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The focus for my research has been on the Reneau - Reynaud - Reno and Mikesell families.  For years my mother worked on Reneau and Mikesell genealogy. She spent hours in libraries looking up every Reneau and Reno she could find... and drove countless miles to cemeteries looking for Reneau's... even Reneau's in phone books were contacted.

It was through her efforts I learned most of the Reneau families in America were descended from General Louis de Reynaud, born about 1600 in France. In 1688 his son, Louis de Reynaud, was the first Reynaud (Reneau or Reno) to come to America. His grandson, Lewis, dropped the 'de' from Reynaud.

During the French and Indian war the spelling was changed from Reynaud to Reno or Reneau. To make things even more confusing , the Reynaud - Reneau - Reno family switched spellings between Reneau and Reno from one generation to the next. The parents might use Reneau... and some of the children would use Reneau while others used Reno.  If the parents name was Reno... some would use Reno but others would use Reneau. Many thanks to all who sorted that mess out.

There have been famous and infamous Reneau/Reno's. The first train robbery in the U.S. was pulled off by the Reno gang. A Reneau invented the escalator. A Reno was with General Custer. It just goes to show that the Reynaud - Reno - Reneau family is much like any other... made up of all kinds of people.. good and bad.

So.... should I be a Reneau... or a Reno... or should we all be Reynaud?  Reneau is what I'm used to, Reneau sounds good to me, so... I'll just stick with Reneau.