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 Peter Flickinger's estate papers, Sunbury, PA                                                                           

     Welcome to the Peter FLICKINGER, immigrant of 1753 homepage.
My name is Robin Flickinger Gaynor; I am a genealogist who enjoys family history
and photographs. This site compiles ancestor information,
as well as on-going research about the European immigrant ancestor,
Peter FLICKINGER, branches of his family, descendants, Flickinger
and Flückiger family lines.
     Please write to me telling of your FLICKINGER immigrant's name,
what you know of the location he/she left in Europe, details of their emigration,
port of arrival and where and when he/she lived in North America.
I will compile an immigrant list that links with this site.
    Thank you for the emails - it is fascinating to hear from cousins and researchers!
This site is dedicated to my parents who show how important family is
                               through their love, generosity, and example.  


 Content Links of this site:                                                                               

  1)Flickinger Research : Switzerland, Germany, USA, France                                           
  2)DNA Surname Project  - we're defining the immigrant lines 
  3)Flickinger Family Narrative, Charts & Pictures  
  4)Berks County, PA Tax List Roster for 1758, Union Township                                              

  5)Ship Edinburgh (#1) Passenger List, 1753                                                                             
  6)Berks County Militia Pay Roll, 1781    

  7)Photographs from Robert E Flickinger's 1927 family history book   - Picasa album work in progress


    In 2012, Lord willing, we will to return to Germany and Switzerland for
a brief trip. Back in 2007, I was able to take a delightful three week trip to
Germany & Switzerland that brought me closer to the Flickinger and Flückiger
ancestor homeland and put me in contact with some of the descendants.
The challenge now continues to research and analyze the records and contacts
of the Flickinger & Flückiger family groups, now more readily available with the
use of the Internet, and social networking sites. This is an interesting and time
consuming task. In 2012, we hope to visit Rohrbach, Bern, CH, that being the home
of most Flickinger and Flückiger lines. Ancestor Kaspar Flückiger of the late 1500s,
ccording to a recent DNA study, has a close connection to the immigrant Peter Flickinger
of 1753 line. Just how recently the various lines are connected will be apparent as
the DNA study progresses. Most Flickingers and Flückigers (the Swiss name)  are
closely related to this Canton Bern, CH line.

    There are
Flickinger & Flückiger family groups in the Pfalz, DE (Germany);
SW Baden, DE; Cantons Bern & Luzern, CH (Switzerland); as well as families
who migrated to Alsace & Lorraine, France; and locations southeast of modern day Germany.
     This site has a focus on connecting families in modern day
Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA.
Having had the opportunity to visit the ancestral Flückiger
family home town of Huttwil, Canton Bern, CH, and the
tiny village of Flückigen located several miles away, up in the hills, I will reference these
locations when discussing Swiss
Flückigers and Flickingers. For discussions of Pfalz, DE,
the frame of reference will be the village of Queichhambach, near Annweiler am Trifels -                       

located just west of Landau in der Pfalz.
    There are records that describe the migration of several brothers from Canton
Bern, CH, to Queichhambach, and their descendants now populate this area
with many of the present day Flickinger families. As Flickinger researchers
locate families and records for France, they can contact me to create
links to their websites. As for the Flickinger & Flückiger families of
the USA and Canada, research indicates that these families are often related.
Whether the families immigrated to North America in the 18th, 19th or
20th centuries, they most likely descend from families in the above mentioned
locations. Modern DNA studies are a wonderful and safe way to ascertain
the biological lines that connect the Flickinger & Flückiger surnamed
males. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in participating
in this discreet and private study.
    The focus of this website is evolving - it is clear that there is a close connection
between many of the early immigrant Flickinger families coming to America. 
Through the study of old parish records of some regions where Flickinger and
Flückiger families resided, comparisons of photographs of descendants and their
ancestors, and DNA studies of one or two representatives for each
major ancestor line, we are gaining clues to how close those relationships are.
During my trip to the "old country", I met friendly, kind and interesting Flückigers
from Canton Bern, Switzerland, and Flickingers from the Pfalz, Germany. 
When looking at some of the faces - especially their eyes, I felt like I was "home" in seeing
such similar facial features as compared to the old images we have of Flickingers residing
in the USA during the past decades.
     So, whether 6th cousin or not, the "pond" does not feel so large to jump anymore!
Thank you to Google maps for images linked to this site.                                                                                                                                                                                   

