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Renfrewshire Surnames List
Submission Postings & Guidelines 

If you wish to post a new submission,  edit an existing one or change your email address email me on   

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Please note that this list is ONLY intended for surnames being researched within Renfrewshire. 

Failure to observe these guidelines may result in rejection or editing of a submission.  If your posting follows the recommended format it will assist me with editing and also contribute to a uniform site appearance.

Multiple postings may be sent in the one email.


Name Being Researched  (compulsory)

First Name  (preferred though not necessary)

Area of Interest  (compulsory)

Date Range  (compulsory)

   Name of Submitter  (preferred)

Email Address of Submitter  (compulsory)


These will be the ONLY fields accepted to the list.



Submission Guidelines


Surname Being Researched:

This is a compulsory field

Please enter the surname in upper case ie SMITH

If there are variants to the name, please enter as SMITH/SMYTH

If the surname as two completely different forms of spelling ie WREN/RANN,

          please submit a different entry for each one


First Name:

This is not a compulsory field, however it is recommended that you complete this field

           where possible eg John William.


Area of Interest:

This is a compulsory field

If you wish to identify several places please use the following format - Paisley / Glasgow

           or Paisley / surrounding area. 

If you do not have a specific area of research in Renfrewshire, please insert - All locations.

If emigration occurred please use eg > Sydney Australia


Date Range:

This is a compulsory field.              

If you do not have a specific date range, please insert - All dates.

Please enter the earliest and latest dates to indicate your research, eg b 1802 - d 1849. 

Please do not use days and months in the date format.  Years only will be accepted.


Name of Submitter:

This is a preferred field.  


Contact Details of Submitter:

This is a compulsory field.  

A URL will be accepted in lieu of an email address.

A postal address will only be accepted if there is no electronic means of access.

Please take the time to check the correct entry of your email address.


An example of acceptable entry would be:


Subject Line:  Renfrewshire Surname Posting - New Posting or Editing Existing Posting

(which ever applies)


GOUDIE/GOUDY, William, Paisley (High) > Sydney Aust, b 1888- d 1973, Chris O'Sullivan,

All email addresses posted to this site will be checked regularly to verify that they are still active.  In the event that they are no longer active, they will be removed from the site.  


I would like to thank you for your support regarding the above submission guidelines. 

List Administrator:

Johan Lochridge



Please e-mail me on  in the event of a broken link or if you wish to make any comments regarding the site. 


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