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Welcome to the Flickinger & FLückiger Home Page!       Since 2005, researchers of this surname group have been connecting with me through this site.  It is a pleasure to share family history and stories with other researchers. My name is Robin Flickinger Gaynor; I am a genealogist who enjoys family history and photographs. This site compiles surname ancestor information, as well as on-going research about the European immigrant ancestor, Peter FLICKINGER, branches of his family, descendants, Flickinger and other Flückiger family lines.      Please write to me telling of your FLICKINGER immigrants’ names, what you know of the location where they left in Europe, details of their emigration, port of arrival and where and when they lived in North America. 1)  Migration history of Fluckigers 2)  1700's Fl migration from CH to Pfalz & America 3)  1800's Fl migration from CH & Pfalz to USA  4)  DNA surname studies 5)  About Migration History of Flickingers:          Researcher Gertrud Flückiger, in her German language book, Flückiger Chronik, states that Flückigers migrated from Weissenburg, Bavaria in the 1300s, to Flückigen, Switzerland (near Rohrbach and Huttwil, Canton Bern). From there, branches of the family migrated north west to Alsace (Elsass) France,  some went east (to eastern Germany, and Austria) via the Danube River, and others headed north up the Rhine River to settle in Pfalz Rheinland.
1700's Fl migration from CH to Pfalz & America                                                                                      (please send names to add)     Peter FLICKINGER, immigrant of 1753, is my ancestor. He settled in Pennsylvania, and is one of the family lines discussed in the 1927 book, The Flickinger Family History, by Robert E. Flickinger. It is likely that immigrant Peter was born in Lützelflüh, Bern, Switzerland, just south of the Rhine River. The search for Peter's birthplace and connections to the other family groups continues! Other immigrants: Andreas, Joseph, Johannes, Ulrich are some of the other early immigrant names being researched.      Birth records show that immigrants Andreas and Ulrich have parish birth records that show they were born in Lützelflüh, Canton Bern, CH. The DNA studies are linking most of the early immigrants in genetic terms.   Thank you, Norbert, for your shared research and help!                Please write to me telling of your FLICKINGER immigrant's name, what you know of the location he/she left in Europe, details of their emigration, port of arrival and where and when he/she lived in North America.               This site has a focus on connecting families in modern day Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA. Having had the opportunity to visit the ancestral Flückiger family home towns of Rohrbach and Huttwil, Canton Bern, CH, and the tiny village of Flückigen located several miles away, up in the hills, I will reference these locations when discussing Swiss Flückigers and Flickingers. For discussions of Rheinland - Pfalz, DE,  the village of Queichhambach, near Annweiler am Trifels is the focus. It is located just west of Landau in der Pfalz.                 return to page 1
1800's Fl migration from CH & Pfalz to USA    
     Some Flickingers from Rheinland - Pfalz migrated to eastern USA. Names: Adam, Johan Georg, Geo. Michael Flickinger, and more. The Fluckigers who emigrated to the USA directly from Switzerland during this era, mostly kept the Swiss spelling of the surname.
     DNA Studies:
      Family Tree DNA is the company providing the service for our surname study. Other company   data can be added. Also, YSearch is a separate and free service that allows your DNA test   results to be uploaded, for comparison to other data that has been uploaded.   Note, some researchers will find a close match to test subjects with other surnames.   Parent Events occur, such as adoption, etc.  can obscure a surname.      Link is below:     My advice is to check with the site or with me to see if there is a discounted price available.   A YDNA test for 37 alleles is a great place to start testing, for a reasonable cost.  That test is for males only who carry the Flickinger/Fluckiger surname.    Swiss Ancestor Kaspar Flückiger of the late 1500s, according to a recent DNA study of descendants,  has a close connection to the immigrant Peter Flickinger of 1753 line, as well as some Fluckigers  who immigrated to Wyoming a hundred years ago directly from the Rohrbach, Bern, Switzerland area.
Please write to me with your input!              
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