Roberts, with no white male tithable in addition to himself. In 1789, Nottoway Parish of Amelia County became Nottoway County; subsequent records show him in Nottoway. In 1790, Thomas was appointed executor of the estate of his brother William in Charlotte Co. In 1798 in Nottoway County, "Shadrack Holt {was appointed} surveyor of Pulliam's Road from said Miller's to Prince Edward Line. Hands of Shadrack and John Holt, Edward Jones, Thomas Womack, William Singleton, William Harper and Silas Fore to work it" (Walter A. Watson Notes on Southside Virginia, p. 79). According to the Charlotte County estate papers of William Womack, his brother Thomas Womack administrator of the estate, died "a day or two before the sale" of William's slaves, which occurred on 4 Feb.1804. Thomas left a will in Nottoway Co., dated 14 Dec. 1803 (WB 1:78) naming his wife Mary, a daughter Martha Hurt and a grandson Anthony Hurdly (?) Womack--to whom he left "my interest in the estate of my brother William Womack."


Thomas Womack Will, Nottoway WB 2: 78 1803-1809. (exract taken from will)

I Thomas Womack of Nottoway Co., Virginia leave wife Mary all Estate, after her death, to my daughter Martha Hurt, negroes Dick, Bet and Esther also the Mill I purchased of John Philips with land & app_ _t also 1/2 stock except sow & pigs & 2 cows & calves, also 1/2 household furn. to her and her heirs forever.

To grandson Anthony (Hurdly ?) Womack tract of land where I now live & negroes Lanny & Miles also 1 sow & pigs & 2 cows & calves also 2 best feather beds & bedsteads, 1 walnut cupboard & 1 desk. also my int in estate of my brother William Womack. also 1/2 of my household & kitchen furn & all my plantation utensils. To my grandau Mary Edwards Hurt, 1 feather bed & furn. No appraisal of my estate wife Mary sole Exec 14 Dec 1803.

In pres of Edward Jones ( signed ) Thomas Womack

W Weddle

Spotswood Jones

proved April 5, 1804


Notes for Mary:

Will of Mary Womack of Nottoway. Left estate to grandaughter Mary Edwards Hurt.

Executor, John L. Crute 21 July 1806

wit Prudence Jones X Mary Womack

Prudence L. Womack

James Hurt

Inv. 20 Dec 1806

rec. 6 July 1809

Nottoway WB 2: Pg.5

By Balance due Estate of Mary Womack

Pursuant to an order of the worshipful court of Nottoway county August Court 1809. We have proceed to examine and settle the account currant of Mary Womack executive of Thomas Womack decd who was Adminstrator of William Womack decd. We think the account fairly stated and find upon examination the estate of Wm Womack decd, to be justly indebted to the estate of Mary Womack decd, a balance of Fourteen pounds three shillings 10 1/6 given under our hands this 30th day of August 1809.

Zachariah Rice

John Booth

Edmund Lockett

In Nottoway county court 11th of January 1810.

This account & report were returned and we ordered it to be recorded.


Francis Fitzgerald jr CCk

WB 2: pg. 6

Estate of Mary Womack Executive of Thomas Womack who was Admin of William Womack decd. in acc with John L. Crute Exec of Mary Womack decd.

To Cash pd debts & shff... tickets for 1805 _ _ 5 = cents. 1 17 9. 1/2

" da pd d_ for 1808 $ 1 = 20 cents 7 3

" do " do for 1807 $ ~ = 42 Cts 1 0 6 1/4

" To Cash & Joseph Venable & Amt of his Acct. 6 13

To Cash rd Commissioners for attending & settling

my Acct. currant $ 1 each

To Cash paid sending clerks Ticketts __

L 316 - 5 - 10. 6 P C t 18 19 6

To further Commisioners on P Blanks Acct.

To Balance due the Estate of Wm Womack decd. 333 12 11

WB 2: pg. 45


Estate of Mary Womack in Acct.

With John L Crute Exec.


To Cash __ Matthew Branch Jr. for making coffin 1 10

To Cash rd Benjamin Hawkins, B Smith Acct.

To Cash __ Sterling Smith & Acct 12 18

To Cash __ Martha Sudsbury 3 13

To Cash __ Fitzgerald & Vaughan & Acct 6

To Cash __ Charles Knight for carrying Tob., down 1 8

" " __ Claibor__ Pillir 3 7 11.5

" " __ John Attcinson as an Overseer his part of 1 hogs- 4

head Tob.

To Cash __ James Hurt for 2 H_ds to ____ in 1

To Cash __ John Attcinson as Overseer for his part of 1362.00

Tob insheded at Petersburg. 11 9 10

To Cash __ Shff of Nottoway for tax in 1806 1 7 8

" " __ Shff of Prince Edward 7 6

" " __ Shff of Prince Edward 7 7

To Cash __ for Coopering Hhs Tob., at James Tavern it being


To expence Removing the same to Petersburg _ Reviewing OB

1809 March 20 Cash for Anderson P Miller acting for D Morris 3 8 9

March 24 Cash __ Clerk of Nottoway for recording will OB 4 2.5

To Cash __ Shff ticket serving __ ___ vs. Foster _ 7 6.5

% B_______ on _ 180 - 7 - 5

To balance due the Estate of Mary Womack decd as jr Cantra


Children of Thomas Womack and Mary are:

43 i. William?5 Womack, born Abt. 1752.

Notes for William? Womack:

Son, name not known at this time, father of Anthony H. Womack, who was under the guardianship of Edward Jones and who later went through much of his grandmother's estate before it was put in the hands of John L. Crute.

44 ii. Martha Womack, born March 22, 1764. She married (1) John Forest December 19, 1787 in Amelia Co., VA. She married (2) James Hurt, Jr. Abt. 1797; born Abt. 1760.

Notes for John Forest:

A Josiah Forest rented for a time one of the William Womack's of Charlotte County slaves possibly a brother of John.

Notes for James Hurt, Jr.:

Revolutionary Soldier. They eventually settled in Lawrence Co., IN., Martha is buried there in the Mayfield-Ferguson cemetery, where her tombstone reads "died 22 Mar. 1849, aged 85 yrs., 11 mos., 29 dys" ( See WFC, vol 5, nos. 3 & 4 [ July & Oct. 1988 ]. She has been credited with four daughters. One is established in the Virginia records.