1)LDS Fiche Records Search Project:     

Dear Researchers: The challenge remains in the viewing and translating the LDS parish
record films to find out the villages where our Flickinger and Flückiger relatives came from.
An idea: if researchers connect within specific Rootsweb area mailing lists and
request lookup help from other researchers for that parish on some of their copies
of parish records CDs, this may increase our information.
It is difficult to view with accuracy the names that are contained within the old fiche and films.
I struggle with recognizing the old German script, even after practice.
There are researchers who are willing to share and have expertise in viewing the records
for the parishes that are a part of their research for other surnamed people of the area.
We do not yet have a comprehensive database list that has locations and family groups
with vital dates, to separate out Flückiger/Flickinger families in Switzerland and Germany.
As this is a challenging task, I am so grateful to the researchers who write to me and
tell me where your family line connects. All the information adds to the clues that open
up the history to us with connections in Alsace, France, Switzerland and Germany.
All of your input and ideas are welcome!
Project goal: to identify locations in Europe to research that have a history of
FLICKINGER residents. As we research records and share data, we start to match immigrants
to their hometowns and extended families. This helps modern researchers find their ancestral families.
Site links to family names & locations:                   (note: not all links operational, check back)
Canton Bern, CH & Other Switzerland locations
Pfalz, DE
Immigrant Peter Flickinger, 1753
Ulrich Flickinger
Andreas Flickinger
Johannes Flickinger


2)DNA Surname Project: Flickinger    The Project is growing! Participants always welcome!
    If we can obtain tests for male descendants from colonial immigrants Andreas, Ulrich, Joseph,
and later immigrants, we will see more relationship patterns.
The Peter Flickinger line (1753 immigrant) has been established since 2007
If you would like to donate to the testing cost,
donations to the FLICKINGER/FLüCKIGER Project are gratefully accepted!

    Eight participants have finished the DNA study for 37 or more allele markers.

    An eighth DNA study recently revealed the DNA line for
a family that had lived in Linz, Austria until the turn of the 20th century.
Please consider getting involved with the study. Family Tree DNA is the company
that conducts the test and hosts the results data.

The DNA study link is:

If the link does not work, then please search the following:
Family Tree, and you can do a surname search for Flickinger.

I suggest that you write to me first, so I can see if there are any sales for ordering through
our surname study group. That usually saves over simply ordering a test.
Requirements: test subject needs to be a male, with a surname of Flickinger, Flückiger
or Flickner. Also, by writing to me first, you can find out if a test is needed to
make the historical connections.
Most important, the results remain as private as you want. I use initials on the internet
website, and you can have contact information using the test subject's email address, or
have it come to me and then be forwarded privately on to the test subject. The goal
is to add information, without any focus on the individual test subject.

The previous test produced great results! This line descends from Samuel Flickinger,
who was born in May of 1792 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and died
in June 1871 in Crawford Co Ohio (wife Phylinda Healy). The 43 allele DNA test
had 42 exact matches, and 1 allele that had one different repetition. This is a very close match!
(The marker is a different one than was varied in the Michael Flickinger 3rd study.)
The exciting news from this representative is it is the first documented link tying
immigrant of 1753 Peter Flickinger of Berks Co, PA, to the Lancaster Co, PA Flickingers!!
Many of us have waited for that hoped for link for decades. Samuel is found on page 581
of the 1927 Robert E. Flickinger book. Within this section, beginning on page 577, it links
this line from Samuel to his father Joseph Flickinger, and to the immigrant of 1729
Johannes Flickinger (beginning on page 476) line. The book refers to Johannes as
being from NW Switzerland, in or near Canton Basil, Switzerland.
The third result represents the Michael Flickinger family of Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
Out of the 43 markers, 42 were identical, and one marker, DYS458 was a 15
compared to a 16
for that allele found with the two representatives of immigrant
Peter Flickinger. 
This shows a match between this line and the immigrant Peter Flickinger line
Additionally, it seems that Michael F. may have come from the Lehigh County
vicinity of Pennsylvania, near Whitehall, where immigrant Ulrich Flickinger settled.
Michael may be closely related to immigrant Ulrich.
The fourth study, from the Johannes F. line, proved inconclusive on connecting the lines.
We now can rely on the fifth DNA study as proving the connection between the lines
that descend down from immigrants: Peter, Johannes and Ulrich. It seems that
all of these 18th century European immigrants came from the Rohrbach/Huttwil
areas of Canton Bern, or the Lützelflüh/Sumiswald towns about 14 miles south.

