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The Westover Project
by Charles Lavon Lee

This is an attempt to reconstruct the northern part of the "Westover Census Precinct". This is the northwestern most part of Covington County, near McKenzie Al.
We know from census records that there are many names not listed here. Any comments, corrections or additions are most welcome.   If you wish to include your record here, provide name, date and land description.  Early records would be especially useful.

Please send any Comments, corrections etc. to:

Charles Lavon Lee or Dennis L. Merritt

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Greenberry Lee ;"Original Land Sales and Grants in Covington County Alabama" by Wyley Donald Ward
Andrew J. Lee; Land records of Covington county Courthouse.
All other names are from The Bureau Of Land Management

*George W. Lee applied for homestead 4-8-1870 but canceled. Location was the same parcel owned by James Hallford 1861, next to Lucinda Taylor.


The Westover Project

Rat, Covington County, Alabama

by Charles Lavon Lee


Rat Alabama was located in the area of Bethel Church, Bushfield Cemetery. This list is not dated, but from the names on it we estimate around 1884-1890. Rat, Covington County Alabama shows on a map 1887.

Rat, Alabama

The State of Ala. in Covington county and Bethel Church choirs.

G. B. Lee in the First(?) agree to take a singing school to be taught at Bethel church, for the space of 10 days for 10 dollars. I further agree to keep good order & do all in my power to learn all Vocal music & we the under singed patrons to said school do promise to pay our parts as set  opposite our respective names for the same.


Geo. W. Lee 2

Y. J. Lee 1

W. J. Lee 1

A. Mc lellan?

J. M. Peevy 1

G. W. Lee 1

H. C. Hester 2

R. W. Lee 21

G. T. Terry 2

second column names

Willey Goram 1

J. A. Matthews 1

P. B?????L 1

W. A. Mathews 1

H. O. Stanley 2

A. R. Peevy 1

W. B. Sanford 1

T. H. Holt 3

John Daniel? 2



Geo. W. Lee 2 George Washington Lee SR. b1844 d1908

Y. J. Lee 1 Younger Jackson Lee b 1874 d1914

W. J. Lee 1 William James Lee b. 31Dec 1871 d1950

A. Mc lellan?

J. M. Peevy 1 Jesse Miles Peevy b 1852 d1931

G. W. Lee 1 Geo. Washington Lee Jr b. 30 oct 1866 d 1915

H. C. Hester 2 H C Mack Hester b1873 d1954

R. W. Lee 21 Richard Wesley Leeb1839 d 1924

G. T. Terry 2

second column names

Willey Goram 1 Wiley Madison Gorum b1858 dAft. 1910

J. A. Matthews 1 John Allen Matthews b 1861 d1946

P. B?????L 1

W. A. Mathews 1 William A Mathews b1859 d 1918

H. O. Stanley 2 Henry Ollington Stanley b 1850 d 1938

A. R. Peevy 1 may be Arrington Peavy.

W. B. Sanford 1 William B. Sandford b l876 d l961

T. H. Holt 3

John Daniel?/Powell 2

G B Lee above, Gipson Boyet Lee b 1869 d 1962

Brothers: the 4 Famous Lee brothers musicians


George Washington Lee Jr b.30 oct 1866

Gipson Boyet Lee b. 4 dec 1869

Youngry Jackson Lee b.31jan1874

William James Lee b. 31 dec 1871

 These are four sons of G W Lee Sr


Please send any Comments, corrections etc. to:

Charles Lavon Lee or Dennis L. Merritt



The Westover Project

Accounts ledger of Carp's old mill


Comments by author

by Charles Lavon Lee


I am all but sure this is the Accounts ledger of Carp's old mill.


"Carp" Lee was George Washington Lee b 1854, s/o Andrew Jackson Lee.

He also had a brother Andrew Jackson Lee who married Nancy Jane Merritt.

As I said, I have documents that say he owned a mill, and the road itself was called "Carp's old mill road" on one census!


1900 Westover, Covington co Al
393, Lee, George W, head ,W, M, Apr 1854 ,46, m,24,yrs Owns sawmill
      Willotte J ,wife, W, F, Mar 1853 ,47, 5ch 3living


1930 Covington, westover 6a
Lee & Hartley road from Carp's Mill to Butler co line
107 Lee, Council 27m
Minnie wife 27f
Gilford 4 1/12m
Eddie son 2 11/12
Gleen son 11/12
Bethel L father 63m Wd
Lee, James R? lodger 70m married at 25


And from ledger itself;

"All of the with in paid to G. W. Lee"

J M Peevy det to G W? Lee 16.00

With in amount is all paid to G W Lee up to date.


