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Sarah T. Davis
Sarah T. Davis

Descendants of Sarah T Davis

Generation No. 1

SARAH T DAVIS was born Abt. 1828 in GA, and died November 26, 1881 in Troup Co. GA. She married LEWIS R. SLOAN November 25, 1849 in Jackson Co. GA, son of GEORGE SLOAN and REBECCA SMITH or JONES. He was born Abt. 1828 in South Carolina, and died September 19, 1864 in Winchester, Frederick Co. VA (Civil War).

Generation No. 2

JESSE LOUIS SLOAN was born September 05, 1851 in GA, and died March 05, 1896 in Lagrange, Troup Co.. He married ROXANNA "ROXEY" RACHEL LYNCH December 24, 1871 in Troup Co. GA, daughter of SOLOMON LYNCH and NANCY BOLIN. She was born May 1853 in GA, and died May 20, 1927 in Lagrange, Troup Co. GA.

Generation No. 3

MINNIE LEOLA SLOAN was born December 02, 1873 in Heard Co. GA, and died August 08, 1925 in Standing Rock, Chambers, AL. She married ROBERT LEE BONNER November 10, 1895 in Midway Church Troupe Co. GA, son of JOHN WILLIAM BONNER and MARGERY ANNE STEWART. He was born November 24, 1867 in Standing Rock, Chambers, AL, and died April 29, 1956 in Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia.

i. MARY LELA BONNER, b. July 17, 1897, Hickory Flat, Chambers, AL; d. October 15, 1950, DeKalb Co. GA.
ii. ALFRED LYNCH BONNER, b. February 12, 1901; d. June 02, 1978, Carrollton, Carroll Co., GA.
iii. RACHEL LEE BONNER, b. January 18, 1906; d. March 08, 1987, Carroll Co. GA.
iv. ROBERT JAMES BONNER, b. January 27, 1913, Stroud, Chambers, AL; d. April 19, 1971, Carrollton, Carroll, GA.

Generation No. 4
ROBERT JAMES BONNER was born January 27, 1913 in Stroud, Chambers, AL, and died April 19, 1971 in Carrollton, Carroll, GA. He married SARA NELL MCPHERSON February 23, 1936 in Heflin, Cleburne Co. AL, daughter of BENJAMIN MCPHERSON and FLORENCE C. LYLE. She was born
October 07, 1917 in Carrollton, Carroll, GA, and died September 27, 2003 in Carrollton, Carroll, GA.

More about Sarah T. Davis

Sarah T. Davis was born Abt. 1828 in GA, and died November 26, 1881 in Troup Co. GA. She married Lewis R. Sloan November 25, 1849 in Jackson Co. GA. Lewis R. Sloan was born Abt. 1828 in South Carolina, and died September 16, 1864 in Winchester,Frederick Co. VA. (Civil War). Her grandaughter, Minnie L. Sloan married Robert Lee Bonner. Family legend has it she was of Cherokee Indian descent.
New information online at Jackson Co. Ga Genweb has convinced me that Sarah T. Davis' unofficial parents were the Joseph L. Davises on the Jackson Co. censuses. They lived in the Minish Militia District, which is Commerce, Jackson Co. Ga. along the Oconee Creek, known Cherokee habitat. Wills show Joseph to be guardian of Henry Strickland heirs, on land next to Lewis Sloan's 1850 employer, Carlos Strickland, relative of Henry's. Davis birth states match 1880 Sarah Sloan census. I believe Lewis moved onto Henry's land and did labor there instead of moving to Paulding Co. Ga with dad George Sloan. Sarah met him there through the Joseph Davis family. Jackson County Marriages 1805 - 1859.
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Sarah Davis m: Lewis Slone (Sloan) 1849. I believe Yamacutah to be the Cherokee village Sarah T. Davis was living in when the removal occured! It was the nearest to the Joseph Davis property. Cherokee treaties had South Oconee river as Cherokee territory boundary. Four different lines who had not seen each other since the 1880's said Sarah's son Jesse and daughter Martha were 1/2 Cherokee. The picture was taken in the late 1870's. May have been the dress she wore to her childrens' weddings! The Sloan-Davis descendents who confirm the Cherokee ancestry are from the lines of Martha / Edward / Jesse / and Robert. Jackson County's Hurricane Shoals park was once a holy place for Indians. Yamacutah: A sacred sky observatory in southeastern North America.
Source: Ken Woodall - Sloan researcher.



Legend of the Cherokee Rose

"Trail of Tears Where They Cried" The mothers of the Cherokee grieved so much that the chiefs prayed for a sign to lift the mothers' spirits, and give them strength to care for their children. From that day forward, a beautiful new flower, a rose, grew wherever a mothers tears fell to the ground. The rose is white for the mothers' tears. It has a gold center for the gold taken from the Cherokee lands. It has seven leaves on each stem that represents the seven Cherokee clans that made the forced journey. To this day, the cherokee rose prospers along the route of "The Trail of Tears". The cherokee rose is the official state flower of the state of Georgia.

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