     Earlier results: the first two participants (Peter Flickinger line) are second cousins and have grandfathers
who were identical twin brothers. The 43 markers that were studied for these two descendant test subjects
were 100% identical!
This creates a great base line for
comparing other Flickinger surnamed males to the
immigrant Peter Flickinger line.
     Please join us in this privacy minded study.
The purpose of this project is to establish the relationships
between various Flickinger immigrants from Europe to America. The 1927 Robert E. Flickinger Family History
is the source of most of our immigrant and descendant information.
DNA studies will clarify some of that data.
We are connecting to European Flickinger families and
relatives all around the globe.   Picture on right: Ancestral villages:  Rohrbach, Huttwil, Sumiswald, Lützelflüh,
                                                                                               in Canton Bern, Switzerland

I encourage Flickingers to participate in this study by taking a 37 or 67 marker analysis of the
Y chromosome.  We are now using the company Family Tree DNA for our study.
They will work in cooperation with the analysis of other companies, as well.
Privacy is maintained and project data is handled with discretion always.  

Please read the information at their site, and consider participating in our study!

Your questions are welcome.      

Current index of results of testing  (THANK you so much, test subjects!!)

      The following record is one test of a current DNA 43 marker test that best represents
       the immigrant Peter Flickinger line. (haplogroup R1b1a2). The other tests with similar
       test results have one marker with one slightly different repetition. 

3)Flickinger Family Narrative: from Europe to Pennsylvania and onward

     The following is based upon Robert E. Flickinger’s book, research that I have done,
and have compiled from other genealogists. It deals with 1753 immigrant Peter Flickinger's life
in Berks and Northumberland counties, PA. Information and family stories about some
of his descendants are discussed sequentially.

     Peter FLICKINGER came over from the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands to Philadelphia, PA,
landing on September 14, 1753. His passage was aboard the ship Edinburg (ship number 1 of two

with the same name). According to information from the Flickinger Family History,
published in 1927 by Robert E. Flickinger, Peter lived in Union Township, Berks County, PA
and worked as a boatman on the Schuylkill River. In about 1755, Peter married Mary Derr
(Magdalena Dörr) in Pottstown, Berks Co, PA, now a part of Montgomery County.
They lived near the Schuylkill River at Reading or further east in Pottstown. Peter was a boatman 
ferrying passengers on the river between Reading and Philadelphia.

who came over on the same ship, worked with Peter.

     Peter's name was on the 1758 tax list for Union Township, Peter was age 28  by this time, and 
had been married for three years. Their eldest son, Christian had been born by this time and
Jacob Derr F (my line) was born during that year. The village in the township was Unionville.

4)Berks County Tax List Roster for 1758, Union Township:
" William ADAMS, Jacob BASENCE, Thomas BAUFIELD,William BIRD,
Joseph BURGOYNE, Lochlan DOYLE, Evan & Penal EVANS,
John GODFREY, Frederick & John HAAS, Mordecia HARRIS, John HARRISON,
Frederick HOOFLE, Andrew HOOFMAN, William HOW, Owen HUGH,
Edward HUGHES, Joseph HUNT, Mounce JONES, George KERST,
Morgan & Stephen LEWIS, John LINCOLN, John MADERY, Charles & James McGREW,
Jonathon, Joseph, Mordecai, Timothy & Thomas MILLARD,
Jacob MIZEL, James & Richard OTTA, Thomas PRATT, Woolrich REINHARD,
and Daniel YODER. "
     Public records show that in 1768, Peter settled land in Union Twp, Berks Co.
He lost this land during the financial hardships of the American Revolution and later moved,
after 1781, with son Peter Philip F, his wife, and their son Charles, to the west side of the
Susquehanna River to East Buffalo Township, Northumberland Co, now Union County.
Lewisburg and Sunbury are important towns in this region.
     Peter and Mary raised a large family, many who remained in Pennsylvania. Others
eventually moved to Ohio, New York State, Iowa and other parts of the country. They
were God-loving people who were members of the Brethren, Mennonite and Lutheran
Churches. The details create a more vivid picture of Peter, his family members, his friends
and the family who came after them. Their stories, when placed in the context of historical events,
help us to cherish and to embrace them closely.

