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Renfrewshire Surnames List

Biographical Details


This section has been included in the site to enable submitters to add a brief biography of those ancestors appearing in their postings. 

If a current submitter wishes to post a biography, would you please email this to me on, quoting the surname/s (multiple surname links to one biography are possible) and the reference number which appears at the end of your entry in brackets eg (1234).  

Please note that your email address will be available to all and sundry, and it may be picked up by search engines. You need to decide if the risk is worth taking

Until a significant number of biographies are posted, I will show those surnames which have biographical links.  To date:

A - Allan

C - Couper

D - Davidson, Duncan, Duncan/Wark

G - Goudie

H - Henderson, Hill

J - Jeffrey

K - Kelso, Keogh 

Mac-Mc - MacNeal, McBryde, McCurdy/McKirdy,  McGuffin, McKinlay, McParlane 

M - Myles

P - Park, Patterson, Purdon

R - Reid, Riddell/Riddle, Rowley, Roxburgh/Roxborough

S - Sharp

T - Todd

W - Warnock, Wark/Duncan, Watt


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