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Flickinger & Flückiger Family Research: France                                           back

    There are several websites created by French Flickinger
researchers. Their family names, dates and histories are of
great interest as part of the European Flickinger & Flückiger
family migrations. This website does not yet have links
to those sites. We would love to hear from French researchers!
Bienvenue, la famille Flickinger!

    The Rhine River allowed migration into the Alsace and Lorraine
Provinces of France: areas such as Mulhouse and Colmar,
west of the Rhine River have Flickinger families.
I have not seen evidence of French branches of the Flickinger families
living in Pennsylvania or that vicinity. It seems that some may have
emigrated to the Midwest during the 19th century.

    Please send me a link to your French Flickinger family page and
I will add the link to this site.


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