Migration History of Flickingers:
     Researcher Gertrud Flückiger, in her German language book, Flückiger Chronik, states that
Flickingers migrated from Weissenburg, Bavaria in the 1300s, to Flückigen, Switzerland
(near Rohrbach and Huttwil, Bern vicinity.) From there, branches of the family
went northwest to Alsace (Elsass) France,  some went east (eastern Germany and Austria) via the Danube River, and a third group headed north up the Rhine River to Pfalz. It is likely that immigrant Peter was born in Lützelflüh, Bern, Switzerland, south of the Rhine River. My search for Peter's birthplace and family group continues! Birth records show that immigrants Andreas and Ulrich have parish birth records that show they were born in Lützelflüh.
The DNA studies are linking most of the early immigrants in genetic terms.

Andreas, Ulrich, Johannes and others.   
Thank you, Norbert, for your shared research and help!

My personal Flickinger ancestry line: 

     This chart shows lineage from my grandfather, OC Flickinger Lineage Chart
back in time to Peter FLICKINGER, immigrant of 1753.

Photographs: My earliest Flickinger likeness - please send me yours!                              

This image is of one grandson of Peter Flickinger, he is: Peter Michael FLICKINGER,         
b. Hagerstown, MD, d. Wayne Co, OH - 3 great grandfather.


5)Names of Passengers aboard the ship Edinburgh: 
If your ancestor is on this list and you have their hometown, please inform me.
We are searching this whole group for origins.

     Peter, our immigrant, came by ship to America in 1753, at age 23. He was enrolled at Rotterdam, Holland as a Palatine - a resident of the Rhine-Palatinate in Bavaria. This was between Alsace-Lorraine and the Rhine River (SW Germany). Peter sailed on the Edinburg, an English vessel. James Russell was the captain. The last stop was Portsmouth, southern England, before arriving at the Colonies. He arrived at Philadelphia, PA and
took the oath of allegiance, September 14, 1753. The ship's record follows:
At the Courthouse at Philadelphia, Friday, the 14th Sept. 1753
Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Edinburg,
Capt. James Russell, from Rotterdam, but last from Portsmouth, were this day qualified
on the usual Qualifications. No. 167.  352 Whole Freights. (352 Total Passengers,
 167 Males above the age of 16 Years)
Johan Jac. Dindorff, Bastain More, Jacob Dewalt, Dewalt Creutz,
Michal Halberstatt, Philipp Jacob Mühlhoff, Conrad Guth, Sen.,
Johanes Miller, Conrad Guth, Jun., Michal Lang, Julius Bruker, Abram Miller
Philip Henry Gäbel, Ludewig Bush, Andereas Heffterich, Jacob Braun
Johan Jacob Ham, Michel Zimmerman, Peter Schuch, Philips Lantz
Samuel Maus, Adam Hamscher, Heinrich Schupp, Philips Mülhoff
Johan Jacob Wiesinger, Johann Georg Kuhn, Marcus Angst Conrath Klein
Jacob Müller, Johan Adam Kreischer, Peter Miller, Johann Sebastian Kreischer
Jacob Knap, Johannes Nickel Jacoby, Ernst Christoph Adam,
Johann Michel Jacoby, Joseph Zwirsky, Johann Petter Jacobi
Johann Casper Ross, Conrad Klenter, Philip Priz, Johann Peter Bode
Christoffel Renner, Johannes Schwalb, Felthen Hoffman, Balsazar Pemeller
Jean Pierre Du Corbier, Johann Jacob Beck, Johan Rauffbem, Carl Arnth
Johann Adam Böhm, Johann Reinhardt Rahmer, Valentin Kohlman,
Johan Gerg Jost, Theobalt Angene, Johann Friderich Vogeler