Seems pretty clear that George Washington Lee was the one getting paid and keeping the accounts ledger. The fact that he mentions G W Lee is why they called him Carp Lee. He had a uncle "One Arm George" and a cousin "Spyker" also named George Washington Lee.


I also have it from James Richard Smith that Carp was postmaster of Rat post office.

Almost everyone mentioned except Jesse Miles Peavy lived in Westover precinct, Covington county. Census, land records etc.


The Westover Project

Accounts ledger of Carp's old mill


Oct 31st 1882

Acct. sales one bale cotton

480lbs @ 9 1/4 $44.40

Dec. 1st 1882

Cash 15 dollars 15.00

C? Z due bill of M? Y Lee 16 dollars

and 50 cents. 16.50

Mable 3.35

Cotton 6.65


All of the with in paid to G. W. Lee


Dec 11th 1883

One bale cotton

1 ble 416 @ 9 1/2 39.52

1 cash 9.68

On the clearing 21.65

Foder 2.00

Bell 1.00



All the with in paid to G W Lee


J M Peevy paid on hauling 21.35









Feb 7th 1884

J M Peevy det to G W? Lee 16.00

March 29th one order to

Samuel Parker for stumpage 3.50

J? H Parker 11.37


Feb 8th 1884

Money 18.20


The Mitchell timber

For work done 4.38

One order J H Y 11.78

Due on W. B Lee 9.20



A 2 1884

J H Yancey given orders

One order to J M Peevy

on                 15.00

One to Mathis   6.00

One               20.00

One to Smilee   5.00

One      Merritt 13.55

One Bill              3.97

One to G W Lee  2.25

One to Bryant      5.87




J. H. Yancey

Amount of feet of timber

2649 @ 3 1/2 cent a foot



G W Lee got amount of feet of timber 1559 feet @ 3 1/2 cents 54.56


Dec the 25th 1884

J M Peevy _____

G W Lee 11.00

One order to J Mathis 10.45

One Tobe Hallford         1.45


Dec 23rd 1884, G W Lee give me one order 10.00

January 31st 1885

Coffee .50 and Tobacca .25

Lumber 298 feet 9.25


Dew G W Lee March 3rd 1885

On Acct 82.04

to Hughs on rent 8.33


General 3.65


With in amount is all paid to G W Lee up to date.


January the 16th A D 1886

Mobile Ala.

Jesse M Peevy paid out in

two dollars to Matthis?

Board two dollars

Shoes 2.75

One gallon whiskey 1.50

One to Yancey


A G Odom timber


Jan the 20th 1890

One order from Davis 4.50

One to J T Mitchell 15.00

Jan 22nd and Dec __ 1884 one order to J T Mitchell for 15.00

And one for 12.00

and one 4.20

Jan 10th 1890

J T Mitchell got 1038 lbs of corn

and coffee.


Feb. the 5th 1894

Smiley Hallford __of J M Peevy

Corn ,Coffee, tobacca, flour, bacon

March the 17th

Corn, bacon, tobacca


Due J H Yancey 6.60

R W Lee 4.86

J R Smith 4.40

R F Davis 1.50


March 22nd 1894

Smiley Hallford

J M Peevy 10.00



The ones we know from this list are;

C? Z due bill of M? Y Lee-unknown

G. W. Lee- "Carp" Lee. Owned Mill & store next to Bushfield cemetery. Was also Rat post office.

J M Peevy- Jesse Miles Peavy. wife Mary Rebecca Lee.

Samuel Parker for stumpage 3.50-married LeVina Jane Mitchell.

J? H Parker 11.37-James H Parker

Sons of Samuel Parker b 1807.

The Mitchell timber-prob. sons of R. M. J. Mitchell.

One order J H Y 11.78- James H Yancey, married a Lee in Putnam county Ga, shows in Covington 1860.

Due on W. B Lee 9.20-unknown

One to Mathis   6.00- unknown

One order to J Mathis 10.45

One to Smilee   5.00-Smiley Hallford

One      Merritt 13.55- poss Marion Merritt

One to Bryant      5.87-unknown

to Hughs on rent 8.33- Richard S Hughs

A G Odom timber-unknown

One to J T Mitchell 15.00-Zachery Taylor Jackson Mitchell

R W Lee 4.86- Richard Wesley Lee

J R Smith 4.40-James Richard Smith

R F Davis 1.50-Richard Franklin Davis


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