Jacob Bauer, Andreas Schter (Schechter), Friederich Schwartz,
Joerg Marthin, Philip Henry Linn, Johannes Limberger, Jacob Bachman,
Johan Christof Maurer, Johan Jacob Bachman, Christoph Freydel
Lorentz Bachman, Jacob Kauffman, Jacob Heck, Johan Nickel Michel
Daniel Heck, Peter Diener, Peter Bader, Wilhelm Stein
Samuel Brodt, Johann Georg Conrad, Eberhart Schmitt, Jacob Creer
David Schmitt, Carol Bernhart, Bastiann Lentz, Peter Kuntz
Mardin Geilert, Jacob Schott, Petter Klein, Conrad Wagner
Ludewig Young, Johannes Laffer, Johan Entzmenger, Christian Jutzner
Johannes Büntzel, Peter Rödtler, J. Henry Pintzel, Frederick Mey
Johannes Pintzel, Friederich Kramer, sick on board
Wilhelm Spira, Johannes Herguth, Johannes Fellentzer, Jacob Threyn
Adolf Meyer, Jacob Zombro, Paulus Schirardin, Michael Decker, sick on board
Davit Hann, Rudolph Woldi, sick on board, Jacob Bollinger,
Henry Rodhar, sick on board, Johann Graff Goss, Johan Christian Huffnagel,
J. Henry Shnoor, Frantz Henrich Huffnagel, PETER FLICKINGER,
Johann Georg Weysharr, Friederick Hartman, sick on board,
Johannes Stötzel, Jorg Gähringer, Johann Georg Steinbock,
Friederich Weedmeyer, JOHN HENRY WUNDERLICH, Ludwig Folmer,
Philip Weber, Andres Hüttenloch, Justus Heinrich Weber
Jeremias Küsterle, Conrad Mentzinger, Friedrich Jäckle,
Andres Barnstein, Johanes Awer, Jacob Knodel, Adam Roser,
Johan Willem Wäber, Johanes Creiner, Ullrich Wäber,
JOHANN CHRISTIAN DöRR, Johannes Frey, Jacob Polweller,
Johannes Cornhas, sick on board, Johannes Schmitt, Bernhart Beck,
Henrich Adam Hoffman, Andreas Beck, Georg Milcher Hiebner,
Henrich Strack, Jacob Miller, Johannes Wohlfahrt, Johan Jorg Märcker,
Matthes Ehhalt, Paulus Hochstrasser, Johannes Buchtel
Vallentin Fleck, Marteine Braun, Jacob Ott, Christian Fisher
Elias Knebler, Conrad Foltz, Johann Michael Hauber, Gregorius Bütsche
Philipp Lehrer, Eberhart Hartman, Sebastian Kabel, Friederich Hartman
Johan Conrad Metz, Wilhelm Hartman, Johan Jacob Albert, Paulus Hartman
Frieterich Steffan End of ship list, 1753   
Note: the Dörr, Flickinger and Wunderlich families intermarried.

6)Berks County, PA Militia Pay Roll, 1781:  - question: which Peter is this?

     According to the PA Archives, Berks Co, PA Militia on page 282,283

Pay roll of part of Captain Jno. Robinson Company of Berks CY.

Militia in the service of the United States, October 1781:

Jn. Robinson, Captn, Geo. Adams, Ensign, Jacob Nikirk, Sergt., Henry Vanderslice, Corp'l,

Philip Ludwig, Corp'l, Ludwig Huard, Corp'l, Jos. Quainter, Drummer and Abel Robinson, Fifer.

alphabetized, all Privates: Jno. AIMES, Adam BAITEM, Jno. BARNHISEL, Henry BEAHT,

Fred’k BEAR, Peter BOLICH, Benj. BOONE, Jno. BOWER, Chris'r BOYER, Dan'l BOYER,

Jacob BROWN, Jacob BUNN, Henry CLEVESTEN, Chas. CRAMP, Isaac DEHART,
Peter FLICKNER, Fred'k FOREMAN, Henry FOX, Jacob FOW, Henry GABEL,
Chris'r HUNTER, Jacob ISENHOUR, Geo KAKE, And'w KEEN, Conrad KEEN,
Michael KERN, Abr'm KERN, Will KERRECK, Jno. KLINE, Jno. LEAR, Chas LEWIS,
Jacob LUDWIG, Jno. LUTZ, Benj. MILLARD, Jon'n MILLARD, Paul MORAH, Philip MORAH,

Jacob QUAINTER, Henry RISE, Thomas SAIL, Henry SHROCK, Peter SLYCH,
Sebastion WEAVER, Adam WIDNER. (end)

Note: I believe it was Peter's son, Peter Phillip Flickinger, who did the military service.


7) Photographs from Robert E Flickinger 1927 family history book
Picasa album in progress

Please write to me with your input!    
The information on this site will change periodically.  


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